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         Substance Abuse:     more books (106)
  1. Don't Wait for Me: How a Mother Lost Her Son to Drug Abuse and Bipolar Disorder by Ros Morris, 2008-04-03
  2. Substance Abuse Education in Nursing Vol II Adv Undergrad 92 by Madeline Naegle, 1992-01-01
  3. Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse by John Brick, 2003-11-20
  4. Clinical Work with Substance-Abusing Clients, Second Edition (The Guilford Substance Abuse Series)
  5. Substance-Abusing High Achievers: Addiction as an Equal Opportunity Destroyer (Library of Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment) by Abraham Twerski, 1998-07-01
  6. Substance Abuse: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) by David E. Newton, 2010-06-16
  7. Teaching: Not for Dummies / Substance Abuse Awareness: A Guidebook by P. J. Gammarano, 2008-02-11
  8. Southern Endings: True story of child molestation, domestic abuse and learning to love yourself. by Lisa Elizabeth Rose, 2010-04-26
  9. Drug And Alcohol Abuse: The Authoritative Guide For Parents, Teachers, And Counselors by H. Thomas Milhorn, 2003-09-05
  10. Adolescent Substance Abuse: Psychiatric Comorbidity and High Risk
  11. Solution Focused Substance Abuse Therapy by Teri Pichot, 2009-03-12
  12. 180 Degrees by Robert R., 2008
  13. Innovations in Adolescent Substance Abuse Interventions by Eric Wagner, Holly Waldron, 2001-09-28
  14. Maternal Substance Abuse and the Developing Nervous System

121. Online Counseling With Kevin Fritz CSW. Private & Professional!
Practicing licensed and insured social worker, with a background in both mental health and substance abuse. Email or private chat counseling. Paypal accepted.
On-Line Counseling... privately, confidentially, in your own home/office   by Kevin Fritz, CSW/MSW, CSSW, R.Hyp Please Click Here to Enter!

122. Recognition Of Alcohol And Substance Abuse - April 1, 2003 - American Family Phy
American Family Physician. PROBLEMORIENTED DIAGNOSIS. Recognition of Alcohol and substance abuse. TABLE 1 Red Flag Complaints for Substance-Abuse Problems.

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PROBLEM-ORIENTED DIAGNOSIS Recognition of Alcohol and Substance Abuse DAVID J. MERSY, M.D., HealthPartners Spring Lake Park Clinic, Spring Lake Park, Minnesota A patient information handout on substance abuse and problem drinking, written by the author of this article, is provided on page 1535.
A PDF version of this document is available. Download PDF now (4 pages /74 KB). More information on using PDF files. S ubstance abuse, defined as the problematic use of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs, has been called the nation's number one health problem. The costs to society are enormous; the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that alcohol and drug abuse are associated with 100,000 deaths per year and cost society $100 billion per year. See page 1413 for definitions of strength-of-evidence levels. It is thought that approximately 10 percent of American adults have a problem with drugs or alcohol, and an estimated 20 percent of patients seen by family physicians have substance-abuse problems, excluding tobacco use. Patients who abuse alcohol and drugs are much more likely to develop medical problems than the general population.

123. Drug And Alcohol
Addresses teen substance abuse. Links are to the left of the site and discuss alcohol use, denial, depression, dry drunks, warning signs, stages, types of drugs, treatment approaches; also includes bibliography and links.

124. Bureau Of Substance Abuse Services
Bureau of substance abuse Services. 250 Washington Street, 3rd Floor Boston MA, 02108 Michael Botticelli Assistant Commissioner substance abuse Services. Tel.

Bureau of Substance Abuse Services

Treatment Prevention ... Training Related Links Inhalant Abuse Task Force MassCALL Contact Information 250 Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Boston MA, 02108
Michael Botticelli
Assistant Commissioner

Substance Abuse Services Tel. Fax TTY Email Search the DPH Website Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
The Bureau of Substance Abuse Services oversees the substance abuse prevention and treatment services in the Commonwealth. Responsibilities include: licensing programs and counselors; funding and monitoring prevention and treatment services; providing access to treatment for the indigent and uninsured; developing and implementing policies and programs; and, tracking substance abuse trends in the state.
Mission, Vision, Principles and Goals
What's New:

125. ANASAZI Foundation - Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare
Offers youth with substance abuse, emotional and behavioral concerns an opportunity to make lasting changes by turning hearts homeward.
ANASAZI Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) organization serving youth with substance abuse and emotional and behavioral concerns. Recognized nationally for its caring and effective approach, ANASAZI is a resource for parents and professionals who are reaching out to help a child at-risk.

126. Welcome To The Division Of Substance Abuse And Mental Health Website!
This is the official site of the Delaware Division of substance abuse and Mental Health. Welcome to the Division of substance abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH).

about dhss services/programs career ... search Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH)
Contact info:

Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
1901 N. Du Pont Highway, Main Bldg.
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 255-9399
FAX: (302) 255-4428
Delaware Psychiatric Center: (302) 255-2700
E-Mail: dhssinfo@
Welcome to the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH)
What's New
DSAMH offers a variety of information concerning issues on Substance Abuse and Mental Health. DSAMH provides many services to those who are in need of treatment , who would like to find out more information about the Delaware Psychiatric Center DPC ), or for those who would link to find out more information on prevention services. DSAMH also offers a variety of trainings for mental health and substance abuse professionals. Please visit our site for for the most frequently asked questions.

127. TEENS WITH PROBLEMS: Is My Child A Substance Abuser?
Information to help parents spot substance abuse in their teen, including over the counter medications, huffing of inhalants, and use of illegal drugs.
Is My Child
A Substance Abuser? Click on a link for more information
Introduction - What this page is about
Symptoms of Drug Abuse Links to Related Pages
My child...
..has gone from being a nice kid

to very mean and angry all the time wearing all black

or has become very sloppy in attire
Parents on a Guilt Trip

What Is This Page About?
Every day, our kids have to make choices that we, as parents, never even dreamed about when we were kids. Peer pressure is a powerful thing, and many times, our kids will reluctantly go along with the crowd and do things that they are not comfortable with and know are harmful in order to gain acceptance. However, if this behavior repeats itself, over time it will manifest itself in addiction. This can lead to serious behavioral, emotional and health problems , with the symptoms of drug abuse mimicking attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar illness or major depression, which may be misdiagnosed if the care provider does not know of an existing substance abuse problem. As parents, how can we tell if our children are abusing substances? This is a question many parents ask themselves when their child is having difficulties. Unfortunately, too many parents really don't want to know the answer, because this is one subject that can be too scary, frustrating and guilt-laden to deal with. They may ask the right questions and will even do a little digging around to come up with answers, but then will conclude that there is not a problem and will ignore all the signs and symptoms of addiction that their child actually manifests.

128. Alcohol And Addictions
Information about addiction and substance abuserelated issues.

129. Behavioral Health - Cicatelli Associates Inc.
Provides training and technical assistance to substance abuse and mental health providers, as well as to health and social service agencies that address addictions and mental illness.
Behavioral Health
projects related to this topic: The Five Borough AIDS Mental Health Alliance (FAMHA) Empire State Training Association The Substance Abuse and Alcoholism Training Institute (SAATI)
CAI's Behavioral Health Division provides training and technical assistance to substance abuse and mental health providers, as well as to health and social service agencies that address addictions and mental illness. CAI has extensive expertise working with providers who serve multiple-needs clients, with topics ranging from assessment strategies to empirically validated treatment interventions. The Behavioral Health Division has developed and delivered training programs on a variety of behavioral health topics, including
  • children and trauma post-traumatic stress disorder crisis management behavior change relapse prevention harm reduction vocational rehabilitation case management treatment issues working with difficult clients

130. Dr. Alice Christie's Substance Abuse Web Quest
EMC 675 Class Web Quest substance abuse. This Web Quest on substance abuse was written during the Fall 1997 Critical Issues in Technology
EMC 675 Class Web Quest:
Substance Abuse
This Web Quest on Substance Abuse was written
during the Fall 1997 Critical Issues in Technology class at ASU West by
Jolene Barresi, Carrie McCune, Mary O'Malley and Kevin Rapps,
under the guidance of Dr. Alice Christie.
The Task
Your best friend, Chris, is in the hospital. Chris was rushed to the emergency room by ambulance last night and is in critical condition. Although they cannot talk with their patient, Chris's doctors feel certain they are dealing with a drug overdose. This comes as a total surprise to you. You have no idea that Chris may have been involved with drugs. Your shock is compounded by your lack of knowledge about drugs, drug addition, telltale signs of drug consumption, and ways to get help when drugs become a problem. Your job, then, is to:
  • Become an expert about illegal drugs and issues surrounding their use. Create an ad or poster that visually conveys the message you want to get across.

131. Little Rock TRUCE Program
Voluntary program which rewards students for being drug and alcohol free and encourages those using drugs to reject substance abuse.

132. Prevention Platform
Welcome to the substance abuse DivisionLink to Wyoming Home Page, substance abuse Division. Welcome to the Wyoming Department of Health substance abuse Division. 2003 substance abuse Division

Project Setup
Training Glossary Library ... Search Login User ID
Forgot Password
Register Help State Systems ...

You're Here : Home
SAMHSA's Prevention Platform is an online resource for substance abuse prevention. It is provided by the SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. More...
to use the online tools. Paths for New Users - Sample materials for your particular interest.
You may login and return to your work at anytime. Use the Readiness Tool if you are new to prevention and want to assess your readiness to begin using the tools.
Download a 508 accessible version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

133. Who's In Charge? A Reality-Based AIDS/Sex And Substance Abuse Prevention Program
Who's In Charge is an abstinenceonly AIDS/sex education and substance abuse prevention program for teens.
WIC? Curriculum Commitment Card Keely's Korner Top 10! Just the Facts Get the Program True Confessions Main Page STDs Facts Donations WIC? Application Contact Us!
Begin your own "Who's In Charge?" program in your community. Curriculum is now available that has everything you need. Contact us to request a curriculum to begin bringing the abstinence message to those teens in your area. Schedule an event for your school or youth organization! P.O. Box 101
314 Howard Suite #3
Petoskey, MI 49770
FAX - 231.348.8587
Web design and maintenance by Loss2gaiN Designs
Who's In Charge?
of Petoskey, Michigan

134. Home
An organization in Indianapolis, Indiana that provides counseling and services on relationships, children, domestic violence, substance abuse, and elderly and senior issues.
Sign up for
and educational seminars Check out the latest issue of Family Times ... Save the date for Stand Up for Families!
Family Service is proud to partner with: Family Service is accredited by the Council on Accreditation Family Service Supporting families
through the generations. Our Belief Statement Regardless of its composition or form, it is the responsibility of the family to offer all its members an intimate, caring relationship of mutual support and the opportunity to develop as responsible, mature individuals. The family is the primary source of physical care, protection, emotional support, and nurturing of its members.
It is within the family that each individual develops the capacity for stable, productive and loving adult relationships. The family is the most powerful force in developing and sustaining social and moral values in its members. Family Service exists to help families achieve these goals. You are visitor #
Family Service
615 N. Alabama St., Suite 320, Indianapolis, IN 46204

135. Massachusetts Substance Abuse Information And Education HELPLINE
The Helpline maintains a current and comprehensive list of providers that help with problems such as drugs and alcohol and facilities such as detox facilities

136. Mental Health And Substance Abuse Counseling To The Oakland, Macomb And Northern
Comprehensive outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinics providing treatment to children, adolescents, and adults located in Oakland, Macomb and Northern Wayne counties in Southeast Michigan.
Welcome to Pioneer Counseling Center
April is alcohol awareness month. Call Highland Ridge Hospital today for a free, confidential alcohol assessment at Click here for more information on Alcohol Awareness. Pioneer Counseling Centers provide mental health and substance abuse counseling to the Oakland, Macomb and Northern Wayne counties in Southeast Michigan. If you or someone you care about needs help, please call 800/833.4105 for a free, confidential consultation or click here to leave us a message and we'll get back to you by phone or email within 24 hours. Please feel free to browse our website where you'll find a variety of topics covered in our feature articles, fact sheets and ask the expert sections. If you have a question, please send it to us ... we'll be happy to get back to you with an answer.
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Collapse All Today: 6/2/2004 11:15:51 PM EST. About Pioneer Counseling Center ... HOME If you need help and are located in Southeast Michigan please call our confidential hotline at 1-800-833-4105.

137. Ask NOAH About: Substance Abuse
Home Word Search Subject Index Health Topics Español. Ask NOAH About substance abuse. What is substance abuse? What is substance abuse?
Ask NOAH About: Substance Abuse
What is Substance Abuse? The Basics
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Nicotine and Tobacco Products Specific Substances A B C D ... Information Resources
    What is Substance Abuse?
    The Basics
    Chemical Dependency and the Elderly - Connecticut Clearinghouse PDF File of 1 page)
    Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Dependence - American Psychological Association
    A Guide for Teens: Does Your Friend Have an Alcohol or Other Drug Problem? What can You do to Help? - National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
    Straight Facts About Drugs and Alcohol - National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
    Substance Abuse - American Medical Association ...
    Substance Abuse Treatment for Children and Adolescents: Questions to Ask - American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (also in Spanish
    Substance Abuse and Addiction - American Psychiatric Association
    Substance Dependence - NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NOAH Provider)
    Teens: Alcohol and Other Drugs - American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (also in Spanish and French
    What Can You do About Drug Abuse in America? - National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
  • 138. Future Expectations Today
    Year round treatment center for teens with substance abuse problems. Located in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico.
    Read about FET helping teens!
    As featured in last September's Twist Magazine. See our Success Stories for details. Boys and Girls Facilities. If you need help please call. 1-800-448-0343 Contact Terry or Neal.
    Future Expectations Today is a year round residential treatment program for teenagers who are struggling in their home, school or community as a result of substance abuse and/or behavioral problems. Our facility is located high on a bluff overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, only 40 miles south of San Diego in the quiet community of La Mision, Baja California. The 6000 square foot ranch house, on 100 mountainous acres, is far from distractions and provides an ideal environment for teens to begin on a new and positive path. Our program is designed to help teens struggling with one or more of the following problems:
    • Drug/alcohol abuse
    • Desire to live outside family values
    • Expulsion or suspension from school
    • Defiant behavior
    • Anger, ADD, or ADHD

    139. Substance Abuse And Woman Abuse By Male Partners
    Jump to Body Text. substance abuse and Woman Abuse by Male Partners. Return to top of the page. Perspectives On substance abuse and Woman Abuse.
    Substance Abuse and Woman Abuse by Male Partners
    Larry W. Bennett, Ph.D.
    Jane Addams College of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago Publication Date: September 1997
    Table of Contents
    In Brief
    Substance abuse and woman abuse are closely associated in the public's mind, so much so that many people believe the use of substances is a direct cause of woman abuse. Others view substance use as a risk factor which, while not a direct cause, may increase the frequency or severity of woman abuse. Still others believe substance abuse and woman abuse are separate issues, and any apparent relationship between them is illusory. Substance abuse, as used in this paper, refers both to the abuse of alcohol or other drugs, and to dependency on alcohol or other drugs. While partner violence includes same-sex violence, this discussion of partner violence will be limited to abuse of women by their male partners or ex-partners, so the term woman abuse will be used throughout this paper. Return to top of the page
    Perspectives On Substance Abuse and Woman Abuse
  • An excuse.
  • 140. A Better Way
    A nonprofit grassroots organization working with Connecticut legislators to change state laws on substance abuse to have a public health and safety solution.
    Home About Sponsors Mission History ... Join us
    Drug abuse is a monumental public health problem, causing many accidental deaths, contributing to the spread of infectious diseases, and resulting in much misery in general. In 1994, Connecticut alone spent $2.96 billion on substance abuse costs. Someone in your life has probably been harmed by the War on Drugs. Here are some of the casualties:
    • Cancer patients who suffer needlessly from chronic pain because their physicians are afraid to prescribe morphine or other necessary pain medication. Our federal government monitors prescribed medications and harasses physicians in order to protect us from ourselves.
    • Hundreds of thousands of nonviolent Americans who are imprisoned for drug possession. Many of these are young people who will become violent criminals because that's what they learn in prison.
    You can help stop the madness and win the peace. The government created the problems of drug prohibition, and the government can solve them by considering alternatives to the current policy of zero tolerance. Join A Better Way
    Contact Sara Sikes for more information Thanks to our host:

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