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         Stuttering:     more books (100)
  1. An experimental study of stuttering by John Madison Fletcher, 2010-09-07
  2. Stammering And Stuttering: The Causes, Peculiarities, Tendencies And Effects by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue, 2010-09-10
  3. That's Easy for You to Say!: An Assault on Stuttering by Lon L. Emerick, Lawrence Jupin, 1985-05
  4. Coping With Stuttering by Melanie Ann Apel, 2000-06
  5. Management of Stuttering in Adolescence: A Communication Skills Approach (Exc Business And Economy (Whurr)) by Lena Rustin, Robert Spence, et all 1995-06-15
  6. Stuttering therapies: Practical approaches
  7. Research and Experiment in Stuttering (International series of monographs in experimental psychology, v. 6) by H.R. Beech, F. Francella, et all 1968-05
  8. Speech Motor Dynamics in Stuttering
  9. The riddle of stuttering by Charles Sidney Bluemel, 1957
  10. Stuttering and Personality Dynamics: Play Therapy, Projective Therapy, and Counseling by Albert T. and Ruth M. Fit Simmons Murphy, 1982-06
  11. Stuttering: What it is and what to do about it (Cliffs speech and hearing series) by Stanley Humphreys Ainsworth, 1975
  12. The Neuropsychology of Developmental Stuttering by Bernard Hartman, 1994-09
  13. Stuttering and behavior therapy: Current status and experimental foundations by Roger J Ingham, 1984
  14. Operant Conditioning and the Management of Stuttering: A Book for Clinicians by George H. Shames, Donald Egolf, 1976-03

121. How To Stop Stammering Centre
Courses for stutterers. Course notes available for those who can't attend.
If stammering or stuttering is a problem in your life then please bookmark this popular page now...we can help you to stop stammering...please contact us today.
My life as a stutterer How I overcame my stutter My exclusive stuttering course Purchase the stuttering course notes ... Contact The Stuttering Centre
Welcome to the stammering centre..
H ello there. My name is Stephen Hill and welcome to the web site for my "How To Stop Stammering Centre" . I am an ex-stammerer and I know how distressing stammering can be. I hope you find the information here helpful and do please contact me for more details on how I can help you overcome your speech difficulties. I offer tuition on a one to one basis, - a five day course, four hours per day, - courses run in Birmingham or the client's home town, - free introductory meeting, - 100% success rate, and - free "after service" available to ensure continued fluency. Do not think you are on your own.

122. Stuttering: Why It Happens And What You Can Do About It
If your child s really struggling with blockages or his stuttering hasn t improvedwithin three to six months, speak to his pediatrician, who can refer you to
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Pregnancy Baby ... Development
Approved by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board
By the BabyCenter editorial staff
Why it happens

What to do

Why it happens
The mind of a toddler is buzzing with questions, commands, and mangled lyrics to "Sesame Street" songs. As your child gradually learns how to turn his thoughts into intelligible sounds, he's bound to make mistakes, especially when he's tired, excited, or upset. His speech may be peppered with "um"s and "uh"s, or he may frequently repeat words or phrases ("Hey, hey, hey, hey, Mom. Can I, uh, have a story? A story?"). He might also repeat the first sound of a word once or twice, li-li-like this. These missteps are completely normal, and your child will outgrow them on his own. This stumbling over words is different from a true stuttering problem (also called dysfluency or disfluency), which affects only 5 percent of children and is very unusual in toddlers. If your child is truly stuttering, he may hold out the first sound in a word, saying "s-s-s-soda," or repeat the sound, as in "Sh-sh-sh-she nice!" He may also open his mouth to say something but get stuck before any sound comes out. Along with this "blocking," you may see tension in his jaw or cheeks, and he may look away or clench his fist from the tension. Nobody knows what causes stuttering. Many researchers think that small glitches in a child's brain may interfere with the timing and rhythm of his speech. Just as some kids have trouble catching fly balls, some simply don't have the verbal coordination to speak clearly. Stuttering can run in families, and it's four times more common in boys than in girls. The condition has nothing to do with intelligence, and it's definitely not a sign of bad parenting or hidden psychological problems. Stressful events such as moving to a new house or going to a new daycare setting can make stuttering worse, but they won't cause the problem in the first place.

123. How Can I Tell If My Child Has A Stuttering Problem?
Pediatric speechlanguage pathologist Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi says stumblingover words is different from a true stuttering problem, which is very unusual
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Pregnancy Baby ... Development
Ask the Experts
How can I tell if my child has a stuttering problem?
By Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi, pediatric speech-language pathologist [See Biography]
Question: I think my 3-year-old is developing a stuttering problem, but I'm not sure. How can I tell?
Answer: When your child is in the midst of a great jump in his language skills (between ages 30 months and 5 years) it's natural that he should have difficulty putting his sentences together in a fluent way. His brain is like a computer, desperately trying to pull up the right words in the right order. While the computer is "searching," his mouth may go into a "pause" (translated: repeat) mode. So it may sound like this: "Mom ... I-Mom ... I-I-want-uh-I want you-gimme dat teddy bear!" The whole word or first syllable is repeated, not the first sound. This is a normal developmental phase that most children go through. You may notice it more when your child is tired, excited, or upset. This stumbling over words is different from a true stuttering problem (also called dysfluency or disfluency), which affects only 5 percent of children and is very unusual in toddlers. If your child is truly stuttering, he may hold out the first sound in a word, saying "s-s-s-soda," or repeat the sound, as in "Sh-sh-she nice!" He may also open his mouth to say something, but get stuck before any sound comes out. Along with this "blocking," you may see tension in his jaw or cheeks, and he may look away or clench his fist from the tension.

124. AMICK HOLZMAN COMPANY Of Toluca Lake, California
Two videotapes about the stuttering therapy work of Joseph and Vivian Sheehan.
AMICK HOLZMAN COMPANY of Toluca Lake, California
I am pleased to present the following reviews of two documentaries about stuttering that I produced with Allan Holzman, who directed and edited them: "No Words To Say" and "Joseph G. Sheehan's Message to a Stutterer." The reviews were published in the November, 1988 edition of the professional trade magazine for speech and language pathologists, ASHA. Thank you for your interest. Ron Amick, Producer ASHA JOURNAL DECEMBER 1988 - Reviews by Dr. Eugene B. Cooper "No Words To Say" begins with the simple printed message that people like Moses, Winston Churchill, and Marilyn Monroe stuttered and that about 1% of the world's population stutters. This message flows across the screen with the sound of a piano as background. Allan Holzman, the producer, director, photographer, and editor, then discusses his own stuttering problem and his desire to produce a film on stuttering. Holzman notes that while conducting research for the project he became aware of the stuttering therapy program that Joseph G. Sheehan conducted for 35 years at the University of California at Los Angeles until his death in 1983. The program continues under the direction of his wife Vivian.

125. OSLA Consumer Information | Q & A About Stuttering
Questions and Answers about stuttering. What is stuttering? Any break inthe flow of speech may sound like stuttering. What causes stuttering?
Consumer Information Caring for People with Communication Disorders Children's Speech, Language and Hearing Hearing Loss ... Links to Consumer Groups
Questions and Answers about Stuttering What is stuttering?
Any break in the flow of speech may sound like stuttering. These breaks may be described as part or whole word repetitions (e.g., bu-bu-butter); phrase repetitions (e.g., what is the ... what is the ... what is the answer?); sound prolongations (f-f-f-flower); or any form of struggling behaviour associated with the production of speech.
What causes stuttering?
There seems to be different causes of stuttering for different people. Hereditary factors, as well as environmental influences play an important role. Problems with language may also be associated with stuttering.
Are stuttering and stammering the same thing?
Yes. Stuttering is the term more often used by North Americans. Stammering is the term more frequently used by the British.
Doesn't everyone stutter ... at times?

126. Stuttering Therapy In Colorado -- Peter R. Ramig, Ph.D. And Associates
A personalized and caring approach to stuttering therapy in Colorado.
Please Enter Associated Stuttering Treatment Clinics
on the Colorado Front Range Contact Us
We are also ethical providers of the SpeechEasy TM stuttering inhibition device. Stuttering Therapy: An Effective and Caring Approach

127. Stuttering Index Page
stuttering Index Page. Does the fact that you cannot consciously controlblocking and stuttering mean that it is a physical problem?
Stuttering Index Page If you can speak fluently in just one context,
you can learn to speak fluently in all contexts.
My Story Our Technology - How It Works - Numerous Articles Workshops E-Mail Lists ... Articles by Robert Strong Note: The materials found herein have proven helpful for many PWS. Some (but not all) have found fluency. Others have made much progress. But, this is not about a "quick fix. " At best, these tools require two things: 1) Work and 2) Time. If you are willing to work hard, study hard and commit to several months of practice, then read on. for Your Consideration:
  • How is it that you can speak fluently in some contexts and not speak fluently in other contexts?
    Does the fact that most People Who Block and Stutter speak fluently in some contexts but not in others indicate that the primary cause of blocking and stuttering rests in psychological issues and not primarily in physical or genetic issues?
    How can speaking fluently in one context and not in others be genetically caused? Is it possible for genes to carry that kind of information? Bruce Lipton in "
  • 128. Precision Fluency Shaping Program - Comprehensive Therapy For The Treatment Of S
    stuttering therapy program, with Ross Barrett, in Norfolk, Virginia.
    Comprehensive Therapy for the Treatment of Stuttering
    Ross S. Barrett, M.A. CCC/SLP
    Instructor of Clinical Otolaryngology
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
    Program Director
    Board Recognized

    Fluency Specialist
    "Every time I sit down to write this letter, I cry tears of joy. What you have taught Danny, has given him back his confidence and smile. It has been a long time since I have seen Danny speak to me without his hand over his mouth and his eyes looking down at the floor. He stands with his chest out, shoulders back, and belts out every word with confidence. When I speak about the program to my family and friends, I praise you and your staff for all of your efforts and patience in helping these students. I call you 'The Miracle Maker of Fluent Speech'." - excerpt of a letter received from the mother of a 12-year old boy who went through our program in the Summer of 2003. ( Click here to read the entire letter Read ANN LANDERS' column, where she says
    "Program may be answer for those who stutter..." Click here to read the column View the RealVideo clip of a CBS news story done on Ross Barrett and his successful program graduates.

    129. Games For Mastering Stuttering Workshop
    Mastering stuttering Workshop Understanding the Structure of stutteringCharlotte, North Carolina. Part fluency. Master Your stuttering
    Mastering Stuttering Workshop
    Understanding the "Structure" of Stuttering
    Charlotte, North Carolina Part of the April 2003
    Charlotte Workshop Participants
    Bobby G Bodenhamer, D.Min. National Board for
    Certified Counselors - CEU Credits
    "Learning how to master your stuttering
    rather than the stuttering mastering you!" "We believe that if you can speak fluently in any context, you can learn to speak fluently in all contexts." Charlotte, North Carolina
    (Near Charlotte International Airport
    Shuttle to and from the airport) September 29 - October 3, 2004
    (Wednesday-Sunday 9 AM - 5 PM Daily) Neuro-Semantics
    The Technology that is bringing fluency to PWS. Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D. Min.
    Master Neuro-Semantics Trainer Training Location
    2541 Little Rock Rd Charlotte, North Carolina (Toll Free) (704) 394-7467 (Fax) Visit the area Sponsored by Bobby G Bodenhamer NLP of Gastonia (First Institute of Neuro-Semantics) Jump to Course Content Jump to Enrollment Information In Neuro-Semantics we firmly believe that - "If in any context you speak fluently, then you can learn how to speak fluently in ALL contexts!"

    130. Welcome To
    Individualized stuttering therapy with Russell Boyce, SLPCCC, in St. Petersburg, Florida.
    Welcome to the Home of Stuttering-Treatment
    Stuttering is a communication disorder that affects a relatively small percentage of the population. Incidence is about 5%, with those persisting beyond childhood resulting in the 1% who stutter worldwide. It may not seem like much of a problem to most people, but to those affected, the difficulty in communication and the affect it has both socially and emotionally can be devastating.
    About Us Services Links This document maintained by

    131. Stuttering
    stuttering. stuttering is not a mixing of two different languages or part of aforeign language which would have linguistic value in an English economy.
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    E. 5352, Major Figures in Histories of Rhetorics:
    Seminar Facilitator: Victor J. Vitanza , Fall, 1996, and continuing...
    This seminar and list will eventually be linked with Seminars and sites on Baudrillard, Nietzsche, et al.
    Concerning Rhetoric and Composition: "Honored Members of the Academy!
    You have done me the honor of inviting me to give your Academy an account of the life I formerly led as an ape.
    I regret that I cannot comply with your request to the extent you desire. It is now nearly five years since I was an ape...." "On the whole, at any rate, I have achieved what I set out to achieve. But do not tell me that it was not worth the trouble. In any case, I am not appealing for any man's verdict, I am only imparting knowledge, I am only making a report. To you also, honored Members of the Academy, I have only made a report."

    132. Valsalva Stuttering Network Home Page
    Education and research about controlling stuttering (stammering) blocks by relaxing the body's Valsalva mechanism.
    The Valsalva Stuttering Network
    Home Introduction Articles Links ... Forum
    Home Page
    Stuttering (or stammering) is often characterized by forceful closures or blocks in the mouth or larynx (either sustained or repetitive), as well as delays in phonation . There is growing evidence that these behaviors may be the result of the stutterer's instinctive activation of the body's Valsalva mechanism in an attempt to force out words when he or she anticipates difficulty or feels the need to use extra effort to speak properly. This possibility has been generally ignored by speech pathologists and is rarely addressed by current speech therapies. Because they aren't taught to control their Valsalva mechanism, many clients continue to have difficulty controlling their blocks and often relapse, without understanding why. The purpose of the Valsalva -S tuttering Network is to promote research and education about stuttering and the Valsalva mechanism and methods to reduce the Valsalva mechanism's interference with speech and other activities. The Valsalva-Stuttering Network welcomes everyone who has an interest in stuttering and/or the Valsalva mechanism, including persons who stutter, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and other professionals, and researchers.

    133. Stuttering FAQ V.3.22
    MultiPage. stuttering FAQ v.3.22. TABLE OF CONTENTS stuttering SCIENCE Does stutteringhave a physical or psychological cause? What percentage of adults stutter?
    Stuttering FAQ v.3.22
    There are reader questions on this topic!
    Help others by sharing your knowledge Subject: Stuttering FAQ v.3.22 Summary: This document provides general information about stuttering, and points to resources available for stutterers. Keywords: stuttering Date: 17 Apr 2004 11:28:20 GMT Archive-name: support/stuttering Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 2002/5/5 Version: 3.22 URL: Stuttering Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) The author of the Stuttering FAQ, Thomas David Kehoe, is author of the book Subject: Where can parents find a qualified speech pathologist? Start by calling your school district. Federal law requires that school speech pathologists treat children beginning at 3 years old. Treatment by your school district should be free. However, most speech pathologists are not trained to treat stuttering. Ask how much training and experience the speech pathologist has. Other possibilities include finding a university that has a speech clinic, or looking in the Yellow Pages under Speech-Language Pathologists, or contacting the Stuttering Foundation of America at (800) 992-9392 or

    134. Latvian Stuttering Association, LSA, Latvian Stuttering Association, Is A Public
    A public, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to support the interests of People Who Stutter.
    Last modified: March 26, 2002

    135. A Cure For One Man’s Stuttering, Medical Jokes, Physician Humor On: The Nurse F
    A Cure For One Man’s stuttering, Medical Jokes, Physician Humor, resource and nursingjobs, jokes, email and humor, laughter directory, registry for student
    A Cure For One Man’s Stuttering,
    Medical Jokes, Physician Humor You are here: Home Directories Nursing Topics, A to Z Nursing Jokes, Humor ...
    Search Our Site, Or Search The Internet For: Canadian Pharmacies Health Insurance Nursing Nursing Homes ..., Check Your Mail, Free Nursing E-mail Accounts
    To subscribe, send a blank email to: A man visited his doctor because he had a severe stuttering problem. After a thorough examination, the doctor consulted with the patient. Doctor: "It appears that the reason for your stuttering is that your penis is about six inches too long and it is pulling on your vocal cords, thereby causing you this annoying problem of stuttering." Patient: "Ddddd octttor. Whhaaat cccan I dddo?" The doctor scratches his forehead, thinks for a minute and states that there is a procedure where we can free up the strain on the vocal cords by removing that six inches from the penis, freeing him from this horrible problem. The patient stuttering badly states that this problem has caused him so much embarrassment, as well as, loss of employment and that anything would be worth it. The doctor plans for the procedure. The operation is a success and six months later the patient comes in for his follow up.

    136. PLoS Biology: What Causes Stuttering?
    What Causes stuttering? Christian Büchel , Martin Sommer. stuttering occursin all cultures and ethnic groups (Andrews et al. 1983; Zimmermann et al.

    Works for information exchange, representation of interests and promotes selfhelp in European Countries. Includes details about the organization, publications, meetings and links.
    ELSA - EUROPEAN LEAGUE OF STUTTERING ASSOCIATIONS: European League of Stuttering Associations
    stuttering, self-help, stutter, stuttering, stottern, stam, stammen, stamning, stammering, bhgaiment,speech impediments, Europe ELSA - EUROPEAN LEAGUE OF STUTTERING ASSOCIATIONS

    138. Jean Claude MARION - A.I.T.E.B. : Association Pour L'information D'une Technique
    Established in 1996 to promote awareness of stuttering, offer opportunities for assistance, and share research developments. Headquartered in Strasbourg, France.
    Le site www.association-bega
    The web site was transferred.

    Click here to reach it directly.
    ... Alain Polizzi

    139. Special Education Resources: Article Detail
    Special Education Articles Speech and Language Articles stuttering and Teasing,stuttering and Teasing. Explaining about stuttering can defuse the situation.
    Special Education Resources
    Looking for something in particular? More search options Special Education Articles: Speech and Language Articles: Stuttering and Teasing
    Stuttering and Teasing
    Author - Gail Wilson Lew, M.A. C.C.C.
    What do you do when your child tells you he was teased at school for his stuttering? Your first reaction might be to enroll him in a karate class! But, fighting back may not be the wisest response because it may only make matters worse. Growing up as a tomboy, my father encouraged me to beat up anyone that teased me when I stuttered. My father constantly recited, "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you". He did the best he could, but the words did hurt me. I wish he had sat me down and talked about the issue of teasing and why people tease others. The first thing a parent can do is sit down with his child and talk about teasing. Many times children who stutter think they are the only ones in the whole wide world that get teased. Parents need to talk about their own experiences growing up, and how they themselves may have been teased . Remember, youngsters sometimes forget parents were kids once, too! If you weren't teased, maybe you can talk about other people who had been teased because they were too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, or too shy, etc. The next thing that needs to be discussed is why children tease. The person who teases may be trying to hurt someone because he wants to see someone suffer. Consequently, the more the person being teased cries or gets upset, the more the teaser is likely to continue his taunting.

    140. Suomen änkyttäjien Yhdistys Ry (SÄY)
    Information on the selfhelp group and the International stuttering Awarness Day in Finland.
    perustettu 1969 Svenska sidor English pages Yhteystiedot, alaosastot Painokas, yhdistyksen lehti ... Arkisto Sivuja viimeksi muutettu 6.5.2004 /eh Suomen puheterapeuttiliitto alaosastot , lehti Painokas RAY KELA ja kunnat). Tiedotustoiminta (esim. kanssa. saanut uusinta Painokasta ? Oletko muuttanut? Ilmoita palautelomakkeella Tulevia tapahtumia Toimintaa viimeksi kuluneen vuoden aikana 20.3.2004 Vuosikokous Vesipuisto Serenassa Kongressipaikkana oli Perth Australiassa. Tarkempia tietoja osoitteessa Mukana oli kolme suomalaista. 15.-16.11.2003 Syyskokousviikonloppu 11.-14.9.2003 Pohjoismainen seminaari Tanskassa, Odensessa

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