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         Stuttering:     more books (100)
  1. Knotted Tongues: Stuttering in History and the Quest for a Cure (Kodansha Globe) by Benson Bobrick, 1996-04
  2. Readings in Stuttering (Longman Series in College Composition and Communication)
  3. Without Hesitation: Speaking the Silence and Science of Stuttering by Gerald Maguire, MD with Lisa Wither, 2010-07-01
  4. Theoretical Issues in Stuttering by Ann Packman, Joseph S. Attanasio, 2004-10-26
  5. The Nature and Treatment of Stuttering: New Directions (2nd Edition) by Richard F. Curlee, Gerald M. Siegel, 1996-08-10
  6. Comprehensive stuttering program: Client manual by Einer Boberg, 1985
  7. Stuttering therapy for children by Harold L Luper, 1964
  8. Comprehensive Stuttering Program: Clinical Manual/Cassette by Einer Boberg, Deborah Kully, 1985-07
  9. The Practical Treatment of Stammering and Stuttering: With Suggestions for Practice and Helpful Exercises [1902] by George Andrew Lewis, 2009-12-15
  10. Educational and Emotional Adjustments of Stuttering Children by Elizabeth V. McDowell, 1995-12
  11. Stuttering solved by Martin F Schwartz, 1977
  12. Stuttering: A Short History of a Curious Disorder by Marcel E. Wingate, 1997-11-30
  13. The Structure of Stuttering: A Psycholinguistic Analysis by Marcel E. Wingate, 1988-08-01
  14. The Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention: A Clinician's Guide by Mark Onslow, 2003-01

81. Stuttering Center: Research
speech compromise. stuttering has been with us throughout time, afflictingat least one percent of the world adult population. It
(Click here to go to research section) Department of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine Comments to: neurons

82. Recent Models Of Stuttering
Recent Models of stuttering. To begin the lecture, click the STARTbutton above. Objective. If you are the first time visitor, you
Lists of Lectures Front Page
Recent Models of Stuttering
To begin the lecture, click the START button above. Objective If you are the first time visitor, you might want to know [ How to navigate within and outside the lecture This is a beta version. Your comments to this version would be highly appreciated as well. Submit Your comments

83. The Voice Institute
Providing Communication training including voice improvement, diction, accent reduction, stuttering, coaching for presentation skills/public speaking, phone use and social skills.
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84. Stuttering: A Brief Review - May 1, 1998 - American Academy Of Family Physicians
stuttering A Brief Review. MICHAEL LAWRENCE, MD, University stuttering is adisorder affecting the fluency of speech. The World Health Organization

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Departments Patient Information
Stuttering: A Brief Review
University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore, Maryland
Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The etiology of stuttering is controversial. The prevailing theories point to measurable neurophysical dysfunctions that disrupt the precise timing required to produce speech. Stuttering is a common disorder that usually resolves by adulthood. Almost 80 percent of children who stutter recover fluency by the age of 16 years. Mild stuttering is self-limited, but more severe stuttering requires speech therapy, which is the mainstay of treatment. Delayed auditory feedback and computer-assisted training are currently used to help slow down speech and control other speech mechanisms. Pharmacologic therapy is seldom used, although haloperidol has been somewhat effective. S tuttering is a disorder affecting the fluency of speech. The World Health Organization defines stuttering as "a disorder in the rhythm of speech in which the individual knows precisely what he or she wishes to say, but at the same time may have difficulty saying it because of an involuntary repetition, prolongation, or cessation of sound." Stuttering may be divided into developmental dysfluency (which many children experience) and pathologic dysfluency.

85. Speech Improvement Group
Offers accent reduction and stuttering treatments. Includes program overviews.
Welcome to the Speech Improvement Group , providing the Washington, D.C., area with a full line of services for:
  • accent improvement stuttering treatment
All services are provided by an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist. accent improvement Improve your communication effectiveness! We can provide a reduction of all foreign and regional accents, with at least 50-75% speaking improvement achieved, using the Compton P-ESL Method Whether your goal is to ... ... learn an American accent in order to be understood ...
... improve your American accent in order to sound more native ...
... transform your regional accent into a more standard American accent ... ... we can help you! Intensive Accent Reduction Training
  • Individual or small group instruction is available Designed for business professionals, instructors, and students Foreign and regional dialect improvement more details
stuttering treatment State-of-the-art therapy for stuttering improvement is available for children and adults. Individual or small group therapy is available. Therapy incorporates a combination of fluency shaping and stuttering modification techniques. For further information, please contact:

86. Public Citizen's ELetter: Drug Induced Stuttering
posted May 2000. DrugInduced stuttering. stuttering usually begins in childhood,but can also occur in adults, due to certain types of brain damage and stress.
posted May 2000
Drug-Induced Stuttering
This web site is intended only as a reference for use in an ongoing partnership between doctor and patient in the vigilant management of the patient's health. It is not a substitute for a doctor's professional judgement, and serves only as a reminder of concerns that may need discussion. All users are urged to consult with a physician before beginning or discontinuing use of any prescription drug or undertaking any form of self-treatment. This website does not list every possible adverse reaction, interaction, precaution and effect of a drug; and all information is presented without guarantees by the authors and consultants who disclaim all liability in connection with its use.
The editors of the independent French drug bulletin Prescrire International reviewed drug-induced stuttering in their February 2000 issue. Prescrire International ranks with the American Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics and the British Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin as a source of high quality pharmaceutical information written specifically for doctors and pharmacists. The Bulletin reports that a number of drugs used to treat severe psychiatric illness have been implicated in causing drug induced stuttering.

87. Stuttering Center: Menu
Speech and Language Center.

Speech and Language Center
Art on Speech and Language Center pages by John Rutkowski Department of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine Comments to: neurons

88. SFA Products
stuttering Foundation of America books and videos.
SFA Catalog
(Updated: 5/18/2004)
You may use our order form to order any of the following products.
Stuttering Words, 3rd edition
New 3rd edition by Stephen Hood, Ph.D. An authoritative glossary of the meanings of the words and terms associated with the field of stuttering and its treatment. 72 pages
Unit Cost:
Category/Type: Professional Use/Books
School-Age Child Who Stutters: Working Effectively With Attitudes and Emotions
This exciting new workbook, written by experienced speech-language pathologist Kristin Chmela, M.A., in collaboration with Nina Reardon, M.S., and edited by Lisa Scott Trautman, Ph.D., offers you a powerful tool for stuttering diagnostics and therapy, focusing exclusively on assessing and treating feelings and beliefs in school-age children.
Numerous strategies for helping children make positive changes in their feelings and beliefs are presented.
Examples from real children are included throughout the workbook, and the final chapter integrates assessment and treatment examples from four children.
It contains practical, concrete ideas for documenting present levels of feelings and beliefs, their contribution to the overall problem, and strategies to achieve change and document therapy outcomes. Reproducible pages throughout the book.

Enables young people around Australia to come together and discuss common problems, issues and concerns about their stuttering.
World Congress for People Who Stutter
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Search This Site Bookmark this Site Make This Your Homepage This website, youthsspeak , seeks to provide a service that enables young people around Australia to come together and discuss common problems, issues and concerns about their stuttering. You will be able to be supported and accepted by each other, as opposed to being teased, rejected and isolated by your fluent peers. There will be information, resources, tips links and your stories and journeys. READ MORE Therapy for teenagers in WA Posted Wednesday, July 23, 2003 by

90. Stuttering
Refer to conditions of use. stuttering. stuttering is a disorder of fluency characterizedby various behaviors that interfere with the flow of normal speech.

91. Executive Voice Enterprises
Provides speech therapy services, including stuttering, voice therapy, professional voice training and accent reduction.

92. Nathaniel's Gallery - Stuttering [odys]
stuttering odys , seeking venues. Alongside the NAN, the self ( You and I )is unfolding and in process. stuttering odys , seeking venues (2003).
stuttering [odys] , seeking venues
an interactive multi-media installation
see stuttering in action

movies ~900kb each)
full, hi-res documentation
odys and the non-aggressive narrative (NAN)
odys is one of the main characters in the non-aggressive narrative - a mode of Benjaminian storytelling. The NAN proposes the "continuation of a story which is just unfolding." I use digital and traditional media to create encounters between an ambiguous 'I' and potential 'You.' By embracing memory as a "collage in motion" through multiple characters, the NAN implies an origin story that may or may not have occurred. You are invited to co-invent this unfolding 'past,' and its openness suggests possibility and multiplicity. In a 1965 interview with Michael Kirby, John Cage said that theatre is not done to its viewers; they do it to themselves. The NAN depends on that. As viewers re-member along with the narrative, they complete / become the work of art. Alongside the

93. Denver Chapter - National Stuttering Project
Activities and meeting times for a Denver, Colorado chapter of a national support and advocacy group for people who stutter.

94. Neuropatterning For Stutterers
stuttering selftherapy book, by Richard Harkness.
A Breakthrough New Stuttering Therapy!
What stuttering is and is not Contents of the Home Course How to order Links to other sites on stuttering, stuttering treatment, stuttering therapy:
Judy Kuster's Stuttering Home Page
David Kehoe's
Bill Parry's Stuttering Links
National Stuttering Association (NSA)
Latest News What users say visitors since 3-1-99

95. University Of Illinois - Stuttering Research Project
The University of Illinois. stuttering Research Project. transient stuttering; Describeand quantify symptom changes over time and isolate subtypes of stuttering;
The University of Illinois Stuttering Research Project
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ehud Yairi The National Institutes of Health has funded the Stuttering Research Project at the University of Illinois for more than 10 years. The general objective of this project is to study the onset and subsequent development of stuttering in children under age six. We know that with time some children develop chronic, more severe symptoms, while others improve and show spontaneous recovery. Our objectives are to:
  • Determine variations in onset and their possible effect on the future course of the problem Obtain accurate data on the magnitude and timing of spontaneous recovery Identify factors that can influence the recovery and those that lead to chronic stuttering Identify means that can be used to make early prediction of the likelihood of chronic vs. transient stuttering Describe and quantify symptom changes over time and isolate subtypes of stuttering Identify the possible genetic basis of stuttering- Click here to obtain more information about participating in a new study about stuttering in families
The general study involves a wide range of testing of young children as close as possible to the onset of stuttering. This includes tests of speech, language, hearing, motor skills, intellectual functioning, and emotional reactions, as well as audio and video recordings, thorough case histories, and familial pedigrees. After initial testing we proceed with follow-ups every six months for a period of several years. Through this close monitoring, we hope to document what happens to children who begin stuttering and generate criteria for subtyping and risks.

96. Speech Advantage - Corporate Speech Pathology - Madison, Wisconsin - Foreign Acc
Provides corporate speech pathology services foreign accent reduction, stuttering therapy, and treatment of a voice, articulation, or pronunciation disorder.
About Us



In The News
Speech Advantage - Corporate Speech Pathology Services
What does Speech Advantage offer?
Speech Advantage specializes in providing work related training to companies through improved speech communication. We offer onsite training for individuals, small groups, or large group seminars wanting to focus upon:
Who benefits from Speech Advantage?
  • The employee gains self-confidence, reduced frustration and increased productivity
  • The coworkers experience increased harmony and team cohesiveness
  • The customer gains timely results and satisfaction
  • The employer enhances the employee's quality of life while improving the company's profitability and lowering employee turnover
When and where is training held?
The most cost effective and convenient time and place for training is at your employee's workplace during normal business hours. We will strive to accommodate you in this regard. However, should offsite training be preferred, facilities are available.
Why is Speech Advantage important to your business?

97. Genetics Of Stuttering
Genetics of stuttering Project. In the past, much of our research relatedto this aspect has focused on the familial distribution of stuttering.
Genetics of Stuttering Project
During the 10 years since we began out NIH-funded longitudinal study of stuttering, an important focus of the investigation has been the genetic basis of stuttering. In the past, much of our research related to this aspect has focused on the familial distribution of stuttering. This research has yielded a number of important findings that have provided strong support for the assertion that genetics plays an important role in the disorder. Our findings have justified taking further steps into this endeavor. During the past several years, we have teamed up with a group of investigators including Drs. Nancy Cox and Edwin Cook, from the University of Chicago School of Medicine, to pursue the genetics of stuttering more directly through biological studies. Specifically, we are currently pursuing the ambitious goal of identifying the gene(s) for stuttering. In our opinion, this is among the most important research undertakings in stuttering. Although encouraging progress has been made, there is a great need for more information. The first stage toward achieving this objective is known as "linkage analysis". It is aimed at finding the general location of the gene(s). Once we have this information, it will be possible to pursue identification for the specific gene or genes. To conduct the study we need to obtain small amounts of blood from certain members of selected families. We are looking for

98. Quia - Stuttering Awareness Game
Challenge Board, 30Day Free trial. stuttering Awareness Game. A true/falsejeopardy-type game to raise awareness about stuttering.
@import url(/css/quia_button.css); Challenge Board
Stuttering Awareness Game A true/false jeopardy-type game to raise awareness about stuttering.

99. Bill Parry's Stuttering Links
stuttering theory and treatment, by William Parry.
Main Men's Mental Health htmlAdWH('7002568', '234', '60');
The Valsalva Stuttering Network
Home Introduction Articles Links ... Forum
Bill Parry's Stuttering Links
Stuttering (sometimes called "stammering") is a specific kind of disfluency, in which the flow of speech tends to be involuntarily disrupted by forceful closures of the mouth or larynx, by repetitions or prolongations of sounds and syllables, or by hesitations or delays in making voiced sounds. Stuttering generally involves an excessive amount of effort, force, and struggle in the attempt to speak. It also may be accompanied by a variety of behaviors intended to avoid, postpone, or hide the blocks.
Stuttering, while not the worst of handicaps, certainly can be one of the most frustrating. Unlike other disabilities, stuttering has the mystifying and maddening habit of coming and going. Even if you stutter badly, chances are that you will be perfectly fluent when singing, talking in unison with other people, and in certain speaking situations. You may do a great job acting out a role on stage, but not be able to say your name when asked. You may begin telling a joke with perfect fluency, but not be able to deliver the punch line. You may have long stretches of fluency when it really doesn't matter. Then, just when the words are most important, stuttering jumps out of the closet and pins your speech to the ground.
This website is devoted to exploring the puzzle of stuttering, the factors that may cause or perpetuate it, and what we might do to control or alleviate it through therapy or self help. We are also interested in encouraging self-esteem and acceptance for persons who stutter, fighting discrimination, and educating the public about this often misunderstood condition.

100. Stuttering Project
SUNY Buffalo Graduate Course 569 stuttering Therapy Research Project Causes ofstuttering, stuttering and Fluency Theory, Therapy for stuttering and Related

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