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         Stuttering:     more books (100)
  1. A Handbook on Stuttering by Oliver Bloodstein, Nan Bernstein Ratner, 2007-10-25
  2. The Treatment of Stuttering by Charles Gage Van Riper, 1973-03
  3. Early Childhood Stuttering for Clinicians by Clinicians by Ehud Yairi, Nicoline Grinager Ambrose, 2004-11
  4. Understanding Stuttering (Understanding Health and Sickness) by Nathan Lavid, 2003-12-10
  5. Synergistic Stuttering Therapy: A Holistic Approach by Charleen Bloom PhD, Donna K. Cooperman DA, 1999-07-15
  6. Stuttering Recovery: Personal and Empirical Perspectives by Dale F. Williams, 2006-01-04
  7. Stuttering Research and Practice: Bridging the Gap
  8. Stuttering, an Integration of Contemporary Therapies (Publication - Speech Foundation of America ; no. 16) by Barry Guitar, 1980-12
  9. The Stuttering Bard of York by Rundy Purdy, 2006-12-27
  10. Let's Talk About Stuttering (The Let's Talk Library) by Susan Kent, 1999-01
  11. Straight Talk on Stuttering: Information, Encouragement, and Counsel for Stutterers, Caregivers, and Speech-Language Clinicians by Lloyd M. Hulit, 2004-08-30
  12. A Treatise on the Causes and Cure of Stuttering, With Reference to Certain Modern Theories by James Wright, 2010-07-24
  13. Stuttering;: A psychodynamic approach to its understanding and treatment by Dominick A Barbara, 1954
  14. Stuttering Therapy: Rationale and Procedures by Hugo H. Gregory, June H. Campbell, et all 2002-09-07

41. Veils Of Stuttering - Links And Conclusion
Anthony Wray, a stuttering therapist in Ontario, Canada, has particularly good adviceon childhood stuttering for parents. The Veils stuttering and Identity.

Therapy Speech Psychotherapy ... Conclusion Henry James' wonderfully complex and convoluted prose style may have been influenced by his habit of word avoidance and substitution.
CONCLUSION For More Information Stuttering and Identity
For More Information
T o learn more about this interesting and still rather mysterious speech disorder, go to the Stuttering Home Page , a wonderful resource maintained by my friend Judith Kuster at Mankato State University. There, you'll find references to research articles and books, personal biographies of people who stutter, information on therapy and support groups in the U.S. and many other countries, and links to other stuttering resources on the Internet. This site provides an all-inclusive collection of links, and therapy claims made on such links need to be carefully considered. The Stuttering Foundation of America makes available a large, reasonably-priced, and extremely informative selection of books and videotapes for people who stutter, teachers, parents, and therapists. The Web site of the National Stuttering Association provides information on how to join this supportive organization and one of its local support groups (Some of the NSA's self-help literature is insightful, but not clinically or research-based, however.)

42. - 'Stuttering John' To Be Leno Announcer - Feb. 19, 2004
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'Stuttering John' to be Leno announcer
Story Tools WASHINGTON (AP) Jay Leno's new announcer on NBC's "The Tonight Show" will be "Stuttering" John Melendez from Howard Stern's radio show, a spokeswoman said. YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Howard Stern Jay Leno or Create your own Manage alerts What is this? Melendez will start March 29, replacing Edd Hall, who's leaving the show after 12 years to concentrate on doing movies. He is working with a speech coach to control his stutter, a "Tonight Show" spokeswoman told The Associated Press on Wednesday. Besides announcing, Melendez will be in sketches and will go out on interviews. Melendez is famous for embarrassing the people he talks to, but he won't be doing that sort of interview for Leno, the spokeswoman said. "Tonight Show" executives became interested in Melendez after seeing him on the ABC reality show "I'm a Celebrity: Get Me out of Here." The spokeswoman said Melendez came across as a "peacemaker" and "family man."
Associated Press

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43. Internation Stuttering Association Home Page

44. ASHA: Questions & Answers About Stuttering
Questions and Answers about stuttering. advertisement. General Information aboutSpeech and Language Disorders Spoken Language Problems, What is stuttering?
Questions and Answers about Stuttering
American Speech- Language- Hearing Association
Learning and Other Disabilities
Related Articles
General Information about Speech and Language Disorders
Spoken Language Problems
What is stuttering?
  • Stuttering is the condition in which the flow of speech is broken by abnormal stoppages (no sound), repetitions (st-st-stuttering), or prolongations (ssssstuttering) of sounds and syllables. There may also be unusual facial and body movements associated with the effort to speak.
Aren't all people nonfluent to some extent?
  • Yes. Almost all children go through a stage of frequent nonfluency in early speech development. Adults may interject syllables ("uh") and occasionally repeat words, phrases and sounds, but these nonfluencies are accepted as normal and usually are not a cause for concern.
Does stammering mean the same thing as stuttering?
  • Most people use the terms interchangeably.
What causes stuttering?
  • We still do not know for a fact what causes stuttering. It may have different causes in different people, or it may occur only when a combination of factors comes together. It is also quite possible that what causes stuttering is quite different from what makes it continue or get worse. Possible influences include incoordination of the speech muscles; rate of language development; the way parents and others talk to the child; and other forms of communication and life stress.

45. Sleep Apnea, Stuttering May Be Linked

46. Stuttering
stuttering. stuttering is a disorder of speech fluency that interrupts the forwardflow of speech. Causes. We still do not know what causes stuttering.
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Stuttering is a disorder of speech fluency that interrupts the forward flow of speech. All individuals are disfluent at times, but what differentiates the person who stutters from someone with normal speech disfluencies is the kind and amount of the disfluencies. Characteristics
  • Repetition of sounds (e.g., b-b-b-ball), syllables (e.g., mo-mo-mommy), parts of words (e.g., basket-basket-basketball), whole words, and phrases Prolongation , or stretching, of sounds or syllables (e.g., r-abbit)

47. - Biz Talk: Overseas And Stuttering - Aug. 8, 2003
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Biz talk: Overseas and stuttering
From CNN's Richard Quest and Meara Erdozain
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Language software code 'deciphers' English
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(CNN) Habla Usted Espanol? Parla Italiano? Does doing business overseas in another language leave you stuttering or cowering in the corner in front of your clients? Doing a deal in your own language is one thing, but in a foreign language it can be quite another. Yet these days, with global marketing at record levels and where one in three jobs depends to some extent on international trade, executives are being asked to get out there and talk the talk. In the past studying a foreign language for business used to conjure up horrible images of repetitive high school classes full of CEOs studying verb conjugation. But now a whole armory of products exists out there to assist you fumbling around with a pocket phrasebook is a thing of the past. "We've moved on through tape recorders to video, through to multimedia computers," Graham Davies a Professor of Computer-Assisted Language Learning told CNN.

48. The Australian Stuttering Research Centre - The University Of Sydney
About us. About stuttering. Treatment for stuttering. Our search. Graduatestudy. Professional Education. Publications. Links. Contact us. Search. Downloads.
Click here for ordering information For general information download the December 2002 edition of the ASRC Newsletter from our "Downloads" page.

49. Five Former Stuttering Test Subjects Sue University Of Iowa

50. American Institute For Stuttering Treatment And Professional Training
The American Institute for stuttering Treatment and Professional Training is a specialized,nonprofit therapy center for children, teens and adults who stutter
27 West 20th St.
Suite 1203
New York, NY
212.220.3922 fax

American Institute
For Stuttering The American Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Professional Training is a specialized, non-profit treatment center offering speech therapy for children, teens and adults who stutter To extend the hand of help to those in need, give hope where there has been none and to improve the quality and freedom in life. Welcome to the American Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Professional Training, a specialized, non-profit treatment center for children, teens and adults who stutter. We are the only non-profit facility in the United States that offers both intensive and non-intensive treatment options for people of all ages while also providing clinical training to both new and established speech-language pathologists. Download our latest newsletter Adobe Acrobat Required —Kevin, age 19 The American Institute was founded and is directed by Catherine Otto Montgomery, M.S.,CCC-SLP, an internationally recognized speech-language pathologist with over 25 years of experience dedicated exclusively to the study and treatment of stuttering. She is one of the few Board Recognized Specialists in Fluency Disorders in the United States. Ms. Montgomery conceived the Institute in recognition of the need for a comprehensive treatment and training facility for stuttering in this country as an outgrowth of her former private practice.

51. - Actor Gets The Word Out On Stuttering - Apr. 4, 2003
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Actor gets the word out on stuttering
By Kat Carney
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(CNN) Nicholas Brendon is best known for his role as the wisecracking Xander on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." But a speech disorder almost thwarted the actor's rise to stardom when he was about 8 years old he realized he stuttered. "I realized it, because I couldn't talk anymore," Brendon recalls. "I noticed I was having a hard time communicating and I became a little shy." Brendon says he was determined to achieve his life-long goal, despite his stutter. "I always wanted to be an actor, but with a speech impediment it's kind of tough. I decided to roll the dice and take an acting class, which was very, very nerve-wracking... my stomach would just be in knots." In acting class, Brendon discovered one key to dealing with his stutter.

52. Institute For Stuttering Treatment And Research(ISTAR)
The Institute for stuttering Treatment and Research(ISTAR) is a nonprofit societyproviding stuttering therapy based on over 20 years of clinical research and
ISTAR is a non-profit society providing stuttering therapy based on over 20 years of clinical research and experience. It was founded by Einer Boberg and Deborah Kully in 1986 to:
  • provide the best possible therapy for children and adults who stutter
  • conduct research into the nature and treatment of stuttering
  • provide advanced professional training for speech-language pathologists
  • promote public awareness of stuttering and its treatment
The Institute offers a comfortable environment with friendly and supportive staff. Therapy for all ages is provided year-round in individual and group formats to over 100 new clients per year from across North America and overseas. More than 1000 clients have been helped since the first program in 1972. The Institute has gained worldwide recognition as a centre of excellence in the treatment of stuttering. Clinical staff are certified speech-language pathologists who together bring 45 years of experience in the treatment of stuttering. In an effort to make therapy accessible, fees are set as low as possible and financial assistance programs are available.

The Institute gratefully acknowledges financial assistance from:
  • The Alberta Elks Foundation
  • The Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children

53. Welcome
Research on speech planning, the biology of speech, and stuttering at RuhrUniversity-Bochum. Includes publications, research interests, and contact information.





Research Objectives

Lab and Equipment
Research Projects Cooperations ... Publications Courses Coursematerial Courses of H.-G. Bosshardt of W. Ballmer-Omar Language and Cognition Welcome Our Information for: Students Deutsch Arbeitsgruppe Sprache und Kognition Klinische Psychologie ... Fakultät für Psychologie Address News Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Bosshardt Fakultät für Psychologie Ruhr-Universität Bochum Universitätsstr.150 D-44780 Bochum, Germany Geb. GAFO 03/969 Tel.:+49.(0).234.32.27338 Fax:+49.(0).234.32.14110 E-mail: Top Print

54. Journal Of Fluency Disorders
Provides comprehensive coverage of clinical, experimental, and theoretical aspects of stuttering, including the latest remediation techniques. Official Journal of the International Fluency Association. Published quarterly.

55. Special Education Guide
Parent Pals is sponsored by AmeriCorp Speech and Hearing. Our goal is to provide special education and gifted information, continuing education, support, weekly tips, games, book resources, and news and views for parents and professionals. Therapists, audiologists, teachers, nurses and physicians contribute information on the following subjects ADHD, autism, deaf and hard of hearing, emotionally disturbed, homeschooling, gifted, learning disabilities, mental retardation, orthopedically impaired, otherwise health impaired, severe and/or multiple disabilities, speech and language impairment, stuttering, traumatic brain injury and, visually impaired.
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56. The Australian Stuttering Research Centre - The University Of Sydney
Treatment of stuttering. While there are many treatments for stuttering,there is little consensus among experts about which ones to use.
General information The Lidcombe Program The Camperdown Program
Treatment for teenagers
Treatment of Stuttering
While there are many treatments for stuttering, there is little consensus among experts about which ones to use. Treatments vary from country to country and vary even within countries. Some experts think it preferable to treat stuttering as soon as it begins, while others suggest that parents wait for a year or so to see whether the stuttering goes away naturally. There is also little agreement about what type of treatments to use with young children who have started to stutter. Treatments may be direct (focusing directly on speech and stuttering) or indirect (focusing on changing factors other than the speech itself, such as parental communication style). There is also little consensus about what treatments to use for older children and adults who stutter. Most experts do agree, however, that once stuttering is chronic, one goal of treatment is to help people control their stuttering and so make it less handicapping. One approach is for the person to find ways of making their stuttering less severe and so more acceptable in communicative situations. Another approach involves the person adopting a way of speaking that stops stuttering altogether. Some treatments combine both approaches. Whatever approach is adopted for older children and adults, current treatments typically address the person's attitudes to speaking and confidence in communicative contexts, as well as helping them to speak without stuttering.

57. Welcome To Janus Development
Coordinates the development of assistive living devices, including antistuttering aides and a computerized treadmill for wheelchairs.
Janus Development Group, Inc. is a North Carolina corporation that was specifically established to coordinate the development and sales promotions of assistive living devices. Practical devices for people with disabilities are not easily fabricated or marketed. Linking resources, such as technology, production, and financing, to create groundbreaking products for the people that need them is our business. Please take a minute to investigate our site and the products we have helped create to enhance the lives of those with disabilities.

58. DateLine- Stuttering- Word By Word
Not at all 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Highly, Researching the Cause 2500 Years of stuttering It Didn t Stop Them Typing Speech Clear Speech What Works?

MSNBC Viewer's Top Ten

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Not at all Highly
Researching the Cause
2500 Years of Stuttering It Didn't Stop Them Typing Speech ... Previous Page

59. Popular Fallacy VII Of Two Disputants The Warmest Is Generally In The Wrong
Short essay on stuttering, from which the author suffered.

60. Stuttering Awareness Week
Help observe National stuttering Awareness Week by learning more about stutteringand children . Search. Pediatrics stuttering Awareness Week. Pediatrics Blog.
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Stuttering Awareness Week
Pediatrics Blog Main
May 11, 2004
Stuttering Awareness Week
Help observe National Stuttering Awareness Week by learning more about stuttering and children.
Actions Speak Louder Than Words for Those Who Stutter
The Stuttering Foundation and
Our Time Theatre Company Kick Off
National Stuttering Awareness Week, May 10-16.
For more information, contact:
Jane Fraser
If actions speak louder than words, the message of help and hope for those who stutter should come across loud and clear for this year's National Stuttering Awareness Week. The Stuttering Foundation and Our Time Theatre Company are taking to the stage in New York City to kick off the start of the campaign, Monday, May 10.

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