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         Stuttering:     more books (100)
  1. The Practical Treatment of Stammering and Stuttering: With Suggestions for Practice and Helpful Exercises by George Andrew Lewis, George Beswick Hynson, 2010-03-16
  2. No Miracle Cures: A Multifactoral Guide to Stuttering Therapy by Thomas David Kehoe, 2006-08-01
  3. Ben Has Something to Say: A Story About Stuttering (Concept Books (Albert Whitman)) by Laurie Lears, 2000-09
  4. Successful Treatment of Stuttering by Ann Irwin, 1981-04
  5. The Treatment of Stuttering in the Young School Aged Child by Roberta Lees, 2005-12-06
  6. Stuttering: Its Nature, Diagnosis and Treatment by Edward G. Conture, 2000-10-02
  7. Stuttering and What you can do About it by Wendell Johnson, 1961-01-03
  8. Living with Stuttering (Triumph Series) by Kenneth O. St.Louis, 2001-06-01
  9. Recovery from Stuttering (Language and Speech Disorders) by Peter Howell, 2010-10-06
  10. Stuttering: A Life Bound Up in Words by Marty Jezer, 2008-10-30
  11. The Source for Stuttering and Cluttering by David A. Daly, 1996-01
  12. Current Issues in Stuttering Research and Practice
  13. Evidence-Based Treatment of Stuttering: Empirical Bases and Clinical Applications
  14. Stuttering Hunter by Mark Wheaton, 2010-03-16

21. ISA International Stuttering Association
ISA International stuttering Association, A world that understands stuttering,In one voice, Information about stuttering, stuttering therapy, cluttering
ISA International Stuttering Association A world that understands Stuttering Last Update: 25 Apr 2004 News
Contact ISA Search ISA site
Member Associations
Webmaster Guidelines

High Lights The year 2004
International Year for Children who Stutter
Calendar May 14-15, 2004 - Christchurch, New Zealand
Annual Conference of the New Zealand Speak Easy Association
For Adults Who Stutter, Their Families and Professionals. Theme: "Challenges and Opportunities."
Bryndwr Baptist Church Hall, corner of Clyde Road and Aorangi Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch
For more information: Postal: Lester Loomes, 67 Brynley Street, Hornby, Christchurch. Phone: 0064 3 980 1583. June 24 - 27, 2004 - Baltimore, USA
The 21st Annual Conference of the National Stuttering Association For Adults and Children Who Stutter, Their Families and Professionals. Wyndham Baltimore Inner Harbor
For more information:

The National Center For stuttering The National Center For stuttering was establishedin 1976. 1. To provide upto-date factual information about stuttering.
The National Center For Stuttering
The National Center For Stuttering was established in 1976. Its purposes are: 1. To provide up-to-date factual information about stuttering
2. To provide a National Stutterer's Hotline
3. To treat small groups of selected individuals who stutter.
4. To provide continuing education for speech pathologists
5. To conduct research into the causes and treatment of stuttering
The Center conducts its therapeutic, research and training activities in various cities across the United States and Europe. For further information, call The National Stutterers' Hotline or E-Mail Executive Director

23. Phila. Area Chapter Of The National Stuttering Ass'n
Selfhelp support group, made up of people who stutter, who help each other deal with the problems of stuttering.
Phila. Area Chapter of the National Stuttering Association
Welcome to the Philadelphia Area Chapter of the National Stuttering Association
If you stutter, you are not alone! And there is so much that can be done! We are a self-help support group, made up of people who stutter, who help each other help ourselves deal with the problems of stuttering. Together we seek to: - Understand, accept, and control our stuttering to the best of our ability; - Increase our self-confidence and self-esteem, regardless of fluency; - Improve communication skills; and - Learn to make speech an easier and more enjoyable experience. Our regular meetings are held at the Bala Cynwyd Library (in the second-floor meeting room, through the children's section), at Old Lancaster Road and Highland Avenue in Bala Cynwyd, PA, on the first and third Thursday of every month , from 7:00 to 8:50 p.m. Admission to our meetings is free. Detailed directions to the meeting place. Family members and speech-language professionals or students are also welcome. Our meetings offer a warm, supportive environment in which stuttering is fully accepted. We do not require the use of any particular fluency method. Members are free to stutter openly, to use voluntary stuttering, or to practice whatever fluency methods they feel comfortable with.

24. The Stuttering Home Page, Minnesota State University, Mankato
stuttering PreventionInformation about stuttering, disfluent, disfluency, dysfluent, dysfluency, prevention,preventing, prevent, fluency, fluent, children, early childhood
The Stuttering Homepage About the Stuttering Home Page Awards and Recognition for this site The sixth International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference, "INTERNATIONAL STUTTERING AWARENESS" is everyday. . . We just celebrate it on October 22! is open and freely available. It is also available for 1.5 CEU's (15 hours) or 1 semester credit. To learn how to register for the ISAD online conference for MSU, Mankato CEU's or college credit Open this link
Start Planning For ISAD 2004
Information about Stuttering Stuttering Chatroom PWS speak for themselves International Stuttering Awareness Day online conferences - 1998-2002
Stuttering around the world Discussion forums and E-Publications Creative Expression Conference Information ... The Pioneers and Voices: Past and Present Special Interest Division 4 website
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25. Accent Reduction Speech & Stuttering Improvement
Specializing in accent reduction, stuttering control, and speech and voice coaching, John Pennino has over 25 years experience in speech/language pathology.

26. Prevention Of Stuttering
stuttering can be a serious disorder, affecting a person s abilityto communicate and socialize with others. stuttering can have
Stuttering can be a serious disorder, affecting a person's ability to communicate and socialize with others.
Stuttering can have a significant impact on an individual's success at school, on job opportunities and the ability to make friends; it can be a very isolating disorder.
Early identification and intervention for the young child exhibiting stuttering is critical.
When stuttering is detected early and remedial steps are taken, the results can be dramatic.
It is often difficult to distinguish between normal nonfluencies and true stuttering.
Parents and professionals working with young children need to be aware of what constitutes a real problem.
A child who is beginning to show "warning signs" for developing early childhood stuttering often shows differences in the frequency or amount, and type of disfluent speech.
Most children will outgrow this period of development but some do not.
Normal Nonfluency Stuttering Prevention Warning Signs Speech Demands ... Tony Wray , M.A., CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist

27. Anxiety And Stuttering - A Method To Help You
Anxiety or panic attacks and stuttering help. Informational sheets available for a fee.
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Anxiety and Stuttering - A Method To Help You
Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? Do you stutter? Know someone who does? I can help. My methods to overcome these problems are now available. Why wait, order today. Please include your email address, if you have microsoft works 4.0 and want to recieve this information via email. If you have any questions email me at: Email Webmaster:

28. The HANDLE Institute
Neurodevelopmental disorders, nonprofit rehabilitation, psychology, education, nutrition, stuttering.
The HANDLE Institute is a non-profit organization providing an effective, non-drug alternative for identifying and treating most neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan. HANDLE incorporates research and techniques from many disciplines. It includes principles and perspectives from medicine, rehabilitation, psychology, education and nutrition. It is founded on an interactive, developmental model of human functioning. The institute offers clinical services, community information, and professional training programs. The main facility is located in Seattle, Washington. HANDLE satellite clinics serve various neurodevelopmental needs and different geographical regions. Some of those who recognize us are: The HANDLE Institute
1300 Dexter Avenue North
110 The Casey Family Building
Seattle, Washington 98109 Judith Bluestone
Founder and Director Communicative And Supportive Teaching/Learning Environment (CASTLE), London, England
Covenant Medical Center, Early Development Intervention, Waterloo, IA

29. Columbus Chapter-National Stuttering Association
A support group geared toward attracting new people who stutter.
The Columbus Chapter of the National Stuttering Association Website has moved
Here is the new location:
Any questions please contact us at  This page hosted by 
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30. Stuttering [NIDCD Health Information]
stuttering. On this page Top. What causes stuttering? Scientists suspecta variety of causes. There is reason to believe that many
Change text size: S M L Home ... Voice, Speech, and Language
On this page: Stuttering is a speech disorder in which the normal flow of speech is disrupted by frequent repetitions or prolongations of speech sounds, syllables or words or by an individual's inability to start a word. The speech disruptions may be accompanied by rapid eye blinks, tremors of the lips and/or jaw or other struggle behaviors of the face or upper body that a person who stutters may use in an attempt to speak. Certain situations, such as speaking before a group of people or talking on the telephone, tend to make stuttering more severe, whereas other situations, such as singing or speaking alone, often improve fluency. Stuttering may also be referred to as stammering, especially in England, and by a broader term, disfluent speech. Stuttering is different from two additional speech fluency disorders, cluttering, characterized by a rapid, irregular speech and spasmodic dysphonia , a voice disorder Top
How is speech normally produced?

31. The Cleveland Chapter Of The National Stuttering Association
A self help organization for people that stutter and speech pathologists.
Info The Cleveland Chapter Of the National Stuttering Association
"There is nothing of which we are more ashamed than of not being ourselves, there is nothing which brings us greater joy and happiness than to think, to feel or to say what is ours" -Erich Fromm
Who We are
The National Stuttering Association (formerly the National Stuttering Project) is a non-profit organization formed in the San Francisco Bay area in 1977 to meet the needs of people who stutter. The NSA has over 2500 members nationwide and operates a network of 75 local support groups. The Cleveland Chapter is one of those groups. The Cleveland Chapter of the NSA has a group that meets on Cleveland's west side and another group that meets on the west side of Cleveland. Both groups have close ties with each other We are a support group geared toward attracting new people. While many chapter members are undergoing or have completed formal speech therapy programs, the NSP is not a therapy group and talking is voluntary. NSA meetings are a safe place to take risks; to try out new communiction behaviors; share feelings, and be open about our speech and our lives as people who stutter.

32. Chicago Stuttering Society Home Page
Independent nonprofit group established to provide information, advocacy, and support for those who stutter.
Chicago Stuttering Society
The Chicago Stuttering Society (CSS) is an independent nonprofit self-help group created to provide information, advocacy, and mutual support for people who stutter. Our meetings allow attendees to practice speaking in an informal, nonthreatening environment.



Hello and welcome to the CSS Web page! Spring has sprung. (Go Cubs!) We'll have our next official meeting on Wednesday, April 28 from 7 to 8:30 pm at Connie's office (4305 North Lincoln Ave.)
... Updated April 22, 2004... Links to other sites on the Web National Stuttering Association
The Stuttering Homepage

Friends Group for Children

33. Electronic Anti-Stuttering Devices
The only FDAapproved anti-stuttering devices on the market. Get thefacts about safety and effectiveness of anti-stuttering devices.
Stuttering Therapy Devices since 1992 720 31st, Boulder, CO 80303-2402 USA
(888) FLUENCY or (303) 417-9752; Fax (303) 413-0853
Devices for Adults and Teenagers
Devices for SLPs and Children
Safety and Effectiveness ...
Contact Us
Jabra EarWave Bud "virtually disappears when you put it on."
Ultimate and Basic device look similar
Telephone interface
Koss-CFT headset
Sennheiser PC130 headset
Consumer throat mike, earphones
Military throat microphone
Jabra FreeSpeak wireless earset
Jabra FreeSpeak wireless earset
Small belt pack
Medium belt pack
Proven effective in more than a dozen studies . Used in more than 700 speech clinics, universities, and schools.
The only FDA-approved anti-stuttering devices on the market.
Devices for Adults and Teenagers (below)
Devices for Speech-Language Pathologists and Children
Casa Futura Technologies miniaturized anti-stuttering devices reduce stuttering in face-to-face conversations, on telephone calls, and for therapy practice. The devices alone reduce stuttering about 70% immediately, and 50% after removing the device (long-term carryover fluency). Using the devices with stuttering therapy can nearly eliminate even severe stuttering, while training the user to no longer stutter. The devices cause no hearing impairment, even in noisy environments. The only anti-stuttering devices on the market proven effective in published studies , and with FDA approval . Used in more than 700 speech clinics, universities, and schools. 100% moneyback

34. Stuttering Therapy Treatment And Research Through HCRI
Center offering the Hollins Fluency System, an intensive program focusing on motor skills and the cognitive and emotional facets of stuttering.
Cutting edge research conducted by the staff of the Hollins Communications Research Institute has demonstrated the valuable role of scientific analysis in the creation of an objective, reliable, and effective 12-day treatment for stuttering . At HCRI, stuttering therapy represents a specific combination of advanced behavioral and computer technologies that enhance the learning and retention of fluent speech.
98% of HCRI program graduates say they would recommend this advanced stuttering therapy program to others who stutter. For many HCRI graduates, stuttering therapy is a one-time experience as fluency has replaced stuttering and continued therapy is not necessary. For persons who wish to have post-therapy support, HCRI offers a variety of services, including FluencyNet
HCRI has treated over 4900 persons who stutter. If you stutter, or know someone that stutters, we invite you to learn more about the effective stuttering therapy provided at HCRI in Roanoke, Virginia. To receive information by mail about HCRI's stuttering therapy

35. Eli Siegel On Stuttering
Personal narrative of Miriam Mondlin. In learning the cause of stuttering from Aesthetic Realism in classes with its founder, Eli Siegel, her stuttering ended. Describes philosophic cause of this impediment.
Reprinted from the CAPS website
June 6, 1999 for more about Eli Siegel
for more about Aesthetic Realism
for more by Eli Siegel in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known
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How My Stuttering Ended
By Miriam Mondlin
The very fact that I can speak on the subject of expressing oneself, I owe to Eli Siegel, the great American poet, critic and founder of the education Aesthetic Realism. As a person who stuttered painfully from the time I was three years old, my ability to express myself was very much hindered before I began to study Aesthetic Realism. Then, because Mr. Siegel explained the cause of this most troubling impediment to expression, my stuttering ended. Aesthetic Realism shows that what interferes most with our self-expression is contempt, which Mr. Siegel defined as "the lessening of what is different from oneself as a means of self-increase as one sees it" this includes the feeling that the world is not good enough for us to express ourselves in. And Aesthetic Realism shows that the self-expression everyone is looking for is the doing all we can honestly to like and respect the world. There is much written on the subject of stuttering, but the definitive explanation of its cause is in "An Approach to a Philosophy of Self and Disease," chapter 11 of

36. Disabilities And Handicaps - 123World
An alphabetic list of websites on disabilities like blindness, deafness, dwarfism, stuttering and links to the english version of these sites.
DISABILITIES a b c d ... z A

37. Developmental Neurolinguistics Lab
Electrophysiology research investigating infant language development, language processing in normal monolingual and multilingual adults, and language processing in stuttering.
Home Program Faculty Courses ... Public Service and Education Developmental Neurolinguistics Lab
Director: Dr .Valerie Shafer
Lab Meetings:
Thursdays, 3:30-5:00pm
Room 7392
Mission Statement The goal of the Developmental Neurolinguistic Lab is to understand the relationship between language and brain development, and later brain organization.
Research projects are in progress that use electrophysiological methods to examine brain processes. An understanding of the relationship between language and brain development and later brain organization will help explain the nature of developmental language disorders.
Within this site, you can find descriptions of the electrophysiological techniques that we use in ongoing studies. We are currently examining the neurophysiology of language learning in children with typical and atypical language development, particularly children with specific language impairment (SLI).

38. Research And Comment: From The Researchers At East Carolina University
Like Mikhail Gorbachev of the former Soviet Union, Onslow suggests that the useof behaviourism in the treatment of stuttering can be saved via simple
ISMAP WIDTH="1024" HEIGHT="1024" NATURALSIZEFLAG="3"> For more information about the SpeechEasy Device click here:

Like Mikhail Gorbachev of the former Soviet Union, Onslow suggests that the use of behaviourism in the treatment of stuttering can be 'saved' via simple 'restructuring' (ie.perestroika). In contrast, we view the use of behavioural techniques similar to Communism-a moribund paradigm that rests on a foundation of belief and psychological investment, and 'restructuring' this inherently flawed retraining paradigm is impossible. Simply put, we do not want to waste the lives of another generation in working towards the misguided illusions of generating 'true fluency' [via behavioral techniques]. First, we propose a categorical distinction in the end-product of fluency that has been mentioned by few researchers and clinicians . We suggest three tiers of speech production by persons who stutter. These include: (1) Pseudofluency, which is unnatural sounding, effort-filled and draws attention to itself even when devoid of discrete repetitions, discrete prolongations and/or struggle behaviors...... Researchers and clinicians alike acknowledge that voluntary control over speech results inunnatural, effortful, unstable and perceptually deliberate speech in those who stutter .

39. Stuttering: The Veils Of Stuttering
Images of the stuttering Self . stuttering is a democratic affliction,affecting the talented and the average, the wealthy and the poor.
Veils of Stuttering
Darrell Dodge, MA, CCC- SLP
Littleton, Colorado Images of the Stuttering "Self" Speech Therapy and Self-Therapy Stuttering is a Speech Problem Why Psychotherapy Doesn't Resolve Stuttering ... For More Information Special Features: Reactive Inhibition Hypothesis
Announcements and News
The Land of Fluency Study Notes for Van Riper's ...
Basic Information About Stuttering
We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time
"Little Gidding," T.S. Eliot
Images of the Stuttering "Self"
T his Web site explores many of the dimensions of stuttering and its effect on the human identity, as well as the development of stuttering behavior. It also includes an exploration of the "veils" (self images, projections, and lack of consciousness) that people who stutter use to (unconsciously) cope with the disorder, just as all humans use "veils" to cope with other disturbing or discordant aspects of reality. In the course of doing this, I'll explore some of the reasons why stuttering seems so mysterious, and try to show that a lot of this mystery can begin to be resolved by acknowledging the experience of people who stutter specifically, the feeling that stuttering involves an intermittent, uncontrollable, inhibition or disruption of speech

40. Effects Of Pre-war Stuttering Experiment Linger

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