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         Smallpox:     more books (100)
  1. The Smallpox Genocide of the Odawa Tribe at L'Arbre Croche, 1763: The History of a Native American People by Constance Cappel, 2007-10-15
  2. The Smallpox Episode (The Big House) by George Buchanan, 2002-02-01
  3. Smallpox Vaccine - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-06-09
  4. Scourge: The Once and Future Threat of Smallpox, Library Edition by Jonathan B. Tucker, 2002-07
  5. Diluted smallpox vaccine effective in young adults. (Old Vaccine Stockfiles to be Used).: An article from: Skin & Allergy News by Betsy Bates, 2002-12-01
  6. The Safety-Valve of Life: How to Prevent Disease and Promote Health. Vaccination and Its Results. Why Have Fevers and Smallpox? the Soul and Brain, Startling ... and Hydrophobia. Facts from Personal Experi by William Thomas, 2010-01-09
  7. A practical treatise on smallpox: illustrated by colored photographs from life by George Henry Fox, 2010-09-06
  8. Smallpox - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
  9. The Smallpox Vaccination Program: Public Health in an Age of Terrorism by Committee on Smallpox Vaccination Program Implementation, 2005-09-06
  10. Selected Essays On Syphilis and Small-Pox by Alfred E. Russell, 2010-03-19
  11. Smallpox vaccine may provide lifelong immunity: degrades only slightly over time.(News): An article from: Family Practice News by Joyce Frieden, 2003-09-15
  12. Smallpox Strikes!: Cotton Mather's Bold Experiment (The American Adventure Series #7) by Norma Jean Lutz, 1998-12-01
  13. Smallpox (Epidemics) by Tom Ridgway, 2001-02
  14. Fractured States: Smallpox, Public Health and Vaccination Policy in British India 1800-1947 (New Perspectives in South Asian History) by Sanjoy Bhattacharya Mark Harrison And Michael Worboys, 2005-10-15

101. : UN's Smallpox Terror Alert - Oct 22 2001, Terrorismfiles.or
The relation of smallpox with terrorism and terrorist attacks.
Terrorism History of terrorism Terrorism in the 20th century Drug trafficking and terrorism ... Weapons of Mass Destruction Articles and Attacks
UN's smallpox terror alert October 22nd, 2001 Posted: 0022 GMT
Governments around the world have been warned to prepare against a terrorist smallpox attack which could kill millions. The World Health Organisation has told them to ensure they can produce enough vaccine to protect their population against the disease, and is preparing to order mass precautionary vaccination of all citizens.
'The unthinkable is no longer unthinkable and we need to prepare for that,' said a spokesperson for the WHO, the United Nations' health agency. 'There has been a lot of concern about a smallpox outbreak. The numbers it would kill are scary.' The British Government last week issued emergency guidance to health professionals on how to deal with an outbreak. The guidance, seen by The Observer, says smallpox is a serious threat because it is easily passed from person to person, has a fatality rate of up to 90 per cent, can kill in 48 hours, and few people have been vaccinated. 'In the event of a deliberate release, it is unlikely that single, mild cases will occur - it is more likely that clusters of moderate to severe disease will be seen.'

102. - Top Stories - Smallpox
smallpox. Monday, February 24, 2003. What Is It? Scientifically known as variola, smallpox is among the few contagious bioterror agents.,2933,76860,00.html
OAS_AD('Top'); Smallpox Monday, February 24, 2003 OAS_AD('Middle'); What Is It? Scientifically known as variola, smallpox is among the few contagious bioterror agents. The last naturally occurring case was in Somalia in 1977 and the World Health Organization declared it eradicated in 1980. Symptoms are severe and permanently disfiguring. To pass the disease on to someone else, direct face-to-face contact is required. It falls somewhere between tuberculosis and chickenpox in its level of contagiousness. Smallpox is lethal in about 30 percent of all cases. Two other forms of smallpox are historically rare but usually fatal: Purpura Variolosa , or hemorrhagic-type smallpox, and Flat-type smallpox . These two variations usually develop in 3 percent and 5 percent, respectively, of people infected with variola major Variola minor , a variation of the smallpox virus, is less severe than the major strain, and kills about 1 percent of those infected. After the anthrax attacks in the United States in the fall of 2001, the U.S. government ordered production of enough smallpox vaccine to vaccinate the entire U.S. population should it be needed. How Is It Spread?

103. - Israel Gives Smallpox Vaccines -- Should U.S.? - Dec. 5, 2002
CNN Europe CNN Asia Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese On CNN TV Transcripts Headline News CNN International ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Israel gives smallpox vaccines should U.S.?
From Elizabeth Cohen
Health care workers and rescuers are the first Israelis to receive the smallpox vaccine. Story Tools
RELATED Interactive: What is smallpox? CNN's Elizabeth Cohen takes a look at Israel's smallpox vaccination program as the United States debates such a move. (November 20)
(CNN) For the past year, the U.S. government and health officials have been debating whether Americans should be vaccinated against the smallpox virus. Meanwhile, Israel is already doing it. In just three months, the Israeli government has gone from making the decision to nearly completing the task of vaccinating 15,000 health workers, police officers and others that would likely be first on the scene in the event of a smallpox outbreak. And the United States is watching closely, because this is one dangerous vaccine. "The authorities have tremendous interest in what's going on, in what our experiences are," said Dr. Boaz Lev, director of the Israeli Health Ministry. And the experience has been good, according to the ministry.

104. An Update On Smallpox
An Update on smallpox. By Michelle Meadows. The last confirmed case smallpox Vaccine Guidance for Blood Industry. The FDA has issued
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U.S. Food and Drug Administration
FDA Consumer magazine
March-April 2003
Table of Contents
An Update on Smallpox
By Michelle Meadows The last confirmed case of smallpox in the United States occurred in 1949, and the last naturally occurring case in the world was recorded in Somalia in 1977. Three years later, the World Health Organization declared that smallpox had been eradicated. But if terrorists were to intentionally introduce just a single case of smallpox today, it could mushroom into a public health emergency, experts say. In December 2002, President Bush announced a comprehensive plan to protect Americans from smallpox if it were to be used in a bioterrorist attack. The plan addresses actions to quickly contain an outbreak through vaccination. As part of this plan, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been working with state and local governments to develop a national stockpile of smallpox vaccine. The only smallpox vaccine currently licensed by the Food and Drug Administration is Dryvax (smallpox vaccine, dried, calf lymph type), made by Wyeth Laboratories Inc. in Marietta, Pa. "The vaccine was first approved in 1931, and the existing lots were manufactured in the 1970s and early 1980s and stored frozen," says William Egan, deputy director of the FDA's Office of Vaccine Research and Review. "The vaccine lots remained fully potent." In October 2002, the FDA approved a license supplement for a 100-dose kit of Dryvax, with a new supply of diluent (the liquid that's mixed with dried vaccine before it's administered) and needles for administration, Egan says. "Before the approval of this supplement, Dryvax was available only under an investigational new drug (IND) application. Now the vaccine can be distributed and used as any other approved product." Along with Dryvax, there are several other smallpox vaccines that are being evaluated under INDs.

105. - Two Get Eye Infections From Smallpox Vaccine Contact - Mar. 7, 2003
The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Two get eye infections from smallpox vaccine contact
A person who touches a smallpox vaccination site even if it's not on their body can develop reactions. Story Tools RELATED Smallpox compensation fund proposed The vaccine what are the risks? What is smallpox and how does it spread? Bush outlines vaccination plan ... Medical field split on smallpox vaccine VIDEO CNN's Sanjay Gupta looks at the potential risks associated with smallpox shots.
WASHINGTON (AP) Two women developed infections after touching soldiers who had been vaccinated against smallpox and then touching their eyes. Both illnesses were preventable. Health authorities are reminding people who get the shot to keep the spot where they were inoculated covered and to avoid touching the skin and the bandages that cover it. Even people who have not been vaccinated can become ill if they touch the inoculation site of someone who was. Both women are recovering and not expected to have permanent scars.

106. CBER - Smallpox Vaccines: Questions And Answers
smallpox Vaccines Questions and Answers. What is smallpox? What vaccines are licensed for vaccination against smallpox? References. What is smallpox?
FDA Home Page CBER A-Z Index CBER Search Contact CBER ... CBER Home Page
Smallpox Vaccines
Questions and Answers
What is smallpox? What vaccines are licensed for vaccination against smallpox? What is the indication for Dryvax vaccine? What is known about the efficacy of Dryvax? ... References
What is smallpox?
Naturally occurring smallpox is a serious infectious disease that is usually spread from person to person through close contact. It is caused by the variola virus. Across studies, naturally occurring smallpox (variola major) has a fatality rate of approximately 30%. Smallpox can also cause permanent disabilities, such as terrible scarring and blindness. There is no FDA-approved treatment for smallpox disease. The only approved preventive intervention is vaccination. The last case of smallpox in the United States (U.S.) occurred in 1949, and routine vaccination in the U.S. was stopped in 1971. The last naturally occurring case in the world occurred in Somalia in 1977, and the World Health Organization determined in 1980 that the global vaccination campaign against smallpox had been successful in eliminating naturally occurring disease from the world. As a result, routine vaccination against smallpox on a worldwide basis was stopped because it was no longer necessary for prevention. More recently, the U.S. government has become concerned that smallpox could be used as a weapon of bioterrorism, and is developing new vaccination strategies for both military personnel and civilians. Smallpox (variola major) is a particularly dangerous biological weapon threat because of the severity of the illness it causes and the fact that it can be spread from person to person.

107. - Woman Has Reaction To Smallpox Vaccine - Feb. 13, 2003
The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Woman has reaction to smallpox vaccine
More than 1,000 health employees have volunteered to receive the smallpox vaccine. Story Tools MIAMI, Florida (AP) More than 500 people were vaccinated for smallpox on the first day of the state's inoculation program for health workers, officials said Tuesday. One woman suffered a mild allergic reaction during Monday's vaccinations. It was believed to be the first adverse reaction since the voluntary program started nationwide last month. The woman, who was not identified, was treated and released. State health secretary Dr. John Agwunobi said officials "were very relieved to see that the individual is getting better. Right now we're all feeling a great sigh of relief." Florida's vaccination program is designed to create a team that could safely respond if the disease is used as part of a bioterrorist attack. Officials said up to 2,000 state public health employees were expected to be vaccinated through the week. The number of first-day inoculations in Florida dwarfs the released totals of any of the other 19 states that have reported data from their inoculation programs.

108. ThinkQuest : Library : Anatomy Of An Epidemic
smallpox is a viral disease (poxvirus variola) that produces pimplelike pustulates on the skin. The scars that are left behind
Index Diseases
Anatomy of an Epidemic
What's an epidemic? What causes them? Can they be prevented? These questions and more are answered at this web site whose goal is to educate visitors about diseases that affect large numbers of people around the world. Which bacteria and viruses cause disease and the four ways harmful organisms enter the body are discussed. The highlight of this site is a map providing a dramatic view of various historical epidemics as they spread across the world. Visit Site 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students Dan Mark Morris, Longview, WA, United States David Mark Morris, Longview, WA, United States Ravi Teja R.A. Long High School, Longview, WA, United States Coaches Larry Mark Morris High School, Longview, WA, United States Aaron Mark Morris High School, Longview, WA, United States Linda Mark Morris High School, Longview, WA, United States Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site.

109. - Elizabeth Cohen: Medical Field Split On Smallpox Vaccine - Jan. 24, 20
The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Elizabeth Cohen: Medical field split on smallpox vaccine
CNN's Elizabeth Cohen Story Tools Editor's note: In our Behind the Scenes series, CNN correspondents share their experiences in covering news around the world. CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen filed this report Friday from the University of Connecticut Health Center, site of the first public smallpox vaccination program in 30 years. FARMINGTON, Connecticut (CNN) – The medical field is divided into two camps. The first camp says, "I'm going to roll up my sleeves, I want this vaccination. If there is a smallpox attack, I need to be prepared so I can take care of patients." The other camp says, "You know, I don't think a smallpox attack is likely. The president hasn't given me a good argument. I'm not going to take the health risks associated with the vaccine when I don't think there is going to be a smallpox attack." So people are divided, and there are very intelligent and reasonable people on both sides. Today I saw the folks who said "This is my duty as a doctor or a nurse to do this. It's my duty as a citizen to do this."

110. T H E D O C T O R W I T H I N - Smallpox: Bringing A Dead Disease Back To Life
smallpox BRINGING A DEAD DISEASE BACK TO LIFE. Tim O Shea. excerpted from the 7th ed. of The Sanctity of Human Blood, available 2003 WHAT WAS smallpox?
    [excerpted from the 7th ed. of The Sanctity of Human Blood , available 2003]

With a flair worthy of PT Barnum and Edward L Bernays, mainstream media is lately employing a brilliant menage of pseudoscience and well-edited history to concoct a new myth out of thin air: terrorists are about to release smallpox as a bioweapon that could decimate our population. But soft! - our ever-vigilant security forces are ready. Government leaders with degrees in law, not science, have decided to prepare enough vaccine to inoculate every American. And to empower themselves to legislate the vaccine's administration, sanctioned by severe penalties for refusal. [12] Price tag for the new doses: over $800 million . [28] But what is money when compared with the health and security of the American people? Answer: it's still money. Almost every day a new story comes out in the major news Matrix about the coming threat and the vaccine that will save us. In true Edward L Bernays fashion, [13] the features are generally written by the "health correspondent" with the requisite lack of credentials, disregard of history, and the standard formidable barrage of uncited and anonymous sources. But we are not taken in, not us, because we know that forgetting history, we are destined to repeat it. So let's try something unknown to the meretricious press - let's review the actual history and science of smallpox and apply it to the present.

111. CDC Vaccinates Workers Against Smallpox

smallpox WHOOPING COUGH. ARTICLES. United Way of the National Capital Area and Combined Federal Campaign 9119. smallpox VACCINE AND smallpox DISEASE. Home.htm
Vaccine Reaction Harassed For Your Views? Measles/MMR Vaccine and Autism Survey Consumer's Guide ... Exemptions






smallpox and anthrax bioterrorism vaccine programs discussed; side effects of more common childhood inoculations (e.g. autism, sudden infant death, SV40 contamination); includes conflicts of interest issues.
'Blossom of Heaven,' an 18th century Chinese representation of a girl suffering from smallpox, from the book' Science and Secrets of Early Medicine,
Military Personnel Suffer More Heart Troubles Than Expected After Smallpox Vaccinations, Researcher Says
By Chris Schneidmiller
May 13, 2004
Global Security Newswire
WASHINGTON - More than 70 people suffered heart troubles after receiving smallpox vaccinations from the U.S. Defense Department, a surprisingly high figure compared to the limited cases of other health problems linked to those inoculations, a Walter Reed Army Medical Center researcher said this week (see GSN, April 13). "Reported rates of noncardiac complications have been very low, in line with the rates of complications we saw historically, when children were routinely vaccinated for smallpox," Dimitri Cassimatis, a Walter Reed cardiology fellow, said in a prepared statement on his clinical review of reactions to smallpox vaccinations among military personnel. "The rate of cardiac complications, however, has been higher than expected," he added. continues Cardiac Concerns Persist
Non-Military Vaccination
as of April 30, 2004

114. Bioterrorism Readiness
New York State the empire state. smallpox. Return to Bioterrorism Readiness. smallpox Questions and Answers The Disease and the Vaccine.
Return to Bioterrorism Readiness Information for the General Public Smallpox Questions and Answers: The Disease and the Vaccine The Smallpox Vaccine – What You Need to Know Who Should NOT be Vaccinated? Smallpox Vaccination Side Effects ... Smallpox - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Information for Health Care Providers Smallpox: What Every Clinician Should Know CDC public response hotline: English: (888) 246-2675 Español: (888) 246-2857 TTY: (866) 874-2646 If you are not a resident of New York and need further information contact the public health department in your state Revised: December 2002

115. Family Recalls Last Smallpox Outbreak

116. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Smallpox Bioterrorism
Bioterrorism experts now believe the smallpox virus exists in clandestine biowarfare laboratories in at least three, and possibly more, countries.
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Author of the
Total Health Program
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Previous Issues
Essential Info Health Blog My Vision My Qualifications #1 Natural Health Site ... More... Health Resources Nutrition Plan Fewer Grains/Sugars More Omega-3 More Water ... Issue 272 November 14, 2001 Secrets About Colds Autoimmune-Disease Vitamin C for Heart Failure Your Belief Becomes Your Reality Bioterrorism Update All About Smallpox Emergency Rooms Overrun Home New Patients ... Print this Page document.write ( "E-mail to a Friend" ); document.write ( "" ); Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Smallpox Bioterrorism By Shannon Brownlee Page 1 of 2 ( Page 2 Ken Alibek hardly seems like the sort of fellow to have overseen the development of the world's most terrifying biological weapon. A short, stout, moon-faced man in his early fifties, Alibek has a shock of black hair cut straight across his brow, like a schoolboy, and a whispery voice clotted with the round vowels and rolling R's of his native Kazakhstan. A little more than a decade ago, Alibek was still Kanatjan Alibekov, creator of the world's most potent strain of anthrax bacteria, and second in command of Biopreparat, the Soviet Union's vast biological weapons program. The U.S. intelligence community knew nothing of Biopreparat until 1989, when a mid-level Soviet biologist under Alibek named Vladimir Pasechnik defected to Britain.

117. - Drug Company Finds More Smallpox Vaccine - March 28, 2002



CNN TV what's on
show transcripts

CNN Headline News

CNN International

EDITIONS Asia Europe ... set your edition Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese Time, Inc. People Fortune EW InStyle Business 2.0
Drug company finds more smallpox vaccine
By Christy Feig CNN Medical Unit WASHINGTON (CNN) Millions of doses of smallpox vaccine have been found in the freezer of a pharmaceutical company, government sources said Thursday. The vaccine, which was made in the late 1950s, was found several months ago and discussions about what will become of it have been under way between the company, Aventis Pasteur, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Of biggest concern for the government is whether the vaccine is still effective, and if so, could it be diluted to create enough doses to cover Americans should the need arise. A big concern for Aventis is protection from lawsuits should problems arise in clinical trials if it hands the product over to the government. For now both sides are mum on the details, but they plan to release specifics in the next few days.

118. Smallpox Outbreak 7/10/02
smallpox Outbreak. The difference is that the potential side effects and complications of the smallpox vaccine are already known, and they are extensive.
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Author of the
Total Health Program
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Essential Info Health Blog My Vision My Qualifications #1 Natural Health Site ... More... Health Resources Nutrition Plan Fewer Grains/Sugars More Omega-3 More Water ... Issue 340 July 10, 2002 Smallpox Outbreak Unlicensed Smallpox Vaccines Sugar Addiction Taking Vitamin Supplements ... Print this Page document.write ( "E-mail to a Friend" ); document.write ( "" ); Smallpox Outbreak By Sherri Tenpenny, DO What will happen next? Pandemonium. The press has done its job over the last few months reinforcing the belief that an epidemic is about to occur, potentially causing millions of deaths. Americans thousands of miles from Washington will demand the smallpox vaccine, a vaccine with the highest risk of complications of any vaccine ever manufactured and with a dubious track record for success. Various physicians and researchers associated with the CDC presented by public participants and many testimonies and comments. Noting that two weeks have past since the June 20th meeting and the media has still not reported on this historic event, I decided it was imperative to report the content and outcome of this meeting to the general public. After reading this report you will gain a new perspective on smallpox and, hopefully, in the event of an outbreak, you will understand that you have nothing to fear.

119. - Bush Gets Smallpox Vaccine - Dec. 21, 2002
CNN Europe CNN Asia Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese On CNN TV Transcripts Headline News CNN International ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Bush gets smallpox vaccine
From Suzanne Malveaux
Bush received the smallpox inoculation at the White House at 12:15 p.m. ET. Story Tools
VIDEO CNN's Elizabeth Cohen on the medical debate over smallpox vaccinations (December 12)
A look at Israel's smallpox vaccination program
RELATED NY faced last U.S. smallpox outbreak The vaccine what are the risks? What is smallpox and how does it spread? Vaccinated people can transmit vaccinia virus ... Smallpox FAQs THE VACCINE:
  • The last natural smallpox case was in Somalia in 1977
  • Vaccine effective if given within 4 days of exposure
  • Vaccine does not contain the smallpox virus
  • Vaccine is made from a virus called vaccinia
  • 15 per million vaccinated experience serious complications
  • 1-2 people per million will die from vaccine
  • Most Americans under 30 haven't been vaccinated
  • 1 case is considered a public health emergency Source: CDC
  • Vaccinations for about 500,000 troops deployed in high-risk parts of the world began Friday.
  • 120. NJDHSS - Smallpox Vaccination Plan
    Emergency Preparedness. smallpox Information. arrow.gif, Guidelines for the Management of a Suspect Case Of smallpox in Medical Care Settings (PDF 51K) (02/03/03).
    Emergency Preparedness
    Smallpox Information
    For Health Care Practitioners
    Medical Management of Smallpox (Vaccinia) Vaccine Adverse Reactions Vaccine Reaction Images Evaluating Patients for Smallpox - Poster Worksheet: Evaluating Patients for Smallpox ...
    in Medical Care Settings
    (PDF 51K) (02/03/03)
    Smallpox Vaccine for Hospital Health Care Response Teams
    (PDF 46K) (3/12/03) Smallpox Vaccine Clinic Training Presentations
    Pre-Event Smallpox Vaccination Clinic Planning Manual Coordinating a Pre-Event Smallpox Vaccination Clinic NJ Smallpox Vaccination Preparedness: Vaccine Education (1-10-03) (PDF 3.0 MB) caution: graphic and explicit medical photos of adults and children with smallpox Smallpox Vaccination for Response Teams: The Decision is Yours (1-10-03) (MS Powerpoint Presentation, 345K)

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