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  1. Diseases and Disorders - Smallpox by Barbara Saffer, 2003-04-09
  2. Smallpox, When Should Routine Vaccination Be Discontinued (The Umap Expository Monograph Series) by J. C. Frauenthal, 1981-10
  3. Thoughts arising from experience, concerning the present peculiar method of treating persons inoculated for the small-pox. ... By W. Bromfeild, ... by William Bromfield, 2010-06-10
  4. A Concise History of Small-Pox and Vaccination in Europe by Edward Joshua Edwardes, 2010-02-28
  5. Smallpox And Vaccination by Benjamin White, 2006-11-12
  6. Bioterrorism Smallpox Guidebook by Daniel Farb, 2005-12-01
  7. Smallpox Story : In Words and Pictures by Abbas M. Behbehani, 1988-08
  8. Half a century of small-pox and vaccination; being the Milroy lectures delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London on March 13th, 18th and 20th, 1919 by John Christie McVail, 2010-09-09
  9. Bioterrorism Anthrax Library Edition: For Healthcare Workers and Public Officers (Allied Health, Nurses, Doctors, Public Health Workers, EMS Workers, Other ... Plague, Radiation, Smallpox, and Tularemia by Daniel Farb, 2004-09-01
  10. The Eradication of Smallpox: Organizational Learning and Innovation in Intellectual Health (Westview Special Studies in Health Care and Medical Scie) by Jack W. Hopkins, 1989-08
  11. Studies in small-pox and vaccination by William Hanna, 2010-09-04
  12. Small-Pox, Its Prevention, Restriction and Suppression. Pub. by the Illinois State Board of Health. 1907
  13. Anaesthesia, hospitalism, hermaphroditism, and a proposal to stamp out small-pox and other contagious diseases by James Young Simpson, 2010-05-12
  14. Reports of a series of inoculations for the variolæ vaccinæ, or cow-pox; with remarks and observations on this disease, considered as a substitute for the small-pox. By William Woodville, ... by William Woodville, 2010-06-10

61. - Smallpox Compensation Fund Proposed - Mar. 6, 2003
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Smallpox compensation fund proposed
Money would go to health workers injured by vaccine
Story Tools RELATED The vaccine what are the risks? What is smallpox and how does it spread? Bush outlines vaccination plan Smallpox FAQs ... Medical field split on smallpox vaccine VIDEO CNN's Sanjay Gupta looks at the potential risks associated with smallpox shots.
WASHINGTON (AP) After months of delay, the Bush administration is proposing a compensation fund for people injured by the smallpox vaccine, trying to plug the most prominent hole in its inoculation program. The proposal, which Congress would have to approve, is based on a similar compensation package now available to police officers and firefighters injured on the job. Under the plan, the government would pay $262,100 for each person who dies or is permanently and totally disabled by the vaccine. Those less severely injured could receive up to $50,000 plus medical expenses. The vaccine, effective in preventing the transmission of the highly contagious disease, carries rare but serious risks, including death. Smallpox was declared eradicated globally in 1980, but there is fear it could return in an act of bioterrorism.

62. The Demon In The Freezer
The story of how smallpox, a disease of officially eradicated became the biggest bioterrorist threat
17 July 1999
Source: Hardcopy The New Yorker , July 12, 1999, pp. 44-61. Thanks to Richard Preston and The New Yorker See also: "The Bioweaponeers":
How smallpox, a disease of officially eradicated twenty years ago,
became the biggest bioterrorist threat we now face.
HE smallpox virus first became entangled with the human species somewhere between three thousand and twelve thousand years ago possibly in Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs. Somewhere on earth at roughly that time, the virus jumped out of an unknown animal into its first human victim, and began to spread. Viruses are parasites that multiply inside the cells of their hosts, and they are the smallest life forms. Smallpox developed a deep affinity for human beings. It is thought to have killed more people than any other infectious disease, including the Black Death of the Middle Ages. It was declared eradicated from the human species in 1979, after a twelve-year effort by a team of doctors and health workers from the World Health Organization. Smallpox now exists only in laboratories. Smallpox is explosively contagious, and it travels through the air. Virus particles in the mouth become airborne when the host talks. If you inhale a single particle of smallpox, you can come down with the disease. After you've been infected, there is a typical incubation period of ten days. During that time, you feel normal. Then the illness hits with a spike of fever, a backache, and vomiting, and a bit later tiny red spots appear all over the body. The spots turn into blisters, called pustules, and the pustules enlarge, filling with pressurized opalescent pus. The eruption of pustules is sometimes called the splitting of the dermis. The skin doesn't break, but splits horizontally, tearing away from its underlayers. The pustules become hard, bloated sacs the size of peas, encasing the body with pus, and the skin resembles a cobbled stone street.

63. Smallpox - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
smallpox. smallpox comes in two forms Variola Major is the more deadly one killing 2040 percent of the people that come in contact with it.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Smallpox (also known by the Latin names Variola or Variola vera ) is a very contagious and deadly disease in humans caused by two virus variants called Variola Major and Variola Minor. Variola Major is the more deadly form, killing 20-40 percent of the people that come into contact with it. The other type, Variola Minor, only kills 1% of its victims. Many survivors are left blind , and scarring is nearly universal. Smallpox was responsible for an estimated 300-500 million deaths in the 20th century , and as recently as , the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 15 million people contracted the disease and that two million died in that year. After successful vaccination campaigns, the WHO in declared the eradication of smallpox, though cultures of the virus are kept by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States , and by Russian (formerly Soviet ) authorities. In the , most nations discontinued smallpox vaccination because such vaccinations have a small possibility (one case in one million) of serious or even fatal side effects. Nonetheless, after the 2001 anthrax attacks took place in the United States, concerns about smallpox have resurfaced as a possible agent for

64. Compensation Concerns Slowing Smallpox Vaccinations

65. The Smallpox Protection Project
Join the smallpox Protection Project by downloading the UD screensaver and help the earch for a cure to smallpox. The smallpox Protection Project. Introduction.
The Smallpox Protection Project Introduction Smallpox was eliminated from the world in 1977 by a World Health Organization campaign. Despite this, stocks of the variola virus are known to exist and its use as a weapon of bioterrorism remains a frightening possibility. With vaccination having ended in 1972 the population is highly susceptible. The availability of drugs to counter the virus would be a major defence. There is a possible molecular target whose blockade would prevent the ravages of an infection, and we intend to use desktop grid computing to screen millions of potential anti-smallpox drugs against this target. This will involve the use of the United Devices Global Metaprocessor, which we have successfully used to target twelve proteins implicated in cancer and against an anthrax protein. The project can muster almost two million personal computers belonging to people in over two hundred countries, all of whom would benefit from protection against smallpox. News First big success for smallpox research project - Sept 2003 Join in by downloading the screensaver software.

66. Government Begins Shipping Smallpox Vaccine

67. New York City Department Of Health - Smallpox, July 2000 Draft
Medical Treatment and Response to Suspected smallpox Information for Health Care Providers During Biologic Emergencies. D. Clinical Complications of smallpox
New York City Department of Health
Bureau of Communicable Disease
Medical Treatment and Response
to Suspected Smallpox:
Information for Health Care Providers
During Biologic Emergencies
July 2000 Draft
  • Key Summary Points Introduction/Epidemiology Significance as a Potential Bioterrorist Agent Clinical Manifestations ...
  • References

    THE BUREAU OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASE: During Business Hours: After Hours (Nights, Weekends and Holidays): 212-POISONS
  • Epidemiology:

    • Highly infectious after aerosolization Person-to-person transmission occurs About 30% of susceptible contacts will become infected
    • Incubation period is 12-14 days (ranges 7-17 days) Characteristic rash appears 2-3 days after nonspecific, flu-like prodrome (fever and headache) Maculopapular rash begins on face, hands, forearms and spreads to legs and centrally to trunk; Lesions are more predominant on the extremities than the trunk. Lesions progress synchronously from macules to papules to vesicles to pustules to crusty scabs
    • Vesicular fluid is obtained by opening lesions with a scalpel and harvesting fluid on a clean microscopic slide; scabs can be removed by forceps

    68. - CDC Preparing For Possible Smallpox Threat - November 4, 2001



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    CDC preparing for possible smallpox threat
    ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) The federal government is working to amass enough smallpox vaccine to protect everyone in the country and already has inoculated some of its workers, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Sunday. "Our intention at this time, and that of the Department of Health and Human Services, is to have enough vaccine available so that anybody who needs it will get it," CDC Director Dr. Jeffrey Koplan told CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer." The United States has a 25-year-old stockpile of 15 million doses against smallpox, which was declared eradicated globally in 1977. The United States routinely vaccinated against the disease until 1972. Now, the CDC is training medical personnel to recognize and handle an outbreak of the disease, fearing terrorists may have socked away stores of the virus with plans to unleash the disease.

    69. A Dose Of The Pox...
    Page 1/19. smallpox has been known for many centuries. smallpox first appeared in China and the Far East at least 2000 years ago.
    Page 1/19
    has been known for many centuries. The characteristic "pocks" produced by variola (smallpox) virus gave their name to all forms of infectious disease: "a dose of the pox".
    first appeared in China and the Far East at least 2000 years ago.
    The Pharaoh Ramses V died of smallpox in 1157 B.C.
    reached Europe in 710 A.D. and was transferred to America by Hernando Cortez in 1520.
    3,500,000 Aztecs died in the next 2 years.
    reached plague proportions in the cities of 18th century Europe and was a highly feared scourge. Smallpox: killed five reigning European monarchs during the 18th century. Smallpox: has now been eradicated.
    The last naturally occurring outbreak was in Somalia on 26th October 1977.
    How did they do that ?

    70. Smallpox Vaccine Includes A Dose Of Risk
    The smallpox vaccine may cause serious medical complications and even death in rare cases, which is why the current vaccination planning is proceeding with great caution.
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    Smallpox Vaccine Includes a Dose of Risk
    Even though the last case of smallpox in the world occurred in 1978, the disease still haunts us through the threat of its use as a weapon of terror. Responding to the possibility that smallpox could be used as a weapon, the federal government has prepared an ambitious vaccination plan that starts with military personnel and hospital first-response teams. The US and Russia retained small quantities of the virus after smallpox was declared eradicated in 1980. Many now believe that virus samples may have fallen into the hands of other governments, or terrorist groups, who could attempt to reintroduce the disease during military engagements or by exposing civilian populations. In December of 2002 the federal government announced a plan to provide smallpox vaccinations for first-response teams in hospitals. Vaccinations of tens of thousands of military personnel have already begun, and further planning is underway to vaccinate the entire population of the United States should an outbreak occur.

    71. THE MERCK MANUAL, Sec. 13, Ch. 162, Viral Diseases
    smallpox. No cases of smallpox have occurred in the world since 1977, thanks to a highly successful worldwide vaccination program.

    72. CDC Opens Smallpox Training For Health Officers

    73. - AIDS Drug Holds Promise As Smallpox Pill - March 20, 2002



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    CNN Headline News

    CNN International

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    AIDS drug holds promise as smallpox pill
    By Rhonda Rowland CNN Medical Unit SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) Research suggests that an antiviral drug used to treat AIDS-related infections could be developed into a pill to treat people exposed to smallpox in a biological weapons attack. A highly potent form of the drug cidofovir, developed by researchers at the University of California at San Diego and tested by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute, proved effective in treating mice infected with cowpox and in laboratory tests on the smallpox virus itself. Researchers believe this more potent form of the drug could be harnessed into a pill that could be used to treat people exposed to smallpox, which was eradicated globally in the 1980s but could be a possible agent in a biological weapon. "We thought it could work orally, but what was surprising was the activity against smallpox and viruses in the pox family was 100 times more potent than [intravenous] cidofovir itself," said Dr. Karl Hostetler of UCSD.

    74. Safety And Health Topics: Smallpox
    Safety and Health Topics smallpox. smallpox, also called variola virus, is a highly contagious disease unique to humans. To sustain
    U.S. Department of Labor MyOSHA [skip navigational links] Search Advanced Search A-Z Index Safety and Health Topics: Smallpox Smallpox, also called variola virus, is a highly contagious disease unique to humans. To sustain itself, the virus must pass from person to person in a continuing chain of infection by direct contact or inhalation of air droplets or aerosols. Obtaining the smallpox virus is difficult because the virus exists only in two high-security laboratories. However, if obtained and deliberately released, smallpox could cause a public health catastrophe. It is estimated that no more than 20 percent of the population has any immunity from previous vaccination. There is no treatment, and because the disease can be transmitted by air, victims require negative-pressure isolation. Therefore, the limited isolation resources in medical facilities would be easily overwhelmed.
    The following commonly asked questions link to resources that provide useful safety and health information about smallpox.

    75. Bush Gets Smallpox Shot

    76. The Risk Of Smallpox And Vaccinia Vaccination Versus Nature’s Way Of Boost
    Experts advise against vaccination for smallpox saying it may be more hazardous than it’s worth! Alternative methods of prevention suggested.
    W e l c o m e
    The Risk of Smallpox and Vaccinia Vaccination Versus Nature’s Way of Boosting Powerful Preventative Immunity
    Experts advise against vaccination for smallpox saying it may be more hazardous than it’s worth! Alternative methods of prevention suggested.
    People who put their faith and trust in the Bush administration’s smallpox vaccination program are foolish, if not suicidal, according to many smallpox experts, even those working for the federal government. According to Dr. Thomas Mack, University of Southern California School of Medicine professor, among the nation’s leading smallpox experts, preparations for smallpox attack and mass vaccination campaigns are proceeding politically, but not logically. Nor can they be expected to be more effective than deadly. If smallpox was released into the American population, “dissemination from the individual cases would probably be relatively limited,” Dr. Mack informed the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), that had met to set smallpox vaccination guidelines on behalf of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in

    77. Experts To Review Smallpox Vaccine Policy

    78. CIDRAP >> Smallpox
    BIOTERRORISM . smallpox. May 20. NIAID funds network to study eczema vaccinatum, Apr 15. smallpox shots didn t harm 10 HIVinfected troops, Apr 13.

    About Us Center Support Contact Us ...
    Real-time PCR system for detection of orthopoxviruses and simultaneous identification of smallpox virus
    From May J Clin Microbiol
    Factors that make an infectious disease outbreak controllable
    From Apr Proc Natl Acad Sci
    Ring vaccination and smallpox control
    From May Emerg Infect Dis
    Mass smallpox vaccination and cardiac deaths, New York City, 1947
    From May Emerg Infect Dis
    The vaccinia virus K1L product inhibits host NF-kB activation by preventing IkBa degradation
    From Apr J Virol
    Unintended smallpox vaccination of HIV-1-infected individuals in the United States military
    From May Clin Infect Dis
    Smallpox DNA vaccine protects nonhuman primates against lethal monkeypox
    From May J Virol
    What you should know about a smallpox outbreak
    From CDC, Mar 29
    Long-lived poxvirus immunity, robust CD4 help, and better persistence of CD4 than CD8 T cells
    From Apr J Virol Urticaria, exanthems, and other benign dermatologic reactions to smallpox vaccination in adults From Apr Clin Infect Dis , published online Mar 15 Smallpox Resource List Updated Mar 30 Vaccinia virus: developing drugs to mitigate complications for smallpox vaccination FDA draft guidance, Mar 2004

    79. Targeted Smallpox Shots Could Be Enough

    80. Variola (Smallpox) Virus As A Bioterrorist Agent
    (smallpox). Reporting Requirements for Disease Immediately report any suspect cases of smallpox to the Texas Department of Health at 1800-252-8239.
    Variola Virus (Smallpox)
    Although the disease smallpox was eradicated in 1976 and vaccination discontinued in 1980, questions remain about the presence of variola (smallpox) virus in certain countries. Because the virus is stable in the environment and can be spread by either respiratory or direct contact exposure, the virus is a prime candidate for use as a biological weapon in aerosol form or deposited onto fomites. Reporting Requirements for Disease: Immediately report any suspect cases of smallpox to the Texas Department of Health at 1-800-252-8239. Infection Control: Patients should be considered infectious until scabs separate, which usually takes about three weeks from the time of infection. However, separated scabs themselves may contain infectious viruses for long periods of time. Isolation with Contact and Airborne Precautions should be exercised for patients and all contacts for a minimum of 16-17 days following exposure. Since the risk for transmission is high and few hospitals will have enough negative pressure rooms for proper isolation, isolation in the home or other nonhospital facilities should be considered where possible or patients should be cared for in a hospital designated for smallpox patients. All medical personnel, family members, and other persons directly caring for a patient must be vaccinated as soon as possible but no later than four days. Outside of the hospital setting, patients and household contacts should wear a N95 or better mask.

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