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         Self Injury:     more books (100)
  1. Gray and Red: An Internal Struggle of Depression and Self-Injury by Kimberly Aleena Proveaux, 2008-09-08
  2. Self-Injury (Hot Topics) by Toney Allman, 2011-06-24
  3. Empirically supported treatments and general therapy guidelines for non-suicidal self-injury.: An article from: Journal of Mental Health Counseling by Jennifer J. Muehlenkamp, 2006-04-01
  4. Got a weird case? Check for self-induced injury. (Genital Lesions Quite Common).: An article from: Skin & Allergy News by Sharon Worcester, 2002-09-01
  5. Understanding Self-Injury
  6. Scars That Wound: Scars That Heal: A Journey of Self Injury [SCARS THAT WOUND SCARS THAT HE]
  7. Non-suicidal self-injury and motivational interviewing: enhancing readiness for change.(PRACTICE)(Report): An article from: Journal of Mental Health Counseling by Victoria E. Kress, Rachel M. Hoffman, 2008-10-01
  8. Pain experience related to self-injury in eating disorder patients [An article from: Eating Behaviors] by L. Claes, W. Vandereycken, et all 2006-08-01
  9. On the Cutting Edge: My Struggle with Self-Injury and Mental Illness by Gina Giarratano, 2009-05-18
  10. Self-injury: why I cut myself.: An article from: Daughters by Jean Lynch, 2006-11-01
  11. Exploring Self Injury by Dr. Karen S. Gongola PhD, 2009-09-25
  12. Self-injury: the secret language of pain for teenagers.: An article from: Education by Len Austin, Julie Kortum, 2004-03-22
  13. Lesch?Nyhan Syndrome: Genetic disorder, Enzyme, Hypoxanthine- guanine phosphoribosyltransferase, Mutation, Gene, Uric acid, Hyperuricemia, Hyperuricosuria, ... Self- injury, Huntington's disease
  14. Bleeding to Ease the Pain: Cutting, Self-Injury, and the Adolescent Search for Self --2007 publication. by Lori G. Plante, 2007-01-01

101. Self-Injury
One of the many ways that depressed individuals find to cope with depression is throughwhat is known alternately as selfinjury, self-harm, or self-mutilation
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Depression Suicide Self-Injury Home Essentials START HERE Depression Screening Quiz ... Suicide Hotlines in Your Area zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Diagnosis Treatments Causes How to Get Help ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Contrary to popular belief, self-injury often has more to do with survival than with suicide.
Recent Up a category Secret Shame An award-winning FAQ about Self-Injury. Self-Harm Links (compiled by wonder grrrl) A collection of 750 links, frequently updated. Self-Injury Page This page comes out of the author's own experience with self-mutilation. Contains an FAQ, the bodies-under-siege mailing list, and a comprehensive review of treatment modalities. "Self-Mutilation" in Psychiatry - One Patients View One patient tells of how he began cutting. Topic Index email to a friend back to top Our Story ...
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102. Ingram, Tiffany - Psychoflute
Includes information about the author and on depression, and selfinjury. Also includes her online diary.
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103. Help For Self-Injury
selfinjury, also called SI or self-harm, involves inflicting painand injury upon oneself. Common Recovering from self-injury. I
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Depression Home Essentials ... Suicide Hotlines in Your Area zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Diagnosis Treatments Causes How to Get Help ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Recovering from Self-Injury
From Nancy Schimelpfening
Your Guide to Depression
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Learning Safer Ways to Cope with Troubled Emotions
, SI provides "a way of releasing the inner turmoil that churns."  For

104. The Simian Line
Her quotations collection, information on selfinjury, anosmia, craniosynostosis, and other details of her life.
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105. - Self-injury Poorly Understood Problem - September 5, 2000
selfinjury poorly understood problem. At the heart of self-injuryis control, says Lader. As with eating disorders, self-abuse is
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Self-injury poorly understood problem
In this story: Cuts run deep: Understanding why Healing the wounds Helping those who are hurting RELATED STORIES, SITES By Dana Sullivan (WebMD) Lauren McEntire was 17 the first time she intentionally cut herself. She was sitting in a darkened movie theater next to a boy who was her best friend. On the other side of him sat his new girlfriend. "I was jealous. I was scared he wouldn't be my friend anymore," she says, two years later from her home in Austin, Texas. "But I didn't know how to tell him how I felt."

106. Paralyzed Veterans Association Of Florida, Inc.
PVAF's mission is to improve the lives of veterans with a spinal cord injury or dysfunction to achieve maximum health, productivity and selfesteem in their daily lives.

107. No More Shame
Information on selfinjury, depression, and suicide. Includes a journal, poetry, smiles, and useful links.
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108. Self-Injury
selfinjury. DISCLAIMER This page or the pages that it links to are for informationalpurposes only. The majority of people who self-injure are women.
SELF-INJURY Self-Injury is deliberately hurting yourself without the intent to commit suicide. Besides self-injury, it is also reffered to as self-abuse, self-harm and self mutilation. The majority of people who self-injure are women. The main reason for this is that men tend to display their agression-hurt-pain outwardly towards other people or inantimate objects. Women, on the other hand, tend to turn that hurt and pain inward upon themselves. The majority of women who self-injure have been sexually or physically abused. There are many methods a self-injurer may use.
  • The most common is cutting (using razor blades or broken glass) Burning Scratching Picking of healing wounds Headbanging The breaking of bones.
The reasons why someone self-injures are numerous and each time it is done, it does not neccesarily have to be for the same reason. Some of the reasons are:
  • Relief from psychological pain Release of mounting tension Inability to feel Feeling too much Inability to handle any kind of feeling-good or bad Wanting to feel something Expressing anger And sometimes self-injury is even used for getting attention-although in the majority of cases this is not true.

109. Self-Injury
selfinjury. self-injury is also termed self-mutilation, self-harm orself-abuse. The behavior is defined as the deliberate, repetitive
3) picking scabs or interfering with wound healing, 4) burning, 5) punching self or objects, 6) infecting oneself, 7) inserting objects in body openings, 8) bruising or breaking bones, 9) some forms of hair-pulling, as well as other various forms of bodily harm. These behaviors, which pose serious risks, may by symptoms of a mental health problem that can be treated.
fact sheet index
  • Warning Signs. Warning signs that someone is injuring themselves include: unexplained frequent injury including cuts and burns, wearing long pants and sleeves in warm weather, low self-esteem, difficulty handling feelings, relationship problems, and poor functioning at work, school or home. Experts estimate the incidence of habitual self-injurers is nearly 1% of the population, with a higher proportion of females than males. The typical onset of self-harming acts is at puberty. The behaviors often last 5-10 years but can persist much longer without appropriate treatment. Background of self-injurers.

110. Back To School / Back To Campus: Self-Injury
selfinjury. back to school home. self-injury, also known as cutting or self-mutilation,occurs when someone intentionally and repeatedly harms herself/himself.
Back to School / Back to Campus
Self-Injury back to school home What is it?
Who does it?
How can I help a friend with this?
Ask about it. Seek support. How can I help myself if I hurt myself?
Know that help is available.
Know you are not alone.
Know you can get better.
Get help. Where can I learn more?
National Mental Health Association: 1-800-969-NMHA (6642) S.A.F.E. Alternatives (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) Information Line: 1-800-DONT CUT References S.A.F.E. Alternatives website. Accessed June 2003. Internet Explorer: Give us feedback! National Mental Health Association 2001 N. Beauregard Street, 12th Floor Alexandria, VA 22311 Phone 703/684-7722 Fax 703/684-5968 Mental Health Resource Center 800/969-NMHA TTY Line 800/433-5959

111. ~Drear Oblivion~
All things come to drear oblivion dark poetry, both original and classic, as well as tales of horror, and essays on death, depression and selfinjury.
And health and hope have gone the way of love
Into the drear oblivion of lost things.
-Ernest Dowson Life is a depressing thing. No matter what we do or become, in the end every one of us will come to the same state - mouldering bones in some grace somewhere. Our fine plans, works, even the memory of us will all come to drear oblivion Depressing, but true. This website showcases poetry and literature from the darker - if more realistic - side of life. You can read tales of classic horror, nostalgic, romantic, and gothic poems by both classic poets such as Byron, and my own efforts in that line. You can also listen and read lyrics from songs. I also have essays on death itself, self-injury (aka self-mutilation), depression, and a number of my views on religion. This site may not be joyful, but it always aims to be real. My Poetry Classic Poetry Literature Songs ... Sign My Guestbook Page last updated: 20th June 2003
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112. Self-Injury-abuse-trauma-directory-homepage
selfinjury, Abuse Trauma Resource Directory. Concerns that self-harm (self-injury)is on the increase among young people has provoked a nationwide inquiry.
The links on these pages may contain "triggering" material. Please view with caution.
Suicide and Crisis Helplines around the World T he Samaritans
Round the clock emotional support
Updated 2 June, 2004
Edited by Jan Sutton – UK Counsellor, trainer and author
Companion Site to SIARI (Self-Injury and Related Issues)
Home Index
Self-Injury Links
Index ... Bookstore – on SIARI Latest book
by Jan Sutton
(Author of this site) Click here to read more... Published Nov 2003 Updated June 2004 Alexithymia Links Self-Injury Links T Self-Injury Links U Borderline Personality Disorder - Links and Books ...
adolescents and children
Updated May 2004 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/Traumatic Stress Links Deliberate self-harm in young people and adults: Facts, guidelines and management

113. Catatonia's Hideout ---Enter Into The Darkness
About her struggle with depression and selfinjury, containing of information and resources. Online diary, poetry, survey, and ramblings.
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114. Crash And Burn
Personal experience with selfinjury and depression, includes poetry, journal and discussions of self-injury.
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Lucifer and BlackRose
You really disappoint me, i think using glasgowgaypub as a password retrieval question is just a bit too much.... come on gave me a good laugh though ::giggles:: Anyway for you out there who mean something to me..... I got bored. See ya about.

115. TBI MO Main Page
Focuses on strengthening relationships between hospitals, private rehabilitation service providers, and local school districts regarding supports for TBI. Offers resources, support group listing, and events calendar. Online publications include the Head injury Guide for survivors and caregivers, and a self Study Series covering medical effects, social concerns, and vocational aspects after a brain injury.
//var DOCUMENTGROUP=''; //var DOCUMENTNAME=''; //var ACTION=''; The Missouri Traumatic Brain Injury Demonstration Project TBI MO is a resource of regional and national information about living and working with traumatic brain injury (TBI) for TBI survivors, their families, and their support providers. This website is maintained by the Region 7 Rehabilitation Continuing Education Program (RCEP7)
  • About TBI MO - Information about this site and how it came to be Ask Kathy M. - Answers to people's questions about living and working with a TBI, from a nationally recognized expert and TBI survivor Resource Library - Reference documents on TBI basics
    • Missouri IL Centers - A listing of Independent Living Centers for the State of Missouri MMRDD Regional Centers - A list of Regional Centers for Missouri Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilites (MMRDD)
    Support Groups - a list of regional support groups for people with TBI and their families Links - a list of web sites related to living with TBI
TBI MO is hosted by E-mail the webmaster
web site design by Scott Standifer Last Updated

116. Bipolar World
Individual stories, news items, bookstore, reviews, chat, support, dianosis, selfinjury and links.
Bipolar World
[Home] Bipolar Disorder News WebSite News Diagnosis Treatments ... Contact Us
Links to Our newest Pages and much more are on the What's New? page
About Us

Ask the Doctor
... Organize your life! Getting back to a place of control. Written by Chris York
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To contact Collie, Allie,
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or use the contact us form (link at the top of page) Personal Stories T he largest collection of personal stories on the internet written by individuals with Bipolar Disorder who have "been there"

117. Self-Injury Links
selfinjury Links. Have a site you d like me to add? Terrific site dealing withwith self-injury, eating disorders, and a whole host of other topics.
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Self-Injury Links
Have a site you'd like me to add? Site url (
Is this site personal, informative, or both?
Your e-mail address (optional)
Special: Coping With the Attacks of September 11
Information and Resources
Secret Shame .. In my opinion the best SI resource on the net
.. Wonder grrrrl, you ARE a wonder. This is the best SI link page I've ever seen
End All the Pain
.. Terrific site dealing with with self-injury, eating disorders, and a whole host of other topics. Self-Injurer's Bill of Rights .. Don't forget to sign it as well!!!
Mental Health Links
...Diagnoses associated with self-injury
Books on Self-injury
..Some I've read, some I haven't
SI in the spotlight
...Articles, TV spots, and more
Self-injury information and resources
..From Bristol Women's Crisis Service line in the U.K.
..From Kel's magazine stand Recovery from self-injury: Article at
Support and Treatment
Bodies Under Siege support .. A wonderful support system via e-mail. Wounded Wings, based in Edinburgh

118. Desperate For Control -- Happy Restriction And Unhappy Meals
Focuses on EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified) as well as selfinjury. Personal story, tips, exercises, and poetry (poems can be submitted).
Desperate for control
Happy restriction and unhappy meals
My story


Exercise tips

Warning! This is a "pro-ed" help site. It is a site made to support people with ED's, especially EDNOS, with periods of ana and coe. If you are in recovery, I advice you to leave. If you don't have an ED, it is tragic that you even are here. You don't want an ED. If you are looking for a quick way to loose 15 pounds, you should find a dieting site. You might get trapped in an ED. Maybe you will loose 40 pounds , and even though people says you are so thin you look horrible, you will cry yourself to sleep if you gain 6 pounds, even though 4 of them are fluids. You don't want to live your life like this. This is not a game, you cannot choose to just quit if you have an ED. You might ruin your life with it. You might recover, but the thoughts of cals and weight and all that will be with you for the rest of your life. There is a saying that if you once were an anorectic, you will always be. Go see your doc, or a nutritionist. They can help you loose weight in a safe manner, and keep it off. Opposed to others, I believe ED's can be learned. If you follow the tips at pro-ana sites, and you get trapped in the cycle, you might actually get an ED. If it wasn't possible, there would be no point in having a warning. The websites put up by ana-wannabees bugs me. They say things like "I am trying to be ana" or "I want to become ana". And some others say "I have been ana for two weeks, and I took a pause this weekend". Get real! I have an ED, I do binge sometimes when I am in my ana cycle. Sometimes I let myself do it, sometimes the urges get too strong. But I can never take a pause from my ED. I look at the chocolate and potato chips, eat it, and gets disgusted with every piece I take, telling myself I will purge it anyway. But I am too exhausted to do it. When I binge, I am likely to hate myself, cut myself, and even cry myself to sleep. I have even OD'ed on pills to make me so nauseous that I cannot eat. Fun life ha? Really soemthing to thrive after.

119. Home
To offer a positive and productive selfinjury support site providing alternativesto self-injury, referrals, support groups, affirmations and interactive
Welcome to our Self-Injury Support Site. There are many sites on the internet that discuss self-injury today, the last of the taboo subjects in our society. Much to our dismay we have discovered that many of these sites are "triggering" and not exactly the type of material we wanted to read about when we were struggling ourselves, usually late at night, with thoughts of self-injury. So, we have decided to focus on positive information regarding self-injury and hope that you will find our site to be both educational and supportive in a positive and reassuring manner to help those in need. We hope you enjoy our site!
Our Mission
To offer a positive and productive self-injury support site providing alternatives to self-injury, referrals, support groups, affirmations and interactive opportunities.
Contact Information
Electronic mail
General Information:

120. Self-Injury
selfinjury, also called self-harm, self-abuse, self-damage, and in its mostbroad and extreme cases, self-mutilation, is the act of purposefully and

Bipolar Disorder News WebSite News Diagnosis ... Ask the Psychologist [Self-Injury] Personal Stories Christopher York Indigo Suicide ... Contact Us
Self-injury, also called self-harm, self-abuse, self-damage, and in its most broad and extreme cases, self-mutilation, is the act of purposefully and compulsively damaging the self, usually the skin. While acts of self-injury may at times result in death, these are not suicide attempts. Acts of self-injury include the following types of behaviors: cutting, scratching, burning, head banging, and hitting yourself with a hammer.
While psychiatrists disagree as to whether self-injury is a diagnosis in it’s own right or a symptom of a disorder (such as borderline personality disorder), one thing is known, self-injurers suffer in silent shame and isolation. It is estimated that self-injurers comprise at least 1% of the population, with a higher proportion being female, and nearly half admitting to being victims of physical and/or sexual abuse in childhood. A significant number of self-mutilators also suffer from eating disorders, alcohol and/or substance abuse problems, personality disorders, and/or mood disorders. While each self-mutilator has a different story to tell, all share certain characteristics;
The self-harm behavior is recurrent.

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