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         Self Injury:     more books (100)
  1. Women Living With Self-Injury by Jane Hyman, 1999-09-27
  2. CAPTIV by S. Marie, 2000-01-01
  3. Self-injuries: Webster's Timeline History, 1959 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-06-06
  4. Sports Injuries: A Self-Help Guide by Vivian Grisogono, 1994-11
  5. Sport Injuries: A Unique Guide to Self-Diagnosis and Rehabilitation by Malcolm T. F. Read, Paul Wade, 1997-09
  6. Working with Self-injury: A Practical Guide by Lois Arnold, Anne Magill, 1996-10
  7. From the Ashes: A Head Injury Self-Advocacy Guide by Kay Campbell, Constance Miller, 1988-10
  8. Psychology of Sport Injury: A Professional Achievement Self-study Program Course by Frances Flint, 1998-01-31
  9. Understanding Self-Injury: A Workbook for Adults by Robin Connors, Kristy Trautmann, 1994-06-01
  10. Secret Scars: Uncovering and Understanding the Addiction of Self-Injury by V.J. Turner, 2002-09-16
  11. Am I Brain Damaged: Memoirs of Return to Life After my Head Injury by Lori Purdy Faitel, 2009-03-29
  12. Running: Fitness and Injuries : A Self-Help Guide by Vivian Grisogono, 1994-04
  13. Suicide, Self-Injury, and Violence in the Schools: Assessment, Prevention, and Intervention Strategies by Gerald A. Juhnke, Paul F. Granello, et all 2010-10-26
  14. Healing the Hurt Within: Understand Self-injury and Self-harm, and Heal the Emotional Wounds by Jan Sutton, 2008-05-15

21. A New Chapter
The personal story of a fight with paranoid schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, and self injury.
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A New Chapter - Kristen's Story
UPDATED: 5/25/2004 Things to remember about this site
  • This is my personal story to let people know that they're not alone and maybe shed some light into someone's life.
  • If the topic is too much for you to handle, please leave, I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.
  • In no ways should this website be taken as medical advice on symptoms or treatment of Schizophrenia. If you think you have a problem, please, talk to a professional.
For more information on paranoid schizophrenia click the link below. OK, I've decided not to do my journal on this page because it takes way too much time to type a journal entry in html. So, if you want to get into my everyday life and see what it's like, you can read my journal on by clicking here If you wish to contact me my email is and my screen name on AIM is KSlice122. If you email me, make the subject line 'your website'. If you wish to contact me, please email me first, it gets too confusing to email everyone who requests it. And I will reply, I promise (: I have some pictures of myself, if you're wondering what I look like. Some of them are old and some are new, they will be labled so you know.

22. Self Injury
Main articles page. Go here. More Behavior Articles. Taking it Personally. DropTill You Shop. self injury. For me, self injury started when I was a small child.
McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web Home Articles Links News ... Donate Knowledge is Necessity Guest author Amy Hillgren Peterson reveals the disturbing world of the cutter. "There were times where I would break glass and basically gouge myself with it." Main articles page. Go here More Behavior Articles Taking it Personally Drop Till You Shop Self Injury I n my travels on the web and as a volunteer who answers emails for Mental Health Sanctuary, I have come across an increasing number of people, mostly women, who self-harm. It is estimated that up to 3 million Americans injure themselves, double 1997's figure. I believe it is the increased knowledge of mental disorders, including personality disorders, and their origins that have caused more people to come forward and seek help for their self-injurious behavior. Shelly, a young woman from Alabama, writes, "When I would cut, I would feel relieved, and when the blood was flowing it was like my pain was being released, it was like it was the way my body 'cried'. I often cut in situations that it would then be possible for me to get attention from others around me in. This I have come to know was my need to be nurtured. It was also about my need to control others and my environment when I was so out of control myself. I did not even know that what I was choosing to do in cutting was a) a choice and b) a result of my feeling vulnerable and out of control."

23. Self-Injury
What Is SelfInjury or Self-Mutilation? self injury - Information and Resources Resources,ways to cope with urges, coping with flashbacks, myths and links.
What Is Self-Injury or Self-Mutilation?
Self-injury is not something people talk about very often, but for an estimated 2 to 3 million Americans it is a serious problem. The majority of people who self-injure are women between the ages of 13 and 30, but there are "cutters" of every age, gender, and economic group. People who "self-injure" are not usually suicidal . They do however, intentionally inflict injuries upon themselves, usually in response to stress or trauma, but not with the intention of killing themselves. Their injuries may vary from minor cuts that heal quickly to very serious wounds that leave permanent scars. This is also known as "Deliberate Self-Harm Syndrome". If you or someone you know self-injures, please get professional help right away! This is just an overview of a very complex myriad of syndromes. (See Recommended Reading) The late Princess Diana's word's shocked the world when she admitted in a television interview that she intentionally cut her arms and legs and had thrown herself down a flight of stairs on more than one occasion. FINALLY, self-injury the practice of deliberately cutting, scratching, burning, or otherwise injuring one's own body was about to come out of the closet. After that interview thousands of self-injury survivors called or wrote the media in response to that interview in just the United States alone.

24. Understanding Self Injury
Understanding self injury by Stuart Sorensen RMN. The whole idea of selfinjury(SI) is, for many people, very difficult to understand.
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25. Self Injury
self injury. under construction. Introduction What self injury Is WhyPeople Self Injure? Demographics Who SIs? Etiology
borderline personality disorder education, communities, support, books, and resources Home Ask the Therapist Experts Bookstore ... Stop Walking on Eggshells ") Archive s BPD Bookstore Mental Health Bookstore Psychotropic (Medication) Bookstore BPD Articles ... BPD Criteria BPD Chat Sanctuary Chat BPD Bulletin Board Christian BPD Board BPD Open Forum Family Board Parent Board Child Board Self Harm Board BPD ICQ List Family ICQ List Other MH Communities Resources BPD Research PD Tests Personal Stories BPDs Speak Out Chaplain On-Board Contact Us Links Sanctuary Email Free E-Cards About Us Awards Webrings Dr. Markovitz Archive

26. Self Harm, Depression, Mental Health,Bi Polar is an online community dedicated to exploring the Art of SelfDestruction, Self Harm, self injury and Self Mutilation via poetry, essays, articles, diaries, art and forum discussions.
Depression, Bi Polar disorder,Self Mutilation,Mental health, Self Injury,Self Harm,suicide prevention, and manic or clinical depression - All at
Ali-T-L : Faux Fur Fashion with an Edge - Table of Contents
Ali-T-L - Faux Fur Fashion With an Edge : Faux Fur Bedthrows, Cushions, Gilets and One off Womens Fashion
Welcome to - The text here is designed to try and get you where you want to be, or else realise that is not what your looking for...
If your intersted in depression suicide mental health bipolar disorder ... self mutilation then you'll be glad you came to RuinYourLife or is dedicated to self harm, self injury, self mutilation, self abuse, bipolar disorder, bipolar, bi-polar,depression, bi polar depression, manic depression,clinical depression,teenage depression,mental illness,mental illnesses, mental illness symptoms, family life adjustment team mental illness, stigma mental illness, famous people with mental illness,bipolar children helps those who suffer from depression, manic depression suicidal thoughts and tedencies, people who cut (cutting), self harm (self-harm and selfharm), self injury(self-injury and selfinjury), self mutilation (self mutilation and selfmutilation), self abuse (or self-abuse/selfabuse). it also helps people who are looking for : self injury pictures suicide methods

27. Index Of /
The Jeff Apple Story. Educational and inspirational forum for families, professionals and those who suffer from severe disabilities such as self injury, self injurious behavior or self harm.
Index of /
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28. Self Injury
self injury (SI) many are ashamed to talk about it, most feel guilt if they aredoing it, several wonder about it, others can not begin to understand why or
Self Injury
Home Bipolar Disorder News WebSite News Diagnosis ... Contact Us Self Injury (SI)...many are ashamed to talk about it, most feel guilt if they are doing it, several wonder about it, others can not begin to understand why or how someone would/could do this to themselves. Often this is called the "silent epidemic" as the person with SI tries to hide the injuries inflicted upon themselves. More than 1 percent of the population are said to be self injurers. The largest group are females between the ages of 15 and 25, however, 1 in every 3 self injurers are men. Countless people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder are also self injurers. One important thing to understand about self injury, is that the person is usually NOT trying to commit suicide. Another is that the person does not need to be admonished or scorned...they get enough of this from themselves. They do need understanding and support from family, friends psychiatrists, and fellow SI sufferers. The best way to offer support is to read as much as you can about the topic. It is for this reason that we wanted to create a special links page. Listed below you will find ample web links and numerous books listed.

29. Taylor, Jill - Kambia
Poems of different subjects, journal, and quotes. Topics include eating disorders, self injury, suicide, depression, and lesbian thoughts.
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my diary
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30. :: Michaels Domain :: - Index
Personal story of a struggle with depression and self injury.
Michaels Domain
This is the story of my struggle with depression and self-injury!
This site contains information on depression, self injury, and other
mental health issues. There are also links to suicide crisis numbers. Michaels Domain
and information are for educational and reference use only. Last updated: 3rd April 2004
Shop on

31. Borderline Babe
the life of a young woman with borderline personality disorder, manic depression, self injury and eating disorders.
Sorry, you don't appear to have frame support. Go here instead - borderline babe

32. - Self Injury Information And Support
Articles, discussion boards, personal stories, pictures, coping tips and poetrydealing with selfinjury and suicide. self injury Information and Support.

33. Here There Be Dragons
What is bipolar disorder, symptoms, treatment, living with it, misconceptions, self injury, suicide, goals, charts, the bright side, links, journal and email.
This site is based upon personal experience and should not be taken as medical advice. Greetings! I'm glad that you're here. You have happened upon my web site about bipolar affective disorder (a.k.a. manic depression). It is a disease that effects about 1% of the population (some books say up to 3%). My name is Kim, I am 27, and was diagnosed with manic depression in the fall of 1997. I am fortunate in that I have a husband who is incredibly supportive, but not all people with manic depression are so lucky. I know that many are entirely alone and have to do their best to cope with the disease by themselves. That is the reason I made Here There be Dragons. If you are by yourself, please know that you are not alone in dealing with the disease. You are one of millions of us. And even if you have support it's nice to find others who share similar experiences. I also hope that those of you who have a loved one with the disease will find my site useful in gaining more understanding of that special person in your life. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me.

34. Blood Red: A Self Injury Site, Self-Mutilation Site
All about selfmutilation. What self-injury is and why people self-harm including how to stop.
Blood Red
Home About Me Who Cuts? Why? ...
to a friend

Every night I burn
Every night I call your name
Every night I burn
Every night I fall again

Burn - The Cure If you Self Injure, you are not the only one! What is Self-Injury?
Self Injury (SI) is a coping mechanism, just like smoking cigarettes, alcoholism, drug abuse, overeating, anorexia, bulimia, over-exercising, etc. "Self-injury is a self-preservation technique for many cutters; the self-mutilation relieves anxiety and/or depersonalization symptoms which could lead to psychosis or suicide if not alleviated. Self-harm can be focusing, calming. It can give a person a feeling of control over their lives and their bodies which they have experienced no other way. People trying to help cutters should not try to take this coping mechanism away from the cutters without helping them first come to terms with things that trigger incidents and learning new, healthier coping mechanisms with which to replace the old ones." "For many self-injurers, self-mutilation seems the only appropriate response to the state of the world and to how they're feeling about it and about themselves. Many self-injurers are extremely intelligent, sensitive, and creative people who have a hypersensitivity to the world around them."

35. Self-injury,self Injury,SI,cutting,cuting,Teens,teenager,cut,teems,help
SelfInjury A Search For Understanding. A friend blade. What would yourreaction be? Self-injury is little understood by most people. The
Self-Injury: A Search For Understanding
A friend confides in you that she deliberately cuts herself with a razor blade. What would your reaction be? Self-injury is little understood by most people. The idea of deliberately hurting yourself is seemingly incomprehensible, but for many of those who do exactly this, it is a survival tool, a coping mechanism that enables them to sustain their life through emotionally difficult times. For most of us, cutting or burning our own skin would be incredibly painful and almost impossible to carry out. For cutters, it is a strangely effective coping method for dealing with inner pain so overwhelming it must be brought to the surface (Strong 1998). What is Self-Injury? Definition
Self-Injury, also commonly known as self-harm; self-mutilation; self-abuse; and self inflicted violence, is defined as the deliberate harming or alteration of one's body tissue without the conscious intent to commit suicide. Integral to this definition are several key concepts. First, self-injury is an act done to the self. Second, it is done by the self. Third, it must include some type of physical violence. Fourth, self-injury is not undertaken with the intent to kill oneself. And fifth, it is an intentional act. Types of Self-Injury
Favazza (1996) separates self-mutilation into two major groups. The first being culturally sanctioned self-mutilation, which is subdivided into rituals and practices, and the second deviant self-mutilation, which is subdivided into major self-mutilation, stereotypical self-mutilation, and superficial or moderate self-mutilation. It is the second group, deviant self-mutilation, and more specifically the subdivision of superficial or moderate self-mutilation, that is the subject of this research.

36. ::: Breaking Free :::
Story of a girl who suffers from bulimia and self injury. Information about issues like eating disorders, treatment and recovery, self injury, abuse, addiction and suicide. Includes a Bulletin board.
~ Breaking Free ~ - From Eating Disorders - Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy visiting it, and find it useful and possibly helpful. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments, or if you want to include your story. My guestbook (linked at the bottom of the page) is always open to be signed!
Good luck, and thankyou for taking the time to have a look!
Gina xxx ~ Enter ~ Sign Guestbook View Guestbook Southenders My partner site, a look inside my life wih friends!

37. Self Harm / Self Injury Information
self injury Online Booklet For Young People. Factsheet For Parents And Teachers.Women And self injury. A Personal Point Of View. Other Resources.
@import "../../style/style.css"; var leave="THIS WILL OPEN A WINDOW OUTSIDE OF OUR WEBSITE. BEFRIENDERS INTERNATIONAL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENTS OF ANY OFF-SITE PAGES OR SERVICES PROVIDED BY OTHER ORGANIZATIONS." Site of former Befrienders International (now maintained by Samaritans) Befrienders centers work to prevent suicide worldwide with 31,000 volunteers in over 40 countries Arabic Chinese Dansk Deutsch ... CONTACT US
Self Harm
People harm themselves in many ways, including burning or scratching, pulling out hair, hitting their bodies against something, drinking heavily or taking excessive amounts of drugs. People self harm for different reasons, but it is always an indication of an underlying problem and is often kept secret. If at any point you feel you need to talk to someone, please use our need to talk pages . Befrienders are not self-harm experts, but they are there to listen to your problems, whatever they are, in a caring, non-judgmental way. The service is absolutely free. The following are selected resources on the Internet that provide information about self harm. If you need help or support, please click on the link marked "I need help".

38. This Is Who I Am. -- Take It Or Leave It.
Mmy journey into depression, eating disorders, and self injury.
this is who i am.
take it or leave it.
about me

what broke this fairy

song lyrics

welcome to my corner of the institution. this site is about the sides of me that no one sees. some of the content is not for the faint of heart, close-minded or ignorant. you may not understand anything you read. you may be hurt by what you see. you may be triggered and forced to face your own demons. if you think you can handle my sometimes incoherent thoughts, words and actions, feel free to take a look around. but if you'd rather not know the truth, i suggest you leave.
updates. 3.13.03 + it's been awhile, i know. i added a few links. tweaked a few things here and there. just look around. the guestbook's lookin a little lonely... 12.28.02 + edited ed page. 12.12.02 + added "likes, dislikes, fears, etc" in "about me." also changed some links on the same page. switched a few pictures around. nothing too big, no new poetry just yet. also added a small photo album. 8.12.02 + ed page is back. quotes page is gone, but some were moved to this page. 7.29.02 + deleted ed page. sorry. it'll come back...eventually. it's not something i want to deal with right now.

39. Self-Injury
Even though cutting or other serious bodily damage may result, selfinjury is not suicidal behavior. Online resources for self injury.
ON THIS PAGE: Online Resources Related Topics There is a high incidence of self-injurious behavior in people with eating disorders, as well as those with a history of abuse (particularly sexual) and other traumatic conditions. Self-injury (SI) is defined as any intentional injury to one's own body. It usually either leaves marks or causes tissue damage. Even though cutting or other serious bodily damage may result, self injury is not suicidal behavior. Although the person may not recognize the connection, SI usually occurs when facing what seems like overwhelming or distressing feelings. It is hard for most people to understand why someone would want to cut him/herself (the largest number of self injurers are female); however, this behavior does serve a purpose for the individual. It may temporarily relieve some pressure or anxiety, provide a sense of being alive – feeling some thing – or serve as a way to express some feeling that may not even be recognized. Self-injury generally happens in people who have difficulty expressing emotions and did not learn to cope with feelings, especially anger, while growing up. One danger connected with self-injury is that it tends to become an addictive behavior, a habit that is difficult to break even when the individual thinks she might want to stop.

40. I Cut/ Self Injury UK
Information on selfinjury and SIAD, FAQ, personal story, diary, forum and chat.

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