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         Schizophrenia:     more books (100)
  1. Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families, Patients, and Providers by E. Fuller Torrey, 2006-04-01
  2. The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life by Kim T. Mueser PhD, Susan Gingerich MSW, 2006-05-26
  3. Natural Healing for Schizophrenia And Other Common Mental Disorders by Eva Edelman, 2009-03-03
  4. Schizophrenia For Dummies by Jerome Levine, Irene S. Levine, 2008-10-27
  5. Social Skills Training for Schizophrenia, Second Edition: A Step-by-Step Guide (TREATMENT MANUALS FOR PRACTITIONERS) by Alan S. Bellack PhD, Kim T. Mueser PhD, et all 2004-04-07
  6. Schizophrenia: Cognitive Theory, Research, and Therapy by Aaron T. Beck, Neil A. Rector, et all 2008-10-29
  7. Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (Penguin Classics) by Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, 2009-05-26
  8. Cognitive Therapy of Schizophrenia (Guides to Individualized Evidence-Based Treatment) by David G. Kingdon MD, Douglas Turkington MD, 2008-02-11
  9. Diagnosis: Schizophrenia by Rachel Miller, Susan E. Mason, 2002-10-15
  10. Me, Myself, and Them: A Firsthand Account of One Young Person's Experience with Schizophrenia (Adolescent Mental Health Initiative) by Kurt Snyder, Raquel E. Gur M.D., et all 2007-10-29
  11. Schizophrenia Revealed: From Neurons to Social Interactions by Michael Foster Green, 2003-05-15
  12. Divided Minds: Twin Sisters and Their Journey Through Schizophrenia by Carolyn Spiro, Pamela Spiro Wagner, 2006-08-08
  13. Getting Your Life Back Together When You Have Schizophrenia by Roberta Temes, 2002-01-10
  14. Recovered, Not Cured: A Journey Through Schizophrenia by Richard McLean, 2005-05-01

161. David A. Krebes' Personal Home Page
Includes a thesis work on knot theory and information on schizophrenia.
David A. Krebes
// text for first two pictures I have devoted much of my life to the study of knots . In my Ph.D. thesis (math), I show that a seamless unknotted loop of rope (circle) cannot be twisted in such a way as to intersect the interior of a sphere in the pair of arcs shown in the first picture (this is commonly known as a square knot). Equivalently: If a curve intersects the interior of a sphere in a square knot then it is genuinely knotted (ie. different from a circle). For example in the second picture the loop (follow it around it is indeed a single loop) is knotted: A long rubber band cannot be manipulated into this shape without breaking it and gluing the ends back together. We call this a "topological" property of the square knot because it is a geometric property that is independent of lengths, angles, or rate of curvature (The size of the circle doesn't matter. In fact even an ellipse or a heart shape would do). The field of "algebraic topology", surely one of the greatest achievements of the twentieth century, expresses many such properties in terms of boundaries . Thus to state the result in yet another way: Take a sphere (it could be egg-shaped) and a transparent, rubbery disc with a thick blue opaque circumference (boundary) and try to manoeuvre it so that the picture inside the sphere (you can't see what the transparent part of the disc is doing) is exactly (in a topological sense) as shown in the first picture, ie. a square knot. You will not succeed. However, even after you have tried many times and gained considerable experience with any of these variations of the problem, you must still organize your experience into a mathematical proof before you can conclude with certainty that you didn't stop just one twist and tug too soon!

162. Schizophrenia: Description, Criteria, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments And Medicatio
, Criteria, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Medications. schizophrenia. Also known as Description. schizophrenia......schizophrenia

Offers details on schizophrenia, its symptoms and treatment through atypical antipsychotic medication.
Welcome to the Web site. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are two different mental disorders that affect millions of people in the United States. The navigation buttons above will enable you to find information about these illnesses, as well as information about the medication SEROQUEL. SEROQUEL is a psychotropic medication shown to be effective in the treatment of many symptoms of schizophrenia, as well as mania associated with bipolar disorder. Thank you for your interest. SEROQUEL is indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia and the short-term treatment of acute manic episodes associated with bipolar I disorder (in adults over the age of eighteen). Patients should be periodically reassessed to determine the need for continued treatment. Please note that the information provided on this Web site is for educational and informational purposes only.  It should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the proper diagnosis and treatment of any psychiatric/medical disorder. Important Information Prescribing should be consistent with the need to minimize the risk of tardive dyskinesia, seizures, and orthostatic hypotension. A rare condition referred to as neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) has been reported with this class of medications, including SEROQUEL.

164. Mad In America
A history of medical treatments for mental illness, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric disorders, and why those treatments led to the antipsychiatry movement.
[ Home ] Media Reviews Chapters Sources New Research ... Order Book What readers are saying about Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill "Investigative journalism at its scholarly, perceptive, and explanatory best. Mad in America presents an insightful, courageous expose of how madness went from 'out of sight, out of mind,' to be a source of massive corporate profits. A must read for anyone with a friend or family member labeled 'mentally ill,' for psychiatric 'survivors,' mental health professionals, and those interested in the history of science and the corporate buyout of a profession." Loren Mosher, M.D. Former Chief of Schizophrenia Studies National Institute of Mental Health "Robert Whitaker has written a fascinating and provocative book a history of the way Americans understand schizophrenia and attempt to treat it, each
twist and turn of which is marked by the hubris that at last we have the answer. And as he makes clear, we still do not, nor are we anywhere near as humane in caring for the schizophrenics in our midst as we think we are."

165. Schizophrenia Throughout The History
schizophrenia throughout the History. The word schizophrenia is less than 100 years old, but the illness has probably accompanied mankind through its history.

Schizophrenia throughout the History
by Lena U Carlsson
The word schizophrenia is less than 100 years old, but the illness has probably accompanied mankind through its history. Schizophrenia can be traced in written documents to the old Pharaonic Egypt, as far back as the second millennium before Christ. Depression, dementia, as well as thought disturbances found in schizophrenia are described in detail in the Book of Hearts. This book is part of the Eber papyrus, named after the German Egyptologist Georg Ebers, who bought and published the papyrus in the 19th century. Heart and mind seem to have been synonymous in ancient Egypt. The psychical illnesses were regarded as symptoms of the heart and the uterus and originating from the blood vessels or from purulence, fecal matter, a poison or demons. In most cases the Egyptians apparently looked upon the mental diseases as physical illnesses.
Temple sleep therapy
The treatment comprised temple sleep, also called incubation. The ill persons spent the night in a holy place. Before falling asleep they were influenced by suggestions, in the hope of provoking dreams sent by the gods. The dreams were interpreted by priests and priestesses, who used them to get knowledge about the illnesses and curing of these. Incantations and prayers were uttered to bring forth the healing powers of the gods. The incantations included remedies of medical herbs and substances that were part of the therapy.

166. MerckSource - Schizophrenia
Information about different types of schizophrenia and their symptoms.

167. Mental Health, Addiction, Counseling - Contact Pioneer Behavioral Health
Conducting clinical psychopharmacology research studies and clinical trials for central nervous system drug testing, specializing in bipolar disorders and schizophreniain southeastern Michigan.
Expand All Collapse All Today: 6/2/2004 10:25:09 PM EST. About Us ... Home
If you have a clinical trial research project you need to get underway, contact us today to discuss our proven research capabilities!
Company Headlines:

168. Mind > Information > Booklets > Understanding > Understanding Schizophrenia
schizophrenia is a condition which is frequently misrepresented and misunderstood. This booklet Understanding schizophrenia. This booklet schizoph
What's new Low graphics view Site map Home ... Shopping Understanding schizophrenia
This booklet can also be viewed as a non-printable  pdf file  and purchased from the  online shop What is schizophrenia?
How do psychiatrists make a diagnosis?

Are some people more likely to be diagnosed than others?
Further reading
There’s much disagreement about the psychiatric diagnosis of schizophrenia. This booklet introduces the various different theories and ideas about its diagnosis, cause and treatment. It also offers practical advice to anyone told they have this problem, and to their family and friends. What is schizophrenia? The term schizophrenia is widely used in the mental health system.
Psychiatrists classify it as a psychosis. They mean that, in their view, a person can’t distinguish their own intense thoughts, ideas, perceptions and imaginings from reality (the shared perceptions,  sets of ideas and values that other people in that culture hold to be real). Among other symptoms, a person might be hearing voices, or may believe that other people can read their mind and control their thoughts. Most psychiatrists regard such symptoms as a psychiatric disorder. They would usually prescribe major tranquillisers to treat it. Not everyone shares this view of these psychological episodes, however. An alternative idea is that they are logical or natural reactions to adverse life events, in other words an extreme form of distress. Many people prefer to look at schizophrenia ‘holistically’. They stress the need to think about individual experience, and the importance of understanding what the experiences mean to the individual.

169. UCLA Center For Research On Treatment & Rehabilitation Of Psychosis
Provides research services and consultation to investigators pursuing studies of severe mental illnesses, including schizophrenia.
The Center has operated continuously since 1977 with funding from the National Institute of Mental Health. The Center's faculty are a cohesive, multidisciplinary team who have worked together for more than two decades on the problem and unanswered questions posed by schizophrenia understanding its root causes and the determinants of its subsequent course and outcome, developing and evaluating improved methods of treatment and rehabilitation. The IRC, now entering its 23 rd year, is made up of core research Units that provide infrastructure support to a large number of extramurally funded research projects, generate new interdisciplinary research on interventions for psychosis, develop new interventions, assessments and research tools, and provide assistance and consultation to a national and international network of colleagues. New research initiatives are stimulated by an IRC program of seed money support for pilot studies, and by ongoing multidisciplinary Theme Teams, small working groups organized around significant research topics. The primary mission of our Intervention Research Center is to contribute to the goals of recovery from and prevention of psychosis and other disabling mental disorders. Even though the underlying etiology of serious mental disorders is not known, we can set ourselves the task of learning more about the interventions, risk and protective factors, and markers of vulnerability to schizophrenia and related disorders that will gradually make a difference in recovery from these disorders and eventually make prevention possible.

170. Truehope - Offering Support And Treatment Alternatives For Mental Illness
Non medical group involved in researching and overcoming central nervous system disorders. Concerns include clinical depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, fibromyalgia, Tourette's syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Home About us How we can help Empowerplus ... Contact Search More about Truehope Find out how to get help
Are you suffering from Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) or other mental illness?
Mental health research has long shown the connection between nutritional deficiencies and mental illnesses such as Bipolar disorder (Manic depression) These and several other mental illnesses are more widespread than most realize. You are not alone; and there is hope. At Truehope, we've lived it
New Support Resources for Truehope Participants
Truehope has made available a new support web site complete with Message Boards Chat Rooms and other valuable resources. Please feel free to visit the new site at

171. The Mental Illness Education Project, Inc. Home Page
A production company that markets videos depicting or describing various mental illnesses including schizophrenia.
Welcome to the Mental Illness Education Project! We produce and distribute video-based educational programs and related materials.
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Order Videos Recommended Resources Understanding Mental Illness Recommend This Site ... MIEP Ordering Information
The Mental Illness Education Project, Inc.
P.O. Box 470813, Brookline Village, MA 02447
617-562-1111 E-Mail:

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173. Open The Doors
Greek, Español, Japanese, Deutsch, English, Italiano, Portuguese,

174. Queensland Centre For Mental Health Research
WebMail © Copyright 1999 Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research Any queries or comments, please contact the webmaster Unfortunately, our staff are


Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research Any queries or comments, please contact the webmaster Unfortunately, our staff are unable to offer any clinical
advice to individuals or families via E-mail or the Internet
The Park, Wolston Park Road. Wacol Qld 4076 AUSTRALIA Telephone: 61 7 3271 8660 Facsimile: 61 7 3271 8698

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