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         Prostate Cancer:     more books (100)
  1. Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer, Second Edition by Patrick C. Walsh, Janet Farrar Worthington, 2007-06-27
  2. You Can Beat Prostate Cancer by Robert J. Marckini, 2007-02-21
  3. Prostate Cancer Survivors Speak Their Minds: Advice on Options, Treatments, and Aftereffects by Arthur L. Burnett II, Norman Morris, 2010-03-29
  4. How We Survived Prostate Cancer: What We Did and What We Should Have Done by Victoria Hallerman, 2009-01-13
  5. Prostate Cancer for Dummies by Paul H. Lange, Christine Adamec, et all 2003-04-01
  6. Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide to Prostate Cancer (The Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide) by Arthur L. Burnett, 2010-01-20
  7. Prostate and Cancer: A Family Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survival by Sheldon Marks MD, 2009-06-30
  8. 100 Q&A About Prostate Cancer, 2nd Edition (100 Questions & Answers about . . .) by Pamela Ellsworth, 2008-12-03
  9. The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Prostate Cancer (Cleveland Clinic Guides) by Eric Klein, 2009-08-04
  10. The ABC's of Prostate Cancer: The Book That Could Save Your Life by Joseph Oesterling, 1997-06-25
  11. American Cancer Society's Complete Guide to Prostate Cancer by American Cancer Society, 2004-11-01
  12. Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine, Faith, Love and Sex Can Renew Your Life by Rabbi Edgar J. Weinsberg, 2008-10-16
  13. A Primer on Prostate Cancer: The Empowered Patient's Guide by Stephen Strum, Donna L. Pogliano, 2005-02-28
  14. Saving Your Sex Life: A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer by John P Mulhall, 2008-09-01

161. ANAMACAP : Association Nationale Des Malades Du Cancer De La Prostate
Association regroupant malades, m©decins, chercheurs pour lutter ensemble contre le cancer de la prostate. Pr©sente ses activit©s, son organisation et son programme d'action. France.
PLAN DU SITE MENTIONS LEGALES CONTACT L'ASSOCIATION Accueil Adhésion Statuts Organigramme ... Contact LE PROGRAMME Programme Sci. LE CANCER Traitements Alimentation et Santé
- dans une normalité établie : "C'est la maladie des hommes vieux"
- d'un
- d'un conseil d'administration
Devenez membre!
L'ACTUALITE Publications
Nous vous conseillons les ouvrages suivants :
"La prostate après 40 ans"
, Professeur Guy VALLANCIEN, Edition Rocher
"Cancer de la Prostate, prévenir détecter et traiter"
, Professeurs Olivier CUSSENOT, Georges FOURNIER et Monsieur Roland MUNTZ, Editions John Libbey
L'ANAMACaP préconise la lecture de ce livret adressé à chaque membre de l'association.
"Les hommes aussi ont leurs secrets"
, Professeur Guy VALLANCIEN, Edition Rocher, Collection Equilibre "Tout savoir sur la prostate" , Professeur Bernard DEBRE, Edition Faure, Collection Tout savoir sur... "Cancer de la prostate"

162. Body Vibes
Electromagnetic alternative treatment for prostate and breast cancer.
Electromagnetic Medicine UNDER

163. CNN - Breast Cancer Drug May Work For Prostate Patients As Well - March 1, 1999

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Breast cancer drug may work for prostate patients as well
March 1, 1999

Web posted at: 10:42 p.m. EST (0342 GMT)
NEW YORK (CNN) A new drug recently approved to fight breast cancer in women may be just as effective in treating advanced prostate cancer in men, scientists said Monday. Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles have found that some cases of prostate cancer involved the HER-2 gene, usually associated with breast cancer. The bioengineered drug Herceptin has been successful in blocking excessive HER-2 growth in late-stage breast cancer patients. The presence of HER-2 in prostate cancer patients raises the possibility that the drug may be helpful to men as well. Nearly 200,000 American men develop prostate cancer every year and about 40,000 die from the disease, according to the American Cancer Society. It is the second-deadliest form of cancer among men, behind lung cancer. Doctors have known since 1941 that prostate cancer is stimulated by androgens, or male sex hormones. The standard treatment has been to surgically or chemically castrate patients to eliminate the tumor's source of hormones.

164. Support Groups In Rhode Island Database - Rhode Island Cancer Council, Inc.
cancer support groups in Rhode Island helping patients with breast, bone marrow, prostate, throat, ovarian, and other forms of cancer.
URL changed, redirecting...

165. Prostate Help Association. Help For Men With Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis, Prost
Site provides information on BPH, prostatitis and cancer from diagnosis to treatment.
Don't Ignore Your Prostate.
Inclusion of these links is NOT an endorsement by the Prostate Help Association (2003), nor do we guarantee any information you will find, other than our own.
We would remind everyone that they should discuss with their medical team all aspects of their condition and then come to a decision in regard to the best treatment for their condition Prostate Help Ltd t/a Prostate Help Association (2003)

166. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center - Department Of Urology
Describes clinical services, research studies, and fellowships for this department, which treats genitourinary cancer including prostate, bladder, and kidney cancer. Located in Houston.
Care Center Information A to Z Department List Breast Center Cancer Prevention Cardiopulmonary Gastrointestinal Genitourinary Gynecologic Oncology Internal Medicine Plastic Surgery Radiation Treatment Sarcoma Thoracic Alopecia Areata Angiogenesis Inhibitors Aplastic Anemia Basal/Squamous Cell Carcinomas Bladder Blood Stem Cell Transplant Bone Cancer Bone Marrow Failure (pediatric) Bone Marrow Transplants Brain Brain Tumors (pediatric) Breast Cancer Burkitt's Lymphoma Cancer Survivorship Carcinoid Tumors Cardiovascular Diseases Central Nervous System Cervical Chemoprevention Chest Wall and Sternal Tumors Childhood Cancers Colorectal Complementary/Integrative/Alt Med Dermatology - General Endometrial Esophageal Ewing's Sarcoma - pediatric Eye Cancers Eyelid/Orbital Tumors Fallopian Tube Germ Cell Tumors (pediatric) Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Graft Vs. Host Disease (GVHD) Head and Neck Cancers Hematologic Malignancies Hereditary Gynecologic Cancers Hodgkin's Disease Hodgkin's Disease (pediatric) Idiopathic Hypereosinophilic Synd Kidney Larynx Leptomeningeal Disease Leukemia Leukemia (pediatric) Liver Cancer Lung Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Lymphoma Lymphoma - Cutaneous T-Cell Mediastinal Tumors Medulloblastoma (pediatric) Melanoma Melanoma (eye) Melanoma (head and neck area) Mesothelioma Myelodysplastic Syndrome Myeloma - Multiple Nasopharynx Neuroblastoma (pediatric) Neurofibromatosis (pediatric) Non-Hodgkin's Lymph. (pediatric)

167. Document Sans Titre
Explications et bibliographie pour les patients sur l'op©ration du cancer de la prostate.
  • A quel âge ?
  • Quels risques familiaux ?
Pourquoi se faire opérer ? Comment se préparer à l'intervention ? Comment se déroule l'intervention ? Comment se passe la convalescence ? Quelles sont les conséquences ? Stade du cancer Décision d'opérer Anatomie avant et après l'opération L'opération : la prostatectomy radicale ... Contactez - nous

168. Prostate Problems (Enlarged Prostate, Prostatitis, And Prostate Cancer): Facts,
Facts, statistics, treatment options and lifestyle associations of benign enlargement, prostatitis, and cancer. Home SiteMap Education Products
Prostate Problems
(Enlarged Prostate, Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer)
Facts, Disease Prevention, and Treatment Strategies
Update: November 2001
Prostate Problems Facts and Statistics
The doughnut-shaped prostate gland surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine and semen through the penis) and is located below the bladder. This gland produces semen, which works to keep sperm lubricated and mobile, and aids the bladder in the flow of urine. After a man hits puberty, his prostate gradually grows from roughly the size of a small marble to about the size of a golf ball. Around age 50 and due to a variety of factors, his prostate begins to grow again. This increased growth can cause a variety of problems, most commonly Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) or an enlarged prostate, prostatitis, and even prostate cancer.

169. British Laser Appeal For Surgical Equipment & Research
BLASER charity helps to develop and purchase new medical equipment for cancer treatments. Urology, Gynaecology, Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Fibroids, prostate, Brachytherapy

170. Cryosurgery, Cryoablation And Prostate Cancer Treatment By Galil
Provides medical equipment for prostate and kidney cancer treatment such as cryosurgery and cryoablation and minimally invasive procedures. Also equipment for thoracic pain relief through cryogenic treatment. Included a large section for patients. Sites in Israel and in Woburn, Massachusetts.
- - - NOTICE - - - On July 1, 2003 , a merger between two innovative leaders in prostate cancer treatments sets the standard for minimally invasive options. , the innovator in minimally invasive cryotherapy procedures and the , the leader in brachytherapy was finalized. This formed a new company combining both our people and products enabling us to champion advances in minimally invasive prostate-cancer treatments. This new company is called Oncura (Click here for full press release)
What Urologists are Saying
Scientific Meetings Thoracic Cryoanalgesia Patient Testimonial Prostate Cancer Patients Speak Out
Interventional Radiology Prostate Cancer Other Conditions

171. - Health: Condition Clinic



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Prostate Cancer
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172. - Health - Prostate Screening Test Valuable For Younger Men, Too - Septe
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New treatments hold out hope for breast cancer patients


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Prostate screening test valuable for younger men, too
Editor's note: The original version of this story incorrectly described the recommended screening procedure reported in the JAMA study. The study found that screening would be more effective if performed at age 40 and 45, then every two years beginning at age 50. The story below has been corrected. ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) A new study indicates that a popular blood test used to screen men over age 50 for prostate cancer may be just as valuable for younger men.

173. The Prostate - What YOU Don't Know Might Kill YOU!
Covers the prostate and its cancer, BPH, prostatitis, selfexamination, warning signs and treatments.
T he Prostate - What YOU Don't Know Might Kill YOU!
Find Information on prostate cancer, treatments, vitamins,
bph, and prostatitis. Also FREE report on the prostate

Contact Us
96% of Men AccordingTo One Poll Knew Nothing At All About The Prostate Gland. Prostate Cancer Is A
Major Killer Of Men!

Prostate Troubles!
Read our FREE
Report now!"
Get this report NOW! and discover:
  • The warnings signs you must heed? How your diet may be damaging your sex life The test that will tell you what you need to know that could save your life.
Subscribe to the Better Health e-Newsletter giving FREE updates and news of exciting new products and receive a FREE report on "The Prostate!" Name Email: Your email address is safe with us. Complete privacy Your email address is never revealed to third parties. Please note that this site is for general information purposes only and should not take the place of appropriate medical advice Home Contact Us zenith 2001- 2003

174. PCOA
Innovative business solutions for the Urologist, Radiation Oncologist, Ambulatory Surgery Center and Free Standing cancer facility.

175. Prostate Cancer
Highlights select Internet resources.
Prostate Cancer
This prostate cancer website aims to help men and their loved ones to begin using the internet to learn about prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatment. The resources I selected are ones I have found to be informative and reliable. I omitted other valuable prostate cancer internet resources because you need only a few to begin with and I wanted this site to be short. Knowing a little about me may help you decide if you want to continue reading. I, Lawrence J. Bookbinder, Ph.D., am a former clinical psychologist (retired) who was diagnosed in November of 2000 , at the age of 70, as having a prostate cancer tumor with a Gleason Score of 3 + 3. The result of my PSA blood test was 5.7. For more information about me and my prostate cancer, visit my prostate cancer story website. (For links to resources which will define Gleason Score, PSA test, digital rectal exam, radical prostatectomy, etc., consult the Prostate Cancer Terms section of this site.) If the internet selections presented on this site are not useful to you, they might, however, help you find your unique set of informative and reliable prostate cancer resources because, for example, each of the prostate cancer websites described in this site provides links to other internet resources TO TABLE OF CONTENTS LINKS
Empowering Prostate Cancer Patients oooooooo
The creation of this site was guided by the belief that the more men learn about prostate cancer treatment, physicians, and treatment facilities, the

176. Beverly Hills Radiation Oncology
Information and treatment for cancer patients and health care professionals in the Los Angeles, California area radiation, prostate seed implants, BAT, and IMRT.
this page last updated on : March 28, 2001

177. BCI-Home
Discovers, develops and commercializes dhormones for treatment of hyperparathyroidism associated with end-stage renal disease, renal osteodystrophy, osteoporosis, psoriasis, prostate and breast cancer. (Nasdaq BCII).
Bone Care International is an innovative pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving patient outcomes by delivering unsurpassed Vitamin D hormone therapies. Bone Care is committed to discovering, developing and commercializing products by fostering a high performing corporate culture which values employees and promotes an entrepreneurial spirit. Please follow the links to the left for more information

178. Advanced Radiation Oncology Services
cancer care in San Francisco area radiation, prostate seed implants, alternative therapy. Participates in clinical trials, including the NSABP (National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Project), ECOG (Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group) and CCG (Children's cancer Group).
Home SACC (Fresno) SRCC (Visalia) Valley Ch Offices ... FAQ Advanced Radiation Oncology Services (AROS) offers the most comprehensive cancer care program for California's Central Valley. AROS provides consultations for radiation oncology or second opinions and discussion of cancer treatments. We offer the most sophisticated cancer treatment equipment in Central California, offering specialized care of breast, lung, colorectal and prostate cancers. We carry out the most number of HDR implants in the Valley with the highest standards for accuracy. We offer services throughout the Central Valley and have affiliation with UCSF Stanford University Medical Centers.
Site Active since July 10, 1999
Last modified: March 12, 2004

179. Andrology
A Federal Government initiative, provides education and resources to health professionals and the community on male reproductive health issues such as erectile dysfunction, androgen deficiency, testicular cancer and prostate disease.
Please click here to update your browser
Welcome to the Andrology Australia health professional website. Andrology Australia (Australian Centre of Excellence in Male Reproductive Health) aims to enhance community and health professional knowledge in targeted areas of male reproductive health.
Andrology Australia is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and administered by Monash University, Melbourne. This web site is designed to provide on-line access for health professionals providing care to men with sexual and reproductive health issues to up-to-date clinical information, training programs and other available resources to assist with the management of male specific health disorders.
We hope you find this a valuable on-line resource.
Prostate disease including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, male infertility, androgen deficiency and erectile dysfunction impact on the health and well being of large numbers of the Australian male population. The cause of these major health issues is often lacking making prevention and clinical management more difficult. The Information for Health Professionals section includes recent articles, clinical guidelines and reviews that aim to support an evidence-based approach to the management of these disorders.

180. Prostate Surgery Has High Impotence Risk
USA Today article describes how prostate surgery has high impotence risk.

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