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         Phobias:     more books (100)
  1. Phobia by Thomas Luke, 1981-03-01
  2. Overcoming Fear of Heights: How to Conquer Acrophobia & Live a Life Without Limits (Pocket Phobia) by Martin M. Antony, Karen, Ph.D. Rowa, 2007-05
  3. About Phobias: An Open Family Book for Parents and Children Together by Sara Bonnett Stein, 1983-11
  4. The Little Book of Phobias: An Unflinching Look at Our Deepest Fears, With More Than 250 Quotations from Life and Literature
  5. Social Phobia - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-03-03
  6. Social Phobia: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
  7. Social Phobia: Clinical and Research Perspectives
  8. Getting Face to Face with Your Fears: A Kid's Guide to Understanding and Coping with Fears and Phobias by Sara C. Castillo, Susan J. Smith-Rex, et all 2001-01
  9. The Sky Is Falling: Understanding and Coping with Phobias, Panic, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders by Raeann Dumont, 1997-04-17
  10. Shyness and social phobia: a social work perspective on a problem in living.: An article from: Health and Social Work by Joseph Walsh, 2002-05-01
  11. Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Youth: Characteristics, Assessment, and Psychological Treatment (Series in Anxiety and Related Disorders) by Christopher Kearney, 2010-11-02
  12. Coping with Fears and Phobias (Coping with (Oneworld)) by Warren Mansell, 2007-07
  13. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Phobias by Ph.D., Gregory P. Korgeski, 2009-11-03
  14. "Life Unworthy of Life": Racial Phobia and Mass Murder in Hitler's Germany by James Glass, James M. Glass, 1999-05-01

101. Phobias - Treatment - MentalHealthChannel
Treatment of phobias involves behavior therapy, medication, and counseling. Agoraphobia Treatment of agoraphobia involves patient
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Alcohol Abuse

Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Bipolar Disorder Depression Eating Disorders General Anxiety Disorder Narcotic Abuse Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Panic Disorder Phobias Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Schizophrenia RESOURCES Clinical Trials Depression Quiz Links Videos ... What Is a Psychotherapist? What Is a Clinical Social Worker? ABOUT US Pressroom Testimonial Bibliography
Treatment of phobias involves behavior therapy, medication, and counseling. Agoraphobia Treatment of agoraphobia involves
  • patient education,
  • behavior therapy (exposure with response prevention), and
  • medication.
Patients need to understand their condition and receive reassurance that they are not "going crazy" and that their condition can be managed. Because they may have received some explanation that their symptoms are caused by a medical disease, they need to be educated about agoraphobia.

102. Hypnotherapy: Stop Smoking, Weight Loss Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy For Anxiety An
Professional analytical hypnotherapist providing help with anxiety, panic attacks, stress management, social anxiety, phobias, weight loss and stopping smoking. Specialises in helping clients who are nervous about hypnosis.
My name is Paul Douglass, and I am a registered Analytical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based at Avon Hypnotherapy, the popular, family owned practice which I run with my wife Denise. I specialise in helping people who may be a little nervous about undergoing treatment using hypnotherapy. If you are thinking about hypnotherapy, but are uncertain what it's going to be like, then I invite you to come along for a free session, not only to discuss your problem, but also to answer ANY questions you may have. My relaxed, understanding approach will help to put you at your ease, and I am more than happy to answer any question about hypnosis, and how it is used in a therapeutic environment. NO hypnosis will take place during this free session, and having answered all your questions, I hope you'll see just how pleasant and relaxing it is, and we'll have helped remove a lot of the 'mystery' surrounding it. If you would like to do this, please don't hesitate to book a

103. AAP Child Symptoms Book: Fears/Phobias
. . Guide to Your Child s Symptoms Fears/phobias. Girls are more likely than boys to develop the severe, irrational fears called phobias.
Guide to Your Child's Symptoms
Consult your pediatrician if your child's fears are:
  • Interfering with family activities.
  • Creating problems in making friends.
  • Creating an excuse for not going to school.
  • Disrupting normal sleep habits.
  • Resulting in compulsive behavior.
In General:
Questions to consider
Is your 5- or 6-month-old less outgoing than before? Is she fretful when she sees a strange face? Does she cry when you leave the room? If answer is Yes Possible cause is Normal development; stranger anxiety. Action to take Your baby by now is strongly attached to you and her other regular caregivers. Make a special effort to reassure her among new people or surroundings. Children generally outgrow stranger anxiety by about age 1. Does your toddler scream when he recognizes a familiar baby-sitter? Does he sob and try to hold you back as you leave the house? If answer is Yes Possible cause is Separation anxiety; attention seeking. Action to take Don't prolong your goodbyes; give the baby-sitter instructions away from your child. Have the baby-sitter engage your toddler's attention with a book or game. Assure your child that you'll be back soon and then leave quickly. Does your baby often wake up and call for you at night? Is he between about 10 and 18 months old?

104. Welcome To Mutual Mind
NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis,Aikido. Deal with phobias, unwanted habits or beliefs, learning difficulties. Located in London, UK.

Stop Smoking - The Easy Way

Central London July 2004
The essentials of NLP. You will acquire communication tools and techniques and ways of being in optimum states for learning, presenting, creativity. For more details: phone:
+44 20 7272 7209 or or Mutual Mind from here.
For one to one consultations or enquiries about consultancy and coaching please Telephone:
+44 20 7272 7209 or
Paddy from here.
Find On This Site
NLP: A Pathway to Personal Healing, Growth and Effectiveness
Bandler and Grinder were influenced by Gregory Bateson, the British anthropologist and writer and were aided in their early development of NLP by Judith DeLozier and Robert Dilts. Other co-developers were David Gordon, Christina Hall, Charles Faulkner and Stephen Gilligan. All of these people are international presenters and trainers and Bandler and Grinder continue their research and regularly publish the results of their research.
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a powerful and gentle approach to overcoming life's problems. The basis of NLP is to identify the patterns found in excellent performers and transfer these patterns to individuals wishing to emulate their performance.

105. - Mental Health - Phobias And Panic Attacks
A look at the common phobias and what you can do to help yourself before or during a panic attack. to stop. Common phobias. It is
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3rd June 2004
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Mental Health - Emotional Health
Phobias and panic attacks by James Tighe , Clinical Nurse Research Fellow Common phobias Common symptoms Helping yourself Getting professional help Panic is part of the 'fight or flight' syndrome , and so is an essential part of our defence system. Most of us will have panicked with good reason at some time. The traffic light goes green, we start to cross the road, a car approaches fast and makes no sign of braking. To panic in this situation is normal - we run, and fast. But what if a perfectly harmless everyday experience creates the same response - or worse, if you experience panic for no apparent reason and completely without warning. While some people enjoy being scared - what else are rollercoasters for? - it's quite a different thing if you have no idea why you are scared, or when it is going to stop. Common phobias It is possible to have a phobia of anything, but the most common ones are:

106. National Phobics Society - The Anxiety Disorders Charity
Site promoting organisation formed by a sufferer of agoraphobia for those affected by anxiety disorders. Contains detailed information about a range of phobias.
@import "includes/nps.css"; skip links skip to submenu site information Text only ... contact
Welcome to the National Phobics Society
NPS was estabished in 1970. Over the years we've grown to become the largest charity dealing with anxiety and phobias. We can provide support and help if you've been diagnosed with, or suspect you may have an anxiety condition as listed on the right. We can also help you deal with specific phobias such as fear of spiders, blushing, vomiting, being alone, public speaking, heights - in fact, any fear that's stopped you from getting on with your life. With our help you can start to recover your confidence and forget your fear. We can also offer information and services to professional health care workers (GP's, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers etc.) working, or interested in the area of anxiety disorders.
What NPS offers
Member's services Some of the benefits of joining NPS are:
  • Therapy services at reduced rates Member's helpline Discounts on NPS publications
All member's services Information One of the most effective ways to deal with anxiety is to learn to understand it. We provide information here on our web site and have factsheets, tapes and self-help guides that are good starting places.

107. Health - Women's Health: Phobias
Women s Health Your Mind. phobias A phobia is an intense fear or feeling of anxiety, which occurs only in a particular situation that frightens you.
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3rd June 2004
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Women's Health - Your Mind
Phobias A phobia is an intense fear or feeling of anxiety , which occurs only in a particular situation that frightens you. This might be something as seemingly logical as a fear of heights, or as illogical as a fear of the colour green. At other times you don't feel anxious. For example, if you have a phobia of spiders (like millions of people do!) then you only feel anxious when there is a spider around, otherwise you feel fine. About 1 in 10 people have a significant phobia but few look for treatment for it. People develop phobias to all sorts of things. Each phobia has its own name. Some (of a very long list) include:
  • Musophobia: Fear of mice. Peladophobia: Fear of baldness. Amathophobia: Fear of dust. Pnigophobia: Fear of choking. Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth! Maieusiophobia: Fear of childbirth.

108. Anxiety Ends! Panic Attacks Over! Phobias Gone! You'll Overcome Anxiety, Panic A
Learn to overcome phobias, anxiety, and panic through a series of lessons, with a money back guarantee.

Phone: (440) 946-8699
!Absolutely Amazing Breakthrough!
Right NOW YOU Can Discover A Way That You May PossiblyOvercome Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias, Quickly and Easily. And Perhaps Even Within 24 Hours! This is Revolutionary and It's Brand NEW!
Click here and listen to
a brief introduction from Dr. Dale Frey.

Download the FREE G2 player
Sincerely and Warmly, Dr. Dale Allen Frey
This web site and each page herein may not be copied in part or full without express written permission from the publisher.
All violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

109. Phobias
Home page. phobias. What do you fear? Search Now! List of phobias. Compulsive shopping was identified by a German psychiatrist almost a hundred years ago.
Facts Music History Sports ... Goodies Phobias What do you fear? What do people fear most? At the top of the list is death, the fear of which is necrophobia. Second, apparently, is the fear of failure, which is called kakorrhaphiophobia. There is of course a story of how fears developed, like fear for the number 13 ( below ). The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. In pagan times Friday was the luckiest day of the week because it was ruled by the planet Venus, the symbol of love and fortune. In fact, Friday is named in honour of Freya, goddess of Love. But for Christians, Friday has not been a good day. Adam and Eve is said to have eaten the forbidden fruit on a Friday and died on a Friday. Jesus was crucified on a Friday. For centuries sailors refused to set sail on a Friday. It is told that when the reluctance of seamen to set sail on a Friday had reached such proportions that it interfered with naval operations, the British Admiralty decided to prove once and for all that it is a fallacy. They laid the keel of a new vessel on a Friday, named her H.M.S. Friday, and launched her on a Friday. On her first voyage, setting sail on a Friday, she was commanded by Captain James Friday. She left the harbour and nothing has since been heard of her or her crew. The identical story has also found its place in American lore.

110. Cambridge Hypnotherapy
Cambridge Practitioners offers help with phobias and other limiting areas in life.
@import "hyp.css"; Home About Change now Helping Yourself ... Contact
Cambridge Hypnotherapy
Do you want to make changes now in your life or even stop smoking Are you living the life you want? You will be surprised how little it costs and how good it feels to see the difference to change now Only you and our imaginations (yours and ours) are the only limit to allow you to be different
We also believe in you being totally comfortable with your therapist. This is why we recommend you take up a free of charge initial consultation where we can both ensure your needs are met
How many sessions to make a difference? The fewer the better is our belief So to live life the way you want contact us Do it now Partner: Prime Directives - Personal Enhancement and life coaching

111. List Of Phobias
Home page. P hobias A L (Scroll the list or to search for a word use Control+F keys). Search Now! Fear of, Phobia. accidents, dystychiphobia. ageing, gerascophobia.
P h o b i a s
A - L

(Scroll the list or to search for a word use Control+F keys)
Fear of Phobia accidents dystychiphobia ageing gerascophobia air sickness aeronausiphobia air (fresh), draughts aerophobia (see also flying) alcohol methyphobia alcohol (drinking) dipsophobia alone (being) or oneself or loneliness autophobia amphibians, such a frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, etc batrachophobia amnesia amnesiophobia animals zoophobia animals (wild) agrizoophobia angry (becoming) angrophobia animal skin, fur doraphobia ants P myrmecophobia asymmetrical things asymmetriphobia ataxia ataxiophobia atomic energy nucleomitophobia atomic explosions atomosophobia attack scelerophobia auroral lights auroraphobia automobiles motorphobia bad mens, burglars scelerophibia bacteria bacillophobia bald (becoming) phalacrophobia baldness peladophobia bathing bathophobia (see also depth) beards pogonophobia beaten (being) rhabdophobia (see also magic) bed (going to) clinophobia bees apiphobia beggars hobophobia bearing a deformed child or deformed people teratophobia being evaluated negatively in social situations social phobia bicycles ornithophobia birds melanophobia black (colour) scotomaphobia blindness in visual field cyclophobia blood hemaphobia blushing erythrophobia (see also red) body odour bromhidrosiphobia bogies or the bogeyman bogyphobia Bolsheviks Bolshephobia books bibliophobia bound (being) or tied up merinthophobia bowel movements (painful)

112. Dr. Victoria Bentley - Holistic Treatment Of Anxiety Disorders
A therapy program, designed for people suffering from severe panic attacks, fear of flying, phobias, chronic anxiety, trauma, depression, and stressrelated illness. Office in California. Offers information and self-help materials.

Telephone Therapy
is for people who want to work with me but cannot get to my office in San Rafael, California. Phone therapy is surprisingly successful, and I now have satisfied clients in many states of the US and in Canada. Welcome to the home page of Dr. Victoria Bentley's Holistic Treatment for Anxiety Disorders . This highly effective therapy program helps people overcome panic attacks, phobias, chronic anxiety, trauma, depression, and stress-related illnesses. No matter how severe your symptoms are, or how long you've suffered, you can learn to stop the panic cycle and live ANXIETY and PHOBIA FREE . I know this is true, because I've treated hundreds of people who have recovered completely and now live happy, active lives. You can do this, too! Developed over 20 years, this dynamic program successfully combines cognitive/behavioral therapy with traumatic memory release and alternative therapies to bring you a true healing experience. Because holistic therapy treats the whole person, FULL RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE without medication.

Phobic Disorders. phobias involve persistent, unrealistic, intense anxiety and fear in response to specific external situations. Specific phobias.

114. Unusual Phobias
List of highly uncommon phobias.
This page is your resource for highly uncommon phobias many of which you won't even find in the most comprehensive of books about Phobias. ALL, however, are 100% legitimate (as far as I know)
Send me
descriptions of unusual phobias you currently have or may have experienced in the past. Feel free to suggest a name for it if it's 'unlisted'. This page thrives off your various neuroses!
ENJOY!! Phobias, eh? Oh, I'm REAL SCARED!
Weird phobias, funny phobias, odd phobias, strange phobias, uncommon phobias, unusual fears, unique phobias, uncommon fears, unusual phobias, strange fears NEW!!! CHECK OUT THE NEW UNUSUAL PHOBIAS FORUM:

115. Phobias Causes And Treatment In AllPsych Journal
AllPsych Journal. phobias Causes and Treatments. phobias can interfere with your ability to work, socialize, and go about a daily routine (American).

116. Anxiety And Panic Community
For sufferers, survivors of anxiety, panic disorders, phobias. Includes expert and peer information, support groups, anxiety disorders chat, and journalsdiaries.
Anxiety, Panic,
Anxiety Self-Help Living with ... The Caregiver
Healthyplace Radio
Support Groups
Mental Health Videos


Conf. Transcripts
Support Lists

Instant Messenger
Community Wall
Alt. Mental Health
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This is the old Anxiety-Panic homepage. Click here to visit the NEW HEALTHYPLACE.COM ANXIETY AND PANIC CENTER
Needing support, information and friendship? Sign up below for the "Anxiety-Panic Community" mailing list. Your name: Your email:
Welcome Home
News Emotion Takes Memory on Roller Coaster Ride Event is recalled, but things just before it become fuzzy When you remember an emotional event, your memory of it may be very accurate, but you are likely to forget the events that preceded it, researchers report. Continue reading More Anxiety News Anxiety Forums Dizziness and Other Symptoms wrote: I was just wondering here...does anyone else ever get dizzy a lot? I mean I know that dizziness is one of the main symptoms of hyperventilation, and panic in general. But does anyone else ever like feel that every time you move or something. your head kind of moves a little more and your sight seems hard to follow your head movements?

117. THE GRAM: Stress, Anxiety, Panic, & Phobias: Secondary To NLD
Sue Thompson discusses stress, anxiety, panic and phobias which can be secondary disorders to Nonverbal Learning Disorders (NLD).
Stress, Anxiety, Panic, and Phobias: Secondary to NLD
by Sue Thompson, M.A.
Editor's Note: Sue Thompson, an expert on learning and behavioral issues and a popular presenter at our LDA-CA state conferences who is in demand nationally and internationally as a speaker, has agreed to write a regular column for The Gram over the next year, beginning with the Winter, 1997, edition of The Gram In 1996, Sue wrote a three-part article on Nonverbal Learning Disorders which was published in the fall and winter issues of The Gram . There has been unprecedented response to this article. Over a year later, the LDA-CA state office still receives requests for reprints of the article and pleas to get in touch with the author. It is important to correctly identify and provide appropriate interventions for the school-aged child with NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorders) because this child is particularly inclined toward developing secondary internalizing disorders such as stress, anxiety and panic, as well as debilitating phobias. Children's Hospital Oakland has made the study of NLD and related conditions a speciality in their departments of psychiatry, neurology, and neuropsychology. Their research to date has revealed that children with NLD tend to suffer in the emotional realm because these children are not proficient at interpreting interpersonal interactionsthey lack insight into the feelings and perceptions of others that the rest of us glean intuitively. Dr. Herbert Schreier, Chief of Psychiatry at Children's Hospital Oakland, states that having NLD "does not preclude having other conditions such as panic disorder or anxiety and depression, secondary to NLD and school organizational issues."

118. Hypnotherapist London Stop Smoking London Hypnotherapist Help Build Confidence W
Andrew Cunningham, registered therapist for smoking cessation, confidence and public speaking, phobias. Biography, links, services and fees. Based in central London.
hypnotherapist london stop smoking london help build confidence hypnotism hypnotist hypnosis hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Home What can hypnotherapy do for me? Popular questions The Therapist Contact ... Links
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you get what you want.
Whether you want help to stop smoking
or build your confidence
to achieve your personal goals , hypnotherapy is an effective way to do this through a qualified practitioner.
Many people ask "What is hypnosis?" and have other unanswered questions
I practise at the Lewis Clinic, a busy and successful Harley Street practice in central London, which attracts clients from the business world, media and performing arts. It specialises in hypnotherapy and has been successfully treating clients since its opening in 1994.
During January and February 2004 I feature on a series called Harley St on the Living TV channel going out on weekdays at 2pm. I am filmed helping clients with fear of heights, stage nerves, to stop smoking and a dog phobia.
Channel 4 has used my services for the new series of Faking It . I am filmed giving a confidence boosting session for a solicitor training to be a rap singer. I am also used to help a 999 operator become a live TV director.
I offer therapy with a friendly and approachable manner. Please feel free to

119. ParentCenter | Bulletin Board: Fears And Phobias
Board Fears and phobias Is your child battling fears or phobias monsters under the bed, the dark, animals? At a loss about what to do?
Fears and Phobias
Is your child battling fears or phobias monsters under the bed, the dark, animals? At a loss about what to do? Talk it out with other concerned parents.
See list of all bulletin boards

TOPIC LATEST (See all postings) First Message
Can anyone help me? My 4 year old boy...
Fear of Bugs (See all postings) First Message
My son is 6 and has a serious fear of...
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please help, my son suddenly became afraid to go number...
HELP!! Afraid of the neighbour (See all postings) First Message awolguin: My 2 1/2 year old is suddenly afraid of the... Afraid of turning Four (See all postings) First Message Three days to go before his fourth birthday, and my... something in my bed (See all postings) First Message hnanemily: Last week we had a rattle snake in our back... 8yr. fear of parents dying (See all postings) First Message maxiej: When my daughter was 7 last year my son was... fear of electronic games (voices, noises (See all postings) First Message mongellihome: Very sensitive 5 yr old boy (who loved computer games...

120. Fear Of Flying, Fear Of Public Speaking, Phobias, Emotoinal Freedom Techniques,
Provides help and support with anxiety, stress, phobias, fear of flying, or PTSD using Emotional Freedom Techniques, either one on one (Australia) or via email.
Welcome to emo-e!
Unlocking the doors to a brighter future
Welcome to emo-e !
Over the past five years I have been working with clients whose emotional issues have been impacting on their daily lives. The tools that I have adopted to support my work are three powerful results oriented techniques, which are a part of an emerging field of "Energy Therapies": Emotional Freedom Techniques - Be Set Free Fast & Thought Field Therapy.
These are processes that can be used, with persistence, to literally re-engineer your system.
These techniques can unload - Fears / Anxiety / Stress Anger / Guilt / Rage Grief Panic attacks Phobias Shame / Embarrassment Trauma / PTSD and many other negative emotions that cause people to drive through life with their brakes on.
And.... along the way.....will probably give you relief from headaches, pain, the cloud over your head, the weight on your shoulders or chest, and a seemingly endless list of physical ailments.They can be used to completely eliminate subconscious blocks and limitations that keep you from being free to think, feel and perform at your full potential in every area of your life.
emo-e Returning you to your true life force and potential.

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