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         Pain:     more books (100)
  1. Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain by Pete Egoscue, 2000-02-29
  2. The Pain Chronicles: Cures, Myths, Mysteries, Prayers, Diaries, Brain Scans, Healing, and the Science of Suffering by Melanie Thernstrom, 2010-08-17
  3. Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by John E. Sarno, 2010-02-01
  4. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot (Remember When It Didn't Hurt) by Esther Gokhale, 2008-04-01
  5. Dissolving Pain: Simple Brain-Training Exercises for Overcoming Chronic Pain by Les Fehmi, Jim Robbins, 2010-09-14
  6. Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting by Terrie Williams, 2009-01-06
  7. The Problem of Pain by C. S. Lewis, 2001-02
  8. 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life: How to Rapidly Relieve Back and Neck Pain by Robin McKenzie, Craig Kubey, 2001-10-01
  9. Managing Pain Before It Manages You, Third Edition by Margaret A. Caudill MDPhDMPH, 2008-10-02
  10. Heal Pelvic Pain: The Proven Stretching, Strengthening, and Nutrition Program for Relieving Pain, Incontinence,& I.B.S, and Other Symptoms Without Surgery by Amy Stein, 2008-08-06
  11. Pain Free for Women: The Revolutionary Program for Ending Chronic Pain by Pete Egoscue, 2003-07-01
  12. Pain Free 1-2-3: A Proven Program for Eliminating Chronic Pain Now by Jacob Teitelbaum, 2005-12-19
  13. Explain Pain by David Butler, PT and Dr. Lorimer Moseley, 2003-10-01
  14. How to Stop the Pain by James B. Richards, 2001-12-01

1. - A World Of Information On Pain, Covering Everthing From Pain,Arthriti provides quality medical educational content for professionals and a wealth of information for consumers. Health care professionals
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Internet Explorer Browser is a premier educational and informational resource on the Internet for healthcare professionals and consumers who have an interest in pain and its management.
We cover enerything from Pain, Arthritis Pain, Acute Pain, Breakthrough Pain, Cancer Pain, Chronic Pain, Oncological Pain, Intractable Pain, Addiction, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Headache, Fibromyalgia, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Arm Pain, Elbow Pain, Chest Pain, Thoracic Pain, Stomach Pain, Abdominal Pain, Groin Pain, Leg Pain, Knee Pain, Foot Pain, Side ffects, Central Pain, Sever Pain, Uncontrolled Pain, Perioperative Pain, Regional Pain, Post Herpetic Neuralgia Pain,PNS Pain , Morphine, Oxycontin, Opioids, Pain Medications, Pain Medss, Neuropathic pain, Pain Assessment, Sacral Pain, Withdrawal Symptoms, Migraine and more...
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2. American Pain Society
The American pain Society is a multidisciplinary educational and scientific organization dedicated to serving people in pain.

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about our web site

Contact the Editor:
Michael E. Clark, PhD

Contact APS:
American Pain Society
4700 W. Lake Ave.
Glenview, IL 60025
fax: 877-734-8758 [Toll Free] Site Guide 24th Annual Scientific Meeting John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center Boston, MA March 30-April 2, 2005 Call for Preconference Events, Symposia, and Corporate Satellite Symposia Corporate Satellite Symposia Plan Ahead 2006-2007 Annual Scientific Meeting Dates 2004 Paper and Poster Abstracts Tapes from 2004 Annual Meeting Sessions APS is a leader in support of the 2001-2010 Decade of Pain Control and Research Find out more... [84k PDF Download] Order online APS urges FDA to Balance Opioid Medication Regulatory Policy US Rep Mike Rogers (R-MI) Introduces National Pain Care Policy Act of 2003; Pain Care Coalition Supports Legislation News highlights from The Journal of Pain. Browse the most recent issue or our full archives.

3. ScienceDirect - Pain - List Of Issues More results from The American pain FoundationAmerican pain Foundation. Information. Advocacy. Support. TRUSTe seal. New Publications From The American pain Foundation! The Target
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Articles in Press
Volumes 101 - 109 Volume 109, Issue 3 , Pages 203-546 (June 2004) Volume 109, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-201 (May 2004) Volume 108, Issue 3 , Pages 205-310 (April 2004) Volume 108, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-203 (March 2004) Volume 107, Issue 3 , Pages 199-290 (February 2004) Volume 107, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-197 (January 2004) Volume 106, Issue 3 , Pages 213-529 (December 2003) Volume 106, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-211 (November 2003) Volume 105, Issue 3 , Pages 385-509 (October 2003) Volume 105, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-384 (September 2003) Volume 104, Issue 3 , Pages 429-717 (August 2003) Volume 104, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-427 (July 2003) Volume 103, Issue 3 , Pages 229-334 (June 2003) Volume 103, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-228 (May 2003) Volume 102, Issue 3 , Pages 217-322 (April 2003) Volume 102, Issues 1-2 , Pages 1-216 (March 2003) Volume 101, Issue 3 , Pages 213-316 (February 2003) Volume 101, Issues 1-2

4. MedlinePlus: Pain
Other health topics A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ List of All Topics. pain. Search MEDLINE for recent research articles on pain . General . Analgesia and Analgesics Removing
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From the NIH



Search MEDLINE for recent research articles on Pain:

Analgesia and Analgesics

You may also be interested in these MedlinePlus related pages: Abdominal Pain Back Pain Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Trigeminal Neuralgia ... Symptoms and Manifestations

5. American Academy Of Pain Management - Home
Welcome. We are glad you are here. You are not alone in managing pain. Welcome. We are glad you are here. You are not alone in managing pain.
We are glad you are here.
You are not alone in managing pain. Welcome.
We are glad you are here.
You are not alone in managing pain. Find a Pain Practitioner,
Patient Bill of Rights,
and helpful links. Discover the benefits of membership and credentialing.
Includes application forms, brochures,
and other materials. The Academy offers a number of programs for
Pain Management Professionals
and Organizations. Many opportunities exist for your corporation to interact with the Academy. Publications include: articles, books, tapes, brochures, and Academy forms. The Continuing Education Department offers a Speaker's Bureau, lecture series, video and audio tapes, and printed materials. Dedicate to excellence. Attend the Annual Clinical Meeting for state-of-the-art pain management. Continuing education credit available. Wear your Academy logo with pride.

6. Partners Against Pain®: Your Around-the-Clock Resource For Pain Management
Partners Against pain is an alliance of patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers working together to alleviate unnecessary suffering by leading efforts
Site Map Glossary Free Materials Search: Home Healthcare Professionals Health Systems Table of Contents
Healthcare Professionals
Pain Assessment Regulatory Issues Education Center ... Resources
Login (enter email) Free Materials Register Welcome Partners Against Pain is an alliance of patients caregivers , and healthcare providers working together to alleviate unnecessary suffering by leading efforts to advance standards of pain care through education and advocacy
A Fact Sheet from the

Intercultural Cancer Council
The Intercultural Cancer Council (ICC) has created a series of Cancer Fact Sheets focusing on medically underserved populations, such as racial and ethnic minorities, who experience disproportionately greater suffering and compromised health from cancer compared to the U.S. population as a whole. Read More...
In the Face of Pain
Pain Management Advocacy Toolkit
Arthritis News
Neurology News Backache News Pain News ...
The Pain Management Center

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Pain Management Kit
Tools for Healthcare Professsionals
  • Pain Diaries Clinical Follow-up Drug Abuse Screening Tools Reference Papers and Definitions
  • More CME AMA Releases Online Pain Management CME Program
  • Pain Management: The Online Series
  • More Resource Catalog Medical Education Resource Catalog
  • Pain Updates and Highlights Please click here here
  • 7. PAIN
    Springman Recordsmerchandise

    Springman Records
    is re-releasing the Midgets with Guns CD. If you recall, they already re-released Wonderful Beef early last year. This is excellent news: one, because they are great folks and have an ethic that few labels do these days; and two, they have continued to grow year by year with great new releases and great distribution. This should help make Pain records even easier to locate in your local mega-mart... right after Oingo Boingo and right before Pantera and Pavement.
    Pain and Springman have also teamed up to offer new Pain t-shirts, available through the Pain and Springman websites only. Please see the merchandise section of the website for more information on these, as well as the full scoop on all the other Pain merchandise available.
    Finally, we all want to express our continued thanks for everyone's support. We appreciate all the email and will continue to do our best to respond to each and every one. Keep in touch,

    8. The Kingdom Of Loss - The Official Pain Of Salvation Home Page.
    The Kingdom of Loss the official pain of Salvation Home page. pain of Salvation is today s leading progressive band.

    9. Welcome To
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    10. Welcome To - A World Of Information On Pain, provides quality medical educational content.
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    11. Electrotherapy Devices TENS Units Back Pain
    Offers muscle and nerve stimulation equipment, heat and cold products, and diabetic shoes.
    Tens Unit Tens Units Tens Device Diabetic Shoes Heating Pads Biofreeze
    Over the past 16-years, Pain Management Technologies have helped thousands of people free themselves of back pain, arthritic pain, muscle spasms, sciatic pain and more.
    Pain Management Technologies is driven by the goal of making sure that you are serviced with the highest quality products at the lowest prices. So much so that we back our products with a life-time warranty and free shipping.
    We anxiously look forward to helping you live a pain-free, healthy life.
    TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation

    Common uses: Acute and chronic pain, back and cervical muscular and disc syndromes, RSD, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, shoulder syndromes, neuropathies, and many other painful conditions. For more information, please click here. EMS, Electronic Muscle Stimulation Therapy Common uses: Prevent atrophy, strengthening programs/toning, reeducate muscles, increase range of motion, joint replacement, gait training, shoulder subluxation, reduction of muscle spasms and much more. For more information, please click here.

    12. Wellness Train
    Spiritual program of self help for individuals suffering from pain.

    13. The American Pain Foundation
    Information. Advocacy. Support. About Us. Contact Us. Support Us. Subscribe/Get Involved. APF Publications. Search. Home. In The News. Resource Library. pain Action Guide. pain Care Bill Of Rights New Publications From The American pain Foundation! The Target Chronic pain Pocket Card is a quick reference
    American Pain Foundation Information. Advocacy. Support. About Us Contact Us Support Us Subscribe/Get Involved ... Links APF Expands Privacy Policies and is Awarded TRUSTe Privacy Seal
    The TRUSTe program was designed to ensure that your privacy is protected through open disclosure and to empower you to make informed choices. The TRUSTe "trustmark," awarded only to websites that adhere to established privacy principles and agree to comply with ongoing TRUSTe oversight and consumer resolution procedures. on the logo below: New Publications From The American Pain Foundation!
    The Target Chronic Pain Pocket Card is a quick reference tool for pain assessment and management. The card provides targeted questions to ask patients with chronic pain to ensure effective and efficient interviews. The card contains useful resources and references, including treating patients at risk for addiction, and graphs to help explain components of chronic pain. To view Target Card, please click here . To order, please download

    14. Welcome To PAIN NET, Inc.

    15. Chronic Pain Support Group (CPSG) ~ We Really Care! ~
    An interactive site dealing with the human aspects of chronic pain. Features news, information, a chat/message board, newsletter and bookstore.

    to our News Letter. CPSG Established:
    December 8, 1998 var site="s15chronicpain"
    Welcome to the Chronic Pain Support Group! Our group is dedicated to bringing support to those who live in chronic pain . We believe that support is essential to the health and well being of anyone living 24/7 in pain. Support is the central aspect of our group and we believe that no one should be alone in their pain! We welcome family of the chronic pain patient in our chat room and message boards in a hope that they will become better informed in how to care for and support their loved one.
    Honcode Phenomenal Women Of The Web HonCode provides validation of health related web sites and we subscribe to the HONcode principles. You may verify here is a service of CPSG. Each time you Send a Sun-E-Card you promote our group and our cause.

    16. Pelvic Pain
    A gynecologist explains causes of pelvic pain. Ways of diagnosing the cause of pain are discussed.
    Pelvic Pain
      Most women experience pelvic pain at some time during their lives. Many times pelvic pain is just the normal functioning of the reproductive or other organs. Other times pelvic pain may indicate a serious problem that needs urgent treatment. Here we look at the causes of pelvic pain, and how the cause of pelvic pain is determined.
    Causes of Pelvic Pain
      Many organs live in the pelvis, including the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes. The bladder and intestine, and appendix also live next to the reproductive organs, and sensations from these organs can feel like pain from the uterus or ovaries. To further confuse things, pain from the kidney and pain from muscles and from the abdominal wall can also seem to come from the pelvis. I find it most helpful in explaining pain to my patients to explain my approach to finding the cause of their pelvic pain, rather than just to give a "diagnosis." I'll go into more detail after I explain my "Categories of Pelvic Pain. From my standpoint, pelvic pain falls into three classifications: Pelvic pain that indicates a serious problem and that needs urgent surgery or hospitalization . Examples of this type of pelvic pain would be a ruptured tubal pregnancy or appendicitis. Pelvic pain that indicates a problem that may need treatment, but not on an urgent basis

    17. American Chronic Pain Association
    People With pain / Families. About ACPA. Professionals Caregivers. ACPA Members. Partners for Understanding pain. News Features. Media.
    People With Pain / Families About ACPA ACPA Members Partners for Understanding Pain ... Background and Resources
    To facilitate peer support and education for individuals with chronic pain and their families so that these individuals may live more fully in spite of their pain. To raise awareness among the health care community, policy makers, and the public at large about issues of living with chronic pain. Offering support and information for people with chronic pain.
    New Survey Reveals Emerging "Lifestyle of Pain" in America
    First survey of its kind to benchmark people with pain's attitudes towards the condition. View Press Release View Survey Results New Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Cards.
    May 2004
    CONFUSED ABOUT THE NEW MEDICARE-APPROVED DRUG DISCOUNT CARD? CONTACT YOUR SHIP! Read more Clinical Study Seeks Volunteers Who Have Constipation Due to Prescription Pain Medication
    May, 2004

    18. NINDS Central Pain Syndrome Information Page
    Information sheet compiled by NINDS, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
    National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Accessible version Science for the Brain The nation's leading supporter of biomedical research on disorders of the brain and nervous system Browse all disorders Browse all health
    More about
    Central Pain Syndrome
    Studies with patients Research literature Press releases
    Search NINDS... (help) Contact us My privacy NINDS is part of the
    National Institutes of

    NINDS Central Pain Syndrome Information Page
    Reviewed 12-01-2003 Get Web page suited for printing
    Email this to a friend or colleague

    Table of Contents (click to jump to sections) What is Central Pain Syndrome?
    Is there any treatment?

    What is the prognosis?
    What research is being done? ... Organizations What is Central Pain Syndrome? Is there any treatment? Pain medications often provide some reduction of pain, but not complete relief of pain, for those affected by central pain syndrome. Tricyclic antidepressants such as nortriptyline or anticonvulsants such as neurontin (gabapentin) can be useful. Lowering stress levels appears to reduce pain. What is the prognosis?

    19. I Feel PAiN In Your Eyes...
    At a Glance. We are your lifestyle. Welcome to pain. You might want to vote for the next charts, download an issue or even subscribe to our newsletter. Life can be different. FontProblems? Fix available! If you can't start pain due to font-problems and you've already downloaded the font-pack downloading and installing the font pack, pain will work well, also on Wine.
    At a Glance current issue
    issue 03/04 (55)

    next deadline
    not set

    read the faq!

    We are your lifestyle Welcome to PAiN . You might want to vote for the next charts, download an issue or even subscribe to our newsletter. Life can be different. DOSBox Demo Compatibility List It's the first one in a possible row of additional services which PAiN is presenting to you: The DOSBox Demo Compatibility List. DOSBox is a very good DOS/(2)(3)(4)86 Emulator and runs a lot of old demos. See the list to see how to run the demos - and see which demos actually do run. The list is also extensible, you can add demos that work, but are missing in the list.
    DOSBox Demo Compatibility List
    Font-Problems? Fix available! If you can't start PAiN due to font-problems and you've already downloaded the font-pack (as the error message told you), please download the pack again since we forgot to include one particular font into the pack. After downloading and installing the font pack, PAiN will work well, also on Wine. PAiN issue 55 - 10 Years It's done! PAiN 03/04 is out and available for download. We're celebrating the 10th year of existance now and we hope you celebrate with us: Articles, Interviews, Reports, Stories, News, Reviews and more!

    20. Flavor's House Of Pain Page
    Links, lyrics, album reviews and webring.
    House of Pain Page HOP Links

    Picture Gallery

    New!! Join The House of Pain Webring
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    Take my HOP survey, and see what kind of HOP fan you are!!!

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