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         Multiple Sclerosis:     more books (100)
  1. Coping When a Parent Has Multiple Sclerosis by Barbara Cristall, 1992-08
  2. Mental Sharpening Stones: Manage the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis by Jeffrey N. Gingold, 2008-07-28
  3. Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally by Judy Graham, 2010-10-05
  4. Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis by Ed.D. Nancy J. Holland MSCN, Jack S. Burks, et all 2010-02-02
  5. Voices of Multiple Sclerosis: The Healing Companion: Stories for Courage, Comfort and Strength (Voices Of series)
  6. Managing the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis by M.D. Randall T. Schapiro, 2003-06-10
  7. The Puzzle of Multiple Sclerosis From 1868 to 2007 by Ted N Thompson, 2007-01-01
  8. Dietary Supplements and Multiple Sclerosis: A Health Professional's Guide by Allen C. Bowling, Thomas M. Stewart, 2004-12
  9. Multiple Sclerosis 3: Blue Books of Neurology Series, Volume 34 by Claudia Lucchinetti MD, Reinhard Hohlfeld MD, 2009-10-30
  10. The Gift of Remission - A Journey Into Multiple Sclerosis and Back Again:Prevent, Stop and Recover from Autoimmune Disease by Linda Land, 2009-08-21
  11. 300 Tips for Making Life with Multiple Sclerosis Easier by Shelley Peterman Schwarz, 1999-05-15
  12. Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Ed.D. Nancy J. Holland MSCN, T. Jock Murray OC M.D. FRCPC MACP FRCP, et all 2007-02-19
  13. Advanced Concepts in Multiple Sclerosis Nursing Care
  14. An Illustrated Pocketbook of Multiple Sclerosis by C.M. Poser, 2003-04-28

81. Multiple Sclerosis Patients May Be Winter Athletes

82. Patient Resources Multiple Sclerosis
The latest medical news and information for patients or friends/parents of patients diagnosed with

83. National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Colorado
Provides programs, services and fund raising events throughout the State.
@import url(../css/import.css); 700 Broadway, Suite 808
Denver, CO 80203-3442
phone: 303.831.0700
toll-free: 1.800.FIGHT.MS
fax: 303.831.8001

What's New
Chapter News Chapter Press Releases ...

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Colorado Chapter was founded in 1959 and operates four offices, providing services and programs to 6,900 Coloradans with MS and their families across the state.
July 10~11, 2004!
Dinner of Champions
July 22, 2004 Women Against MS Luncheon September 28, 2004. Featuring Keynote Speaker and National Chairperson, Teri Garr SPRING PROGRAMS***************** "A Travel Back in Time" Symptom Management Program , June 5, 2004 Summer Recreation Programs 2004 , June 16, July 20 and August 9, 2004 "Moving Forward" Workshop, June 19, 2004 It's Easy to Contribute to the MS Cause. MS Resource Line Call 1 800 FIGHT MS to reach the “MS Resource Line.” Obtain answers for the questions about MS, current research and treatments, neurologist referrals, community resource referrals and thousands of other questions. If you have MS....

84. - Multiple Sclerosis
multiple sclerosis is a chronic, potentially debilitating disease thataffects your brain and central nervous system. An estimated

85. Cowboy's MS News - Archive Of News Articles On Multiple Sclerosis
Frequently updated news site.
Cowboy's Multiple Sclerosis news This is a collection of news items on multiple sclerosis gathered from a variety of sources. I update this page around two to four times a week which is about 40-70 new MS articles per week. You may have to click refresh/reload on your browser to see the latest articles as browsers often "remember" the page as you last saw it. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this news service, please sign my guestbook . I'd love to hear from you. Please email news items or press releases to Important: These news articles are gathered from internet newsfeeds, university science sites and other research and news sources. I do not contribute to the articles and I do not endorse their content nor any claims made in them . It is up to the reader to evaluate their quality for him or herself. A guide to interpreting the validity of medical research can be found by following this link . You can also comment and discuss these news articles on the Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis You can use this search engine to find news on particular topics.

86. National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Central New England Chapter
Serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Dedicated to ending the devastating effectsof multiple sclerosis. Participate in the Medicare MS Drug Coverage Survey!
What is MS? Programs Research Publications ... National MS Society Serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire Dedicated to ending the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis Participate in the Medicare MS Drug Coverage Survey! MS Employer of the Year - Nominations now being accepted MS Vacation Week - May 23-28 ... Sylvia Lawry (1915-2001) Founder, National Multiple Sclerosis Society
MS is the most common neurological disease affecting young to middle-aged adults
and is typically diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50. © 2004 The National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
Central New England Chapter

87. - Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center
information, community message boards and chat rooms, free email, free homepages,books, newsletter, links directory and more on multiple sclerosis or MS. ('','newWindow','height=118,width=258,top=230,left=250,scrollbars=0,resizable=no,status=0') Search Site: Search Web: Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center New Books on Multiple Sclerosis
Find new book releases, featured titles, and reviews about books on Multiple Sclerosis at our Amazon affiliate bookstore, Multiple Sclerosis and the Fatigue Factor
When asked about MS-specific fatigue, many sufferers anecdotally describe it as "bone-tired". But there is more to fatigue than you may think. Multiple Sclerosis Resources Online
Looking for an organization, support group, chat room, information site, book, or research on your illness? Browse our directory for links to the web's best resources. Resource Centers Select - Home AIDS Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Anxiety/Panic Disorders Arthritis Breast Cancer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Crohn's Disease Cystic Fibrosis Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Fibromyalgia GERD (Acid Reflux) Headaches Heartburn Hepatitis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Lupus Lyme Disease Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson's Disease Prostate Cancer More Conditions/Diseases Community Forums Select - Forum Home AIDS Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Anxiety/Panic Disorders Arthritis Breast Cancer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Crohn's Disease Cystic Fibrosis Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Fibromyalgia GERD (Acid Reflux) Headaches Heartburn Hepatitis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Lupus Lyme Disease Migraines

88. National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Keep S'myelin
Colorful newsletters filled with stories, interviews, games, and activities that related to MS. Produced by The National multiple sclerosis Society. S'myelin.asp

InsideMS Keep S'myelin Sourcebook ... Web Resources
Keep S'myelin is a colorful newsletter filled with stories, interviews, games, and activities that highlight a variety
of topics about multiple sclerosis. Keep S'myelin is an award winner! We are very proud to announce that a recent issue won the gold award in the international Astrid competition. In 2002, Keep S'myelin won the International Summit Creative Award competition. Attention Big Brothers and Sisters!
There is a place for you too. Share your experiences with other teens.
Visit Teen InsideMS
Online versions of Keep S'myelin have
been made possible by an unrestricted educational grant provided by
Berlex Laboratories, Inc. and by gifts from the Central New England, Central Pennsylvania, Dakotas, and Southern California Chapters of the National MS Society. Keep Smiling, Keep Smilin' Issue 12: MS Fatigue Issue 11: Feelings and MS Issue 10: Treatments Issue 9: Healthy Families ... Issue 5: Family Life and MS = requires Flash Player Issue 16: Family Changes Issue 15: Moving with MS Issue 14: Invisible Symptoms Issue 13: Fun Activities ... Issue 1: About MS PDF format. For free copies of these issues, contact

89. Multiple Sclerosis: Its Diagnosis, Symptoms, Types, And Stages
My explanation of multiple sclerosis, covering the medical terms, symptoms,and historical aspects of this disorder. multiple sclerosis.
Multiple Sclerosis
The course of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is totally unpredictable for any particular person and while some are only minimally affected by the disease, others experience very rapid progression to total disability. Eventually, all MSers spend time between these extremes, for varying periods of time.
In general, the younger you are at MS's official onset, the slower disability progresses. Most of the onset damage is completely repaired and there is little or no initial disability; even when the onset is severely disabling.
However, with or without clinical attacks, the MS disease process continues. After 10 - 15 years or upon reaching approximately age 40, the number of clinical attacks decline, but disability now becomes increasingly visible, lingers longer, and remissions cease.
Conversely, the older you are, when MS clinically begins, the less likely you are to have a complete initial recovery. At first, attacks are more numerous; but this pace, lessens very quickly and disability quickly accumulates, before leveling off.
Although every individual will experience a different combination of MS symptoms, there are a number of distinct disease stages and/or types that have historically been identified and recognized, as the naturally occurring course of Multiple Sclerosis.

A selfhelp group based in Crawley, West Sussex. Information about membership and group objectives.
The website for can be found by clicking here . is registered through - get web site hosting or domain name registration here

91. Multiple Sclerosis
The Malaghan Research Institute. Information on multiple sclerosis
the malaghan institute of medical research is a
charitable trust and new zealand's only independent
medical research institute Home About us Research News ... Search



Multiple Sclerosis
... research : multiple sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis Research The Institutes multiple sclerosis research information below has been taken from the Malaghan Institutes annual reports.
Multiple Scerosis Research
- Annual Report 2002
Multiple Scerosis Research
- Annual Report 2001 Multiple Scerosis Research - Annual Report 2000 The Role of cytokines in the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) animal model of multiple sclerosis - Annual Report 99 Are NK1.1 T cells involved in the development of EAE? - Annual Report 99 The role of Dendritic Cells in the development of EAE - Annual Report 99 Do influenza mycobacteria or other pathogens play a role in multiple sclerosis? - Annual Report 99 The role of intracellular signalling molecules in autoimmune diseases - Annual Report 99 The influence of the JNK-2 kinase on the course of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis - Annual Report 99 Investigation of the role of the protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 in the development of Th1 and Th2 cells - Annual Report 99 Is T cell and co-recptor signalling involved in the onset of autoimmunity?

92. Multiple Sclerosis Central
domain names and web hosting and url forwarding from V3. MultipleSclerosis Central. It s all about Click here to continue.
domain names and web hosting and url forwarding from V3
Multiple Sclerosis Central
It's all about...
Click here to continue

93. National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Welcome
Works to end the effects of multiple sclerosis. Features programs, services, news, events and volunteer information.
National Capital Chapter
2021 K Street, NW - Suite 715
Washington, DC 20006
e-mail us

Marathon Strides MS Running Club Find facts and information about MS and publications that are available to you. Serving people living with MS, their families and friends. Visit the National MS Society homepage for the latest information on MS research. Take an active role in combating the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis by getting involved. Contribute to support our programs and to find the cause of and cure for MS. Find out how corporate involvement makes our work possible. Join the dedicated team that makes our work possible - the volunteers. Learn about and get in touch with the National Capital Chapter. Sign up for People in Motion: A Day of Movement, Energy, and Fun MS Connection Spring 2004 issue Did you know? Workplace Giving Help Support the National MS Society through eBay! ... legal notices

94. Multiple Sclerosis: Ask NOAH
Ask NOAH About multiple sclerosis. What is multiple sclerosis? Care andTreatment. Return to Neurological Menu. What is multiple sclerosis?
Ask NOAH About: Multiple Sclerosis
What is Multiple Sclerosis? Care and Treatment The Basics
Diagnosis and Diagnostic Tests


Possible Causes
Research and Clinical Trials

Complications and Concerns Information Resources Cognitive Problems


Women' Issues
Men' Issues
Finding a Physician
Advocacy and Support Groups Assistive Devices Care Centers ...
Return to Neurological Menu
What is Multiple Sclerosis?
The Basics
ALS, MS, MD: What's the Difference - Center for Neurological Study
About MS - The MS Awareness Foundation
Multiple Sclerosis - Merck Manual ...
What is Multiple Sclerosis? - National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Diagnosis and Diagnostic Tests
Diagnosing MS - The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (also in French German Spanish
Diagnostic Tests - The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (also in German
Diagnosis - National Multiple Sclerosis Society
How a Diagnosis is Made - The MS Foundation
Medical Histories - National Multiple Sclerosis Society ...
Can a Blood Test Predict MS? - National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Glossary - National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Glossary of Terms - Berlex Laboratories
Glossary - The Multiple Sclerosis National Research Institute (MSNRI)
MS Glossary - Thomas J. Copeland Jr.

95. MS Care Center
A comprehensive patient care center, specializing in patients with multiple sclerosis, located in East Meadow, New York.

96. Please Note
Please Note Pages for the multiple sclerosis Society of Eastern NorthCarolina are no longer available at this site. Please refer
Please Note:
Pages for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Eastern North Carolina are no longer available at this site. Please refer to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society homepage for information previously found here.

97. Biogen Inc.
Established manufacturer of drug for treatment of multiple sclerosis, with research focusing on respiratory diseases and congestive heart failure. Offices throughout Europe, Canada with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

98. Enermed
Pulsed electromagnetic therapy for relief in frequency and/or severity of migraines headaches, or symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Available at clinics in Vancouver and Mississauga.
What you need to know if you are considering the Enermed Therapy
The Enermed is not a cure for multiple sclerosis or migraine headaches, and while double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trials and our patient surveys show that the majority of Enermed users report symptomatic relief after using the device, unfortunately, it does not help everyone.
Why consider Enermed
The Enermed is a battery operated, pulsed electromagnetic field generator which delivers a simple, non invasive therapy for the treatment of a number of physiological conditions (see below) for which there is often no satisfactory conventional remedy.
In the double blind placebo controlled study supported by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant from the Neurologic Disorders and Stroke Division and completed at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Volume 3, Number 1,1997 pp 21-29, eight symptoms were rated, these being; bladder control, cognitive function, fatigue level, hand function, mobility, sensation, spasticity, and vision. There was significant improvement in the performance scale combined rating and in individual symptom ratings of, bladder control, cognitive level, fatigue, mobility, spasticity and vision.
The Enermed Therapy was approved for sale in Canada and was available at the Enermed Treatment Centres noted on this site.

99. Multiple Sclerosis: Information From WebMD
multiple sclerosis Health Center. multiple sclerosis affects 2.5 million peopleworldwide, including 400,000 Americans. Understanding multiple sclerosis from.
WebMD Today Home
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Multiple Sclerosis Health Center
Multiple sclerosis affects 2.5 million people worldwide, including 400,000 Americans. Get in-depth information here on multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatments. Plus, find daily help in our online support group. Understanding Multiple Sclerosis from A comprehensive, medically-reviewed guide about multiple sclerosis: Get the Facts Treatments Day-to-Day MS Exams and Tests ... MS newsletter MS Recommended Patient Resources Mothers May Be Origin of Children's Multiple Sclerosis Risk A person's risk of multiple sclerosis seems to come from their mother, new data shows. Go To Article We Knew You'd Want to Know Check out these tips for getting a good night's sleep Fighting fatigue?

100. Speak About Book, Black Patent Shoes By Eva Marsh Dancing With MS
By Eva Marsh. Learn about decades old research which led her to challenge accepted perceptions and devise successful strategies for recovery from the damage of repeated episodes of multiple sclerosis.
Eva Marsh has lived with the
symptoms of multiple sclerosis
since she was eight years old. In the past 25 years, Eva has spoken to
many about her life experience of recovery
from all the damage of MS With a BSc in Physics and a Master's
in Electrical Engineering, Eva brings
a unique viewpoint to the history of MS
and to Neuroscience research. Eva is the author of
a metaphor for the steps in self healing and recovery. The ONLY book available about repair of the damage caused by ms - with scientific corroboration! NOW IN SECOND PRINTING Learn about the research that enabled Eva to challenge accepted opinions about ms ... See the vital moves that speed healing and reconnect damaged pathways ... Hear how Eva's experience in Self Empowerment and Problem Solving carry a message far beyond this particular problem ... SPEAKING Schedule WORKSHOPS MISSION ... IN THE MEDIA Page Designed By Eva Marsh

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