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         Multiple Sclerosis:     more books (100)
  1. Multiple Sclerosis: A Self-Help Guide to Its Management by Judy Graham, 1984-11-01
  2. Cooking Well: Multiple Sclerosis: Over 75 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Nutritional Healing by Marie Courtier, 2009-06-30
  3. Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Multiple Sclerosis by Richard A. Rudick, 2004-08-12
  4. Living Beyond Multiple Sclerosis: A Women's Guide by Judith Lynn Nichols, 2000-10
  5. Multiple Sclerosis: A Self-help Guide by Judy Graham, 1998-07-20
  6. The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book (Overcoming Common Problems) by Tessa Buckley, 2007-01
  7. Living with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: Overcoming Challenges by M.D. Patricia K. Coyle, RN June Halper MSN, 2007-11-28
  8. Occupational Therapy Practice and Research With Persons With Multiple Sclerosis by Marcia Finlayson, 2004-05-07
  9. Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Anatomical Chart by Anatomical Chart Company, 2006-06-26
  10. Multiple Sclerosis: Everything You Need to Know (Your Personal Health) by Dr. Paul O'Connor MDMScFRCPC, 2005-03-05
  11. Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis by Allen C. Bowling, Allen C., Md. Ph.D. Bowling, 2001-01-15
  12. Multiple Sclerosis (Diseases and Disorders) by Melissa Abramovitz, 2010-08-05
  13. Life On Cripple Creek: Essays on Living with Multiple Sclerosis by Dean Kramer, 2003-06-10
  14. Multiple Sclerosis (Biographies of Disease) by Lisa I. Iezzoni, 2010-02-26

61. Children's Hope For Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
Offers easyto-understand information about the disease and a message board for MS sufferers.
C h il dr en's H ope for U nderstanding M ultiple S clerosis is the only "MS" web site that is committed to providing children, whose lives are affected by MS, a foundation of understanding about the disease. Those who are diagnosed with MS will immediately find a host of information, resources, and support services available to them. The children of those diagnosed however, are usually the forgotton victims of the disease. If you have been diagnosed with MS, you have probably already experienced a wide range of emotions from disbelief, to anger, to sorrow, to fear. CHUMS believes that your children, whether you have told them about your MS or not, know that something is not right and are experiencing those same emotions. CHUMS encourages you to talk to your children about the disease and provides you some simple, practical ways to do so without intimidating or frightening them.

62. Statins May Curb Multiple Sclerosis Human Trial Gives Thumbs Up
Statins may curb multiple sclerosis. Cholesterollowering drugs called statinsmay help to treat multiple sclerosis, a human study suggests.

63. Index Of /~mslist
Discussion list for support and information on research for people with multiple sclerosis.
Index of /~mslist

This site offers support and advice to those living with and affected by multiple sclerosis.

65. Multiple Sclerosis -
A guide to living effectively with multiple sclerosis from diagnosisto symptom management. Related Subject(s) multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis
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66. Multiple Sclerosis Treatment - Avonex (Interferon Beta-1a)
Interferon beta1a. Details about this multiple sclerosis prescription drug treatment. Research and information on symptoms and diagnosis. Includes FAQs and a MS resource center.
Learn about multiple sclerosis , find MS news and research,and get treatment support for Avonex ( interferon beta-1a) from Biogen
multiple sclerosis relapses
MS symptoms multiple sclerosis treatment avonex side effects ... multiple sclerosis symptoms

67. Multiple Sclerosis - Neurologychannel
multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, progressive, degenerative disorderthat affects nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord.
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Risk Factors




Alzheimer's Disease
Autism ... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cephalic Disorders Cerebral Palsy Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Chronic Pain Dementia Encephalitis Epilepsy ... Guillain-Barre Syndrome Headache Huntington's Disease Hydrocephalus Lou Gehrig's Disease ... Traumatic Brain Injury Vertigo TREATMENT OPTIONS
Botulinum Toxin Therapy Epidural Injection Trigger Point Injection Vagus Nerve Stimulation RESOURCES neurologychannelMD Clinical Trials Links MDLocator ... What Is a Neurologist? Videos ABOUT US Pressroom Testimonials print this ... email this Overview Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, progressive, degenerative disorder that affects nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. A fatty substance (called myelin ) surrounds and insulates nerve fibers and facilitates the conduction of nerve impulse transmissions. MS is characterized by intermittent damage to myelin (called demyelination ) caused by the destruction of specialized cells (oligodendrocytes) that form the substance. Demyelination causes scarring and hardening (sclerosis) of nerve fibers usually in the spinal cord, brain stem, and optic nerves, which slows nerve impulses and results in weakness, numbness, pain, and vision loss. Because different nerves are affected at different times, MS symptoms often worsen (exacerbate), improve, and develop in different areas of the body. Early symptoms of the disorder may include vision changes (e.g., blurred vision, blind spots) and muscle weakness.

68. Gigi N. Girgis, M.D., Inc. - Neurologist - Waltham, Watertown, Weston, And Newto
Contact information for this neurologist in Waltham, Massachusetts, who provides treatment for migraines, headaches, seizures, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis.
Gigi N. Girgis, M.D. Neurological Testing and Treatment
Cambridge and Waltham, MA With offices in Cambridge and Waltham, MA, Dr. Gigi Girgis and her staff provide neurological diagnostic and treatment services to Eastern Massachusetts, including Cambridge, Boston, Waltham, Watertown, Weston, and Newton. An onsite headache clinic is available for the diagnosis and treatment of migraine and headache pain. Neurological testing, such as motor and sensory nerve conduction studies, lumbar puncture, electroencephalography (EEG), and electromyography (EMG), is also available through our office. As a neurologist, Dr. Girgis is trained and experienced in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system. This includes disorders of the brain, spine, nerves, and muscles. Some of the neurological conditions treated in our office include:
  • Migraine pain
  • Headaches
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Radiculopathy
  • Stroke/CVA
  • Intervertebral disc
  • Neuropathy
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Seizures (epilepsy)
Please bookmark this page as a resource for online neurological information. Use the links on the left side bar to learn more about our practice and about neurology. We hope that you find these pages helpful in making your health care decisions.

69. Nat'l Academies Press, Multiple Sclerosis: (2001), Table Of Contents
TRY OUR SPECIAL DISCOVERY ENGINE Questions? Call 800624-6242. multiple sclerosisCurrent Status and Strategies for the Future (2001) Institute of Medicine
Read more than 3,000 books online FREE! More than 900 PDFs now available for sale HOME ABOUT NAP CONTACT NAP HELP ... ORDERING INFO Items in cart [0] TRY OUR SPECIAL DISCOVERY ENGINE Questions? Call 800-624-6242 Multiple Sclerosis: Current Status and Strategies for the Future
Institute of Medicine ( IOM
Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xviii Executive Summary, pp. 1-16 1 Introduction, pp. 17-28 2 Clinical and Biological Features, pp. 29-114 3 Characteristics and Management of Major Symptoms, pp. 115-176 4 Disease Management and Measurement, pp. 177-240 5 Strategies for Future Research on Disease Mechanisms, pp. 241-276 6 Future Strategies for Therapies, pp. 277-324 7 Building and Supporting the Research Enterprise, pp. 325-346 8 Recommendations, pp. 347-368 Appendix A: Committee and Staff Biographies, pp. 369-376 Appendix B: List of Expert Consultants, pp. 377-378 Appendix C: Workshop Agendas, pp. 379-384 Appendix D: Kurtze's Expanded Disability Status Scale, pp. 385-386 Appendix E: Drugs Used in the Treatment of MS, pp. 387-400

70. Serono Group - Home
A Swiss biotech company currently specializing in multiple sclerosis, fertility, growth therapies and AIDS wasting. Includes company history and milestones.
Serono contacts Media Investor Relations Give us your feedback Other Serono websites Serono Discovery Serono Austria Serono Canada Serono Czech Republic Serono France Serono Germany Serono Italy Serono Korea Serono USA Serono Disease information MS-Network Learning About Growth Related sites Cesare Serono Foundation Bertarelli Foundation Fertility World Serono Foundation AMS Serono Symposia International Useful sites Europa Bio EBE EFPIA Your browser is not Java capable or Java has been disabled. Our Company Our Products Our Pipeline Investor Relations ... Home
With a complete portfolio of highly effective fertility drugs, Serono offers to clinicians the ability to tailor treatment to individual patient needs. Serono's vision is to develop and market innovative products to help infertile couples at every stage of the reproductive cycle, from follicular development to early pregnancy, in making their dream of having a child come true. Serono is committed to bringing hope to people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

71. Multiple Sclerosis
multiple sclerosis Menu. This is a webforum to discuss and comment on MultipleSclerosis. Click here to Enter a new Neurology WebForum article
Multiple Sclerosis Menu
This is a webforum to discuss and comment on Multiple Sclerosis. Click here to Enter a new Neurology WebForum article...
This Web Forum is not moderated in any sense. Anyone on the Internet can post articles or reply to previously posted articles, and they may do so anonymously. Therefore, the opinions and statements made in all articles and replies do not represent the official opinions of MGH and MGH Neurology. Neither is MGH or MGH Neurology responsible for the content of any articles or replies. No messages are screened for content. Archives:
Archives: (temporarily offline!)
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72. Multiple Sclerosis Society Of Canada
Provides information about MS the disease, progress in research, available services, about fund raising events and opportunities to donate and quick access to the society at a regional level.
Development and maintenance of the MS Society of Canada's website is supported through an unrestricted grant from Biogen Idec. Biogen Idec supports the MS community with educational activities, patient support programs and various other helpful services. For more information, click here
  • RONA MS Bike Tours take place from British Columbia to Nova Scotia throughout the summer. The RONA MS Bike Tours are a fun way to join the cycling community and raise funds for MS research and services.
    Prefer to donate online? You can make a difference, Click Give Now to make a donation to support needed MS research and services.
    Your vote counts.
    The federal election now underway is a great way to advance MS Society priority issues. The election package includes background and questions that you can ask the candidates in your riding.
    Caregiver Wellness Funding Pilot Project

    Starting June 1, 2004, this pilot project will provide funding to family/unpaid caregivers of people with MS

73. Multiple Sclerosis Menu
multiple sclerosis Menu 2/14/97 to Present. These are articles relatedto multiple sclerosis issues. Please feel free to browse
Multiple Sclerosis 3/18/95 to 3/23/96
Multiple Sclerosis 3/23/96 to 10/24/96

Multiple Sclerosis 10/24/96 to 1/27/97

Multiple Sclerosis 1/27/97 to 2/14/97
Multiple Sclerosis Menu - 2/14/97 to Present
These are articles related to Multiple Sclerosis issues. Please feel free to browse...
ATTENTION: The Neurology Webforums have changed cannot reply to any of these posts! Please go immediately to the Main Neurology WebForum page for more information!
IMPORTANT: If this page seems to be missing recently added documents, click the "Reload Page" button on your Web Browser to update the menu. Return To the main Neurology Web-Forum Page.

74. Coping And Prevailing With Multiple Sclerosis, A Book By Thomas Bayuk
A journey that is logical, spiritual and fool proof for overcoming any of life's difficulties.
"Coping & Prevailing"
This book is about overcoming the obstacles that constantly occur in our lives. Thoreau also said "SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY" in particular, identify all of your options and then take action. By doing this we can take overwhelming situations or circumstances and reduce them to a simple decision like any other, to be made as it occurs. We can maintain our composure, we can manage, choose and adjust our paths as we see fit regardless of our circumstances.
Believe it, live it, do it, it is true. It is also a choice, your choice.
"20 Years and Still Coping & Prevailing"
By check or money order! THE BOOK MS AND ME CONTACT LINKS ... HOME
"A journey that is logical, spiritual and fool proof for overcoming any of life's difficulties."
Site Designed by: J.E.G. Design, Inc.

75. Rick And
From Rick For 25 years I have used my experience in medicine to monitorand review the research in multiple sclerosis. For a number
Home Base In Regard To: Then: Now: ... Join Us! Register to receive news and views on disability issues. Read Snake Oil, Scams and Hype by Josie Byzek in the March 2003 issue of New Mobility Magazine . Read about Rick's Hungarian Restaurant Diet. From Rick: "For 25 years I have used my experience in medicine to monitor and review the research in multiple sclerosis. For a number of reasons, that research has now reached a plateau of inactivity and it just so happens that it coincides with my need to get out of the medical journals and get back to being human again. This site is, with you, an outlet to express opinions about a diverse range of subjects Merle and I discuss and actually think about beyond the technical and scientific areas of multiple sclerosis."
From Merle: "After so many years of hosting a very technical and professional site as MSonly, we were touched and overwhelmed with the many e-mails we received lamenting our leaving the internet. On a whim, we decided to "re-invent" our presence and this site to a more heterogeneous venue. It will be a work in progress and a place to gather if you so wish. At this time, we choose not to be the "voice" of the research but to use of own voices in expressing our thoughts and opinions on a variety of issues.

76. Home Page
Provide services to patients with paralysis associated with prior strokes, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Also patients with diabetic foot ulcers, poor healing wounds, diabetic peripheral neuropathy and recent skin grafts or plastic surgery.
Directions to Office


Preparing for a Visit

Allan Spiegel M.D.
National Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
National Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
34918 U.S. 19
OFFICE HOURS Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 8 am-4 pm 8 am-4 pm 8 am-4 pm 8 am- 4 pm 8 am-4 pm
WHO WE ARE Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment that saturates the body with 100% oxygen under pressure. In this way, the cells of the body become saturated with oxygen at 10-15 times greater than they would under ambient pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes the growth of new capillaries,reduces swelling,and enhances the bodies ability to fight off infection. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is beneficial in treating non healing wounds,severe burns,and many neurologic and orthopedic conditions. Patients with paralysis from strokes,closed head trauma, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis have had remarkable improvement in strength and function with hyperbarics. There has been an acceleration in the healing of crush injuries, sports injuries as well as skin grafts. SPECIALTIES We specialize in dealing with patients with paralysis associated with prior strokes,cerebral palsy,and multiple sclerosis. We have a special interest in treating patients with diabetic foot ulcers,poor healing wounds,diabetic peripheral neuropathy and recent skin grafts or plastic surgery

77. Snow Express For MS | Neige Express Pour La Sclerose En Plaque
Annual fundraising events to help fight multiple sclerosis, for skiers and snowboarders of all ages have fun competing at locations across Canada.

78. Welcome To
Upcoming multiple sclerosis Webcast. Date May 25, 2004. Time 830 PM EST.Understanding the Complexities of multiple sclerosis. The Myth of Mild MS.
Welcome to the new look of Our appearance may have changed, but we'll still be bringing you the information, news, and resources you need for living with multiple sclerosis.
Multiple Sclerosis Webcast
Date: May 25, 2004 Time: 8:30 PM EST Click here to enter
at the time of the event
To participate via telephone, please call 888-694-4641 Understanding the Complexities of Multiple Sclerosis The Myth of Mild MS Samuel Hunter, MD Saint Thomas Neurosciences Institute A Nursing Perspective Sally Jewell, RN
Webcast Archive
Community Resources
Our Sponsors
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Register Now
Register now to receive our monthly eNewsletter with the latest information, notifications for live events, and educational updates from Also, now when you register, you can receive free quarterly issues of

79. Untitled Document
A team of cyclists that rides annually in the Oregon MS 150 Bike Tour, raising money to find a cure for multiple sclerosis.
The MS Buster's is a cycling
team that rides annually in
the Oregon MS 150 Bike Tour.
Our goal is to build a team
of riders and volunteers
Multiple Sclerosis MS Busters have Raised over $160,000!
Registration Fees
Last updated 1/2004

80. National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Wisconsin
2003 The National multiple sclerosis Society,Wisconsin Chapter, All Rights Reserved.
@import url(../css/import.css); 1120 James Drive, Suite A
Hartland , WI 53029
phone: (262) 369-4400
fax: (262) 369-4410

What's New
Chapter Press Releases National Headlines ...
Pledge a Participant

Pledge totals are still being processed for the MS Walk and are not up to date at this time. Thank you for all your hard work and support of this year's MS Walk. We are excited to have seen more than 10,000 walkers who are committed to helping us reach our goal of $1.5 million.
Remember, you are still eligible for prizes through the June 11 pledge due date. If you did not hand in all of your pledge money at the MS Walk, you still have time.
Make a difference in the lives of people living with MS in Wisconsin.
Donate Now
Commitment. Future. multiple sclerosis (MS). Part of a 50-state network, the Wisconsin Chapter of the National MS Society serves the needs of 10,000 people living with MS in Wisconsin. A diagnosis of MS often occurs in the prime of life, between the ages of 20 and 50, and leaves the individual, family members and friends with a number of unanswered questions and concerns. MS Walk,

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