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         Multiple Sclerosis:     more books (100)
  1. Women Living with Multiple Sclerosis: Conversations on Living, Laughing and Coping
  2. Nursing Practice In Multiple Sclerosis: A Core Curriculum by June Halper; et al, 2006-05-30
  3. Multiple Sclerosis: Your Legal Rights by Esq. Lanny E. Perkins, Esq. Sara D. Perkins, 2008-01-28
  4. Multiple Sclerosis: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier by Shelley Peterman Schwarz, 2006-03-08
  5. Multiple Sclerosis: The History of a Disease by T. Jock Murray OC M.D. FRCPC MACP FRCP, 2005-06-10
  6. Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis: A Safe and Effective Program to Fight Fatigue, Build Strength, and Improve Balance by Brad Hamler, 2006-09-18
  7. Multiple Sclerosis For Dummies by Rosalind Kalb Ph.D., Nancy Holland RNEdDMSCN, et all 2007-02-20
  8. Fighting Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis: Practical Ways to Create New Habits and Increase Your Energy by NancyA. Lowenstein, 2009-02-01
  9. Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A Journey to Health and Healing by Loren Martin Fishman, B. Phil, et all 2007-05-28
  10. My Story: A Photographic Essay on Life with Multiple Sclerosis by Amelia Davis, 2004-03-10
  11. Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis, Third Edition by June Halper MSNRNFAAN, Dr. Nancy Holland EdDRN, 2010-08-30
  12. Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Cognitive Challenges by Ph.D. Nicholas LaRocca, Ph.D. Rosalind C. Kalb, 2006-07-29
  13. Multiple Sclerosis: The Guide to Treatment and Management by Chris H. Polman, 2006-03-03
  14. Multiple Sclerosis: A Self Care Guide to Wellness

21. MedlinePlus: Multiple Sclerosis
Latest News; Cholesterol Drugs Promising for multiple sclerosis (05/14/2004,Reuters Health). View slideshow on multiple sclerosis.
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Multiple Sclerosis
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From the NIH



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22. MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society Of Auckland, New Zealand
A support site for those affected by multiple sclerosis.
Search this website:
messages only Home
Support the Society

Society People

Field Workers

Equipment Service
... Other Websites
The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland is financially assisted by
The Multiple Sclerosis
Society of Auckland
Te Ropu Roro Tapepe o Tamaki-Makau-rau
What's new
May 11, 2004 (Canadian Press)
Bayer bids to market marijuana-based multiple sclerosis treatment in Canada

Bayer HealthCare has applied to market a marijuana-based drug in Canada. If approved, it would be the first such drug legally available in the country for the relief of MS symptoms... March 23, 2004 (Associated Press) Chemo could help treat Multiple Sclerosis Researchers in Philadephia report promising results using huge doses of a potent chemotherapy drug in treating autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis... February 20, 2004 ( Biogen Idec shares soar on MS drug news Shares of Biogen Idec jumped after the company said it would file for US approval of its experimental multiple sclerosis drug Antegren a year earlier than expected...

23. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Multiple Sclerosis
multiple sclerosis. multiple sclerosis (MS) affects approximately 1out of 1,000 people. Women are affected more commonly than men.
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Medical Encyclopedia
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Multiple sclerosis
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Multiple sclerosis MRI of the brain Nerve supply to the pelvis Central nervous system ... Myelin and nerve structure Alternative names Return to top MS Definition Return to top A disorder of the brain and spinal cord ( central nervous system ) caused by progressive damage to the outer covering of nerve cells (myelin). This results in decreased nerve functioning which can lead to a variety of symptoms. Causes, incidence, and risk factors Return to top The cause of MS is unknown. The disease involves repeated episodes of inflammation of nervous tissue in any area of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). These episodes occur when the body's own immune cells attack the nervous system. The location of the inflamed areas varies from person to person and from episode to episode. The inflammation destroys the covering of the nerve cells in that area ( myelin sheath), leaving multiple areas of scar tissue (sclerosis) along the covering of the nerve cells. This results in slowing or blocking the transmission of nerve impulses in that area, leading to the symptoms of MS.

24. National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Treatments
Information about specific drugs, including brand and generic names, MS symptoms treated, side effects, and other details. Used in MS.asp

Family and Social Life
Healthy Living with MS Library and Literature Mind and Emotions ... You CAN!
The following table lists the medications commonly used in the management of MS. For each product, the table gives the chemical name, the brand name, and the common usage in MS, as well as its availability in the United States and Canada. Products available without a prescription are so indicated (+). sorted by
Brand Name
sort by
Chemical Name
sort by
Usage in MS
Amantadine Fatigue Baclofen Spasticity Mineral oil Constipation Papaverine Erectile dysfunction Antivert (US)
Bonamine (Can)
Meclizine Nausea; Vomiting; Dizziness Atarax Hydroxyzine Paroxysmal itching Avonex Interferon beta-1a Disease modifying agent Bactrim; Septra Sulfamethoxazole Urinary tract infections Betaseron Interferon beta-1b Disease modifying agent Cipro Ciprofloxacin Urinary tract infections Colace Docusate Constipation Copaxone Glatiramer acetate Disease modifying agent Cipro Ciprofloxacin Urinary tract infections Cylert Pemoline Fatigue Dantrium Dantrolene Spasticity DDAVP Nasal Spray Desmopressin Urinary frequency DDAVP Tablets Desmopressin Urinary frequency Decadron Dexamethasone Acute exacerbations Deltasone Prednisone Acute exacerbations Detrol (US) Tolterodine Bladder dysfunction Dilantin Phenytoin Pain (dyesthesias) Ditropan Oxybutynin Bladder dysfunction Ditropan XL Oxybutynin (extended release formula) Bladder dysfunction Dulcolax Bisacodyl Constipation Effexor Venlafaxine Depression Elavil Amitriptyline Pain (paresthesias) Enemeez® Mini Enema

25. Multiple Sclerosis
The multiple sclerosis Society of Canada multiple sclerosis (MS) isan autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (CNS).
The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Please visit the site at:
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an auto-immune disease of the central nervous system (CNS). In Multiple Sclerosis, inflammation of nervous tissue causes the loss of myelin, a fatty material which acts as a sort of protective insulation for the nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. This demyelination leaves multiple areas of scar tissue (sclerosis) along the covering of the nerve cells, which disrupts the ability of the nerves to conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain, producing the various symptoms of MS.

26. - The One Stop Information Resource In Clinical Neurology
Information resource on Clinical Neurology. Covering areas such as alzheimers, epilepsy, migraine, motor neurone, multiple sclerosis, pain, parkinsons, schizophrenia, and stroke.
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27. InteliHealth: Multiple Sclerosis
Many investigators believe multiple sclerosis (MS) to be an autoimmune diseaseonein which the body launches a defensive attack against its own tissues.
Advertisement Multiple Sclerosis And Pregnancy
Pregnancy and childbirth don't have any negative long-term effects on women with multiple sclerosis. Learn The Basics Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Retrobulbar Neuritis What Causes MS?

28. Mixture Sciences, Inc.
A privately held company that specializes in research for treatment of HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and infectious diseases, including Lyme Disease. Lists research projects and procedures.

29. National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Delaware
A one stop information source for people with multiple sclerosis and those that support them.
@import url(../css/import.css); Two Mill Road, Suite 106
Wilmington , DE 19806
phone: 302-655-5610
fax: 302-655-0993

What's New
Chapter News Chapter Press Releases ...

Welcome to the Delaware Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Our web site provides information about:
  • Local programs and services Information about Multiple Sclerosis Current research and treatments Current events and activities Fundraising and volunteer opportunities throughout our chapter territory
Thank you for stopping by. We hope you will visit often. Our Mission
The mission of the National MS Society is to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. We achieve our mission through delivery of programs and services to people with MS and their families and through support of research into the cause and cure of MS. Our activities are made possible through private grants, sponsorships and fund-raising campaigns. Chapter members receive our newsletter and mailings about programs, events and volunteer opportunities however many of our programs and services are free or require nominal fees.

30. MS Society HomePage
The multiple sclerosis Society. Reading and District Branch. Reading,Berkshire, UK. This is a test WWW server for the MS Community.
The Multiple Sclerosis Society
Reading and District Branch
Reading, Berkshire, UK
This is a test WWW server for the MS Community. Please do not expect too much yet! In the following Index you will see a list of just some of the publications and fact sheets produced by the UK M.S. Society and these are used with permission. They are shown in HTML format but please remember they were designed for printing and not as WWW documents. There are not yet any hyperlinks between documents. When all of the indexed documents are on line I will start to implement some links. Please let me know your impressions by e-mail to Let me know what you would like to see on the server. If you have documents that you think should go on-line why not put them onto Chris Boyes's Infoserver first. They will then be available to those who only have e-mail. I will work my way thru them and put them onto the WWW Server. It is intended that the UK MS Society's Information Department will take over responsibility for documents some time early next year. I will then concentrate on putting sound and Video into documents that will be designed specifically for the newly diagnosed. In the UK we will be distributing documents with a kiosk version of the Mosaic software to GP's practises so that they will be available for the newly diagnosed and Practise and District nurses on a trial basis and without a link to the Net.. We hope that this trial will start in January 1995.

31. Multiple Sclerosis International Federation
The multiple sclerosis International Federation welcomes you to the Worldof MS. A comprehensive, international and up to date information

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation welcomes you to the World of MS.

A comprehensive, international and up to date information resource developed by MS experts worldwide.
Please select your preferred language here. The full website is available in English and many sections are available in other languages.
Benvenuti al sito Mondo della SM.
Da qui si pu² scegliere la lingua desiderata. L’intero sito ¨ disponibile solo in inglese, ma MSIF sta lavorando per tradurre pi¹ sezioni possibili in altre lingue.
Der Internationale Bund fuer Multiple Sklerose heisst Sie willkommen in der Welt von MS.
Ein umfassendes, internationales und zeitgemaesses Informations Mittel, entwickelt von MS Experten weltweit.
Bitte w¤hlen Sie hier die von Ihnen bevorzugte Sprache. Die vollst¤ndige Website ist in Englisch verf¼gbar und MSIF bem¼ht sich, so viele Abschnitte wie m¶glich zu ¼bersetzen.
The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation welcomes you to the World of MS.
A comprehensive, international and up to date information resource developed by MS experts worldwide. Please select your preferred language here. The full website is available in English and many sections are available in other languages.

32. Books About MS Multiple Sclerosis Help Your Child Avoid Multiple Sclerosis
Detailed research on multiple sclerosis dealing with the geographical risk factors, susceptibility symptoms, parenting, and migration.
Books About MS and Multiple Sclerosis "Help Your Child Avoid Multiple Sclerosis, A Parenting Decision" by Joseph V. and Dorothy M. Goldbach and the Heritage Global Publishing Company. This book has detailed research on Multiple Sclerosis dealing with the geographical risk factors, susceptibility symptoms, parenting, and migration.
There is no known cause nor cure for MS Multiple Sclerosis.
It's estimated that 200 new cases are diagnosed each week.
Here is a book that puts into focus thinking about MS susceptibility.
The authors have thoroughly and painstakingly researched and documented that MS is, in all probability, a geographical disease.
There are risk factors and high risk areas in the United States and the world. Some states, like Colorado, have a higher prevalence rate than others.
Geography and MS cannot be separated.
The authors report in detail on research that indicates moving or migrating from a high risk area to a low risk area before age 15 can make a significant difference.

33. Welcome To The World Of MS
Welcome to the. World of multiple sclerosis. IndependentInformation from MS Professionals Worldwide.

34. Hyperbaric Services Of America, Inc.
A North Eastern facility treating medical conditions such as wound and burn care, Lyme disease, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. East Hampton and Great Neck, New York.

35. MSSC - Super Cities WALK For MS
Information about annual noncompetitive walks that take place in over 140 communities across Canada. Lists information about multiple sclerosis and registration details.
National Sponsors
Win an all-inclusive trip for two to a sunny destination by participating in either the Super Cities WALK for MS or RONA MS Bike Tour! Click here for rules and regulations. Join us at the 2004 Super Cities WALK for MS in your community! With your help, we will find a cure for multiple sclerosis. In 2003, over 65,000 participants across Canada raised $8.61 million in the Super Cities WALK for MS. The Super Cities WALK for MS is a fun, one-day, non-competitive, 5, 10 and 15 km walk that takes place all across Canada in over 140 communities. Enjoy the sunshine, food and entertainment while helping us to connect with a cure and help the 50,000 Canadians who have multiple sclerosis. Thank you in advance to the tens of thousands WALKers and volunteers who will be involved in the 2004 Super Cities WALK for MS this Spring. Find the Super Cities WALK
Near You
Please click the Province or Division that you wish to walk in.

36. IrishMSNetGuide
Providing chat, message boards, information, news and links.
var nEditorialCatId = 341; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(' Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help IrishMSNetGuide What's New Join Now Messages Pictures ... Recommend This Group to a Friend Welcome to the Irish Multiple Sclerosis Net Guide.
Here you'll find chat, message boards, information, news and links.
We have some basic information in the links section to get anyone looking for info started. If you have an acticle or link you think could be worthy, please join the group and participate=]
candlemaking history
New Messages View all Welcome
Welcome to IrishMSNetGuide. Whether you are a manager, member, or visitor here, we hope you enjoy this MSN group.
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37. Multiple Sclerosis Society - Bailiwick Of Guernsey
The multiple sclerosis society exists to support MS sufferers and their carers and also to fund research into beating this disease.
Home About MS Branch History Contacts Diary of Events ...
Guernsey Challenges

A very warm welcome to the web site of the Bailiwick of Guernsey Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Here you will find information about the branch including details of forthcoming events in the Channel Islands. For those of you who might appreciate larger text, please click here. If you are newly diagnosed with MS you may find our about MS and links pages of interest. At the links page you will find a selection of excellent sites offering information about MS and opportunities to contact other MS sufferers. If you live in the Bailiwick of Guernsey you may like to join the branch and benefit from the support your local branch of the MS society can offer. If you are already a member you may find the facility to re-new your membership on line useful. The Multiple Sclerosis society exists to support MS sufferers and their carers and also to fund research into beating this disease. Financial support is vitally important to us and without generous support from kind benefactors from all walks of life, our work could not continue. If you are able to help the society by giving a donation then our on line donation system can help you do this easily.

38. MS Crossroads
This page collects essential links on web about multiple sclerosis (MS). 25.3.2001I have moved MS Crossroads to a new address.
MS info links
  • Quick start
  • New on crossroads
  • MS-stuff
  • Other MS pages ... my MS This page collects essential links on web about multiple sclerosis (MS). I have moved MS Crossroads to a new address Update your bookmarks. Aapo Halko
  • 39. Berlex Canada Inc
    Provides health information on various topics such as menopause, contraception, acne, and multiple sclerosis.

    40. MS Society Of Australia
    The multiple sclerosis Society of Australia website provides informationand resources to people with MS, their friends, carers and relatives.
    MS Australia ACT NSW QLD ... donate search e-Poll e-poll is dedicated to addressing your concerns about MS by focusing on a series of relevant topics.
    We encourage you to visit our website on a regular basis as topics change every month. How many times would you visit MS Australia Website each month? Daily Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Yearly Chat Rooms and Discussion Lists Multiple Sclerosis orientated chat rooms and discussion forums, eMail discussions and information through a variety of interactive moderated forums available on the internet can be found here. Read more Contact Us Your email Comment Stay in Touch Stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter. Enter your email address below. RECENTLY DIAGNOSED WITH MS? Were you diagnosed with MS later than June 30, 2002? If so, you are automatically eligible to assist with a new nation-wide research initiative that is working to help find treatment for MS and real life solutions for people with MS...... Read more Read more WOMEN AND MS Are you a woman aged 18 years or over, who has received a diagnosis of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS)? If so, you may be able to assist with research regarding MS, Stress and Well-Being. HOW? Simply go to the link below and follow the prompts to answer the research questions. Completing the questionnaire should take approximately 15-30 minutes. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.. ....

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