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         Migraine:     more books (100)
  1. Migraine: Winning the Fight of Your Life by Charles W. Theisler, 1995-11-25
  2. The Migraine Handbook: The Definitive Guide to the Causes, Symptoms and Treatments by Jenny Lewis, 1999-02-01
  3. The Truth about Migraines to Multiple Sclerosis and More: What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You But Science Has Proven by Barbara J. Tancredi BSc, 2009-08-20
  4. Migraine: A Neuroinflammatory Disease? (Progress in Inflammation Research)
  5. Migraine Headache Prevention and Management
  6. 100 Q&A About Migraine, 2nd Edition (100 Questions & Answers about . . .) by Katherine A. Henry, 2008-12-16
  7. Defeat Chronic Pain Now!: Groundbreaking Strategies for Eliminating the Pain of Arthritis, Back and Neck Conditions, Migraines, Diabetic Neuropathy, and Chronic Illness by Charles Argoff, Bradley S Galer, 2010-12-01
  8. Coping with Headaches and Migraine by Alison Frith, 2009-08-01
  9. Migraine by Britt Talley Daniel MD, 2010-02-25
  10. Migraine: Questions and Answers (Questions & Answers) by Egiluis L. H. Spierings, 2002-06
  11. Migraine (The Care and welfare library) by Edda Hanington, 1974
  12. The Migraine Diet Book (Overcoming common problems) by Sue Dyson, 1995-07-27
  13. Migraine Boy: Fair-Weather Friends by Greg Fiering, 1996-06
  14. Everything Health Guide to Migraines: Professional advice to help ease the pain and find the solution that's right for you (Everything Series) by Paula Ford-Martin, 2008-08-01

101. Neurology Clinic - Headaches And Migraine Explained By Michael Gross, Consultant
Headaches, migraine and other neurological conditions explained by Dr Michael Gross, a leading UK expert in Neurology. Based in the southeast of England.
Headache, migraine and other neurological conditions explained by Dr Michael Gross, a leading UK Consultant Neurologist.

102. Postgraduate Medicine: Patient Notes: Migraine
Patient Notes migraine. VOL 98 / NO 2 / AUGUST 1995 / POSTGRADUATE MEDICINE.A migraine is more than a bad headache. What are the symptoms of a migraine?
Patient Notes
VOL 98 / NO 2 / AUGUST 1995 / POSTGRADUATE MEDICINE A migraine is more than a bad headache. It is an attack that is usually made up of many symptoms. Severe migraines knock sufferers completely off their feet. Researchers think that a migraine begins with electrical and chemical disturbances in the brain. These lead to inflammation of blood vessels in the head, resulting in pain. What are the symptoms of a migraine?
Migraine headaches usually begin as a dull ache, often in only one side of the head. The pain gets worse and turns into pounding or throbbing. Regular pain medications do little good, and movement makes the pain worse. The headache often lasts for hours or days. Often, some of these symptoms are also present: visual disturbances (blurring, sparkles, wavy lines of color or light, temporary loss of visionoften occurring just before an attack), nausea or vomiting (and sometimes diarrhea), numbness or tingling in the face or hand, weakness and chills, extreme sensitivity to light, noise, or smells. What causes migraines?

103. TMJ Headache New Jersey NJ Headache Pain Treatment Directory Resource Finder For
State directory of resources for treatment of tmj, migraine, craniofacial and other pain symptoms.
Headache Pain Craniofacial
Throbbing TMJ Migraine Pain
TMJ Syndrome Cures
New Jersey Treatment Finder
Craniomandibular Alternatives Home Find a Headache Specialist Subscribe TMJ Jobs ... Migraine Links
New Jersey Pain Diagnosis - Treatment Resources

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... Links New Jersey NJ Migraine and Cranial Pain Resources
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104. National Headache Foundation: Migraine
Consumer Topics Medications Spanish Topics migraine. More than 28 millionAmericans suffer from migraine, striking three times more women than men.

Consumer Topics
Medications Spanish Topics
MIGRAINE More than 28 million Americans suffer from migraine, striking three times more women than men. This vascular headache is most commonly experienced between the ages of 15 and 55, and 70% to 80% of sufferers have a family history of migraine. Many factors can trigger migraine attacks such as alteration of sleep-wake cycle; missing or delaying a meal; medications that cause a swelling of the blood vessels; daily or near-daily use of medications designed for relieving headache attacks; bright lights, sunlight, and fluorescent lights; TV and movie viewing; certain foods; and excessive noise. Stress and/or underlying depression are important trigger factors that can be diagnosed and treated adequately. Migraine characteristics include:
  • Pain typically on one side of the head
  • Pain has a pulsating or throbbing quality
  • Moderate to intense pain affecting daily activities
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Attacks last four to 72 hours, sometimes longer
  • Visual disturbances or aura
  • Exertion such as climbing stairs makes headache worse Approximately one-fifth of migraine sufferers experience aura, the warning associated with migraine, prior to the headache pain. Visual disturbances such as wavy lines, dots or flashing lights and blind spots as well as disruptions in smell, taste or touch begin from twenty minutes to one hour before the actual onset of migraine. The origin of aura is not well understood. It has been thought to be due to constriction of small arterioles supplying specific areas of the brain. Others believe it to be due to transient changes in the activity of specific nerve cells.
  • 105. Migraine Association Of Ireland

    106. The Headache And Research Institute
    A headache specialty center in New York with helpful links to other headache sites. Assistance with migraine, cluster and tension headache.

    107. EMedicine Health - Migraine Headache Overview
    migraine headaches are one of the most common problems seen in emergency departmentsand doctors’ offices. You are in Headache, migraine Headache, Overview,
    Search June 2, 2004 Registration Healthcare Professionals High cholesterol can affect children. Is your child at risk? About 1 million people in the United States have Crohn disease. What are treatment options? Is there a connection between IBD and Crohn Disease? About one third of those with diabetes do not know they have it. Are you one? Two million or more Americans have schizophrenia. Is someone you love affected? One third of those with asthma are children. What are the symptoms and triggers?


    Crohn Disease

    Mental Health

    You are in: Headache Migraine Headache Overview Migraine headaches typically last from 4-72 hours and vary in frequency from daily to less than 1 per year. Migraine affects about 15% of the population. Three times as many women as men have migraines. More than 80% of people with migraines (called migraineurs ) have other members in the family who have them too.
    • Different types of migraine
      • Common migraine accounts for 80% of migraines. There is no "aura" before a common migraine.

    108. Enermed
    Pulsed electromagnetic therapy for relief in frequency and/or severity of migraines headaches, or symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Available at clinics in Vancouver and Mississauga.
    What you need to know if you are considering the Enermed Therapy
    The Enermed is not a cure for multiple sclerosis or migraine headaches, and while double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trials and our patient surveys show that the majority of Enermed users report symptomatic relief after using the device, unfortunately, it does not help everyone.
    Why consider Enermed
    The Enermed is a battery operated, pulsed electromagnetic field generator which delivers a simple, non invasive therapy for the treatment of a number of physiological conditions (see below) for which there is often no satisfactory conventional remedy.
    In the double blind placebo controlled study supported by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant from the Neurologic Disorders and Stroke Division and completed at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Volume 3, Number 1,1997 pp 21-29, eight symptoms were rated, these being; bladder control, cognitive function, fatigue level, hand function, mobility, sensation, spasticity, and vision. There was significant improvement in the performance scale combined rating and in individual symptom ratings of, bladder control, cognitive level, fatigue, mobility, spasticity and vision.
    The Enermed Therapy was approved for sale in Canada and was available at the Enermed Treatment Centres noted on this site.

    109. : The AMEDEO Literature Guide The Best Medical Websites. migraine. New articles,
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    The Best Medical Websites
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    You may choose a subset of the following journals and subscribe to our free e-mail service . Every week you will receive an e-mail with bibliographical details and links to available abstracts. Example:
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    110. Migraine Information And Outline
    Medical information about migraine, the neuroophthalmologic aspects of migraine,retinal migraine, ophthalmoplegic migraine, migraine therapy, the
    You are Visitor Number to this page last updated August 13, 2000.

    This very popular page now has its own site: IMIGRAINE.NET CHECK IT OUT!!
    B. Todd Troost, M.D.
    This page is my main site for headache information. It is updated regularly with the most current information listed at the top of the list of Additional Information below. There are links to most of the published articles, chapters, and lectures I have developed.
    About this Manuscript

    My Stuff
    Medical Student Lecture: Synopsis of this Chapter, August 1997

    Headache '98: August 5, 1998 Lecture - with update on Triptans

    Synopsis of a Migraine Conference in Boston, July 25-26, 1996
    My Grand Rounds on Head Pain not Migraine ... Basilar Artery Migraine (BAM) Review and Cases: Jennifer Wares, February 17th, 1998 Other Stuff
    Homepage of MAGNUM: Migraine Awareness Group: A National Understanding for Migraineurs Table of Acute Migraine therapy with prices from "The Medical Letter" Oct 1998 Table of Preventive Migraine therapy with prices from "The Medical Letter" Oct 1998 Ronda's Migraine Page ... Headache Central Site
    Dr. Edmund Messina provides another excellent source of patient information. Karyn's Basilar Artery Migraine Page Return to G-T 2000 Homepage Return to My Neurology Page Click on any part of the outline below to go to that section of the chapter OUTLINE Introduction Description of the Migraine Attack Prodrome Aura ... References Return to: Go to My Neurology Page

    111. Headache
    Discover the different types of headaches from tension to migraine, and learn how to prevent them. Provides the latest news on these disorders along with a quiz to gauge your understanding of them.
    Headache Home Headache
    O kay, you have a headache. Is it just once, for an hour or so? Or do you get them frequently? Learn when it's time to stop suffering and to talk to your doctor about them.

    Tension Headaches

    Vascular Headaches

    Migraine Headaches
    Hormones May Affect Women's Migraines

    In the Encyclopedia :

    Antimigraine drugs

    Migraine headache
    Aspirin ... more
    Search Related News HealthAtoZ Exclusives Health Exclusive Archives Related Topics Fitness Nutrition Experts FAQ Pediatrician Nurse Nutritionist Fitness Trainer Message Boards Headache Message Board Diabetes Type 1 Message Board Coronary Heart Disease Message Board Asthma Message Board       more... Encyclopedia Condition A-Z Fun Time E-Cards Life Clock

    112. Basilar Migraine
    Basilar Artery migraine. The term basilar artery migraine was coined byER Bickerstaff in 1961 in a paper to the Lancet (Bickerstaff, 1961).
    Basilar Artery Migraine

    Discovery and Description

    Differential Diagnosis

    Go to Migraine Page

    Definition Basilar Artery Migraine (BAM) is a subtype of "migraine with aura" in the new IHS classification scheme. The category now combines the term "basilar artery migraine" with "posterior fossa migraine" under the term "basilar migraine," implying involvement of the basilar artery and its branches to the brainstem as well as the posterior cerebral arteries (Baloh and Harker, 1993). Under the current classification, the migranous episode must meet the criteria for "migraine with aura," and then also meet the following criteria for BAM. Basilar Artery Migraine: Pt. must have two (2) or more of the following symptoms:
    Note that although the headache associated with BAM is almost invariably bioccipital, the patient does NOT have to have a headache to meet the criteria for BAM. Discovery and Description
    The term "basilar artery migraine" was coined by E.R. Bickerstaff in 1961 in a paper to the Lancet (Bickerstaff, 1961). Dr. Bickerstaff had noticed several patients with a migraine-type headache whose symptoms were more consistent with the vertebrobasilar circulation of the brain than the internal carotid artery (ICA) circulation. The latter had been deemed by researchers to be the cause of symptoms in most migraine sufferers. Bickerstaff felt that if the ICA could be at fault, the vertebrobasilar circulation could just as easily be affected by whatever process was occuring to cause migraine. He described BAM in 34 patients, 26 of whom were adolescent girls. A typical description from his paper is as follows:

    113. Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Pain, Schizophrenia And Other Disease, Product And Corpo
    Pr©sentation du laboratoire et de ses filiales dans le monde entier. Information sur les m©dicaments et les maladies telles que Alzheimer, migraine, douleurs chroniques, ©pilepsie.
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    Welcome to Janssen-Cilag , one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical companies. On this site, you will find in-depth information about our company, medicines, research efforts, targeted disease areas, as well as value-added customer services. Company news
    Velcade® (Bortezomib) - First new cancer- treatment for multiple myeloma in a decade - receives European marketing authorisiation

    114. Excedrin Headache Resource Center
    Managing migraines with Excedrin. Find out about the latest advancesin the treatment of migraine headaches. Excedrin Headache Resources.
    Click here to download
    or print your
    Headache Diary
    Complete Excedrin
    product information What you should know
    about headaches;
    what you can do
    about headaches
    Find out about the latest
    advances in the treatment
    of migraine headaches Tips and tools to use in managing headaches How headaches affect lifestyle Articles, readings, headache news and more
    To receive Excedrin updates and offers, please complete and submit our headache survey form. The Excedrin Headache Resource Center on the Internet is an informational service dedicated to improving the understanding and treatment of headaches among healthcare providers and headache sufferers through education and research. Bristol-Myers Squibb does not endorse and is not affiliated with the National Headache Foundation.

    115. Excedrin - Managing Migraines
    Excedrin migraine. Powerful Relief Without A Prescription. Despite WillExcedrin migraine Treat All My migraine Symptoms? Excedrin
    Excedrin Migraine. Powerful Relief Without A Prescription
    Despite your best intentions, prevention techniques are not always practical because of your busy lifestyle. When a migraine strikes, you need something that works, and you want something that's safe.
    Will Excedrin Migraine Treat All My Migraine Symptoms?
    Excedrin Migraine was the first non-prescription medication approved by the FDA to treat all the symptoms of a migraine including:
    • Mild, moderate, and severe migraine pain Sensitivity to light Sensitivity to sound Nausea Difficulty performing normal activities
    In three separate clinical trials, researchers found that Excedrin Migraine is highly effective in treating all levels of migraine pain, as well as the associated symptoms of migraine. After taking Excedrin Migraine, even patients with severe migraine attacks experienced a noticeable reduction in pain within 30 minutes. More importantly, patients noted major improvements in their ability to take part in normal activities. And according to the experts who tested Excedrin Migraine, "...this pain reliever also has an excellent safety profile and is well tolerated."
    Why Should I Try Excedrin Migraine Before A Prescription?

    116. Headache
    Resources and information on migraines headaches and summer headaches.
    Search Dr. Koop Web MEDLINE Special Offers TV Specials Top Features Schizophrenia Hair Loss Liver Disease Allergies ... Impotence Resources Subscribe to our Free Newsletter Health Encyclopedia ... Privacy Policy Advertisement
    Advertisement Disease Injury Nutrition Poison ... Treatment
    Definition: A headache is pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck. Most headaches are due to tension, migraine, or a combination of the two. Serious underlying causes of headaches, like a tumor or a stroke, are extremely rare, despite the fact that many people worry about these possibilities. Most people with headaches can feel much, much better by making lifestyle changes, including learning ways to relax, and occasionally by taking medications. See also tension headache cluster headache classic migraine headache , and common migraine headache
    Alternative Names: Pain - head
    Common Causes: Tension headaches are due to contraction (tightness) of the muscles in your shoulders, neck, scalp, and jaw. They are often related to stress, depression, or anxiety. Overworking, not getting enough sleep, missing meals, and using alcohol or street drugs can make you more susceptible to headaches. Foods that can trigger a headache include chocolate, cheese, and monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer. People who drink caffeine can have headaches when they don't get their usual daily amount. Other common reasons you may develop a tension headache include:
    • Performing an activity that causes you to hold your head in one position for a long time, like using a computer, microscope, or typewriter

    117. Migraine - General Practice Notebook
    migraine. Medical search. migraine is a familial headache syndromeconsisting of periodic headaches with complete resolution

    118. InteliHealth migraine is listed and cross-referenced in an AZ format. migraine. Health Ato Z, Reviewed by the Faculty of Harvard Medical School migraine

    119. Runwiththewolves
    Eclectic collection of love poetry, humor, migraine headache information, and babyboomer nostalgia.
    SOMETHING NEW (finally!) check it out!

    by: Nancy Krenrich Hamm Charlize Theron - she's blonde, she's beautiful, and apparently the BEST ACTRESS
    Or is she? I'm just sayin' what everybody else is thinkin'!
    MIGRAINES - Miserable Mind Missles
    S C R I B E S C R I B B L E S
    "The Dance") (Tribute to the late Prince of Camelot we were not ready to lose These are a few of my FAVORITE LINKS

    120. InteliHealth: Migraine
    migraine victims alone lose over 157 million workdays because of headache pain. migrainevictims alone lose over 157 million workdays because of headache pain.
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    and the terms and conditions.

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