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  1. Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual by David Pogue, 2009-10-13
  2. Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Snow Leopard Edition by David Pogue, 2009-12-09
  3. Mary Mac's Tea Room: 65 Years of Recipes from Atlanta's Favorite Dining Room by John Ferrell, 2010-07-13
  4. The Little Mac Book, Snow Leopard Edition by Robin Williams, 2009-09-04
  5. Macs All-in-One For Dummies by Joe Hutsko, 2009-12-14
  6. Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Support Essentials v10.6: A Guide to Supporting and Troubleshooting Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard by Kevin M. White, 2009-10-25
  7. Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual by David Pogue, 2007-12-15
  8. Switching to a Mac For Dummies by Arnold Reinhold, 2009-09-15
  9. Learn C on the Mac (Learn Series) by Dave Mark, 2008-12-08
  10. Office 2008 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies by Geetesh Bajaj, Jim Gordon, 2009-10-12
  11. Mac OS X Snow Leopard For Dummies by Bob LeVitus, 2009-09-15
  12. Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Server Essentials v10.6: A Guide to Using and Supporting Mac OS X Server v10.6 by Arek Dreyer, Ben Greisler, 2009-10-31
  13. Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (3rd Edition) by Aaron Hillegass, 2008-05-15
  14. Macs For Dummies by Edward C. Baig, 2008-12-03

1. Apple .Mac Welcome
ONLINE SERVICES . mac Mail Firstclass email service 100 MB of online storage . mac Address Book .mac Bookmarks
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2. Apple
Apple The Apple Store iPod+iTunes .mac QuickTime Apple Support mac OS X. Office 2004 box, Office 2004 for mac. Manage your information. Share your ideas.
var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var SERVER= ""; var ORDER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; var adname="";
Updated iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program

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3. Apple - Mac OS X
mac OS X has evolved. The If you’re one of the millions of mac owners, you’ll love the powerful refinements to your system. Or
var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var SERVER= ""; var ORDER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; var adname=""; New Features Overview Architecture Developer Tools ... Upgrade
A new point of view
provides a vastly improved view of the system, with one-click access to your favorite files and folders, whether on your hard drive, iDisk
More than window dressing
Phone home for free

Personal videoconferencing has arrived. Panther includes iChat AV so you can have face-to-face conversations in high-quality, full-screen video over the Internet with an iSight or DV camera. Or make voice calls with crystal-clear audio anywhere in the world over 56K modem. Of course you can still text message with anyone on the AIM and .Mac networks. Use iSight to set your buddy picture. The superior graphics capabilities of Mac OS X enable innovative applications previously imagined only in science fiction.
Digital Swiss Army knife
You can do just about anything Safari Mail delivers even fewer junk emails and makes it easy to read and manage related emails with a threaded view.

4. MAC Cosmetics
Lipstick. Lipglass. Lip Conditioner. Lip Pencil. Shadow. Mascara. Liner. Brow. Lash. Foundation. Powder. Concealer. Cheek Colour. Classic. Jacquard.
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5. DivX: Download DivX For Mac
More DivX. Windows. mac OS. Linux. User Guide

DivX Pro DivX Player Dr. DivX ...
What's new
in this version. Windows and Linux versions also available! Upgrading a previous version? Cost: Cost: Free 15-day Trial Cost: Free
  • Highest quality encoder and decoder Best performance Advanced features Smallest file sizes MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile 3.8 MB download Highest quality encoder and decoder Best performance Advanced features Smallest file sizes MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile 3.8 MB download Original DivX encoder and decoder MPEG-4 Simple Profile 2.6 MB download
Include MP3 encoder Includes MP3 encoder trial MP3 encoder not included More information Buy the MP3 encoder only ($6.99) (1.9 MB download) Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements to run DivX software. Registered users of DivX Pro should follow these upgrade instructions . All DivX versions can play video created with any other version. DivX is free for personal use. For information about
commercial licensing, read the DivX Licensing Overview
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Don't forget to sign up for our free weekly newsletter , and keep up to date on all DivX news and product announcements.
A lot of people write us and ask about putting DivX software on their web sites. If you would like to do this, you should include the Download DivX web badge (shown below) on your site and link it to this page. (This is the first official web badge. We'll roll out more in the future.)

6. Macintosh Products Guide
A comprehensive catalog of products made for the mac from Apple Computer.
MPG Contents New Arrivals - May 24, 2004
Highlighting the newest, hottest products for your Mac.

Browse the software section for over 18,000 Macintosh applications and software titles.

Over 4,500 peripherals and accessories such as cameras, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice and more.
Advanced Search

Hot Deals

Great prices on hot selling Mac products from your favorite Macintosh resellers.
Special Offers

Promotions and offers direct from Macintosh developers and magazines. MPG Information Give Us Feedback MPG Web Badges For Developers Submit a Product MPG Advertising Great prices. Hot deals. Australia France Germany Japan NOTICE: All product information included in this guide is provided by the developer without any independent testing or verification by Apple Computer, Inc. Apple does not guarantee or warrant this information as accurate. Visit the Apple Store online or at retail locations. 1-800-MY-APPLE Contact Us

7. Information Resources For IT Professionals - ZDNet
macintosh software news, reviews, and top downloads.

Vonage slashes price of Net telephony kit

Free e-mail news alerts

var adname = "561701"; var start = location.hostname.indexOf('.'); var end = location.hostname.length; var host = location.hostname.substr( ++start, end - start ); document.domain = host;
Enterprise news
Vonage slashes price of Net telephony kit
Seagate to cut costs, work force Quadrics adds lower-end supercomputer switch Microsoft gets set to file EU appeal ...
Voice Over IP

Technology information courtesy of TechRepublic. Antivirus Software
How to protect your network with tips from ZDNet. Business Continuity
Find the gaps with these tools from TechRepublic. Desktop Upgrades
Improve your hardware with tips from ZDNet. Preview Windows XP's SP2 update Expected for release later this year, Windows XP Service Pack 2 focuses on three areas of security: default firewall, automatic update and scanning for current virus protection. Play video A desktop replacement in your hand A 14-ounce notebook replacement that runs XP and offers full computer functionality is the promise of OQO's Ultra Personal Computer. IT Priorities where enterprises are focused Hardware Upgrades Software Infrastructure Security Web Technology Budget and headcount : That's where the rubber meets the road for IT professionals. Each month ZDNet asks 500 enterprises where they are allocating their budgets and headcounts now, in the next 12 months, and in 18-24 months. The results are the biggest five IT priorities.

8. MRP: The Mac Resource Page
A daily news ezine about macintosh computers and the macOS.

9. IGN Mac Apple Macintosh Games, Mac Game Cheats And Mac Game Codes
The BEST SITE for free mac games, mac game cheats and mac game codes featuring mac game, reviews, previews, news, video and screenshots. Dreamcast ·mac ·PC Downloads Second Life. Now mac users can trade one life for another
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10. Macworld: The Mac Product Experts
See the entire line of NEW PowerBook, Power mac, and imac G4 models at macMall! We have great mac memory, guaranteed compatibility, and FREE SHIPPING!
Macworld MacCentral MacCentral ProductFinder
Apple Hardware

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... Macworld Expo TOP STORY PowerBook G4s 2004 is shaping up as a year of incremental improvements for Apple's PowerBook lineup. Instead of new designs or breakthrough technologies, Apple has delivered modest improvements in performance, made AirPort Extreme standard in all configurations, and trimmed prices at the upper end of the line. And it appears that the company has resolved the quality problems (with screens and latches) that marred many of last year's mobile Macs. (July 2004 Issue) MACWORLD WEBLOGS System Preference Shortcuts I've seen enough people launch System Preferences via the Apple menu to adjust a PowerBook's display, sound, or keyboard options that I thought I should remind them of the following: [more] (updated June 02, 2004) Recent Items: More personal iTunes sharing Missed Manners Help for Help New iPods, 10.3.4, and USB 2.0 ... A Matter of Perspective Getting a different perspective can be useful for any Mac user, whether the topic is Mac vs. Windows, Office 2003 vs. Office 2004, iPhoto vs. iView, or just about anything else. [more] (updated June 01, 2004)

11. The Fleetwood Mac Legacy
News, photos, art, lyrics, audio, video, screensavers, articles, biographies, story, message board and mailing list.
(enter without flash) (enter without flash)

12. Internet Explorer 5 For Mac
Find everything you need to evaluate, deploy, use, update and troubleshoot Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 for mac OS. Welcome to Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 for mac, our free, awardwinning Web

13. Dealmac. News On Macintosh Prices.
Features macintosh purchasing information. Covers limitedtime specials from all vendors of mac OS hardware and software.
Updated: Wed, Jun 2, 5:17 pm ET deal news deal ram deal cam deal ink deal coupon my dealmac send a hot tip! coupons ... contact us jump to today's exclusives! systems storage upgrades ... software search for deals: my dealmac emails you bargains based on what you want to buy, manages newsletters, and sets display preferences. It puts you in control ... and it's exclusive to dealmac Sign up now! ClubMac open-box discounts Other World Computing's clearance sale IKEA semi-annual sale: up to 50% off ... more reader picks Get an email alert when dealmac finds a deal on what you're looking for. Choose by keyword, category, or vendor. It's quick and easy. Set up an alert now! Get an email edition of our site every day at 3 pm ET by subscribing to dealmac daily Subscribe now! dealmac







... more from the forum Take dealmac with you! dealmac's RSS/XML feeds provide several options for you to place the latest bargains into your own web site, your PDA, favorite portal, instant messaging client, and more. dealmac offers AvantGo and WAP support for Palm OS, PocketPC, and next-generation phones. WAP is automatic;

14. Macworld The Mac Product Experts
macworld The mac Product Experts. frontpage front page Software and Utilities. mac Hardware. Apple patches vulnerability in Safari A pear of projects plan to offer mac OS on PCs

15. MacFixIt - Troubleshooting Solution For The Macintosh
noted that they cannot reproduce produce the exploit browsing with Opera, because it does not support the help protocol, as noted on the opera.mac newsgroup
TechTracker Network VersionTracker Developers Email Us ... Advanced Search Do you have a Troubleshooting Late-Breaker? Email us.
Updated Wednesday, June 02 2004 @ 01:48 AM PDT

Today's Featured Article
Mac OS X 10.3.4 (#6): Safari issues; Mail; fans; more
Today we continue our coverage of issues with the recent Mac OS X 10.3.4 update. Safari issues with banking sites We recently covered reports of Safari problems with a number of online banking sites under OS X 10.3.4. However, a number of readers have since reported that Safari is working fine at the same sites. For example, yesterday we noted reports of issues with the site; a number of readers are using the site successfully after installing the 10.3.4 Update. Jerry Jividen writes: "I recently used with 10.3.4 on a twin 800 Mhz Power Mac and everything went perfectly." Likewise, Riley Werts writes: "Seeing your note about a reader that could not access his CapitalOne accounts after applying the 10.3.4 update reminded me that I needed to make a payment. I immediately logged on to the CapitalOne website, browsed around at all available account info, and then made an online payment. At no point did I get any indication that I, my OS X 10.3.4, or browser (Safari 1.2.2 - v125.7) were not welcome on their site. All went just as smoothly as I am used to finding at their site." Safari "localized strings not found" problem Yesterday we covered an issue where contextual menus in Safari would not show the usual menu items, instead showing the text "localized strings not found." This error generally appears when an application is being used on a non-English version of Mac OS X but the application is missing localization files for the language being used. However, these reports involve the use of Safari on a standard US English version of Mac OS X.

16. Mac.Seite
Bietet Auflistungen von Software aus diversen Bereichen und von mehr oder weniger unbekannten Shortcuts sowie ein œberblick ¼ber verschiedene macOSVersionen und Systemerweiterungen.
Mac Apple Macintosh
mac.seite -alles über den apple macintosh! Hier gibt es alles über den Mac, den Apple Mac. Es gibt ein Mac-Forum und viele Links vom Apple Macintosh. OS-X ist das aktuelle Betriebssystem des Apple Macintosh. Früher war es OS9. Denis hat einen Mac.
Reicht das? Als begriffe... Mac der Macointosh, ist ein Computer von Apple ;-) eval("docume"+'nt.wri'+'te("')"); web database Schmuck Haarverlängerung Baby Fotos ... wissen eval('docu'+"ment.writ"+"e('');");

Free updates and utilities for Microsoft Office v. X for mac OS X and individual Office v designed specifically for Office v. X and are mac OS X compatible.

18. Freddie Mac
Current Weekly Survey; Compilation of Weekly Surveys. Stay upto-date on information regarding Freddie mac s management. Freddie mac Reaches Out to Women.
Search Doing Business With Freddie Mac About Freddie Mac Understanding Home Finance
d.write(currentDateAbbr) 30 year 15 year Average Rate d.write(avgRate30Year) d.write(avgRate15Year) Fees / Points d.write(feesPoints30Year) d.write(feesPoints15Year) Next rate update: d.write(nextUpdateDateFull)
Stay up-to-date on information regarding Freddie Mac's management.
Go to , our online suite of mortgage underwriting and processing tools.
Top Housing Economists Predict Strong Housing Growth in 10-year Analysis
Together with the Homeownership Alliance, Freddie Mac's Chief Economist Frank Nothaft and four other leading economists presented a groundbreaking report, America's Home Forecast: The Next Decade for Housing and Mortgage Finance , at a press conference in Washington, DC. The economists forecasted record-level growth in the housing sector over the next decade.

19. Il Portale Italiano Sull'Information Technology
Canale dedicato a news e soluzioni tecniche per la programmazione sotto mac OS.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

20. MacAddict 10.3
Don t panic, but there s trouble afoot, in the form of security holes in mac OS X that can allow malicious code to enter your machine over common IP protocols

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    Get it While it's Hot
    9:30 AM - Thursday, May 27 2004 ~Apple Ready for some of that down-home enhanced functionality and improved reliability? It's ready for you, in the form of Mac OS X 10.3.4, bringing such goodness as full USB 2.0 compatibility for your iPod, so iTunes and iSync recognize it when you can't find your FireWire cable. And our favorite: the Stickies app "will no longer write to the hard drive every five minutes, even when the computer is idle." Who knew? Perhaps more importantly, word on the street is that the latest Help Viewer security update may not be included, so keep an eye on MacFixIt
    Security Alert
    6:00 PM - Saturday, May 22 2004 ~Apple
    Don't panic, but there's trouble afoot, in the form of security holes in Mac OS X that can allow malicious code to enter your machine over common IP protocols and have its way with your data. Not good. Apple has released security updates for both Mac OS X and - do yourself a favor and get it via Software Update or the links above, and keep an eye on

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