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         Lymphoma:     more books (100)
  1. Tumours, Lymphomas and Selected Paraproteinaemias (New Clinical Applications: Dermatology)
  2. Malignant lymphoma: nodal and extranodal diseases (Modern surgical monographs) by Yeu-Tsu N Lee, 1974
  3. Pathogenesis of Leukemias and Lymphomas Environmental Influences (Progress in Cancer Research and Therapy)
  4. Lymphoma: Webster's Timeline History, 1990 - 1996 by Icon Group International, 2009-06-06
  5. Immunologic Approaches to the Classification and Management of Lymphomas and Leukemias (Cancer Treatment and Research)
  6. Hodgkin's Disease and the Lymphomas: v. 3: Annual Research Review
  7. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Adult Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age by Icon Health Publications, 2002-11
  8. Lymphoma - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-01-23
  9. Burkitt's Lymphoma - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-09-16
  10. Advances in Acute Leukaemia (Reviews in leukaemia and lymphoma)
  11. Drug Resistance in Leukemia and Lymphoma III (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology) (v. 3)
  12. Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma: Webster's Timeline History, 1980 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-02-23
  13. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Primary Cns Lymphoma: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age by Icon Health Publications, 2002-11
  14. Lymphoma: Webster's Timeline History, 1793 - 1989 by Icon Group International, 2009-06-06

101. Leukemia Lymphoma Society ALL
Provides general information about this condition touching upon such issues as risk factors, diagnosis and immunophenotyping.

102. Lymphoma Rescue
MOPP Rescue Protocol for lymphoma MOPP Stands for M ustargen 3.0 mg/m2 IV(reconstitute with 10ml of NaCl for final concentration of 1 mg/ml).
MOPP Rescue Protocol for Lymphoma MOPP Stands for: M ustargen 3.0 mg/m2 IV (reconstitute with 10ml of NaCl for final concentration of 1 mg/ml) O ncovin (Vincristine) 0.7 mg/m2 IV P rocarbazine (Matulane) 50 mg/m2 PO q 24hrs P rednisone 30 mg/m2 PO q 24hrs Protocol Schedule day 1: Mustargen and vincristine IV day 7: Mustargen and vincristine IV day 1 through 14: Matulane and prednisone PO rest days 15-28 Patients are rechecked on day 28, and the cycle is started again This is a rescue protocol, intended for use in animals that have failed more conventional chemotherapy regimens.

103. Elephant Trust
Information on cancer research on lymphoma, including fund raising events.
Welcome to the Elephant Trust For
Cancer Research

The trust was named The Elephant Trust because my husband John loved Elephants and all that they stood for. Strength, courage, protection of the family, loyalty, gentleness, and all the things that John represented.
John had HIGH-GRADE, STAGE IV ADULT NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA.He died on Christmas Day 1999 after a mammoth fight lasting two years. He had had several courses of chemotherapy and a Stem Cell Transplant at Christmas 1998 and a Bone marrow transplant at Christmas 1999, with his sister Mary generously donating her bone marrow after searching through all the family members who might have been a match she was found to be the closest. In the end with no immunity, during the process of the bone marrow transplant, he got flu in London's winter flu epidemic of 1999.
He died within about three days of catching it. The Bone Marrow transplant might have worked and it is research into that new type of treatment that we are trying to help. John wanted to try everything that he could to help find a cure, and his attitude was that if it didn't help him, then by going through the treatment the doctors would learn, and it could help someone else. With such a strong and courageous attitude I felt that I wanted to continue his powerful beginnings, and work to help further the knowledge of cancer care and support and eventual cure.
The Lymphoma and Cancer research projects that we are planning to fund are for laboratory research in forwarding the knowledge needed to fight the rejection of donated bone marrow and Stem Cell transplants and detecting very small cancer cells before they become a problem.We also help support cancer patients and their treatment.

104. LSA Protocols
Treatment of lymphoma in Dogs A Comparison of Three ChemotherapyProtocols. lymphoma is a common malignancy of dogs, and is the
Treatment of Lymphoma in Dogs: A Comparison of Three Chemotherapy Protocols Lymphoma is a common malignancy of dogs, and is the neoplastic disease most commonly treated with chemotherapy in veterinary medicine. A wide variety of single agent and combination chemotherapy protocols have been evaluated for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs. There is, however, no consensus among veterinary oncologists as to whether an "ideal" protocol has yet been developed. Single Agent Therapy Prednisone, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, epirubicin, cytosine arabinoside, and actinomycin-D are among the drugs that have been evaluated as single agents for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs. Of these,doxorubicin seems to be the most effective single agent. The overall response rate (partial and complete response) has been reported to be 81% with median remission and survival times of 131 and 230 days, respectively. Doxorubicin has also been reported to be effective in inducing a second remission in dogs previously treated with combination chemotherapy. Combination Chemotherapy Clinical Stage Histologic Grade Protocols Evaluated Since 1975, three combination chemotherapy protocols have been utilized at The Animal Medical Center for the treatment of dogs with multicentric lymphoma. The protocols are outlined below:

105. EMedicine Health - Lymphoma Overview
Consumer health resource providing an overview of causes, symptoms and treatment.
Search June 2, 2004 Registration Healthcare Professionals High cholesterol can affect children. Is your child at risk? About 1 million people in the United States have Crohn disease. What are treatment options? Is there a connection between IBD and Crohn Disease? About one third of those with diabetes do not know they have it. Are you one? Two million or more Americans have schizophrenia. Is someone you love affected? One third of those with asthma are children. What are the symptoms and triggers?


Crohn Disease

Mental Health

You are in: Cancer and Tumors Lymphoma Overview Lymphoma is a group of cancers that affect the lymphatic system of the body.
  • The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It consists of a network of vessels that carry a fluid called lymph, similar to the way that the network of blood vessels carry blood. Lymph contains white blood cells called lymphocytes, which help the body fight "invaders." Some invaders come from outside the body, such as microbes that cause infections; others come from inside the body, such as abnormal cells that can grow into cancers.
    This network connects thousands of lymph nodes. (Lymph nodes are small collections of lymph tissue that occur throughout the body.) Lymph flows through the lymph nodes, as well as through other lymphatic tissues like the spleen (an organ on the upper right side of the abdomen near the stomach), the tonsils, the bone marrow, and the thymus gland (a small organ in the upper chest).

106. Lymphoma Inside The Eye And Central Nervous System
Intraocular lymphoma. A 70 year old woman vitrectomy was performed.The diagnosis on pathology was large dscell lymphoma. A complete Tumors/lymphoma.html
The Editor
Dr. Finger
Patient Information:
Conditions The Eye
FAQs ...
Studies ...
Intraocular Lymphoma A 70 year old woman was noted to experience an acute deterioration of her vision due to vitreous cells, and a vitrectomy was performed. The diagnosis on pathology was large dscell lymphoma. A complete metastatic survey (imaging studies of the brain, chest, abdomen), a lumbar puncture, and bone marrow biopsy were found to be negative. The question is, what to do? R adiation Therapy Radiation therapy has been the most common treatment for intraocular lymphoma. Both eyes are usually treated because approximately 80% of cases will either present as or go on to develop bilateral disease (within 8 years). The prescription dose has been decreasing with 3,000 cGy or less being employed in several centers. The dose to the orbit is adjusted when whole-brain irradiation is required. With this in mind, remember to always obtain a complete neurological work-up to rule out central nervous system (CNS) involvement. Radiation will help acutely, but intraocular and CNS relapse are common. C hemotherapy Recent investigations have combined radiation therapy with systemic or intrathecal chemotherapy. Several studies suggest that this approach

107. Society : - Leukemia
Provides general information about acute myelogenous leukemia touching upon such issues as risk factors, subtypes, diagnosis and treatment.

108. Burkitt's Lymphoma
Burkitt s lymphoma. Burkitt s lymphoma is a solid tumor of B lymphocytes,the lymphocytes that the immune system uses to make antibodies.'sLymphoma.html
Burkitt's Lymphoma
Burkitt's lymphoma is a solid tumor of B lymphocytes , the lymphocytes that the immune system uses to make antibodies . The genes for making antibodies are located on chromosomes (the heavy [H] chains), (kappa light chains), and (lambda light chains). These genes are expressed only in B lymphocytes because only B cells have the necessary transcription factors for the promoters and enhancers needed to turn these antibody genes " on In most (approximately 90%) of the cases of Burkitt's lymphoma, a reciprocal translocation has moved the proto-oncogene c- myc from its normal position on chromosome to a location close to the enhancers of the antibody heavy chain genes on chromosome In all the other cases, c- myc has been translocated close to the antibody genes on chromosome 2 or 22. In every case, c- myc now finds itself in a region of vigorous gene transcription, and it may simply be the overproduction of the c-myc product (a transcription factor essential for mitosis of mammalian cells) that turns the lymphocyte cancerous. Uncontrolled mitosis of this cell results in a clone of cancer cells, Burkitt's lymphoma. Many other human cancers involve chromosome aberrations, such as translocations, at the loci of known proto-oncogenes.

109. Entrez PubMed
Scientific paper finds paternal smoking before conception increases risk of the children getting cancer, particularly acute leukemia and lymphoma.

110. Childhood Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Childhood NonHodgkin s lymphoma (16 links). The system. See also General/ Adult lymphoma Resources (in InterNet Resources for Cancer).

Site Map Cancer Types Treatments ... About
Childhood Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Menu Cancer-Types NHL
Childhood Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (16 links)
The lymphatic system helps the body fight infection. There are two main types of cancer associated with the lymphatic system: Hodgkin's Disease and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL). Both are rare in children aged under 3, and are more common in older children and adults. More boys than girls have childhood Hodgkin's disease.Childhood non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells are found in the lymphatic system. See also General / Adult Lymphoma Resources in InterNet Resources for Cancer)
  • Parent's information for Childhood Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (CancerNet) Information about the disease, staging, and treatment overviews. It is reviewed each month by a panel of medical experts.
  • Childhood Lymphomas (Health Canada) in the booklet "This Battle Which I Must Fight"
  • Childhood Lymphomas (CancerNews on the Net) an article by Faith H. Kung, M.D
  • Childhood NHL (Lymphoma Information Network) The pages include information about childhood Hodgkin's, diagnosis, treatment, and a kid's page. The site is produced by a lymphoma survivor.
  • Childhood Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (UK) a factsheet produced by the United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group and CancerBacup linked to the UKCCSG booklet "A Parent's Guide to Children's Cancers".

111. AS - High Quality Monoclonal Antibodies
Produces monoclonal antibodies for invitro research. Applications include immunophenotyping, flowcytometry, HIV research and diagnostic, cancer research - leukaemia and lymphoma.
Choose here! lambda FITC / CD19 PE kappa FITC / CD19 PE anti-human C5b-9 (aE11) CD3 (UCHT-1) CD3 (CRIS-7) CD4 (EDU-2) CD5 (CRIS-1) CD8 (UCHT-4) CD8 (5C2-2H2) IgM clone CD15 (BRA-4F1) CD16+CD56 PE CD16 (MEM-154) CD20 (CAT 13.6E12) CD56 (MEM-188) anti-IgM (IIE2) anti-kappa (A8B5) anti-lambda (4C2) CD3 FITC / CD16+CD56 PE CD3 FITC / CD19 PE CD3 FITC / CD8 PE CD4 FITC / CD8 PE CD45 FITC / CD14 PE CD5 FITC / CD19 PE HLA DQ (FN81) HLA DR (EDU-1) pan HLA Class II (HKB1) human IgE (HE1) Isotype control IgG1 (1B9) Isotype control IgG2a (5A7)
Anti-human C5b-9
by Grete T. Fjelstad would like to present an excellent monoclonal antibody against human C5b-9, the Terminal Complement Complex (TCC). The antibody is produced in vitro by the aE11 hybridoma and purified with protein A to a purity more than 98%. Read more
Anti-human CD34 (581) for Stem Cell analysis
Flow cytometry is the preferred method to enumerate the number of CD34+ cells required for stem cell transplantation. AS offers anti-human CD34 (clone 581, studied at the V. International HLDA Workshop) for stem cell analysis.
Read more

Anti-human CD16 for NK-cell research
We are pleased to present our new product: A purified monoclonal antibody against human CD16 (C127). This antibody is well suited for NK cell research. CD3 negative and CD16 and/or CD56 positive cells indicate NK cells.

112. Dermatlas: Online Dermatology Image Library Dermatology Image,lymphoma,lymphoma,
Dermatlas Dermatology Images mycosis fungoides,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma,lymphoma

113. Encyclopaedia Topic : Lymphoma, Section : Introduction
lymphoma. Search. Help. There are many different types of lymphoma. Some lymphomasare called Hodgkin lymphoma and others are Non Hodgkin lymphomas.

114. Leukeran Online, Description, Chemistry, Ingredients - Chlorambucil - RxList Mon
with links to full prescribing information for this alkylating agent of the nitrogen mustard type indicated in the treatment of chronic lymphatic (lymphocytic) leukemia, malignant lymphomas including lymphosarcoma, giant follicular lymphoma, and Hodgkin's disease.......
ADD/ADHD Allergy Alternative Medicine Arthritis Asthma Beyond Dieting Breast Cancer Cancer Awareness Cardio Health Children's Health Contraception COPD/Emphysema Dental Health Diabetes Elder Care Emergency Room Epilepsy Erectile Dysfunction Eye Care Fertility Fitness Gastrointestinal Health Hair Loss Headache Healthcare Today Healthy Aging HIV and AIDS Infectious Diseases Kidney Health Leukemia Liver Health Lung Cancer Lymphoma Multiple Sclerosis Men's Health Mental Health Nutrition Osteoporosis Sexual Health Skin Health Sleep Disorders Special Events Stroke Teen Health Thyroid Health Urologic Health Vascular Disease Women's Health Workplace Health Health Updates Get the latest health information from leading experts, delivered direct to your email box!


safe for diabetics?
LEUKERAN (chlorambucil) was first synthesized by Everett et al. It is a bifunctional alkylating agent of the nitrogen mustard type that has been found active against selected human neoplastic diseases. Chlorambucil is known chemically as 4-[bis(2chlorethyl)amino]benzenebutanoic acid. Chlorambucil hydrolyzes in

115. Update On Polio Vaccine And Lymphoma 3/23/02
Update on Polio Vaccine and lymphoma. Dr. Mercola s Comment Lastissue I posted an article from Lancet showing that half of the
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Author of the
Total Health Program
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Previous Issues
Essential Info Health Blog My Vision My Qualifications #1 Natural Health Site ... More... Health Resources Nutrition Plan Fewer Grains/Sugars More Omega-3 More Water ... Issue 309 March 23, 2002 Omega-3 Fats Prevent Breast Cancer Hypocrisy Oath Polio Vaccine and Lymphoma Companies Entice Physicians ... Print this Page document.write ( "E-mail to a Friend" ); document.write ( "" ); Update on Polio Vaccine and Lymphoma Dr. Mercola's Comment:
Last issue I posted an article from Lancet showing that half of the 55,000 cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in the US are likely related to contaminated polio vaccine. The researchers believed that the contaminated vaccine batches were cleared up in 1963. A reader forwarded me a peer reviewed journal article discussing the legal proceedings at Lederle that suggest otherwise. I have posted the abstract of the article below:
To date, the scientific literature and research examining SV40 and cancer-related diseases has been based upon an assumption that SV40 was not present in any poliovirus vaccine administered in the United States and was removed from the killed polio vaccine by 1963.

116. Lymphoma Information - Hodgkin's And Non-Hodgkin's
Hodgkin s and NonHodgkin s lymphoma Information. and tonsils, andthe bone marrow. Links to more information related to lymphoma
U-M Health System U-M Medical School U-M Gateway
Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Information

Disease and Treatment Information
Multidisciplinary Lymphoma Clinic main page
About the Clinic
Support Groups

Special News... You can help support cancer research! Find out more. Disease Information
The lymphatic system includes the lymph nodes and related organs, such as the spleen and bone marrow, that are part of the body's immune and blood-forming systems. This system drains a fluid called lymph from the body and carries white blood cells called lymphocytes that help fight infection. Lymph tissue is found mainly in the spleen (located behind your stomach on the lower left side of the rib cage), the thymus gland (in the chest behind the breastbone), the adenoids and tonsils, and the bone marrow. Links to more information related to lymphoma: Hodgkin's Lymphoma Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma See Also: Lymphoma: Hodgkins Disease - Questions and Answers - Focused on pediatric patients Lymphoma: Non-Hodgkins Disease - Questions and Answers - Focused on pediatric patients Treatment Information Information on CHOP Internet Resources The following is a link to a Patient Education Resource Center (PERC) Information Guide.

117. ADAP Drugs: Doxorubicin
Used alone and in combination with other drugs for treatment of tumors including malignant lymphomas and leukemias.(Adriamycin)
doxorubicin (Adriamycin) Drug description
Doxorubicin is used alone and in combination with other drugs for treatment of tumors including malignant lymphomas and leukemias. A new liposomal version of this drug called Doxil has been recently approvedl as a Side effects
This drug causes additive bone marrow depression in combination with other cancer treatments and radiation. It should not be given if you are pregnant or breast feeding. If there is liver impairment, dosage must be reduced, and if you have had previous radiation, your skin may be aggravated at the site. Hair loss is possible. The drug can make your urine appear red for 1-2 days. Risk of mouth inflammation is greatest 5-10 days after treatment and usually lasts 3-7 days. Dosage
Doxorubicin is given intravenously. Dose for adults is 60-75 mg/m2 once in 21 days, or 30 mg/m2 daily for 3 days every four weeks. Total cumulative dose should not exceed 550 mg/m2 without monitoring for cardiac function. How long it may take to work
The effectiveness of treatment can be seen by decrease in size or spread of malignancies in solid tumors, or improvement of hematologic status in leukemias. Managing side effects
Notify your doctor promptly if you have fever, sore throat, signs of infection, bleeding gums, bruising, blood in stools or urine, and increased fatigue. Avoid crowds and persons with known infections. Use a soft toothbrush and electric razor and avoid falls. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or take drugs containing aspirin because these can cause gastric bleeding. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after eating and drinking. Practice contraception during treatment and for at least 4 months after therapy is concluded. Notify your doctor immediately if you have irregular heart beat, shortness of breath, or swelling of legs. Tell your doctor if you get a skin irritation at the site of previous radiation therapy. Do not receive any vaccinations without discussing with your doctor.

Nonprofit raises funds for patient care and cancer research. Located in New York City.
THE LYMPHOMA FOUNDATION HOME SCIENTISTS RESEARCH EVENTS ... THE 7th ANNUAL BRIAN ROONEY RUN/WALK IN CENTRAL PARK on SATURDAY MAY 22, 2004 was attended by Brian's old friends, family and supporters of the Lymphoma Foundation... to help supply the funds for future research grants. Because of the generosity of so many volunteers and contributors to this event... research grants in memory and honor of Brian Rooney once again will be awarded to help in our quest to cure all persons with lymphoma.
Members of the Board and Friends
The Lymphoma Foundation is dedicated to the discovery of innovative and practical medical therapy by encouraging and supporting creative clinical and basic research scientists in their quest to find the cure for all lymphomas and cancer in general. GOALS OF THE LYMPHOMA FOUNDATION
  • It is the goal of the Lymphoma Foundation to promote basic research and clinical studies with regard to the causes, treatment and cure of all patients with Hodgkin's disease and the non-Hodgkin's lymphomas as well as the allied disorders that plague the lymphoma patient in the form of leukemia, second primary cancers of the breast, colon, ovary, lung, neurofibroma and other malignant tumors and immunological syndromes such as multiple myeloma.
    It is the goal of the Lymphoma Foundation to support and inform practicing physicians, clinical investigators, basic research scientists and the general public in matters concerning all forms of cancer.

119. Lymphoma: Pet Health Topics From The College Of Veterinary Medicine, Washington
Cancer of the lymph glands, lymphoma occurs commonly in dogs and cats.Pet lymphoma is a very common cancer in dogs and cats, lymphoma
Pet Health Home Lymphoma, Lymphosarcoma Topics Index Terminology This information is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care. Always follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian.
Lymphoma is a very common cancer in dogs and cats
Lymphoma or lymphosarcoma (abbreviated LSA) is a cancer of the lymphatic system, which includes the lymph glands (also called lymph nodes) and lymph cells scattered through other organs (liver, kidney, intestinal tract, etc.). Because lymphocytes are scattered through all organs, lymph cancer can occur in any organ. Lymphoma occurs commonly in both dogs and cats. Although most cancers occur in older animals this type of cancer can occur in young animals as well although less commonly than in the older animal. Certain breeds of dogs develop lymphoma more often than others. This tumor occurs more often in the following breeds:
  • Boxer Basset Hound Rottweiler Cocker Spaniel Saint Bernard Scottish Terrier Airedale English Bulldog Golden Retriever
There are several forms of this cancer that require different diagnostic tests and respond differently to treatment.

120. Welcome To
Official Pharmaceutical website for this medication used in the treatment of malignant melanoma, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, nonHodgkin's lymphoma, hairy cell leukemia, condylomata acuminata, and AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma.
Hot links Indications... About Intron A The... Melanoma... If your doctor has prescribed INTRON A therapy, this site is all yours.
Come here to find out about INTRON A therapy, how you take it, and its side effects
Most of all, come here for support . Here, we understand the special needs and added pressures of facing down and fighting off a serious illness. We're here to help.

If you're reading this, it's probably because your doctor has prescribed treatment with INTRON A (Interferon alfa-2b, recombinant) for Injection therapy. INTRON A (Interferon alfa-2b, recombinant) for Injection is an interferon used as a frontline treatment for a number of indications. more...
INTRON A therapy has been approved for use in the treatment of malignant melanoma hairy cell leukemia chronic hepatitis B chronic hepatitis C ... follicular (non-Hodgkin's) lymphoma , and AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma For more on indications, dosages, and other prescription information, click on INTRON A Prescribing Information
There are a number of possible side effects associated with INTRON A therapy injections. We will address each of them, and what to do about them, in detail. more...

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