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         Lupus:     more books (103)
  1. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  2. Homo homini lupus: Markus Lupertz--Krieg (German Edition) by Markus Lupertz, 1994
  3. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Lupus: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age by ICON Health Publications, 2005-01-28
  4. The Lupus Name in History by, 2007-06-28
  5. Lupus: A Patient Care Guide for Nurses and Other Health Professionals by Terri Nass, 2000-07
  6. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Webster's Timeline History, 1951 - 2004 by Icon Group International, 2009-02-23
  8. The Value of Escharotics: Medicines which will destroy any living or fungous growth in the treatment of cancer, lupus, sarcoma, or any other form of malignancy by Perry Nichols, 1948
  9. God's Plan Included Lupus by Doug Rodgers, 1998-12
  10. Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks: International Workshop, POLICY 2001 Bristol, UK, January 29-31, 2001 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  11. Lupus What's It All About? by Claudia Pagano, Claudia Pagano, et all 1998-03-13
  12. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus by Marian W. Ropes, 1976-06
  13. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Research Developments
  14. Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus

101. Lupus Sp.j.
Firma produkująca blaty robocze, parapety wewnętrzne, fronty postforming, wstęgi softforming, fronty MDF, fronty MDF/PCV, fronty ramkowe(ramki), profile i listwy meblowe.

102. Lupus/Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
lupus/Systemic lupus Erythematosus (SLE). If your question is not answered here, please contact one of our information specialists. More Information About lupus.
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Lupus/Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) If your question is not
answered here, please
one of our
information specialists.
What Is It?
What Are the Symptoms?

What Causes It?

How Is It Diagnosed?
More Information About Lupus
What Is It? Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (sis-TEM-ick LOO-pus err-ah-theme-ahTOE-sus) is a chronic (long-lasting) rheumatic disease which affects joints, muscles and other parts of the body. Lupus involves inflammation (the immune system's response to kill foreign agents, virus, bacteria). Systemic lupus erythematosus involves chronic inflammation that can affect many parts of the body, including:
  • Heart Lungs Skin Joints Blood-forming organs Kidneys Nervous system
There are several types of lupus:
  • Discoid lupus affects the skin. Drug-induced lupus occurs because of a reaction to drugs. Symptoms, however, disappear once the drugs are discontinued. Crossover, or overlap, syndromes indicate features that overlap with another rheumatic disease.

103. Arthritis Insight-Lupus
Symptoms, treatment, information and support.
In this section: Lupus-Index Disease Description Living With Lupus Preventing Fatigue Pregnancy Nutrition Skincare Preventing a Flare Links for more Information Recommended Reading Back to Disease Index
Current Discussion



Disease Index
... Disease Index Lupus Lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus)
About 500,000 people in the United States have Lupus to one degree or another. The severity ranges from mild to severe. Some people only have a couple of the symptoms while others have them all. This makes it difficult to provide information that applies to everyone, but we'll do our best! Disease Description
Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more. Living with Lupus
A great article from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.
Just a few years ago women with lupus were told not to get pregnant and if they happened to become pregnant they were encouraged to abort. Thankfully, that is not the case any longer. Links to more information
Arthritis Insight isn't the only place on the web to learn about SLE. Check out these other sites.

104. Alianza Venezonala De Lupus
Asociaci³n venezolana de ayuda contra el lupus, informaci³n sobre lupus en general y ºltimos avances.

105. Lupus Foundation Of Greater Washington
Greater Good. Amazon. Network For Good. Until a cure is found, we will continue to provide hope and support to the area s thousands of lupus sufferers. William
Home What Is Lupus? En Español Living With Lupus ... Make A Donation Please designate
LFGW #9153 during the Combined Federal Campaign and United Way time. Announcements:
We have moved. Click here for our new address and phone numbers. Be an E-Mail Buddy or Telephone Buddy. Contact: "Until a cure is found, we will continue to provide hope and support to the area's thousands of lupus sufferers."

William Goodman, former LFGW President and current Advisory Council Member Welcome to the Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington's home page. Our chapter provides current information, educational programs, and outreach services to improve the quality of lives for people with lupus while also supporting research. Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington Announces Dr. Daniel J. Wallace as Keynote Speaker at the 9 th Annual Symposium

The Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington is pleased to announce that we will be having Dr. Daniel J. Wallace as out keynote speaker for the 9 th Annual Symposium on October 2 nd , 2004 at the Four Points Sheraton in Bethesda, Maryland.

106. Accueil
Pr©sentation de l'association et informations sur le lupus eryth©mateux et les autres maladies autoimmunes.
Accueil Qu'est-ce que l'AFL+ ? Rôle Objectifs ... Nous contacter
Association Française du Lupus et autres maladies auto-immunes
4 rue de Crimée 75019 PARIS Tél / Fax : 01 42 02 23 20 E-mail :
(c) Andrée HAMON Auteur : Mme Andrée HAMON Date de création de la page : 13/01/2003 Date de dernière mise à jour : 14/01/2003

107. - Lupus
lupus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that can affect your skin, joints and organs. lupus By Mayo Clinic staff Overview

108. Homepage Der Deutschen Lupus Erythematodes Selbsthilfegemeinschaft E.V.
Informationen ¼ber das Krankheitsbild des lupus erythematodes (LE) und ¼ber spezielle Aspekte der Erkrankung wie LE und Schwangerschaft oder LE im Kinder und Jugendalter sowie ¼ber die Regionalgruppenarbeit. Zum Austausch wird ein Forum angeboten.
Homepage der deutschen Lupus Erythematodes Selbsthilfegemeinschaft e.V.

109. - Lupus Bookstore -
Discount books for individuals with lupus or SLE. The lupus Book Store includes book reviews. Books shipped worldwide. lupus Bookstore.
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Lupus Bookstore
Bestselling Featured Items Alphabetical (A-Z) Publication Date Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low) Alphabetical (Z-A) Average Customer Review The Lupus Book: A Guide for Patients and Their Families
by: Daniel J. Wallace
15 January, 2000
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Prices subject to change.

by: Robin Dibner
01 October, 1994

110. Section Of Rheumatology
Information for patients, physicians, and medical professionals on arthritis, gout, lupus, scleroderma, and related diseases and disorders.
The Section of Rheumatology is a dynamic and growing enterprise of approximately forty faculty, staff and fellows who are committed to providing outstanding state-of-the-art patient care, understanding the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases and training the next generation of physicians and scientists. The Section was recently named one of the top twenty programs in the country by US News and World Report. Through our disease-focused clinics we offer an inter-disciplinarily approach to patient care that provides access to the most current therapies and to the resources of the University. In parallel with our clinical activities, we have well-developed basic science research programs where our primary focus is on understanding the development and regulation of lymphocytes which is fundamental to the pathogenesis of most autoimmune diseases. These are exciting times in Rheumatology. Remarkable advances in our knowledge of basic immunology are beginning to translate into new and better treatments for those suffering from autoimmune and metabolic diseases. The Section is well poised to both take advantage and contribute to these revolutions in the understanding and treatment of rheumatic diseases.

111. Lupus Foundation Of Pennsylvania, Welcome!
Welcome to the lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania! Our mission To promote awareness, education, support service and research for those affected by lupus.
Welcome to the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania!
Our mission: To promote awareness, education, support service and research for those affected by Lupus
Sun Protection Resources
Get the complete list of all the stuff you need to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays.
Click here . . .
Click on the links below for the article. Evidence for Aerobic Insufficiency in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Effects of a Self-Management Course for Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Life With Lupus:
Teresa Kodish By Ron Kodish
Read a husband's tale of his wife's battle with Lupus . . .
Visit our Online Marketplace! Join a support group in your area! Related Links: Lupus Research Institute


112. Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder
An autoimmune process with symptoms of Scleroderma, Systemic lupus Erythematosus , Rheumatoid Arthritis and/or other autoimmune diseases. This page describes symptoms and treatments and has lists of useful links.
Main htmlAdWH('7002568', '234', '60'); NEW! Click here to join a group for spouses of people with Autoimmune Disease (Spousal Autoimmune Support Group). What is Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder? How do you know if you have Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder? What causes Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder? ... VIVIENDO CON EMTC What is Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder?
Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder is an autoimmune process with symptoms of Scleroderma, Myositis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus , Rheumatoid Arthritis and/or other autoimmune diseases. It is a description of a group of symptoms occurring together. This is different from a diagnosis that describes the underlying process. It is a disorder of the immune system, which normally functions to protect the body against invading infections and cancers, and toxins. In Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, as in other autoimmune diseases parts of the complex immune system is over-active and produces increased amounts of abnormal antibodies that attack the patient's own organs. Sometimes MCTD is called Overlap Syndrome or Undifferentiated Mix Connective Tissue Disorder. Some writers discriminate between them claiming that each of these are different. Some argue MCTD is not a distinct entity at all, and is just one of the forms of Lupus or Scleroderma.

113. Lupus From Veritas Medicine
Perform a personalized search to find ongoing clinical trials that match your needs.
Jump to another condition or disease... Allergic Disorders Alzheimer's Disease Anxiety Disorders Asthma Bipolar Disorder Bladder Disorders Brain Tumors Breast Cancer Cholesterol Disorders Chronic Pain Colorectal Cancer Constipation and Pain (OBD) COPD Coronary Heart Disease Crohn's Disease Dementia Disorders Depression Diabetes Endometriosis Epilepsy Fertility Treatments Foot Disorders Hepatitis C Herpes High Blood Pressure HIV Hodgkin's Disease Inflammatory Bowel Disease Leukemia Leukemia - ALL Leukemia - AML Leukemia - CLL Leukemia - CML Lung Cancer Lupus Lymphoma Melanoma Menopause Migraine Multiple Sclerosis Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Obesity Oral Disorders Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Ovarian Cancer Pancreatic Cancer Parkinson Disease Prostate Cancer Prostate Disorders Psoriasis Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Renal Cell Carcinoma Reproductive Conditions Rheumatoid Arthritis Schizophrenia Sexual Dysfunction Skin Disorders Sleep Disorders Stroke Ulcerative Colitis Urinary Incontinence Uterine Fibroids Vascular Disorders Lupus Home Find Clinical Trials About Clinical Trials Personalized Trial Notification ... Advanced
Veritas Medicine's online resource for Lupus allows you to search for clinical trials, receive free email updates, and learn about the clinical research process.

114. Lupus: Online Reference For Health Concerns
lupus Updated 06/02/2003. lupus is an autoimmune, inflammatory disease with multiple acute and chronic manifestations. In its most
var WebSiteBaseURL = "" translation by SYSTRAN MEMBERSHIP PRODUCTS MAGAZINE ... CHECKOUT Health Concerns Selector Select Health Concern Acetaminophen (tylenol) Poi... Acne Adrenal Disease Age-associated Mental Impai... Alcohol Induced Hangover: P... Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Amnesia Amyotrophic Lateral Scleros... Anemia-thrombocytopenia-leu... Anesthesia And Surgical Pre... Anxiety And Stress Arrhythmia (cardiac) Arthritis Asthma Atherosclerosis Attention Deficit Disorder ... Autism Autoimmune Diseases Avoiding Vitamin - A Toxicity Bacterial Infections Balding Bell's Palsy Bladder Conditions Breast Cancer Bursitis Cancer - Overview Cancer Adjuvant Treatment Cancer Chemotherapy Cancer Clinics Cancer Gene Therapy Cancer Prevention Cancer Radiation Therapy Cancer Supplements Cancer Surgery Cancer Treatment: The Criti... Cancer Vaccines Candida (fungal, Yeast) Inf... Cardiovascular Disease: Co... Cardiovascular Disease: Ove... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Catabolic Wasting Cataract Cerebral Vascular Disease Cervical Dysplasia Cholesterol Reduction Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (cfs) Cirrhosis Colitis (ulcerative) Colorectal Cancer Common Cold Congestive Heart Failure An...

115. Treatment Of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: An Update - June 1998 - American Acad
Treatment of Systemic lupus Erythematosus An Update. 4. Diagnostic Considerations. TABLE 1 Classification Criteria for Systemic lupus Erythematosus*.

Advanced Search

Departments Patient Information
Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: An Update
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland
Systemic lupus erythematosus predominantly affects women and is more common in blacks. Although survival rates have improved, over one half of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus have permanent damage in one or more organ systems. Arthritis and cutaneous manifestations are most common, but renal, hematologic and neurologic manifestations contribute largely to morbidity and mortality. Treatment approaches emphasize using a combination of drugs to minimize chronic exposure to corticosteroids. S ystemic lupus erythematosus has fascinated physicians for almost a century and remains the prototypic autoimmune disease. Although it is estimated to affect one out of every 1,000 white persons and one out of every 250 black women from 18 to 65 years of age, systemic lupus erythematosus is certainly not the most common example of autoimmunity encountered by physicians. Positive antinuclear antibodies are extremely common in the general population, occurring in as many as 10 to 20 percent of young women. Localized autoimmune disorders, such as autoimmune thyroid disease, are also much more common than systemic lupus erythematosus.

116. Elayne K. Garber, M.D.
Board certified rheumatologist based in Los Angeles. Clinical practice limited to the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, lupus and other rheumatological disorders.

117. Job Accommodation Network
JAN Logo. ACCOMMODATING PEOPLE WITH lupus By Linda Carter Batiste, JD, and Beth Loy, Ph.D. Preface. There are lupus. The following
This publication is funded under a contract supported by the Office of Disability Employment Policy of the U.S. Department of Labor, contract #J-9-M-2-0022. The opinions contained in this publication are those of the contractor and do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Department of Labor.
Job Accommodation Network

By Linda Carter Batiste, J.D. , and Beth Loy, Ph.D. Preface There are an estimated 1,400,000 to 2,000,000 people with lupus, affecting 1 out of every 185 Americans. Most individuals are diagnosed with lupus between the ages of 20 and 40. Therefore, many individuals with lupus are members of the workforce. These statistics, coupled with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) show why knowing about workplace accommodations for people with lupus is important. When considering accommodations for people with lupus, the accommodation process must be conducted on a case-by-case basis. Symptoms caused by lupus vary from person to person, ranging from mild symptoms that affect only a few organs to life-threatening symptoms that can cause death. When determining effective accommodations, the person's individual abilities and limitations should be considered and problematic job tasks must be identified. Therefore, the person with lupus should be involved in the accommodation process.

Open research study at University of Minnesota seeking multiple family members with systemic disease to investigate why certain women are prone to this illness through identification of inherited genetic factors.
The Genetics of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Family Study
  • The Division of Rheumatology at The University of Minnesota
  • Sponsored by the National Institute of Health and the Minnesota Lupus Foundation
Do you or a family member have Systemic Lupus? If so, you can be involved in the search for the cause. We are looking nationwide for individuals with lupus or families with two or more family members with lupus. We hope to discover why certain people get lupus by identifying inherited genetic factors. To date we have recruited over 360 families, but we need many more. For more information on this study please contact one of our recruiters (Carmen Stevens, R.N. or Kristine Rohlf, R.N.) at the toll-free number 1-800-515-8787 (1-800-51-LUPUS) or send email to New Information MAPPING THE GENOME: One year later - A recent article published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
what is lupus? who can participate? who are we? ... lupus links

119. Wolves (Canis Lupus)
Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Wolf. Canis lupus.
Canis lupus
Life History
Relationship With People
The wolf is the primeval wild dog, long a hunter alongside people, ancestor of our most faithful domestic companion. Wolves vary widely in appearance, from lightly built and often white in the Arctic to larger, and mostly dark in more southerly areas.
Wolves arose in the middle of the great Ice Age about one million years ago from a lineage of smaller doglike forms native to Eurasia. They spread to North America across the Bering land bridge early in the Ice Age when it was bared by falling sea level, and renewed contact with the American population each time the bridge re-emerged. As a result, Asian and American populations have not evolved separately for long enough to become distinct species.
Today wolves are distributed across the northern portion of both continents and more sporadically to the southward. They can be found throughout Beringian except for many islands. Six thousand individuals have been estimated to inhabit Alaska at densities varying from 39 individuals per 1,000 square kilometers in richer, more southerly habitats, to six per 1,000 square kilometers in coastal and northern tundra. A study of wolves in the remote Anadyr highlands of Russian Beringia determined an intermediate density: about ten wolves per 1,000 square kilometers.
Wolves once occupied a vast array of habitats well into the temperate and even subtropical and desert areas. Now, however, they are generally rare or absent except in northern forests and arctic tundra.

120. ASCALUP, El Portal Del Lupus En Castellano
Bienvenido a ASCALUP
Thursday, 03 de June de 2004 - 12:37 AM CEST Publicar Eventos Encuestas Enlaces ... Forum Secciones Página Inicial

Noticias de ACLEG

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