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         Lupus:     more books (103)
  1. The London Lupus Centre, Book of Lupus: A Patients' Guide by Graham Hughes, 2008-12-15
  2. Lupus Underground: A Patient's Case for a Long-Ignored, Drug-Free, Non-Patentable, Counter-Intuitive Therapy That Actually Works - UVA1 Phototherapy by Anthony DeBartolo, 2004-11-30
  3. Lupus Nephritis: Frontiers and Challenges by Hussein A. Sheashaa, Tarek M. Abbas, et all 2010-07
  4. Positive Options for Living with Lupus: Self-Help and Treatment (Positive Options for Health) by Philippa Pigache, 2006-08-30
  5. Lupus: A Patient's Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Lifestyle by Iris Quintero Del RioMD, 2007-10-01
  6. LUPUS NOVICE: Toward Self Healing by Laura Chester, 1999-08-01
  7. Lupus: Everything You Need to Know (Your Personal Health)
  8. Pumpkin: A Young Woman's Struggle With Lupus by Patricia M. Fagan, 1994-04
  9. Lupus: My Search for a Diagnosis by Radziunas, 1993-01-05
  10. Coping with Lupus: A Guide to Living With Lupus for You and Your Family by Robert H. Phillips, 1984-07-01
  11. Lupus, My Doctor and Me: A Sacred Dialogue by Anita A. Fricklas, Stuart S. Kassan, 2010-07-01
  12. Living Without Pain: Stomach & Digestive Disorders, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Headaches and More-- by Harvey Diamond, 2007-01
  13. LIVING WITH THE WOLF and Surviving Lupus by Liz Shaw-Stabler, 2010-07-31
  14. Taking Charge of Lupus:: How to Manage the Disease and Make the Most of Your LIfe by Maureen Pratt, David Hallegua, et all 2002-09-03

21. [L U P U S][2 . 0]
Introductory and exploratory information and articles along with links to other sites, mailing lists and chats. Creative writing competitions.
[Lupus] is currently undergoing some revisions. Please do not dispair, as we will be back as of March 2004! Do not delete your bookmarks, do not forget us, and we'll see you again soon!

Abbot of Ferrieres, French Benedictine writer, b. in the Diocese of Sens, about 805; d. about 862.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... L > Lupus A B C D ... Z
(SERVATUS LUPUS, LOUP) Abbot of Ferrieres, French Benedictine writer, b. in the Diocese of Sens, about 805; d. about 862. He assumed the surname of Servatus in commemoration of his miraculous God predestined some men to damnation, but that he foreknew the sins of men and foreordained consequent punishment. The closing years of the life of Lupus were saddened by the threatened devastation of his monastery by the invading Normans. He occupies a prominent place in medieval literary history, being one of the most cultured and refined men of the ninth century. His letters, of which we possess 132, are distinguished for literary elegance and valuable historical information. As a hagiographer he has left us a "Life of St. Maximin", Bishop of Trier (d. 349) and a "Life of St. Wigbert", Abbot of Fritzlar in Hesse (d. 747). In the controversy on predestination he wrote his "De tribus quaestionibus", a work which treated of the threefold question of free will, predestination, and the universality of redemption. To illustrate the teaching of the Church on these topics he brought together pertinent passages from the Fathers in his "Collectaneum de tribus quaestionibus." N.A. WEBER

23. Lupus (SLE) Resource
H Michael Belmont, MD, Rheumatologist, Specialist in the treatment and investigation of SLE lupus and the compassionate care of affected patients. Clinical Overview lupus Books - Survey
You are using a non-frames capable browser, Click here for clinical overview and index.

24. Alliance For Lupus Research: Prevent, Treat And Cure Lupus Through Medical Resea
Our mission is to prevent, treat and cure lupus through medical research. 100% of all Associates, Inc. ©2004, Alliance for lupus Research. If
A Special Event Benefiting ALR Updated: May 3, 2004 Updated: June 1, 2004 Our mission is to prevent, treat and cure lupus through medical research.
100% of all donations go to support medical research. Site designed and maintained by SJI Associates, Inc 2004, Alliance for Lupus Research.
If you are experiencing problems with any part of this site, or have questions regarding the technical details of this site, please contact the site administrator
Terms and Conditions

25. Pediatric Rheumatology Home Page
A resource for families and physicians caring for children with arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, Kawasaki disease and other rheumatic diseases.
id=13897 All information is provided as a public service and no warranty is expressed or implied.
KEY WORDS: arthritis scleroderma childhood arthritis dermatomyositis JRA juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Kawasaki Disease pediatric rheumatology polyarteritis nodosa SLE systemic lupus erythematosus vasculitis CLICK for Patient and Family Information Information about juvenile rheumatoid arthritis More Information about childhood arthritis Information about systemic lupus ... It’s not just growing pains.
A guide to childhood muscle, bone, and joint pain,
rheumatic diseases and the latest treatments Dr. Tom Lehman’s experience and compassion are evident on every page of this book, and they help guide the reader—child, parent, and healthcare professional alike – through the world of childhood arthritis. This book is an absolute gem written with a single goal in mind: improve the lives of kids with arthritis. Jack Klippel , M.D. President and CEO of the Arthritis Foundation “Dr. Lehman has given parents and families of children with arthritis the first book that speaks to the parent and child as equals. His book explains the illnesses, the medications, the lab tests, and the disease course in simple, understandable lay language and givens them valuable insight into how a pediatric rheumatologist thinks.

26. - Lupus Resource Center
news, articles, information, community message boards and chat rooms, free email, free homepages, books, newsletter, links directory and more on lupus or SLE. ('','newWindow','height=118,width=258,top=230,left=250,scrollbars=0,resizable=no,status=0') Search Site: Search Web: Lupus Resource Center New Books on Lupus
Find new book releases, featured titles, and reviews about books on Lupus at our Amazon affiliate bookstore, Dental Concerns and the Lupus Patient
Lupus patients have specific dental problems due to the disease process itself and related medications. Find out how you can prevent a trip to the dentist, from Lupus Resources Online
Looking for an organization, support group, chat room, information site, book, or research on your illness? Browse our directory for links to the web's best resources. Resource Centers Select - Home AIDS Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Anxiety/Panic Disorders Arthritis Breast Cancer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Crohn's Disease Cystic Fibrosis Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Fibromyalgia GERD (Acid Reflux) Headaches Heartburn Hepatitis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Lupus Lyme Disease Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson's Disease Prostate Cancer More Conditions/Diseases Community Forums Select - Forum Home AIDS Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Anxiety/Panic Disorders Arthritis Breast Cancer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Crohn's Disease Cystic Fibrosis Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Fibromyalgia GERD (Acid Reflux) Headaches Heartburn Hepatitis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Lupus Lyme Disease Migraines Multiple Sclerosis

27. LUPUS Foundation Of Minnesota
Dedicated to support and education of lupus patients, their friends, family and the public and support research to improve the diagnosis and treatment and find a cure for lupus.
Press Lupus Foundation of Minnesota
The Atrium Suite 135
2626 East 82nd Street
Bloomington, MN 55425 Phone Number
Email us

Education Events About Us Home Welcome to the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota. Current Highlights! Through the generous support of the family and friends of Jenna Dunn, a scholarship for a week at Camp Sunshine is being offered! Camp Sunshine Scholarship The Lupus Foundation of Minnesota is a non-profit charitable organization that provides education, support and service to those affected by lupus. We promote awareness and understanding of lupus to others. We support research that seeks to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lupus as well as to discover its cause and cure. Please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered on our site. What Is Lupus?

28. The Lupus Loop
Provides information for teens and preteens with lupus.
Pediatric Rheumatology BC Children's Hospital 4480 Oak Street Vancouver BC V6H 3V4 604-875-2437
Mailbag News FAQ ... Forum
In Appreciation We thank the BC History of Nursing Group for hosting our site. March 2004 Editorial This is our first addition of 2004! I hope this year brings you happiness and good health. It's hard to believe but this is our 3rd year of producing the Loop. This is our 8th edition and once again we have wonderful letters from our readers. Our focus in this issue is alternative medicine. I hope that this article will open up the doors for discussion about non-traditional medicines. I would love to hear any success stories or not so successful stories about some of your experiences with alternative therapies. Please email or write them into me. Hope you enjoy this issue! Jenny Tekano Your Lupus Team Dr. Ross Petty
Dr. Peter Malleson
Dr. David Cabral
Dr. Lori Tucker
Dr. Katherine Gross
Jenny Tekano
Leonie Adler Contact us Last update:
Mar 16, 2004 All information contained within this Site is owned by or licensed to The Lupus Loop which retains all proprietary rights to the information. The Lupus Loop shall not be liable for any errors in content of the website, see

29. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Clinical Overview
Clinical overview of Systemic lupus Erythematosus (SLE), a chronic, usually lifelong, potentially fatal autoimmune disease. lupus
Lupus Clinical Overview
H. Michael Belmont, M.D.
Medical Director, Hospital for Joint Diseases
New York University Medical Center
Recommended Lupus Books Shop for Lupus Introduction Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, usually life-long, potentially fatal autoimmune disease characterized by unpredictable exacerbations and remissions with protean clinical manifestations. In SLE there is a predilection for clinical involvement of the joints, skin, kidney, brain, serosa, lug, heart and gastrointestinal tract. Women and minorities are disproportionately affected and SLE is most common in women of child-bearing age although it has ben reported in both extremes of life (e.g. diagnosed in infants and in the tenth decade of life). The prevalence in the Unites States had been estimated as approximately 500,000 but a recent telephone survey commissioned by the Lupus Foundation of America suggested a prevalence of as many as 2,000,000. A recent study identified a prevalence of 500 per 100,000 (1:200) in women residing in the area surrounding Birmingham, Alabama. The prognosis for patients with SLE has greatly improved over the last few decades with at least 80-90% of all patients surviving ten years. Thereafter life expectancy approximates that of age matched controls. This improvement reflects the general advancements in health care (i.e. dialysis, antibiotics, antihypertensives, newer immunosuppressives with more favorable efficacy to toxicity ration) but also the specialized care available for patients with SLE.

30. Rare/Orphan Diseases
More results from lupusWORLD lupus DAY read more. lupus UK is unable to answer questions of a specific medical nature. We are not qualified to respond
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Rare / Orphan Diseases Home Essentials ... Rare cancers zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Is it a Rare Disease? Rare Diseases A - B Rare Diseases C - D Rare Diseases E - H ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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NIH study of stem cell transplantation for severe lupus
Researchers at the National Institutes of Health (U.S.) have begun a five-year study to see whether stem cell (bone marrow) transplantation can be used as a therapy for severe, treatment-resistant systemic lupus erythematosus . Lupus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease which, in its severe form, can cause damage to the kidneys, lungs, or central nervous system. The researchers believe that the intensive immunosuppressive treatment required for stem cell transplantation, combined with the transplant, will create a new immune system that does not attack the body's cells.
Tuesday June 01, 2004

31. Index
Informace a FAQ o nemoci, př­znaky, diagnostika a testy, l©Äba, novinky a v½zkumy v oblasti.
Diskusní fórum: On-line: èást Ostatní, místnost Motýlí Chat. Info o konání na diskusním fóru

32. Lupus Around The World
Systemic lupus Erythematosus Information
If you are reading this, you can't see frames. So, you need to go to our No-Frames version Our non-frame hubs are:
Front page

Information Hub

Support Hub

New Patient Hub
Ped Place

33. ALUA - Asociación Lupus Argentina
Translate this page Alua es una institución argentina dirigida por y para pacientes con lupus y cuenta con el asesoramiento de expertos en el campo del LES y de otras
s/Registro de la Propiedad Intelectual Nº 095333
s/LEY Nº 11723
Personería Jurídica Nº 000825
Registro Nacional de Entidades de Bien Público Nº 6834 s/Resolución 919/98 del 6.3.98
Avda. Corrientes 1584 Piso 3º (1042) Capital - Tel. 4371-4444 -

34. Canis Lupus Aka Wolfie's Transgendered Den
Enjoy looking and exploring issues of gender the fun way as it should be. Filled with humorous and thoughtprovoking articles.
Welcome to my virtual den where nothing is the way is meant to be according to societal rules and everything is the way most haven't considered. It's an extensive tour through that vast and wickedly queer universe, that is my mind. You are visitor number: since December, 2004. View My Webcam
See me live on my webcam. March 2000 Winner Award Recipient:
Winner of the Pride Award for the year 2000: Entire layout and design of this web page and new link tags by M. Pokrovscky Gender Dissidents™ Tell me what you think about my web site or anything else that comes to mind. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions. What kind of comment would you like to send?
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35. European Lupus Erythematosus Federation
EUROPEAN lupus ERYTHEMATOSUS FEDERATION. Welcome to the home page of ELEF ! Survey. What is lupus? Converted to HTML by TeamRheumaNet. WHAT IS lupus?
Welcome to the home page of ELEF !
What is Lupus?

History of ELEF

Aims of ELEF

ELEF addresses (Register)
Official Addresses and further informations about ELEF and the members of ELEF,
the national organisations of Lupus Groups in Europe.
"Caring And Sharing"
The Newsletter of ELEF is published twice a year.
Lupus in internet
Further informations about systemic lupus erythematosus and related topics in internet.

Please send questions or comments to Converted to HTML by Team-RheumaNet
So few have heard of it, yet worldwide it's seen as more common than leukaemia muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. 90% of the patients who suffer from Lupus are female of childbearing age. Even young children can be affected by lupus. Lupus is a condition whereby the body's defence mechanism goes into overdrive and starts to attack itself. The symptoms are many and varied, and the illness often seems to mimic other diseases. This gives rise to difficulty in diagnosis and the condition can be overlooked, sometimes for years, unless the General Practioner or consultant is alert to the possibility of lupus. LUPUS IS NOT CONTAGIOUS Lupus can be triggered - at puberty - during the menopause - after childbirth - after viral infection - through sunlight - as a result of trauma - after a prolonged course of medication THE SYMPTOMS These may include - extreme fatigue - joint and muscle pain - eye problems - depression

36. Lupus And Vasculitis
Vasculitits is an inflammation of the blood vessels. It can occur alone or in conjunction with other diseases. This page explains the relationship between lupus and Vasculitis. Lots of good information, clear and well written.
Lupus and Vasculitis
What is vasculitis?
Vasculitis is an inflammation of the blood vessels. Inflammation is a condition in which tissue is damaged by blood cells entering the tissues. These are mostly white blood cells which circulate and serve as our major defense against infection. Ordinarily, white blood cells destroy bacteria and viruses. However, they can also damage normal tissue if they invade it. Vasculitis can affect very small blood vessels (capillaries), medium-size blood vessels (arterioles or venules), or large blood vessels (arteries and veins). Several things can happen to an inflamed blood vessel. If it is a small vessel, it may bread and produce tiny areas of bleeding in the tissue. These areas will appear as small red or purple dots on the skin. If a larger vessel is inflamed, it may swell and produce a nodule which may be felt if the blood vessel is close to the skin surface. The inside of the vessel tube may become narrowed so that blood flow is reduced, or the inside may become totally closed (usually by a blood clot which forms at the site of inflammation). If blood flow is reduced or stopped, the tissues which receive blood from that vessel begin to die. For example, a person with vasculitis of a medium-sized artery in the hand may develop a cold finger which hurts whenever it is used; occasionally this can progress to gangrene.
What causes vasculitis?

37. Lupus Canada-Welcome
A source of information about lupus Canada, its member organizations and the disease lupus of interest to people with lupus, their family and friends, and
Welcome to the
Lupus Canada Website!
This site is provided as a source of information about Lupus Canada , its Member Organizations , and lupus. We hope it is of interest to people with lupus, their family and friends, health care professionals and the general public. To improve understanding of this chronic disease, Introduction to Lupus provides an overview. To learn more about lupus, the symptoms, how it is diagnosed, what medications are used to treat it and coping with the disease, read the Lupus Canada publication "Lupus: The disease with 1000 faces" . Topics of interest are presented in Articles About Lupus and further information can be found through the Related Sites
What's New at Lupus Canada? Nominations for Directors of the Lupus Canada Board are now being accepted until April 15, 2004 International Conference on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, SLE 2004, New York, May 9-13, 2004 World Lupus Day, May 10, 2004
Could You Have Lupus?
... WALK A BLOCK For LUPUS: 2004
What's New on the Website? Check out the new and expanded "How You Can Help" section Volunteer opportunities within Lupus Organizations AdvoKit: "Helping People To Help Themselves"
Lupus Canada is federally registered (# 11902 5872 RR0001) as a nonprofit charity in Canada. Lupus Canada does not offer medical service or advice. The material found on this web site or accessed through this web site is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Working together. To conquer Lupus.

38. Http://
Information and pictures.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Welcome to Lupus' JFG Website. This site is new but still has some great JFG stuff on it. The links below are indexes to the different parts of my site. Please sign my guestbook, and have a good time! Ruff! Latest Updates:
3/13/00 - I created the Tribal Guide for Walkway.
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39. Lupus OnLine
Translate this page Questões como o que é lupus, causas, diagnóstico, tratamentos tradicionais e alternativos são facilmente esclarecidos, possibilitando atualização
Cadastre seu e-mail para se informar: ou clique aqui
Agência Determina Recolhimento de 12 Produtos Incluindo Prednisona.
Ler Noticia
Planos de Saúde Terão Reajuste Fique de olho.
Ler Noticia
Auto-Estima Sorteio em Junho.
Ler Noticia
Células-tronco Atacam Derrame Cerebral Continuam as pesquisas.
Ler Noticia
Dúvidas sobre o Lupus Respostas da Dra. Emilia Sato (Parte II).
Ler Artigo
Dúvidas sobre o Lupus Respostas da Dra. Emilia Sato (Parte I).
Ler Artigo
Imunologia de Reprodução Tratamento para gravidez.
Ler Artigo
Lupus e Gravidez Por Graham Hughes.
Ler Artigo
Alongamento para dor crônica Praticar 15 min./dia de alongamento é suficiente para evitar ou reduzir as dores crônicas na coluna, problema que atinge 80% dos brasileiros. Estudos recentes demonstraram que bastam de 30 a 45 seg. em cada movimento para relaxar a musculatura. A técnica aumenta a flexibilidade e é ótima para acabar com as dores provocadas pelos movimentos repetitivos. Fonte: Regiane Monteiro, Diário de SP Você, lúpico, já teve depressão? Sim Não
tratamentos alternativas pesquisas ... Sorteio do Mês Aguardamos um contato!

Reports a case of SLE who presented with severe pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale without any evidence of parenchymal lung disease.
May 1995
M. Jawaid Akhtar, MRCP(UK), FRCP(Ire); Sulaiman Al-Majed, FRCP(C) From the Divisions of Cardiology (Dr. Akhtar) and Chest
(Dr. Al-Majed), Department of Medicine, King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh. Address reprint requests and correspondence to Dr. Akhtar:
Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine (38), College of Medicine, King Saud University, P.O. Box 2925, Riyadh 11461, Saudi Arabia. Accepted for publication 10 August 1994. Pulmonary hypertension is rare in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) although pulmonary involvement occurs in about 50%. Pulmonary hypertension without obvious pulmonary infiltration is even rarer, the mechanism of which is unclear. We report here a case of SLE who presented with severe pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale without any evidence of parenchymal lung disease.
Case Report
The patient was a 19-year-old Saudi female who was admitted to King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh with a two-year history of dyspnea, easy fatigability, palpitations, anorexia, loss of weight, dry cough and episodic attacks of fever every three to four months with night sweats for the last two years. Five days prior to admission she developed pain in various large and small joints with swelling in interphalangeal and right wrist joints and described features of Raynaud's phenomenon. Chest roentgenogram showed cardiomegaly with prominent pulmonary conus. No lung infiltrate was noticed. High resolution computed tomography (CT) scan was not done. Ultrasound of the abdomen revealed an enlarged liver with mild ascites. Pulmonary function test revealed a restrictive pattern with decreased diffusion lung capacity. Ventilation/perfusion scan of the lungs did not reveal any evidence of pulmonary embolism. Cross-sectional echocardiography and Doppler studies revealed significant enlargement of the right atrium and right ventricle with dilated pulmonary artery and moderate degree of pericardial effusion. Moderate tricuspid incompetence was also detected.

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