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         Impotence:     more books (110)
  1. Male Sexuality and the Challenge of Healing Impotence by Richard Y. Handy, 1988-09
  2. Diseases of the male urethra, including impotence and sterility by Irvin S. b. 1883 Koll, 2010-08-23
  3. Sexual impotence: A practical treatise on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of sexual impotence and other sexual disorders in men and women by William J Robinson, 1922
  4. It's Not All in Your Head: A Couple's Guide to Overcoming Impotence by Bruce Mackenzie, 1991-01-15
  5. Impotence: Webster's Timeline History, 712 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-04-16
  6. The Impotence of Man. (L'Homme Impuissant Translated by Lloyd Harvey). by Charles Richet, 1928
  7. Contemporary Management of Impotence and Infertility by Emil A. Tanagho, Tom F. Lue, et all 1988-09
  8. The Popular Front and Central Europe: The Dilemmas of French Impotence 1918-1940 by Jordan Nicole, 2002-08-22
  9. Sexual Impotence by Victor G. Vecki, 2010-02-28
  10. Sexual Impotence and the Contribution of Paolo Zacchia (Analecta Gregoriana) by Joseph Bajada, 1998-01
  11. The Myth of Impotence by Ian Henderson, 2006-11-17
  12. The Rejuvenating Plants of Tropical Africa: Aphrodisiacs, Sterility, Impotence, Infertility
  13. Making Love Again: Renewing Intimacy and Helping Your Man Overcome Impotence by Terry Mason, Valerie Greene Norman, 1988-10
  14. An Epitaph and an Elegy for a Prostate: Incontinence, Impotence and Artificial Urinary Sphincter by Gene Washington, 2001-09

impotence It is believed that as many as 20 million men in therefore, they are not able to have or keep an erection. What causes impotence?
It is believed that as many as 20 million men in the United States suffer from impotence, a condition that leaves them unable to have sexual intercourse (sex) because their penis does not become hard and, therefore, they are not able to have or keep an erection. What causes impotence?
It can happen because of diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease, which affect hormone levels, blood circulation, and overall strength and energy levels. Problems that affect nerve function, such as multiple sclerosis or a spinal cord injury, also can cause impotence. Drugs, especially certain high blood pressure pills, can cause you to have problems getting and/or keeping an erection. Other possible causes include surgery, drug abuse, alcoholism and emotional problems, such as depression (feeling down), anxiety, stress, marriage problems or fear that you may not be able to perform sexually. Impotence may also be caused by a combination of physical and emotional problems. How is impotence diagnosed?
You may be sent to a doctor, called a urologist, who treats problems of the urinary system. To find out if you have impotence, the doctor will take a medical history, do a complete physical examination, evaluate your emotional state and interview your sexual partner. Other tests that may be ordered for you are:

42. InteliHealth: Impotence
impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a common medical problem that affects approximately 30 million American men. A
Advertisement Diabetes And Impotence
Long-standing diabetes in men, especially with poor control, often leads to erectile dysfunction. Some women also report diminished sexual responsiveness. About Viagra Viagra (sildenafil) is the first oral prescription treatment for erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence.

43. - Men's & Women's Premium Quality Supplements
Medicine Plants, under a medical advisory board, offers herbs supporting hormonal balance, good for menopause, infertility, allergies, fatigue, fibromyolgia, sexual dysfunction, impotence, and mental alertness.
Welcome! Here you will find the most complete information available about using Maca for Menopause and Perimenopause plus Rhodiola rosea for Weight Loss and more.
Our outstanding Medicine Plants Health Support Team™ is available to answer your questions. You may email them anytime at You may order any of our fine products safely and securely online or call our ORDER LINE Toll Free (800) 584-0228.
Premium Quality Supplements for:
for Menopause Memory PMS Libido ... Infertility , and other hormonal issues
  • FDA Certified Facility Free Customer Health Support Friendly and Professional Customer Service All Supplements are backed by clinical studies and used by MDs in their practices.

Below you can read the latest news about Weight Loss without drugs, Herbs for Menopause, PMS and Perimenopause and much more. Bookmark this site - come back frequently to read new articles by the Medicine Plants Health Support Team.
Topics A-Z Rhodiola rosea - quality mat... Alzheimer's from HRT? 10 Important Questions About... Anti-Aging Skin Care Antiaging Skin Care Arctic Root for Weight Loss Ayurveda Approach to Menopau...

44. Center For Male Reproduction - Impotence
impotence. impotence or erectile dysfunction is a very common problem that affects 20 million (1 out of 5) American Men. Erectile
About The Center

What's New

Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome
A basic knowledge of how a normal erection occurs is necessary to better understand the causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction . The penis is a highly vascular organ that fills with blood in the excited state to produce an erection. The penile artery brings blood to the penis and the dorsal penile veins allow blood return to the body. The penis is composed of three chambers, the paired corpra cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. The corpus spongiosum contains the urethra or "urine" channel on the underside of the penis. The corpus cavernosum is the erectile body responsible for providing rigidity to the penis. It contains "spongy" vascular tissue surrounded by a tough elastic covering (tunica albuginea). From this highly abbreviated discription of erectile physiology one can see that any problem effecting the brain, spinal cord, erectile nerves, penile artery, "spongy" tissue, penile veins or testosterone production can influence a man's ability to have a normal erection.

45. Select A Medical Service | Center For Sexual Function
Lahey Clinic for diagnosis and treatments for sexual dysfunction for men. Includes treatment options, research trials, clinical guidelines and information on the physicians.
- - Main Menu Options - - Lahey Homepage Patient Resource Center Select a Medical Service Find a Primary Care Physician Read Health Information Medical Research Refer a Patient For Health Care Professionals Jobs at Lahey About Lahey Patient Resources: Learn More About: Home Select a Medical Service Center for Sexual Function
Center for Sexual Function
Welcome to the Center for Sexual Function located at Lahey Clinic Northshore, One Essex Center Drive, Peabody, MA 01960.
Defining Male and Female Sexual Problems
Sexual dysfunction is a quality-of-life issue for men and women. Men may have libido (sex drive), ejaculatory or erectile difficulties. Perhaps half of the male population over the age of 50 are affected. Women may suffer from difficulties with libido, sexual arousal, orgasmic function or vaginal lubrication. A recent survey in JAMA stated that "over 40% of women may be affected". Testosterone deficiency may be present in both men and women.
Our Approach
Because sexual problems do not occur as a single entity, but are associated with multiple factors, we have established a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate the total person or couple. We evaluate medical, hormonal, psychological and surgical aspects of the complaints. Click here to view the

46. Erectile Dysfunction - The Urology Institute And Impotence Center - Dallas, Texa
Provides comprehensive diagnostics, education, testing, research, and treatment to patients (adults and children) with urology problems. (Irving)
Introduction Our goal is to provide you with both high quality urologic medical care and high quality of service in a cost-effective manner. Our staff has been trained to be perceptive, sensitive, and caring. We are committed to further medical education and training for the staff so that we can provide you with current accepted diagnostic and treatment options appropriate for your problems. Our office is equipped with state of the art medical and administrative technology to further aid in serving you. We concern ourselves with small details that most of you are unaware of, but often these small details can be the difference between success and failure of medical treatment. In summary, we are committed to your urologic well-being and want you to know that you are a valuable part of our practice. Rufus Green Jr., M.D., FACS, welcomes you to his offices on the campuses of RHD Memorial Medical Center, St. Paul Medical Center, and Medical Center of Las Colinas. Doctor Green brings a vast amount of experience to his specialty, as well as the belief that every patient is an "individual with unique needs."
Managed Care
New Technologies Announcements The Doctor As Physician-Manager Featured Articles: Female Urology Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction: Viagra

Prostate Cancer: Brachytherapy
Contact The Urology Institute

47. Viagra
FDA consumer source for information about Viagra, the medication used to treat men's impotence
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48. Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction impotence. Book, Home cases; Arterial or venous disease accounts for 70% of cases. Causes See impotence Causes. History
Home About Links Index ... Editor's Choice document.write(code); Advertisement Urology Impotence Assorted Pages Erectile Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction Causes Erectile Dysfunction Management Penile Prosthesis ... Yohimbine Erectile Dysfunction Impotence Book Home Page Cardiovascular Medicine Dentistry Dermatology Emergency Medicine Endocrinology Gastroenterology General Medicine Geriatric Medicine Gynecology Hematology and Oncology HIV Infectious Disease Jokes Laboratory Neonatology Nephrology Neurology Obstetrics Ophthalmology Orthopedics Otolaryngology Pediatrics Pharmacology Prevention Psychiatry Pulmonology Radiology Rheumatology Sports Medicine Surgery Urology Chapter Urology Index Bladder Endocrinology Examination Hematology and Oncology Infectious Disease Impotence Incontinence Laboratory General Obstetrics Pediatrics Penis Pharmacology Prevention Procedure Prostate Radiology Nephrology Surgery Symptom Evaluation Testes Urine Page Impotence Index Approach Approach Causes Management Approach Management Prosthesis Management Revascularization Management Vacuum Suction
  • Definition Inability to achieve or maintain Erection Erection not satisfactory for sexual intercourse Epidemiology Incidence in United States Ages 20 to 39 years: 7.5%
    Brief article on causes of impotence.
    If He Can't Perform in Bed, Don't Get Mad: Get Him to a Doctor
    By Joel R. Cooper, The Medical Reporter
    © 1995, Joel R. Cooper.
    Approximately 50% of American men over 40 have experienced problems with impotence to varying degrees, according to a study by the New England Research Institute. The ability to have an erection declines with age. A recent study suggests that 19 million men from age 40 to 70 in the U.S., out of a total of more than 37 million, either may be impotent or may have experienced the problem. While it used to be thought that impotence was primarily a psychological problem, doctors now tell us that physical causes predominate. Among the most common: atherosclerotic disease (vascular disease), which usually starts affecting men as they age... in the 50s, 60s, and especially in the 70s; diabetes; alcoholism; neurogenic problems, such as MS (multiple sclerosis); spinal cord injuries; hormonal deficiencies; certain medications, such as those used to treat high blood pressure, tranquilizers, sedatives, and amphetamines. The Marlboro Man May be Impotent According to Denver urologist Lawrence Karsh, M.D., smoking is one of the worst things a young man can do to his body. We already know about smoking's link to lung cancer and heart disease. But smoking, over many years' time, can also damage and block the blood vessels inside the penis, resulting in a failure to sustain a normal erection. In most cases, the damage won't be seen until it's too late sometimes not for 20 - 30 years or longer.

    50. HealthBoards Bulletin Board
    Questions and responses about impotence and this medication.

    51. Welcome To The Health Station
    Private health clinic in Hertfordshire. Offers health screening, cervical cytology, travel vaccinations, impotence advice, womens health and other services. Home Travel Clinic Medicals Woman's Health Men's Health ... Contact Us Search powered by FreeFind Private medical clinic with prompt and flexible appointment times Professional health service Experienced doctors and nurses Open evenings and Saturdays We offer a wide range of services including, smears, travel vaccinations, medicals, ECG, blood tests, prostate, vasectomy, chiropody, vaccinations, blood pressure, cholesterol and many more. visitors to this site. If you would like any further information please contact us or submit an online Information Request Form 21 Brand Street, Hitchin. SG5 1JE Tel 01462-459595 Fax 01462-435373 e-mail: [ Home ] Travel Clinic Medical Examinations Woman's Health Men's Health ... Photographs

    52. What Are The Treatments For Impotence ?
    What Are the Treatments for impotence ? Once the diagnosis of the cause or causes of impotence are determined, a proper therapy must be established.
    What Are the Treatments for Impotence ?
    Once the diagnosis of the cause or causes of impotence are determined, a proper therapy must be established. Nowadays, physicians specializing in sexual impotence have a great variety of treatments available to use against the problem. Generally, when the impotence is of a purely psychological origin, supportive psychotherapy and sexual therapy may be indicated. However, sometimes a physical or drug therapy is also recommended in these cases, to increase the confidence of the patient in his ability to achieve and maintain erection, and/or to reduce performance anxiety in face of a more sure-fire method. On the other hand, pure organic disease has to be treated with physical or drug therapy, but supportive psychotherapy and counseling is also indicated, in order to re-educate the patient and reduce the damaging effects of short- or long-term impotence to him and his partner. We will not deal in this chapter with the treatment of impotence caused by other dominant diseases, such as Parkinson's or diabetes. It is clear that adequate therapy in these cases may be enough to restore sexual function in man. Instead, we will address here primary therapeutic methods related to the basic pathology of erection or to achieve erection even in the failure of normal, physiological methods. As a rule, when trying the recommended therapies, physicians try first those which are less invasive, which can be reversed, or which are simpler and less expensive. Only when these initial approaches fail is that more drastic, invase, irreversible, complex or costly approaches should be tried.

    53. - Female Impotence: Firms Under Fire - Jan. 3, 2003
    CNN Europe CNN Asia Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese On CNN TV Transcripts Headline News CNN International ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
    Female impotence: Firms under fire
    Viagra: Clamour for the drug has brought sales of $1.5 billion a year. Story Tools
    RELATED Viagra touted as lifeline to wild animals Dr. Sanjay Gupta: 'Barbie drug' boosts libido? British Medical Journal QUICKVOTE Should there be more public scrutiny of drugs firms over new diseases?
    Yes No VIEW RESULTS LONDON, England (CNN) Drugs companies have been accused of "creating" the disease of female impotence to help form a lucrative market for Viagra-style treatments aimed at women. An article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) says the pharmaceutical industry has funded and driven an effort for the last six years to have the theory of "female sexual dysfunction" clinically confirmed and publicly accepted. "The corporate sponsored creation of a new disease is not a new phenomenon but the making of female sexual dysfunction is the freshest, clearest example we have," says Australian medical journalist Ray Moynihan in the BMJ on Friday. "A cohort of researchers with close ties to drug companies are working with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry to develop and define a new category of human illness at meetings heavily sponsored by companies racing to develop new drugs," adds Moynihan, who is based in Washington D.C.

    54. - Exercise Is Important For Impotence - Dec. 26, 2003
    International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Services CNNtoGO Contact Us SEARCH Web
    Exercise is important for impotence
    By Kat Carney
    CNN Headline News
    Story Tools (CNN) It turns out the amount of physical activity a man engages in is a good predictor of how much "physical activity" a man can engage in in the bedroom. In a study of close to 32,000 male health professionals between 53 and 90, researchers looked at which "lifestyle" and health factors affected erectile dysfunction. Men who were able to run at least three hours a week had a 30 percent lower risk of impotence when compared to men who didn't exercise. Even better, men who were able to run at least three hours a week appeared to have the sexual ability of men two to five years their junior. For men who don't want to run, brisk walking 30 minutes a day, most days of the week, also resulted in a 15 percent to 20 percent reduction in erectile dysfunction. YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Follow the news that matters to you.

    55. Impotence Drug Delayed

    56. Bicycling And Impotence
    Bicycling and impotence. Antiimpotence Bike Seat, For all you bicyclists - here s a saddle that s supposed to help with the numb groin syndrome.
    Bicycling and Impotence The Airbunz Bike Seat Ride with your butt floating on a pillow of air. Anti-impotence Bike Seat For all you bicyclists - here's a saddle that's supposed to help with the "numb groin" syndrome. Bicycles and Impotence Article in Bicycling Magazine August, 1977 discussing bicycle related impotence and how to avoid it. The problem is anatomy vs. the bicycle seat. Rad Bike Seats Your butt is supported by the cheeks; not by your crotch Cycler's Impotence: The Seat of the Solution Bike riding is great exercise, providing a work-out for both heart and muscles. Yet a growing body of research finds many male bicyclists are paying too high a price. Now as Dr. Dean Edell reports, one doctor may have found an answer to their problems. Also, see The Body Geometry Seat , below The Body Geometry Seat Invented by ergonomic products specialist Roger Minkow, M.D., our Body Geometry saddles are the only designs clinically proven to alleviate cycling-induced numbness and sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Plus they're darned good all-around saddles.

    57. Impotence Information: Impotence Specialists Directory - Penile Curvature, Peyro
    Information about impotence, a national listing of physicians that specialize in impotence and an impotence message board.
    impotence, premature ejaculation, peyronies disease, penile curvature, impotence treatment, premature ejaculation information, peyronies disease information, penile curvature physicians, impotence doctors, premature ejaculation, peyronies disease, penile curvature, impotence For Advertising information click here. Designed by: AutoGraph
    Tel: 718.884.6992 Update 1/2004 If you are searching for
    information on:

    You'll find it here at Other important sites: Choose A Site To Visit Male Vasectomy Reversal Varicocele Andropause New York Sperm Bank Maze Laboratories Center for Female

    impotence. Take in tea form. Yohimbine bark from yohimbe is used for impotence. Yohimbine increases blood flow to erectile tissue.
    document.location.href = '/dt/alternativenutrition/ailments/impotence.asp'; IMPOTENCE BENEFICIAL HERBS
    • Potency wood, also known as Muira puama, can be used for erectile dysfunction or lack of libido. Gingko biloba is effective in treating erectile dysfunction due to lack of blood flow. Panax ginseng is a great fertility and virility aid Saw palmetto and/or schizandra may improve sexual performance. Caution: Schizandra should be avoided by epileptics, those with high blood pressure or severe hypertension, and those with "high acidity" Damiana is reputed to be a sexual organ tonic. It produces urethral irritation and can produce increased sensitivity to the penis. Take in tea form. Yohimbine bark from yohimbe is used for impotence. Yohimbine increases blood flow to erectile tissue. Because of the yohimbine content of yohimbe bark, the Food and Drug Administration FDA classifies yohimbe as an unsafe herb. Caution Yohimbe can be toxic and should be avoided. Self-medication is strongly discouraged because of its side effects. Yohimbine from yohimbe bark can produce significant side effects even in moderate to small amounts, especially if taken over a long period of time. Other herbs that may help include American ginseng, and pygeum africanum

    59. Morganstern Urology Clinic, P.C. & Men's Health Center- Specializing In Male Sex
    Specializes in problems of the urinary tract with a subspecialty in male impotence, prostate cancer, and laser surgery. Located in Atlanta, Georgia.
    Steven L. Morganstern, M.D., specializes in male sexual dysfunction and problems of the urinary tract with a subspecialty in penile enhancement (penis enlargement), prostate cancer, and benign prostate problems. In the early 1990's Dr. Morganstern pioneered the use of radioactive seed implants in Atlanta, which has revolutionized the treatment of prostate cancer. A member of the Medical Honor Society, he has authored numerous articles on urology and several books including Overcoming Impotence and The Prostate Source Book . Dr. Morganstern was involved in the development of the penile prosthesis and has helped thousands of men suffering from impotence return to a normal life. His work in the area of penile enhancement (penis enlargement) has earned him a reputation as a very capable and caring surgeon. After performing over one thousand penile enhancements he has developed techniques that give men the results and confidence they seek. Dr. Morganstern has been practicing urology in Atlanta since 1979 and takes pride in continuing to practice medicine in a sensitive, confidential and skilled manner. He is a national lecturer and has appeared on "Good Morning America", CNN, "20/20", and numerous local newscasts. Dr. Morganstern has introduced many new methods in urology. He also teaches surgical procedures to physicians nationwide.
    Topic of the Month
    Key Topics:
    The Healthy Prostate - What Can Go Wrong
    Prostate Cancer (Prostate Problems)

    60. Male Impotence Treatment | Latest Info On Erectile Dysfunction
    Discover many proven erectile dysfunction treatments and consult leading experts in male impotence causes. Explore Advances in Male impotence Treatments.
    Erectile dysfunction treatment, penile dysfunction and male impotence causes
    Learn about male impotence treatment and penile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction treatments, cause of male impotence. Learn erectile dysfunction treatments.
    Erectile Dysfunction Institute
    Home About Erectile Dysfunction Impotence Causes Impotence Treatments Sexual Partners Info ... Erectile Dysfunction Glossary
    Prostate Cancer Survivor Story
    Click here
    to view this archived online web seminar This information has been reprinted courtesy of the Erectile Dysfunction Institute ( for personal use only.
    Explore Advances in Male Impotence Treatments
    There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. But the chief cause of continued dysfunction is ignorance. Many men believe that if Viagra fails, there is no hope for resolving male impotence. The facts are clear. Restoration of erectile function is possible for almost all meneven those for whom Viagra does not work. Understanding this, a national coalition of ED specialists set out to solve this epidemic of ignorance and unresolved male impotence. Calling themselves the Erectile Dysfunction Institute, and represented by an

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