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         Herpes:     more books (100)
  1. Herpes: What to Do When You Have It by Oscar Gillespie, 1982-09
  2. Herpes Zoster: Recent Aspects of Diagnosis and Control (Monographs in Virology)
  3. Clinical Management of Herpes Viruses
  4. Herpes Simplex Infections of the Eye (Contemporary Issues in Opthalmology, Vol 1)
  5. Herpes: Webster's Timeline History, 2004 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-02-20
  6. Herpes Genitalis: Medical Subject Analysis With Reference Bibliography by Miriam L. Rice, 1987-11
  7. The Truth About Std: The Old Ones-Herpes and the Other New Ones-The Primary Causes-The Available Cures by Allen Chase, 1983-03
  8. Herpes Diseases & Your Health Pb by Balfour, 1985-05-01
  9. Herpes: Cause and Control by William H Wickett, 1982-05
  10. Herpes: The Facts (Penguin Handbooks) by J. C. Oates, 1983-09-29
  11. Herpes: A Complete Guide to Relief and Reassurance by Frank Freudberg, 1987-12
  12. Genital and Neonatal Herpes
  13. Herpes, AIDS And Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Derek Llewellyn-Jones, 1985-05
  14. Immunobiology Of Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

41. American Herpes Foundation
Advancements in Genital herpes Management ARCHIVED WEB CONFERENCE On April 14,2004, the American herpes Foundation supported a free 1-hour Web conference
Advancements in Genital Herpes Management - ARCHIVED WEB CONFERENCE
On April 14, 2004, the American Herpes Foundation supported a free 1-hour Web conference with Dr. Anna Wald, a leading investigator in the field of genital herpes research. Dr. Wald updated participants on genital herpes management, then answered participant questions. (Please note that CME credit is not available for the archived version of the Web Conference.) To provide an evaluation of the archived edition of this program, please click here New Report: AHF Nurse Practitioner - Genital Herpes Study 2003 Herpes Type-Specific Serologic Test Reference - Fall 2003 Herpesvirus Infections in the Immunocompromised Patient
T he purpose of this web site is to serve as an information service to healthcare providers and researchers and to offer Category 1 CME credit to physicians. If you are a patient or seeking general lay information about herpesviruses, please go to our Web Sites for Patients page or Herpes Resources page. There, you will find listings of web sites, centers, organizations, and hotlines that may be of further interest to you. Any views expressed by these organizations are those of the organizations themselves and are not necessarily endorsed by the American Herpes Foundation (AHF).

Richard J. Whitley, MD Chairman, Board of Trustees American Herpes Foundation

42. SkinChoice Sells Products For Acne, Herpes, Genital Warts, STDS, Sexually Transm
Provides products for genital warts, herpes, acne, and other dermatological and sexually transmitted conditions.
SkinChoice products are
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have an STD
SkinChoice sells products for acne, herpes, genital warts, STDS, sexually transmitted disease, venereal Disease
acne treatment
skincare for Acne
anti-aging skincare
venereal disease

Questions or Comments? Send mail to SkinChoice Home

Describes home remedies for relief from the symptoms of herpes naturally, from a fellow sufferer.
There are many sites on what Herpes is but this site is my suggestions for the relief of the symptoms of Herpes Simplex both type I and II. This site will be updated and added to as time goes by. I will state from the beginning that I am not a qualified Natural Therapist or have knowledge of Conventional medicine. Herpes changes dramatically from day to day, month to month etc. So what worked before may not work now. So be open and try different things. I have even had to give in and use two of the commercially available creams when the supplies of Natural things ran out. Usually the Cycle starts from the "tingling of the skin" then the "sore(or cluster of "blisters")surrounded by redness to the "scab". My experience is with "Herpes Simplex type II" but these things can be applied to "Herpes Simplex Type I". Please sign my guestbook if you want more information as I will not be providing an email link(too much spam). Sign Guestbook I have updated this site on the 12 September 2003

44. STD Facts - Genital Herpes
What is genital herpes? Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease aperiod of years. How common is genital herpes? Results of a
National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention
Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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What's New Index Search ... Where can I get more information? Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the herpes simplex viruses type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). Most genital herpes is caused by HSV-2. Most individuals have no or only minimal signs or symptoms from HSV-1 or HSV-2 infection. When signs do occur, they typically appear as one or more blisters on or around the genitals or rectum. The blisters break, leaving tender ulcers (sores) that may take two to four weeks to heal the first time they occur. Typically, another outbreak can appear weeks or months after the first, but it almost always is less severe and shorter than the first outbreak. Although the infection can stay in the body indefinitely, the number of outbreaks tends to decrease over a period of years. Results of a nationally representative study show that genital herpes infection is common in the United States. Nationwide, at least 45 million people ages 12 and older, or one out of five adolescents and adults, have had genital HSV infection. Between the late 1970s and the early 1990s, the number of Americans with genital herpes infection increased 30 percent. Genital HSV-2 infection is more common in women (approximately one out of four women) than in men (almost one out of five). This may be due to male-to-female transmissions being more likely than female-to-male transmission.

45. Medbroadcast Home
Support and information on HIV, herpes and Hepatitis. Provides clear and concise information on transmission, symptoms, testing, vaccines, medications, and dietary issues related to these diseases.
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46. Dr. Edward K. Wagner's Herpes Virus Research
herpes simplex virus Research. Receptor Binding (89 Kb) animationherpes simplexvirus genome must enter the cell for the initiation of infection.
The Homepage of Dr. Edward K. Wagner Herpesvirus Animations HSV structure Receptor Binding RNA Transcription in Productive Infection Latent Infections ... Encapsidation
Exploring Herpesvirus Research
with Dr. Ed Wagner Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) The HSV Genome HSV Replication Use of DNA Microarrays to Analyze Gene Expression in HSV Infected Cells ... Latent Infections by HSV
Construction of a HSV-1 DNA Microarray for Global Analysis of Transcript Abundance Time-dependant Changes in HSV-1 Transcript Abundance During Productive Infection
Additional Graphics
The Genetic and Transcription Map of the HSV-1 Genome Table of Genetic Functions Encoded by HSV-1 Table of Oligonucleotide Probes Used to Generate the HSV-1 DNA Microarray Back to Dr. Wagner's Homepage email
More Herpesvirus links
Herpes simplex virus Research
Animations of steps of HSV Infection and Replication
To view the animations the Flash plug-in is required. HSV structure (61 Kb)
HSV is a nuclear replicating, icosahedral, enveloped DNA virus.
Receptor Binding
(89 Kb)
Herpes simplex virus genome must enter the cell for the initiation of infection.

47. Botavie - Natural Products,Herbal Medicine,Integrative Medicine
Phytotherapeutic products made exclusively from plans and other natural products. Includes formulas for acne, high blood pressure, hair loss, hemorrhoids, herpes, and varicose veins.
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The Botavie Laboratories are located in Geneva, Switzerland. They specialized in the development and production of phytotherapeutic (herbal medicine) and natural cosmetic products.
Only authentic natural ingredients are used in the production of the Botavie compounds, they are solely composed of extracts from plants, herbs and of natural oils. Catalog – Buy on-line Health Care Products Cosmetic Products
A company
... Natural links
Laboratoires Botavie CP 498, 1214 Vernier, Suisse

48. • ÌÈÐ ÇÄÎÐÎÂÜß -
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Peter Kaliniak Èíòåðíåò- àïòåêà óäîáíûé ïîèñê ëåêàðñòâ, ñêèäêè ëüãîòíûì êàòåãîðèÿì (äî 15%), áûñòðàÿ è óäîáíàÿ äîñòàâêà, âûãîäíàÿ ïàðòíåðñêàÿ ïðîãðàììà äëÿ àïòåê è ìåäèöèíñêèõ ñàéòîâ. Ñïåöèàëüíîå ïðåäëîæåíèå: Ïàíàâèð, Ìåðèäèà, Ëîìà Ïñîðèàç è äð... DETA Áèîëàéô.ru Êîìïàíèÿ Biolife ÿâëÿåòñÿ óæå áîëåå 4 ëåò ýêñêëþçèâíûì ïîñòàâùèêîì íà ðîññèéñêèé ðûíîê òîëüêî óíèêàëüíûõ è âûñîêîýôôåêòèâíûõ ëåêàðñòâåííûõ ïðåïàðàòîâ è ïèùåâûõ äîáàâîê, ê êîòîðûì ìîæåò áûòü ïðèìåíåí òåðìèí "know how": ëîìà ïñîðèàç, ñóïåðïîãëîòèòåëü æèðà è äðóãèå.
olife.Ru English

49. The Kansas City Help Chapter
herpes support group.
Main Other Support htmlAdWH('7002568', '234', '60'); Welcome To The Kansas City Help Chapter Home Page
The Kansas City Help Chapter

A Support Group For People With Herpes Affiliated With The Herpes Resource Center
The Kansas City Help Chapter, the local herpes support group, was organized in 1981 and is one of approximately 100 groups nationwide. Our activities include holding regular monthly meetings, operating the herpes hotline , and providing informational materials to individuals and the community. We are affiliated with the national Herpes Resource Center, an agency of the American Social Health Association (ASHA). The Herpes Resource Center was established in 1979 and serves as the nations primary source for information on the herpes simplex virus (HSV), which causes cold sores and genital herpes.
Our Help Chapter's purpose is to provide an informal and confidential enviornment where you can obtain accurate information and talk with others who have this viral infection. Even for the most well-adjusted person, a herpes diagnosis can result in a crisis, and can seem like a roadblock to beginning new relationships. Being

50. Willkommen Bei Herpes-Info
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51. CNN - Thinking About Cosmetic Resurfacing? Think Herpes Prevention - November 4,
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Thinking about cosmetic resurfacing? Think herpes prevention
November 4, 1999 Web posted at: 11:22 AM EST (1622 GMT) Read what doctors have to say about herpes or ask your own questions. In this story: Recommendations More on peels More on herpes RELATEDS By Deb Levine, M.A. (WebMD) Laser skin resurfacing, a popular cosmetic procedure to reduce fine facial lines and wrinkles, can reactivate the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and result in severe facial outbreaks, doctors have reported in recent years. It's become common for doctors to suggest that anyone with a history of herpes either type I, primarily manifested as cold sores, or type II, usually the genital type take a preventive course of anti-viral medication before undergoing the so-called laser peel.

52. Untitled Document
Translate this page RECHERCHE. Actualités. La politique de santé publique est actuellementen discussion au Parlement. Lors de son intervention à l

53. CNN - Cause Of Young Elephants' Deaths Identified As Herpes - February 18, 1999

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Cause of young elephants' deaths identified as herpes
Elephants spread the infection when housed together in zoos
February 18, 1999
Web posted at: 10:55 p.m. EST (0355 GMT) WASHINGTON (CNN) The cause of a mysterious disease that has been killing young elephants in zoos and breeding centers across North America has been identified as a herpes virus. Two slightly different versions of the virus a distant relative of the viruses that cause chickenpox and cold sores in humans are believed responsible. One virus is found among African elephants, the other among Asian elephants. Researchers now think the viruses turn fatal when African elephants transmit the virus to Asian elephants and vice versa. "The herpes virus that I found in the Asian elephants that have died is the same virus that is in African elephants. But it doesn't cause any disease in them," says

54. - New Vaccine Prevents Herpes Sores But Works Only For Women - September
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New treatments hold out hope for breast cancer patients


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New vaccine prevents herpes sores but works only for women
TORONTO, Canada (AP) Researchers have made the first vaccine that protects against genital herpes. But there is a major catch: It works only in women and only if they have never had cold sores. The findings, reported Sunday, are a surprise. Until now, no vaccine has ever been shown to work in one sex but not the other. Experts say this could present unexpected trouble for creating other vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS.

55. MedlinePlus: Shingles
General/Overviews; herpes Zoster (American Academy of Dermatology); Shingles (PatientEducation Institute) - requires Flash plug-in Also available in Spanish;
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Contents of this page:

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Search MEDLINE for recent research articles on Shingles:


Therapy You may also be interested in these MedlinePlus related pages: Chickenpox Brain and Nervous System Infections Seniors' Health

56. Herpes Virus Link With Alzheimer's Explained

57. Australian Herpes Management Forum (AHMF)
The AHMF website provides evidencebased information on genital herpes, cold sores,shingles, chickenpox and other conditions caused by the human herpesviruses
The Australian Herpes Management Forum aims to improve the awareness, understanding, diagnosis, management and control of herpesvirus infections in Australia. This website contains information for clinicians and patients.
Genital Herpes: Facts Update 2003 International Herpes Week 2003 Complacency putting Australians at risk from STIs Chickenpox vaccination may protect against shingles
Latest content
Chickenpox: Essential Facts Chickenpox: Overview Genital Herpes: Management Guidelines Genital Herpes: Overview
Most Popular pages
Genital herpes: Essential facts Genital herpes: Frequently Asked Questions Cold sores Shingles: Essential facts ... t ©AHMF 1997-2003
We subscribe to the HONcode principles. Verify here c/- STIRC, Marian Villa, Westmead Hospital, Westmead NSW 2145, Australia
Last updated:
11 December 2003

58. - New Vaccine Prevents Herpes In Women - Nov. 20, 2002
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New vaccine prevents herpes in women
Story Tools GALVESTON, Texas (CNN) A new vaccine prevented genital herpes in more than 70 percent of women who were previously uninfected with either the oral or genital herpes virus, researchers announced Wednesday. The findings, published in the November 21 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, are also good news for babies. About 2,500 die every year and more are born mentally retarded because their mothers pass on the virus. In the report, which followed two phase-three clinical trials, doctors gave both men and women the vaccine against genital herpes. The vaccine worked only for the women, and only for those who had not been exposed to the type of herpes that infects the mouth. There has never been a vaccine for herpes before. Drug company GlaxoSmithKline funded the research. The vaccine will not be available commercially for at least five years but already some doctors believe all girls should be given the vaccine along with the other childhood vaccines.

59. HerpeSite - Herpes Support Online
This site is a compendium of information outlining aspects issues relatingto herpes SIMPLEX VIRUS (HSV). herpes Online Personal Empowerment Support.



Transmission, Risk of Transmission, Latency
Recommended Reading for Mind and Body Health

NEW!!! The H Files: Real stories of love and success
Welcome to HerpeSite. Here, we hope you'll find information that will help not only you, but others you may come across online or elsewhere in your life. You may find people in your family, in your circle of friends, and in your work that may share the Herpes virus. You or someone you know may have an intimate relationship with someone who is infected. Knowledge can help you in support of yourself and others, and will empower you to make appropriate decisions about treatments, lifestyle, and management of HSV infection. It is strongly recommended that anyone who may suspect a possible infection with Herpesvirus immediately consult with a knowledgeable Health care professional. People should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner for accurate diagnosis, testing, and to discuss suitable treatment options. In light of the fact that there is ongoing scientific research, evolving developments in medical theory and treatments, and much conflicting information about Herpes in the media and elsewhere, it is also advisable to continue personal research on any and all aspects of HSV that pertain to each individual's situation.
Herpes Simplex Type 1 (HSV-1) HSV is an acronym for the Herpes Simplex Virus. HSV-1 is the virus responsible for cold sores and fever blisters. Research has shown that between 50 to 80% of all Americans carry the antibodies to HSV-1. Between 10 to 20% of that population suffers recurring outbreaks. Even though a person may visibly show no signs of recurrence, it is possible for a person to pass the HSV-1 virus.

60. Herpes
This site contains information on herpes what is it, what causesit, how to get rid of it. What is genital herpes? Genital herpes Home Sexually Transmitted Diseases AIDS
Chlamydia Info

Genital Herpes

Genital Warts
Links Email Mama
What is genital herpes?
Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). A sexually transmitted disease is a disease that you get by having sex with someone who already has the disease. Herpes is a viral infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Once you are infected, the virus stays in your body for life. You can give herpes to another person if you have sex when your herpes virus is active. HSV remains in certain nerve cells of the body forever, and can produce symptoms off and on in some infected people. Herpes is spread through direct contact. So, a genital herpes infection will stay in the area it originated unless transferred elsewhere via direct contact or skin-to-skin transference. Herpes won't just show up on its own somewhere else on the body. Because herpes is spread through direct contact, it is important to avoid contact with infected areas. If a herpes infection is not localized, further complications may occur. For instance, a Herpes infection in the eyes can lead to severe complications, including blindness. Herpes is equally common in males and females.

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