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         Hernia:     more books (100)
  1. Acute Abdominal Diseases: Including Abdominal Injuries and the Complications of External Hernia by Joseph Ebenezer Adams, 2010-02-10
  2. An Inquiry Into the Process of Nature in Repairing Injuries of the Intestines: Illustrating the Treatment of Penetrating Wounds and Strangulated Hernia by Benjamin Travers, 2010-03-01
  3. A Treatise On Diaphragmatic Hernia: Being an Account of a Case Observed at the Massachusetts General Hospital; Followed by a Numerical Analysis of All ... of Medical Authors, Between the Years 1610 a by Henry Ingersoll Bowditch, 2010-04-08
  4. Inguinal Hernia - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-04-13
  5. Hernia: Webster's Timeline History, 2002 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-02-20
  6. A Plain and Popular Explanation of the Nature, Varieties, Treatment and Cure of Hernia, Or Rupture: With an Appendix On Mechanical Surgery, and the Application ... Piles, Curved Spine, Bow-Legs, Club-Feet, by Seymour N. Marsh, 2010-03-09
  7. Surgical Management of Abdominal Wall Hernias by Allan E Kark, 1998-10-01
  8. Defeat Inguinal Hernia by Shiv Dua, 2009-02-12
  9. Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery: An Operative Guide (Arnold Publication)
  11. Hernia: Surgical Anatomy and Technique
  12. All About Hiatus Hernia and Its Treatment Without Drugs by David Potterton, 1995-01
  13. Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic (Spanish) (Spanish Edition)
  14. Hiatal Hernia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Patricia Ann Hellinger, 2003-12

121. The Cleveland Clinic Hernia Center
Department dedicated to this kind of surgery, in Ohio.

Cleveland Clinic Home
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Cleveland Clinic Home
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122. ƒwƒ‹ƒjƒA‹äŠy•”

123. THE MERCK MANUAL, Sec. 3, Ch. 20, Esophageal Disorders
click here for navigation help. Hiatus hernia. Etiology is usually unknown, but a hiatus hernia may be a congenital abnormality or secondary to trauma.

124. Hernia Diafragmatica
MEDICI, — Beginpagina — Ziekten en aandoeningen — hernia diafragmatica hernia diafragmatica Korte beschrijving hernia diafragmatica winkel mail ons nieuwsbrief ... sitemap ZIEKTEN EN AANDOENINGEN ERFELIJKHEID LITERATUUR (PARA)MEDICI
... Ziekten en aandoeningen Hernia diafragmatica
Hernia diafragmatica Korte beschrijving
Deze aandoening kan in enkele gevallen onderdeel zijn van een syndroom; andere aangeboren aandoeningen moeten dan worden uitgesloten. Na de geboorte zullen veel kinderen last van ademnood hebben. De ernst hiervan zal afhangen van de toestand van de longen. Verder is de buik ingevallen en zijn er darmgeluiden hoorbaar in de borstholte. Diagnose
Bovenstaande verschijnselen doen een hernia diafragmatica vermoeden. Een röntgenfoto zal de diagnose bevestigen. Behandeling
Beademing kan noodzakelijk zijn. Daarna zal, afhankelijk van de algehele lichamelijke situatie, op termijn beoordeeld moeten worden of en wanneer een operatieve sluiting van het middenrif kan worden verricht. Voorkomen
Deze aandoening komt bij 1 op de 1200 pasgeborenen voor; jaarlijks worden in Nederland ongeveer 60 kinderen geboren met hernia diafragmatica. Overerving
De overerving verloopt multifactorieel ( zie de flash-film 'overerving en dragerschap' Meer informatie
  • Stichting Hernia Diafragmatica
  • Informatie voor (para)medici
  • Oproepen op het prikbord rond Hernia Diafragmatica Klik hier als u een link wilt toevoegen drs. Elsbeth van Vliet-Lachotzki
  • 125. - Pediatric Imaging Teaching Files Pediatric Imaging Teaching Files. Case Fourteen - Congenital Diaphragmatic hernia. DiagnosisCongenital Diaphragmatic hernia Bochdalek hernia. - Pediatric Imaging Teaching Files
    Case Fourteen - Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
    Click on Images for Enlarged View Clinical History: Full-term female infant. Findings: There is a left-sided diaphragmatic hernia with an intrathoracic stomach and multiple air-filled bowel loops in the left hemi-thorax. Mass effect with mediastinal shift from left to right is present. There is minimal aerated right lung, and no aerated left lung. Additionally, an ET tube is identified with tip at the Caring tip of feeding tube projecting over the stomach, and an umbilical venous catheter overlying the T- 12 vertebral body. Diagnosis: Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: Bochdalek Hernia Discussion: A congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is a displacement of abdominal contents into the thoracic cavity through a defect in the diaphragm. The most common type of CDH is the posterolateral or Bochdalek hernia which occurs in approximately 1 per 3000 live births (M:F=2:1). Hernias through the foramen of Morgagni are rare and represent 2 to 4% of all CDH. The Bochdalek hernia results from failure of the pleuroperitoneal space to close prior to the return of the bowel to the abdominal cavity during week 8 to 10 of early fetal life. The pleuroperitoneal space is closed by the development of the diaphragm. If the bowel returns to the abdomen prematurely or if there is delayed or incomplete formation of the diaphragm, a CDH develops. Bochdalek hernias occur on the left side 75% of the time. This is most likely secondary to the fact that the pleuroperitoneal canal closes earlier on the right. About 3% of affected children have bilateral hernias. Portions of the Gl tract are usually found in left-sided hernias; whereas, the liver may be present in the thorax with right-sided hernias which account for much of the morbidity and mortality associated with CDH.

    126. Welcome To The Hernia Institute Of Florida
    English and Spanish Information and FAQ about surgical procedures, patients' testimonies, newsletter.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    127. Hernia
    hernia, research index site with links for disability users, 1000 s of search engines and with live java games, chat s, kids internet, irc, jobs, news.
    Our Aims Services Stats ... Z
    Hernia Information Laparoscopic Hernia Center James A. Goodyear, M.D.-Hernia Specialist Hernia Information - Information about hernia surgery and treatment of routine and complex hernias. Hernia surgery laparoscopic inguinal repair experiences (500 experiences). North Penn Hernia Institute - Hernia Surgery Center. Sydney Hernia Clinic - Information about hernia repair in a specialised Australian clinic. European Hernia Society Laparoscopy in India - FAQ on laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder, hernia etc. Hernia Surgery Experiences National Ambulatory Hernia Institute Stoma('Parastomal')Hernias Webmaster . Site Design by Ability "see the ability, not the disability" Acknowledgments

    128. Hiatal Hernia And Heartburn - Hiatal Hernia Can Cause Acid Reflux
    Some people suffer from Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) because they have a hiatal hernia. What is a hiatal hernia? Hiatal hernia.
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Heartburn What Causes Heartburn Gastric Tract Disorders ... Article Archive zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Understanding Heartburn Good Foods / Bad Foods Heartburn-Free Recipes What Causes Heartburn ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Heartburn newsletter. zau(256,152,100,'hs','',''); Search Heartburn Email to a friend Print this page Stay Current Subscribe to the About Heartburn newsletter. Suggested Reading Hiatal Hernia Netlinks Start a Discussion Have a hiatal hernia? Discuss it here! Most Popular Foods With Little Risk of Causing Acid Reflux Food To Be Avoided to Control Acid Reflux Top 10 Heartburn Prevention Tips 10 Most Frequent Causes of Heartburn / Acid Reflux ... Foods To Be Consumed with Discretion to Control Acid Reflux What's Hot 6 Steps To Preventing Heartburn-related Complications Top 10 Heartburn Prevention Tips Easing Nighttime Heartburn Heartburn Record ... Gastroesophageal Reflux in Infants
    Hiatal Hernia
    From Sharon Gillson
    Your Guide to Heartburn
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    Hiatal Hernia: Definition - Causes - Preventive Tips
    Hiatal Hernia Defined
    Types of Hiatal Hernia
    What Causes a Hiatal Hernia
    • Abdominal injury causing a hole or tear in the diaphragm.

    Medical and surgical facility specializes in hernia surgery using the mesh plug hernia repair operation in New Jersey.
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    130. To Basics--Herniated Disc
    General description, Discs are the relatively soft, gelatinous cushions that surround the spinal cord and act as shock absorbers
    General description Discs are the relatively soft, gelatinous cushions that surround the spinal cord and act as shock absorbers between the hard, bony vertebrae. A herniated disc is a protrusion of the disk material, usually through small openings in the vertebrae where nerves enter the spinal column. Disks herniate most commonly in the lower back, although they also occur frequently in the lower neck and more uncommonly may occur anywhere.
    Causes A disk may herniate because of sudden trauma, anything from a fall on an icy sidewalk to an athletic injury to simply lifting the wrong bag of groceries in the wrong way at the wrong time. They may also be caused simply by the cumulative long term effects of what doctors like to call poor body mechanics - a lifetime of too much bending and twisting too many awkward positions. Although the majority of lumbar lower back herniations occur in people 40-55 , most cervical neck herniations occur in older people, whose disks loose elasticity and become brittle because of normal aging processes.
    Signs and symptoms Depending on where the herniation occurs, and the degree to which nerves entering the spine, or the spine itself, are affected, a wide range of symptoms are possible. In addition to pain around the site of the herniation, many disk patients also experience significant pain somewhere other than where the disk is. This is because when disks ooze and bulge, they ooze and bulge into spaces occupied by nerves. Because these nerves are carrying impulses from different parts of he body to the spine and then to the brain, the pain is experienced as if it were occurring in the area from where the nerve originates.

    131. Hernia Center Of Southern California
    Patients information, testimonials, application of specific surgical techniques.
    "The injured worker’s hernia doctor"
    Home Page
    Patient Information Insurance Company Information Testimonials ... Contact Us
    Main Office
    800 S. Fairmount Ave., Suite 419
    Pasadena, California 91105
    Phone: (626) 584-6900
    877-2-HERNIA (toll free)
    Office Locations: Pasadena Beverly Hills Hollywood Los Angeles Mid Wilshire Hawthorne Pomona South Gate Welcome to the Hernia Center Of Southern California Web Site. Many of you will explore our web site as a first course of action when considering hernia repair. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about hernias as well as the specific techniques of hernia surgery. Please contact us if you have any questions. We consider all requests and comments very important. TABLE OF CONTENTS: HOME PAGE: Introduction to the Hernia Center Of Southern California Web Site. PATIENT INFORMATION: General consideration for hernia information: What is a hernia, who can get a hernia, types of hernia surgery procedures, and recovery. Including specific information on umbilical and inguinal hernias. INSURANCE COMPANY INFORMATION: Vital points are given concerning risk management and reasons for calling the Hernia Center Of Southern California.

    132. Femoral Hernia - Causes, Symptoms, Complications Of Surgery
    BUPA health factsheet a femoral hernia causes a grape-sized lump in the groin, they are most common in women who have had a pregnancy. Femoral hernia.
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    Femoral hernia
    R E L A T E D L I N K S Download a pdf of this factsheet Published by BUPA's Health Information Team
    February 2004
    A femoral hernia is a loop of intestine, or another part of the abdominal contents, that has been forced out of the abdomen through a channel called the "femoral canal" - a tube-shaped passage at the top of the front of the thigh. The loop is usually only the size of a grape. ... A femoral hernia can cause serious medical problems if left untreated, even if there are no troublesome symptoms to begin with. Treatment is by an operation to return the herniated intestine to its proper place and close the weakness in the abdominal wall.
    Femoral hernia
    About femoral hernias
    The femoral canal, through which a femoral hernia is squeezed, is next to the point where the blood vessels and nerves pass from the abdomen into the leg. It is a potential weak spot in the abdominal wall.

    133. Umbilical Hernia - - Caring For The Next Generation
    Umbilical hernia. What is an umbilical hernia? The band. If the umbilical ring is still open, the child has an umbilical hernia.
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    Umbilical Hernia
    What is an umbilical hernia?
    The umbilical cord is a strong, flexible pipeline. It carries a mother's lifeblood to her child, and anything that might harm the child is removed by her mother . This conduit enters the baby between the two rectus abdominus muscles of the abdominal wall. These two muscles (which we later try to keep firm with sit-ups) are connected by a white line of tough fibrous tissue called the

    134. Sydney Hernia Clinic
    Information about hernia repair in a specialised Australian clinic. Details of a clinical study and a new technique using fibrin glue.

    135. Springer-Verlag - Surgery
    hernia The World Journal of hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery Editorsin-Chief CJ Filipi; V. Schumpelick ISSN 1265-4906 (print version) ISSN 1248-9204,10735,4-10084-70-1122050-0,00.
    Please enable Javascript in your browser to browse this website. Select your subdiscipline Dentistry Dermatology Health Informatics Internal Medicine Neurology Neurosurgery Nuclear Medicine Ophthalmology Orthopedics Otorhinolaryngology Pathology Pediatrics Plastic Surgery Radiology Rheumatology Surgery Urology Home Medicine Surgery
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    All Author/Editor Title ISBN/ISSN Series

    136. The University Hernia Clinic, St. Luke's Hospital, London
    Information, description of the mesh and plug technique, email support provided from the UHC at the St.Luke's Hospital in London.

    137. Hernia Clinic Of Brisbane: David J Phillips Surgeon
    Information about repair surgical techniques and complications provided by Dr. David J. Phillips. Email contact form.
    David J Phillips
    M.B., B.S., F.R.C.S. (Ed) F.R.A.C.S.
    SURGEON PROFILE Dr David Phillips has been a general surgeon in private practice in Brisbane for over twenty years. His initial post-graduate training in surgery was completed in Australia through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons . On completion of these studies, he moved to England and obtained a fellowship with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. His three major interests are:
  • Hernia Clinic of Brisbane This Clinic has been established to provide world class standards of hernia repair and to maintain these standards by regularly attending international conferences organised by the two leading hernia groups in the world (The American Hernia Society and the European Hernia Society). General Surgical Practice Dr Phillips maintains an interest in most areas of general surgery. This major areas of interest are:
  • 138. HERNIA
    Meest gezocht. Meest gezocht. , Lage rugpijn. -, hernia. -, Discopathie. -, Spondylose. , Scheuermann. -, Osteochondrose. -, Discografie. Zoekresultaten hernia Forums.

    139. Welcome To The Hernia Center
    Information for patients waiting for operation. Email contact with specialists, phone and address. Located in St. Petersbourg, Florida.

    Cost Fly / Fix Program Return To Work ... Questions / Comments Addition Information: For a Patient with a Hernia Contact Us

    140. Gyro's Hernia Adventure!
    Gyro s Excellent hernia Adventure! On December 22, 1998, I went to the University of Washington medical center in Seattle for a hernia operation.
    Gyro's Excellent Hernia Adventure!
    On December 22, 1998, I went to the University of Washington medical center in Seattle for a hernia operation. This allowed me to avoid the stress of the pre-Christmas shopping rush by giving me a perfect excuse to do nothing more than lolligag around on the couch, read some P.G. Wodehouse, watch some teevee, and generally veg out. Having taken a camera along for some dental work at Greenlake Family Dentistry with excellent results, I decided to try it again and see what I could get away with. It takes a confident sawbones to let a doped-up geek with a web server and a digital camera into the operating room in this day and age, and with a little cajoling from Dr. Andrew Smith, Dr. Mika Sinanan went for it! Woohoo! It was all pretty interesting to me, and I walked out of there (with a little help from Shirley Nelson, a post-op nurse) about 2 hours after Dr. Visha Kapoor had sewn me up. The operation was performed under local anesthetic, but the anesthesiologist had me nodding off through most of it, probably because they were getting tired of all my inane questions. Dr. Smith also took most of the pictures seen here (thanks Andrew - you ROCK!) and Karen and Tracy, the scrub and circulation nurses, took a few as well. I had such a rollicking good time that I can't wait to get another hernia, and now I jump with squeals of anticipation whenever an opportunity to do some really heavy lifting presents itself. These pics are in chronological order. I'm medically illiterate and have no idea what's going on in them, but I won't let that stop me from captioning every one with a detailed explanation. I put this page together 10 days after the surgery, and after 6 weeks was back to deadlifting old water heaters.

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