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  1. Hiatal Hernia - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by Health Publica Icon Health Publications, 2004-01-09
  2. Management of Abdominal Hernias by H. Brendan Devlin, A. Kingsnorth, et all 1998-03-15
  3. The Radical Cure Of Hernia: By The Antiseptic Use Of The Carbolized Catgut Ligature (1879) by Henry Orlando Marcy, 2010-05-23
  4. Diaphragmatic Hernia: Webster's Timeline History, 1840 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2010-05-17
  5. Problems of recurrent hernia by Robert C Kimberly, 1975
  6. Modern Hernia Repair: The Embryological and Anatomical Basis of Surgery by L.J. Skandalakis, T.R. Gadacz, 1995-11-15
  7. Atlas of Hernia Surgery by Volker Schumpelick, 1990-06
  8. A Treatise on Hernia by Antonio Scarpa, 1988
  9. Prostheses and Abdominal Wall Hernias (Medical Intelligence Unit)
  10. Hernia Bay: Sydney's wartime hospitals at Riverwood by B. J Madden, 2001
  11. The Chronicles of Hernia by Barry Cryer, 2010-05-11
  12. Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair by Ara Darzi, John Monson, 1994-12-01
  13. Incisional Hernia
  14. On Retro-Peritoneal Hernia: Being the "arris and Gale" Lectures On the "the Anatomy and Surgery of the Peritoneal Fossae" Delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1897 by Baron Berkeley Moynihan Moynihan, 2010-04-22

61. Diaphragmatic Hernia
diaphragmatic hernia. hiatus hernia 99% axial ( sliding ); 1% paraesophageal ( rolling ). Bochdalek hernia posterior pleuroperitoneal
CHORUS Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology Respiratory system

diaphragmatic hernia
  • hiatus hernia
    • 99% axial ("sliding")
    • 1% para-esophageal ("rolling")
  • Bochdalek hernia
    • posterior: pleuroperitoneal membrane
    • more common on LEFT
  • Morgagni hernia
    • anterior: retrosternal muscle clefts
    • most often on RIGHT, most seen on LEFT
    Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MD - 2 February 1995
    Last updated 26 May 2004

    Medical College of Wisconsin

62. Frame Page
Informatie over behandeling van de rughernia met behulp van Laser. (Percutane Laser Discus Decompressie)

63. Hiatal Hernia
Stomach. Disclaimer Feedback Search. hiatal hernia. see diaphragmatic hernia Yong H. Hahn, MD 2 February 1995 Last updated 14 March 2001.
CHORUS Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology Stomach

hiatal hernia

Dr. Shawn Garber providing laparoscopic surgery. Minimally invasive surgery for reflux, colon resection, Heller myotomy, cholecystectomy, hernia repair, and gastric bypass surgery for obesity. (Great Neck, NY);;;;

65. Inguinal Hernia & Hydrocele Repair
Inguinal hernia Hydrocele Repair. What is a hernia / Hydrocele? In some cases the channel remains open, this is called a hernia or Hydrocele. See Figure 1.
Information for Patients UCCH HealthPages
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    What is a Hernia / Hydrocele?
      Before birth, the testicle passes through the peritoneum and enters the scrotum. In most boys the connection between the peritoneum (the processus vaginalis) and scrotum closes at birth or sometime during the first year of life. In some cases the channel remains open, this is called a Hernia or Hydrocele . See Figure 1. Inguinal Hernias occur in up to 4% of children and in 30% of premature infants. Most cases of hernia/hydrocele are noticed within the first year of life, especially once the child becomes upright and walking. Hernias are nine times more common in boys and are most commonly (60%) found on the right side, but hernias on both sides do occur. A Hernia is a persistent opening or channel in the processus vaginalis that allows the intestine to fall into the groin area or the scrotal sac. See Figure 2. A Hydrocele is a collection of fluid within the sac that holds the testicle called the scrotum. See Figure 3.

66. Cook Surgical | Featured Products | Surgisis® Gold Hernia Repair Graft
Feature product information on hernia repair grafts.
Ordering Information For additional information,
please visit

- 8-ply thickness
- Multiple sizes
7x10 cm up to 20x20 cm
- Available perforated
- Collagen biomatrix
- Naturally-occurring
- Acellular
- Not cross-linked
- Strength over time - Remodels into host tissue - Cost-effective - Good handling characteristics - Open or laparoscopic technique placement - Easily conforms to complex area - 18 month shelf life - Long-term biomechanical strength - Terminally sterilized - Stored at room temperature - Readily available - Consistent size and thickness Product Map Help Cook Group Inc. Privacy Policy ...

67. YourSurgery.Com®-Hernia
hernia. A hernia is a protrusion of usually a loop of bowel or a tissue through an opening in the wall of the abdominal cavity in which the bowel lies.

68. Hernia Institute
hernia Institute provides full Information for Patients, Diagnosis and Todays Treatment Methods. CLICK Photo to Enter NORTH PENN hernia INSTITUTE.
Hernia, hernia, HERNIA, hernia surgery, hernia information, hernia treatment, hernia repair, hernia surgeon, inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, recurrent hernia, incisional hernia, umbilical hernia, incarcerated, hernia surgery, repair, surgeon, hurnia, hernias, mesh, Pennsylvania, North Penn Hernia Institute, hernia center, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, rupture, inguinal, groin, incisional, Goodyear, free, consultation, Surgery, SURGERY, Treatment, TREATMENT, Information, INFORMATION Search
North Penn Hernia Institute
Web Site:

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Search North Penn Hernia Institute Web Site:

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sitemap N orth P enn
H ernia I nstitute
2100 N. Broad St. Lansdale, PA 19446
pecializing in the Contemporary Surgical Treatment of Inguinal and all Abdominal Wall Hernias T
he North Penn Hernia Institute is a dedicated American "Center of Excellence" for the diagnosis and contemporary repair of abdominal wall hernias. We have developed significant expertise and experience in this field, and apply highly specific and advanced

69. Rugproblemen
Informatie op over hernia's en andere rugproblemen.
Welkom op de site van Marianne
Met informatie over hernia's e.a. rugproblemen
Nieuwe Nieuwsbrief! Dinsdag 4 Mei
Nieuwe verhalen bij lotgenoten: Mei 2004!

Bedoeling van deze site?
Er staat er op deze site veel informatie over hernia's en andere rugproblemen. Kortom, alles bij elkaar een bron van informatie waar men wat aan heeft.
Ik houd jullie op de hoogte via de nieuwsbrieven en informatiepagina's.
Elke maand probeer ik een update te maken
van de situatie hoe die op dat moment is.
Gastenboek/FORUM bekijken

Gastenboek/FORUM tekenen
Wie ben ik:
Naam: Marianne, 31 jaar. Burgelijke st aat: Gehuwd met de liefste man van de wereld, Sven. We hebben geen kinderen maar wel een lieve hond: Kibu en 2 katten Max en Sammie. Beroep: WAO, vanwege rugproblemen.Voorheen werkte ik als bloemiste in een bloemenwinkel. Nu leer ik voor dtp'er (ontwerpen van alles wat gedrukt staat) en doe daarnaast een HBO opleiding tot software engineer . (programmeren) Hobbies: Schilderen, lezen, computeren, dieren etc.

Information about heartburn, hiatus hernia, gastroesophageal reflux disease.


Explicaciones sobre la acidez y la Hernia de hiato English
Explanations about heartburn and hiatal hernia
From / Desde 1999
Last update / Ultima revisión 11-Mar-2004
Dr. Garcia-Oria © 2000 Este lazo muestra nuestro respeto y solidaridad con las víctimas 11-M y nuestro desprecio al terrorismo

71. What Is The Heartburn?
result. What is Hiatus hernia? hernia. Many people who suffer from frequent heartburn have a hiatus hernia, which can be shown on an Xray.
What is the Heartburn? Potentially dangerous confusion can arise when someone neglects their heart pain believing it to be heartburn. What Causes Heartburn? Acid is present in the stomach to digest food. Heartburn occurs when small amounts of this acid rise up into the gullet (oesophagus) - the tube which carries food from the mouth to the stomach. This is called reflux. The gullet, unlike the stomach, does not have a protective lining. So when it is exposed to the acid, it can become inflamed and painful. Why Doesn't Everyone get Heartburn? Some known factors that can lead to heartburn include:
eating large meals, especially near bedtime
being overweight
bending a lot
wearing tight clothing around the waist. In most of these cases, it is the increased pressure which overcomes the normal muscle contraction and causes heartburn. Smoking, on the other hand, relaxes the muscle around the gullet, with the same result. What is Hiatus Hernia?

72. Umbilical Hernia, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Causes Symptoms Treatment Diagnosis Prognosis What is an umbilical hernia?......Conditions and Diagnoses. Umbilical hernia.
Home Contact Us Site Map Go to Advanced Search ... Ulcerative Colitis Umbilical Hernia Vomiting Home Care Overview Tests and Procedures
Conditions and Diagnoses
Umbilical Hernia
Description Causes Symptoms Treatment ... Prognosis What is an umbilical hernia? An umbilical hernia is an abnormal bulge that can be seen or felt at the umbilicus (navel). This hernia develops when a portion of the intestine, along with fluid, bulges through the muscle of the abdominal wall. Umbilical hernias are not uncommon, occurring in 10% to 20% of all children. They are, however, much more common in African Americans than in Caucasians. Also, low birth weight and premature infants are more likely to have an umbilical hernia. Boys and girls are affected equally. What causes an umbilical hernia? As the fetus matures during pregnancy, there is a small opening in the abdominal muscles that allows the umbilical cord to pass through, connecting mother to baby. As the baby matures after birth, the opening in the abdominal muscles closes. Sometimes, however, these muscles do not meet and grow together completely, and a small opening remains. This opening is called an umbilical hernia. Occasionally the intestines get trapped in this muscular defect and cause umbilical pain and tenderness. This is referred to as an incarcerated hernia. When this occurs, urgent medical evaluation is required in order to prevent possible damage to the intestines.

73. Cirugía Gastroenterológica, Laparoscópica Y Bariátrica
Indicaciones, t©cnicas y recomendaciones sobre cirug­a para reflujo gastroesof¡gico y hernia hiatal, cirug­a laparosc³pica y de control de obesidad.

74. Inguinal Hernia: Diagnosing And Testing
Diagnosing and Testing. If you think you have a hernia, you ll want to see your doctor for a medical evaluation. This is really the
Diagnosing and Testing
If you think you have a hernia , you'll want to see your doctor for a medical evaluation. This is really the only way to accurately diagnose your problem.
Your Evaluation Will Include:
    having a physical exam,
    completing a medical history form or questionnaire and
    talking with your doctor about the problem.
Your doctor will want to know when you experience pain with your hernia, how severe the pain is and how it is limiting or affecting your lifestyle. Other complications that are resulting from the hernia, such as nausea will also be evaluated. In advanced cases, hernias may be causing serious intestinal and digestive problems; your doctor will want to fully evaluate your situation before making a recommendation for treatment Just as a bulge can form in a worn tire, a hernia may form in the weakened abdominal wall. At the weakened spot, a hernia sac or bulging of the abdominal lining may fill with intestine or fat. If the bulge flattens out when you lie down or push against it, you have a reducible hernia. Although you're not in any immediate danger, your hernia should still be evaluated for surgery. If the hernia becomes trapped or incarcerated, you won't be able to flatten the bulge. In this case, you have a non-reducible hernia, which is often painful.

75. Gregory S. Azia, M.D.
Laparoscopic and microlaparoscopic surgery for hernia repair, gallbladders, and antireflux procedures. General and vascular surgery of the colon, breast and abdomen.
Laparoscopic and Microlaparoscopic Surgery Hernia Repair Gallbladders Anti-Reflux Procedure General and Vascular Surgery Colon Breast Abdominal Come visit our new location at 399 Ocean Avenue in New London Most insurances accepted 399 Ocean Avenue
New London, CT 06320

76. - Hiatal Hernia
It may be a hiatal hernia, which occurs when your stomach protrudes into your chest cavity. Hiatal hernia By Mayo Clinic staff Overview

77. Hernia Surgery Experiences
A site for hernia patients who have undergone or require hernia surgery and who have questions as to surgical technique, recovery times, pain and generally
BILATERAL LAPAROSCOPIC HERNIA SURGERY The way this works is for post surgery hernia patients to tell of their experiences and add them to the guestbook so presurgical patients can learn from those experiences. In YOUR Guestbooks, and on the Hernia Surgery Discussion Board, within this site as of July 2003, there are THOUSANDS of personal experiences and comments by people like yourself who have accessed this site. Post surgery hernia patients gain from this as many will have to undergo a second surgery and they in turn will learn of new methods and recovery rates from those who they have helped in telling of their experience. It's a situation. Basically, this site is devoted to hernia surgical patients for hernia surgical patients. Doctor comments are always welcome and encouraged. ( You can identify yourself as a physician, but no names, please. This constitutes advertising for business and this is a non-profit site). All patients should consult a physician as this site is an adjunct to a good physician's care. This site devoted to hernia surgical patients for hernia surgical patients will in the long run help both the pre and post surgical patients.

78. Personal Hernia Surgery Experience And 1330 Other Experiences.
Personal laparoscopic hernia surgery experience along with hundreds of other hernia surgery experiences as told on this site. hernia.
HERNIA April 30, 2004 LAPAROSCOPIC BILATERAL INGUINAL HERNIA REPAIR THE RIGHT SURGEON Click above to learn about.. THE OPERATION It is strongly suggested that you finish reading the above hernia experience (the same links are at the end of the story). However, for those that do not wish to continue to the end, please see the links below as follows: Links to Hernia Experiences The Hernia Surgery Discussion Board with questions, answers and experiences for all kind of hernias. Hundred of thousands of posts have been made to this popular board. As of April 30, 2004, from the number of "hits" recorded, approximately 5-7% of all hernia patients operated on in the United States visit this board. We are not connected to any physician, or support any particular repair technique. I would be apprehensive of boards operated by physicians for personal gain. No monetary gain is received from this site. The two hundred and seventy (386) hernia surgery experience comments made in the guestbooks on this site.

79. GLHC Home Page
Information about the Center and procedures performed, frequently asked questions, insurance information and an online consult. Located in Sylvania, Ohio.
The Hernia Center was founded to meet the patients' desire for specialized hernia treatment and repair with minimal pain, quick recovery and a low chance of recurrence.

80. Hernia
hernia Rond het begrip hernia bestaat nogal wat verwarring. Veel mensen weten niet precies wat hernia is behalve dat men door
Rond het begrip 'hernia' bestaat nogal wat verwarring. Veel mensen weten niet precies wat hernia is behalve dat men door deze aandoening 'door de rug gaat'. Om te kunnen verduidelijken wat hernia nu exact is, zullen we eerst aandacht besteden aan de functie van de tussenwervel- schijven in uw wervelkolom.
Wat is en doet een tussenwervelschijf?
Tussenwervelschijven zijn schijven tussen de beweegbare wervels die de schokken of stoten op uw wervelkolom opvangen Ook zorgen zij ervoor dat de wervelkolom soepel blijft. Een tussenwervelschijf is opgebouwd uit een geleiachtige kern die door kraakbeen is omringd (zie tekeningen middenpagina). Een netwerk van stevige uiterst fijne vezels verbindt de wervels en tussenwervelschijven met elkaar tot een sterke constructie. Deze constructie houdt de wervels op hun plaats.
Wat is hernia en hoe wordt deze veroorzaakt?
Er is sprake van hernia wanneer de kern van een tussenwervelschijf een ongewone uitstulping laat zien. Die uitstulping drukt op de zenuwwortel en kan zelfs het ruggenmerg doen irriteren (zie tekeningen). Pijn is hiervan zonder meer de consequentie. Hernia kan zich op twee manieren vormen. Ten eerste kan een acute aandoening de oorzaak van hernia zijn. Ten tweede kan een degeneratieproces ofwel slijtage aan hernia ten grondslag liggen. Een acute aandoening kan ontstaan onder meer door plotseling te draaien in een onjuiste houding te tillen, een schok, een val of zelfs door te hard niesen.

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