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  1. Health care system flaws, lack of private insurance contribute to higher death rate among black heart transplant recipients.: An article from: Transplant News by Unavailable, 2010-07-01
  2. LV dysfunction portends poor heart transplant outcomes.(Left ventricular dysfunction ): An article from: Internal Medicine News by Mitchel L. Zoler, 2005-09-15

141. Cardiothoracic Surgery At NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Center
Information on their cardiothoracic surgeons, open heart program, transplant program and robotic surgery.
Shortcuts Directions Events Find the Right Doctor Directory Risk Assessments Search Second Opinion Send for Info Site Map
Craig R. Smith, MD

Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery In most subspecialties, the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery stands alone in the region and among the best in the world. CUMC's open-heart surgery program consistently performs over 1,500 open-heart procedures annually, and reports some of the lowest mortality rates for coronary bypass procedures in Manhattan and one of the lowest in the state. CUMC surgeons perform an unusually high percentage of valve procedures, and are recognized for innovation and expertise in valve repair. The Heart Transplant Program, directed by Donna Mancini, MD , was one of the first in the nation, has completed its 25th year, and has consistently been among the most active programs in the United States. Mehmet C. Oz, MD , and Yoshi Naka, MD lead an internationally recognized program in ventricular assist devices, which has become an important center for training, testing and implementation of new devices. A noteworthy recent achievement of this program was the publication of the landmark REMATCH trial , of which Dr. Eric A. Rose

142. Heart-Lung Transplant Support Group
Forum for heartlung transplant recipients, candidates, and family members.
var nEditorialCatId = 103; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(''); Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Heart-Lung Transplant Support Group What's New Join Now Message Board Chat Room ... Recommend This Group to a Friend Heart-Lung Transplant Support Group Manager: Luba Kobzeff (Heart/Double Lung 8-6-2003) Established: August 3, 2000 Welcome! This site is for anyone pre, post, or trying to qualify for transplantation. This group is also for those who need to vent, pour your heart out and to meet others in your similar situation. The Manager and members are dedicated to helping others and sharing their stories in the hopes that it will give others the support and understanding needed during this challenging time. THIS SUPPORT GROUP DOES NOT GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE OF ANY KIND. WE ONLY OFFER LOVE, SUPPORT, UNDERSTANDING AND FRIENDSHIP TO THOSE WHO ARE OR HAVE BEEN AFFECTED BY RESPIRATORY TRANSPLANTS. IF YOU NEED MEDICAL ADVICE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR. UNOS Whom have I in heaven but Thee?

143. LifeNet
LifeNet is the largest, fullservice, non-profit allograft Tissue Banking System in the United States. LifeNet is also a non-profit, federally-designated, Organ Procurement Organization providing donation systems for heart, liver, kidney, pancreas,lung, and other organs for transplant.
Welcome to LifeNet. Healing the Spirit:
Our Services
Donor Memorial Foundation Donor Family Quarterly ... [Donor Family Services] [Corporate Info] [Tissue Services] [OPO Partners] [Donorship]

144. - Artificial Heart Recipient Passes 30-day Mark - August 2, 2001



CNN TV what's on
show transcripts

CNN Headline News

CNN International

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Artificial heart recipient passes 30-day mark
Dr. Rob Dowling operated on recipient of first fully self-contained artificial heart LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (CNN) An unidentified 50-year-old man who is the first recipient of a fully self-contained artificial heart has passed the 30-day mark since the device was implanted at a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Doctors had told him he had 30 days to live due to impending heart and renal troubles and his diabetes condition. CNN anchor Carol Lin spent some time speaking on Thursday with one of the artificial heart recipient's physicians, Dr. Rob Dowling, a heart surgeon. LIN: How is your patient doing? DOWLING: He's doing wonderful. He's gaining his strength. He's able to get up and move around. We're just very pleased with his progress. LIN: How is he spending his days now? What's he doing? DOWLING: Oh, yes, well, we kind of keep him busy. You know we have the physical therapists coming to see him and the nurses are exercising him and sometimes he just goes and sits and hangs out at the nurse's station and interacts with all the doctors, the lung doctors, the kidney doctors, everyone that's coming by. And sometimes he just listens to his CDs or watches a videotape, but you know, he's we keep him kind of busy.

145. Transplant Living: Organ Donation And Transplantation Information For Patients
Selecting a Hospital. Financing a transplant. Pediatric transplantation. Q A. During the transplant. heart. Lung. heart/Lung. Kidney. Pancreas. Kidney/Pancreas. Liver.
Sign up for our free, monthly newsletter to learn about the latest advances in transplantation. Learn more Our tour will guide you to
the information you need. Learn more Experience the real-life stories of donor families and organ and tissue transplant recipients, explore the interactive body and learn about brain death and how organ and tissue donation restores lives.
Take the Transplant Journey now
Read about how certain organs work and access transplant survival rates, compare programs and view policies specific to organs from here. Learn more Find out how each organ works, transplant survival rates and waiting times. Kidney


Learn about medications for every step of the transplant process. Learn more Find a transplant center in your area that meets your needs. Learn more Find patient support group meetings and other events in your area. Learn more Meet people like you. Recipients, donor families and transplant professionals share their stories about the transplant process. Learn more
Site Map Legal Heart Lung Heart/Lung Kidney Pancreas Kidney/Pancreas Liver Intestine Living with Devices About Organ Allocation Getting on the List Selecting a Hospital Financing a Transplant Preparing for a Transplant Pediatric Transplantation Heart Lung Heart/Lung Kidney Pancreas Kidney/Pancreas Liver Intestine Medications Staying Healthy Facts Types Patient Profiles Support Groups Calendar of Events Patient Resources Member Directory Policies Bylaws Links Glossary Promote Organ Donation Support UNOS Donor Memorial Sponsors

146. Boy Fitted With Child-sized Artificial Heart Pump Given Transplant

147. The Transplant Center At Fairview-University Medical Center
A unique partnership of University of Minnesota Physicians transplant Program and Fairview Health Services offering heart, intestinal, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas and islet transplantation services.





The Transplant Center
is a partnership of the
following entities:
The Transplant Center News - Summer 2004

University of Minnesota to host U.S. Transplant Games July 27, 2004 Learn more about the U.S. Transplant Games Volunteer for the U.S. Transplant Games Welcome to The Transplant Center. Providing unsurpassed care in a new, integrated environment. Welcome to The Transplant Center at Fairview-University Medical Center. Our goal is to provide unsurpassed care for anyone whose life is touched by a solid organ transplant. Whether you are a patient awaiting transplantation, a living donor, or a transplant recipient, the expertise of University of Minnesota Physicians and supporting resources are available in a single location to dramatically enhance patient care. We are dedicated to educating patients about preventative health care and transplant issues. Patients are informed decision-makers, surrounded by the people and services they need: transplant physicians, surgeons, transplant coordinators, nurses, social workers, research clinicians, laboratory personnel, specialty pharmacy services, financial representatives, dietitians, physical therapists and support staff. Learn more about the Transplant Center Transplant Games registration and fundraising continue 500 heart transplants: Roseville pre-schoolerÂ’s life-saving surgery marks major milestone for University of Minnesota surgeons and Fairview-University Medical Center

148. National Heart Centre
A discussion about how a transplant is done, who might get one, how donors are found and life after a transplant.

149. Texas Surgical Associates
Cardiovascular surgery group providing innovative heart, vascular and transplant surgery services in the greater Houston Texas service area.
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150. Transplants At Mayo Clinic
Offers comprehensive care to adults and children in need of heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, or blood or marrow transplantation.
Home About Mayo Clinic Contact Us Mayo Clinic Locations: Arizona Florida Minnesota Transplantation
At Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic doctors perform more than 1,000 transplants per year, making it the largest transplant program in the United States.
Transplant teams in Jacksonville, Rochester and Scottsdale are applying novel techniques to improve care for transplant patients. Their collaborations are producing outcomes consistently above national norms for Mayo patients and a worldwide reputation for excellence for Mayo's program. Hazel's Story Valentine's Day 2002 was like no other for Hazel Roby. She received a very special heart that day, not chocolate in a gold box, but a gift of life, packaged neatly with two donor lungs.
Read more
Why Choose Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic offers many advantages for transplant patients.
Read more
A History of Innovation Since doctors performed the first kidney transplant at Mayo Clinic in Rochester in 1963, thousands of organ recipients have benefited from the collective, innovative skills of Mayo's transplant leaders.
Read more
National Contracts Mayo Clinic has contracts with many insurance groups to provide transplant services to their members. See recent

151. Experimental Heart Pump May Be Transplant Alternative

152. Welcome
Provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care of surgical diseases involving transplantation of kidneys, livers, heart, heart/lung, and pancreas.
Transplant Center Kidney Transplantation Pancreas Transplantation Islet Cell Transplantation ... Site Index Search this site:
Saving lives is a part of what we do every day at the University of Virginia's Charles O. Strickler Transplant Center (CST). Consistently ranked as one of the Top 100 Hospitals in America, the UVA Health System features one of the finest transplant programs available. Here you will find a resource that combines up-to-date technology and research with the surgical expertise that comes from 30 years of experience and pioneering in organ transplantation. A Complete Range of Transplant Services The Strickler Transplant Center provides adult and pediatric transplants for kidney pancreas liver , and in 2003, islet cell transplants. In addition, the UVA Health System offers heart lung and bone marrow/stem cell transplants. The Charles O. Strickler Transplant Center includes a full service tissue typing lab and specialized nursing units staffed by skilled nursing professionals who care for transplant patients before and after surgery. Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinators work in collaboration with the Transplant Surgeons and Physicians to manage patients' care from referral throughout the post transplant period. Highly experienced Social Workers address the various psychosocial concerns of patients and their family members throughout the transplant process. A dedicated Financial Coordinator is available to help patients and their family navigate the financial aspects of transplant care.

153. Home
Information about laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy, innovative heart and lung procedures, and transplant alternatives.

  • Read "Outreach" - The CTC's Biannual Newsletter for Patients and Physicians
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  • Read "Outreach" - The CTC's Biannual Newsletter for Patients and Physicians
  • CTC Calendar of Events
  • Read All Johns Hopkins Medicine Press Releases
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  • 154. OHSU Transplant Program
    Active member of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). Medicare and CHAMPUS certified for kidney, heart and liver transplantation.
    Access Instructions and Browser Tips
    Transplant Services
    Kidney Liver Heart Pancreas and Pancreas-Kidney ... Site Map
    What Makes Transplantation Special at OHSU?
    • Overall: over 43 years and more than 4,400 transplants Annually: 200-plus transplants Clinical staff: more than 350 cumulative years in this specialty field
    • Patient support from initial referral through transplantation and beyond Specialized transplant clinical staff Specialists in pharmaceutical management, nutrition, social work, infectious disease and pathology Tissue typing lab on site Specialty laboratory services Dedicated support staff Comprehensive patient and family education Participation in donor awareness activities Community involvement
    • Excellent patient and graft survival rates Staff longevity Reputation
    In Summary . . .
    From initial referral forward, we offer patients top-notch medical care and broad-based support; we offer referring physicians frequent, accurate communication and assessment of their patients; and we offer payers full cooperation. OHSU physicians and surgeons are actively engaged in clinical research to improve outcomes today and in the future. We undertake all these activities with one goal in mind: to restore end-stage organ failure patients to optimal, productive health. As part of the only academic medical institution in Oregon, the OHSU Transplant Program is committed to ensuring the present and future health of Oregonians and all patients.

    155. Health Care Financial Administration
    A list of medicare approved heart, lung, heartlung, and liver transplant centers is provided.

    156. Cromwell Hospital
    London hospital provides private healthcare facilities for UK and overseas patients. Include cancer treatment, liver disease and transplant, pancreas and kidney transplant, neurosurgery, heart surgery, and IVF.

    157. Camcare Health System
    Includes the Charleston Area Medical Center, CamdenClark Memorial Hospital, Plateau Medical Center and Roane General Hospital. Centers of Excellence include cancer, heart, rehabilitation, neurosciences, kidney transplant and level 1 trauma center.

    158. UPHS Health Care: PENN Cardiac Care
    Specialists in cardiology and cardiac surgery treat all aspects of heart health, from arrhythmias and cholesterol to transplant and bypass surgery. Locations throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.

    About PENN Cardiac Care
    Locations Physician Profiles Research ... Glossary PENN Cardiac Care specialists utilize the latest technology available to pinpoint and treat all types of heart problems from the most common to the most complex. For more information about services offered at each of our locations, click on one of the links below. PENN Cardiac Care is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the American Heart Association's Philadelphia Go Red for Women Luncheon to raise awareness about America's #1 killer of women. Pennsylvania Hospital
    Phoenixville Hospital

    University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


    Suburban practices
    throughout the Delaware Valley

    159. Flash Detection :: V1.3.5
    Provides transplant and cancer care for bone marrow, kidney transplant, heart and liver transplants.

    160. Palestinian Heart Saves Life Of Dying Israeli

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