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  1. Life Magazine September 17, 1971 - The Tragic Record of Heart Transplants by Editor Henry Luce, 1971
  2. Innovations for 2010 include tools and drugs for heart health: devices to reduce stroke risk and assist heart transplant patients are among the technological ... An article from: Heart Advisor by Unavailable, 2010-01-01
  3. Infection outbreak among Philadelphia heart transplant recipients attributed to UNOS allocation policy change.(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)(Brief Article)(Statistical ... Included): An article from: Transplant News
  4. The Alarming History of Medicine Amusing Anecdotes from hippocrates to Heart Transplants
  5. Selection and Management of Heart Transplant Patients (Cardiology Clinics, Vol 8 num 1)
  6. Medicare to pay for LVAD in heart patients not eligible for a transplant.(Left ventricular assist device): An article from: Transplant News
  7. Heart transplant patients may reduce chronic rejection risk by modifying diets.(Brief Article): An article from: Transplant News
  8. Researchers encounter problems using stem cells to repair heart damage.: An article from: Transplant News
  9. Only sickest patients with high risk of dying have improved survival after heart transplant, study finds.(Brief Article): An article from: Transplant News
  10. Device improves some heart transplant outcomes.: An article from: Internal Medicine News by Mitchel L. Zoler, 2005-06-15
  11. The Alarming History of Medicine. Amusing Anecdotes From Hippocrates to Heart Transplants by Richard Gorson, 1993-01-01
  12. Procuring Organs for Transplant: The Debate over Non-Heart-Beating Cadaver Protocols
  13. ISHLT adopts first new heart patient transplant guidelines for cardiologists in 15 years.(International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation)(United ... An article from: Transplant News by Gale Reference Team, 2006-11-01
  14. Peace in the face of death: Needed a heart transplant by Judith K Martin, 1991

121. HeartCenterOnline For Patients - Stem Cells May Eliminate Need For Heart Transpl
Stem cells may eliminate need for heart transplant, Sep 02 (Reuters) Four out of a group of five seriously ill Brazilian heart-failure

122. Medical College Of Ohio - Transplant Programs
heart transplant Programs. When the Medical of 84 percent. Nicholas Rohrs, a heart transplant recipient, wrote the poem Hearts United.
Heart Transplant Program

Our Team
Heart Assist Device Program ...
Transplant Home
Heart Transplant Programs When the Medical College of Ohio performed northwest Ohio's first heart transplant in May 1988, it was the latest in a long line of pioneering advances in surgical and medical care for residents of northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan. As northwest Ohio's only solid organ transplant center, MCO has earned an outstanding reputation in patient care, research, and education in heart transplantation.
More than 100 heart transplants have been performed at MCO since 1988, with a one-year survival rate of 90 percent, higher than the national average of 84 percent.

123. Holub, Miroslav Heart Transplant
Literature Annotations. Holub, Miroslav heart transplant. Genre, Poem.
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Literature Annotations
Holub, Miroslav Heart Transplant
Genre Poem Keywords Heart Disease Medical Advances Surgery Technology Summary In typically terse poetic structure, utilizing fresh new images, Holub visualizes removal and replacement of a human heart during a transplant procedure. He describes the throb of the extracorporeal circulation mechanics as an "inaudible New World Symphony" as he elevates the imagery of the hole in the chest where once resided the "king of Blood" transiently into the cosmos. With the arrival of the "new heart," the imagery again becomes earth bound: the structure is sewn in place, the beats resume and the "curves jump like / synthetic sheep" as the EKG rhythm resumes. Commentary In this poem, Holub stays much closer to a description of an actual event than he does in his more dramatically metaphorical pieces. The differences are twofold: the absolute technical wonderment of the achievement is so understated as to be most effective; and the images used, though refreshing, are crystal clear. For example, watch the QRS complex on an EKG screen and you will see sheep jumping in lines and in perfect rhythmas an emblem of the victory of both "life and spirit."

124. Heart Transplant Pioneer Dies At 84 - The Clarion-Ledger
heart transplant pioneer dies at 84. The UMC heart surgery came three years before Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the first humanto-human heart transplant.



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USA Today

USA Weekend
... Mississippi News February 21, 2003 Heart transplant pioneer dies at 84
  • 1964 operation made history By Pamela Berry The Clarion-Ledger file photo Dr. James Hardy, On Wednesday, the world-renowned surgeon died peacefully in his sleep at St. Catherine's Village retirement home in Madison surrounded by his four daughters. He was 84. Hardy's surgical team at the University of Mississippi Medical Center transplanted the heart of a chimpanzee into a dying man. The patient lived for 90 minutes following the surgery. A year earlier, Hardy's team transplanted the world's first human lung into another human, but it was the 1964 heart transplant that earned him global recognition. The UMC heart surgery came three years before Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the first human-to-human heart transplant. "He's a local hero," said Dr. Richard Yelverton, a general surgeon at the Lakeland Surgical Clinic who was trained by Hardy and helped organize the James D. Hardy Society, a group of surgeons who studied under Hardy and who meet each year to honor him. "Above all, he was a gentleman, very strict and demanding as far as the quality of work you did." Friends, students and colleagues of Hardy said the historic surgeon felt deeply about the need to find solutions to medical problems by conducting research and later translating that to patient care.
  • 125. -- News -- Heart Transplant Patient To Serve Prison Term
    heart transplant patient to serve prison term. Judge rejects plea of convicted marijuana grower who fears jail time will kill him.
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    Heart transplant patient to serve prison term
    Judge rejects plea of convicted marijuana grower who fears jail time will kill him.
    By Denny Walsh Bee Staff Writer
    Get weekday updates of Sacramento Bee headlines and breaking news. Sign up here. Peter Ballinger, a heart transplant patient terrified of dying in custody, was sentenced Wednesday in Sacramento federal court to a mandatory minimum five years in prison for growing more than 100 marijuana plants. "If he dies in prison, it's of his own making," U.S. District Judge William B. Shubb told heartbroken defense attorney Linda Harter, who had accused the judge of having a "suspicious mind" and had called the sentence "a travesty." She filed a notice of appeal later in the day.

    126. Heart Transplant
    heart transplant Criteria. Patient selection is a key determinant to patient survival. Unfortunately heart transplant Survival Results. Data
    Heart Transplant Criteria Patient selection is a key determinant to patient survival. Unfortunately, many end-stage heart patients are not candidates for transplantation. Appropriate selection is paramount in the best interest of the patient and the health of the transplant program. Indications
    Any end-stage heart disease with a limited prognosis (i.e. less than 60 percent survival rate for one year). Typical patterns follow:
    • Ventricular dysrhythmias not responsive to medical therapy and/or AICD implantation
    • Ischemic heart disease not manageable by medications, PTCA or conventional coronary artery bypass surgery wherein the long-term prognosis is poor and the patient is symptomatic
    • Valvular heart disease not amenable to medical or surgical therapy
    • Restrictive disease not amenable to medical or surgical therapy
      There are specific contraindications, absolute and relative, that may adversely affect a patient's candidacy.
    Absolute Contraindications
    • Age greater than 67 years
    • Pulmonary artery hypertension with pulmonary vascular resistance greater than six Wood units
    • Infection or sepsis
    • Positive HIV antibody
    • Irreversible hepatic or renal dysfunction
    • Ventilatory support
    • Recent substance abuse

    127. University Of Maryland Transplant Center
    Home of the nation's largest kidney transplant program. A comprehensive center with programs for kidney, pancreas, simultaneous kidneypancreas, liver, heart and lung transplantation.

    128. Heart, Lung, Liver And Kidney Transplant Surgery
    Part of the University of Southern California Department of Surgery. heart, lung, liver, and kidney transplants.
    What's New: Pancreas Transplant Web Site USC Multi-Organ Transplant Program Only a generation ago, there was little hope for people with failing hearts, lungs, livers or kidneys. Today, the USC Multi-Organ Transplant Program , consisting of heart lung liver kidney and pancreas transplant, offers such patients a second chance at life and better health. The Transplant Program has earned a reputation of technical excellence, cutting-edge research and high success rates. A world pioneer in live-donor transplants, the Program offers a unique service: Patients with one or more family members willing to donate a lung lobe, kidney or a portion of a liver may have the procedures performed when the need presents itself, without waiting for a cadaveric organ. USC doctors also are known for advances in transfusion-free medicine and surgery. USC transplant surgeries take place at several facilities, including:
    • USC University Hospital
    • USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
    • The Doheny Eye Institute
    To create a complete teaching and research institution, teams of highly skilled and experienced specialists from a wide variety of disciplines come together to best meet the needs of patients and their families. The teams perform hundreds of transplants every year-each carried out and followed up with personal care and medical treatment that ensures the best experience and the greatest chance of success.

    129. Heart
    Personal experiences of Doug Fredlund who holds the record for the longest wait for a transplant on a HeartMate LVAD at the University of Minnesota Hospital.
    Pictures of Doug during his wait for a donor organ at the U of M To read about Doug's hospital experiences: Click Here To see pictures of Doug's Old Heart (these are pretty RUDE!) Click Here

    130. CryoLife : Biotechnologies For Medicine
    Probably the U.S. leader in research and cryopreservation of heart valves for transplant. Also preserves vascular tissue for heart bypass and vascular resonstruction, and connective tissue (tendons). Is also doing research in surgical glues.
    CryoValve Human Heart Valve Clinical Experience 2003 Report HM_PG_MenuWidth = 150; HM_PG_FontFamily = "Arial,sans-serif"; HM_PG_FontSize = 8; HM_PG_FontBold = 0; HM_PG_FontItalic = 0; HM_PG_FontColor = "blue"; HM_PG_FontColorOver = "white"; HM_PG_BGColor = "#DDDDDD"; HM_PG_BGColorOver = "#FFCCCC"; HM_PG_ItemPadding = 3; HM_PG_BorderWidth = 2; HM_PG_BorderColor = "black"; HM_PG_BorderStyle = "solid"; HM_PG_SeparatorSize = 2; HM_PG_SeparatorColor = "#d0ff00"; HM_PG_isFrames = true; HM_PG_navFrLoc = "top"; HM_PG_mainFrName = "main"; HM_PG_ImageSrc = "HM_More_black_right.gif"; HM_PG_ImageSrcLeft = "HM_More_black_left.gif"; HM_PG_ImageSrcOver = "HM_More_white_right.gif"; HM_PG_ImageSrcLeftOver = "HM_More_white_left.gif"; HM_PG_ImageSize = 5; HM_PG_ImageHorizSpace = 0; HM_PG_ImageVertSpace = 2; HM_PG_KeepHilite = true; HM_PG_ClickStart = 0; HM_PG_ClickKill = false; HM_PG_ChildOverlap = 20; HM_PG_ChildOffset = 10; HM_PG_ChildPerCentOver = null; HM_PG_TopSecondsVisible = .5; HM_PG_StatusDisplayBuild =0; HM_PG_StatusDisplayLink = 0; HM_PG_UponDisplay = null; HM_PG_UponHide = null; HM_PG_RightToLeft = false; HM_PG_CreateTopOnly = 1; HM_PG_ShowLinkCursor = 1; HM_PG_NSFontOver = true; CryoValve Human Heart Valve Clinical Experience 2003 Report

    131. Division Of Transplantation, Department Of Surgery, Emory University School Of M
    Specialty section of University website provides consumer and professional information addressing heart, liver, lung, kidney, bone marrow and pancreas transplant programs.
    Ranked among the busiest solid organ transplant centers in the country, Emory University has become a regional multi-organ transplant center serving the needs of both adult and pediatric patients with end-organ disease. The rich history of clinical transplantation at Emory began in 1947 with the performance of Georgia's first corneal transplant at Emory University Hospital . Knowledge and techniques continued to develop, and Emory's transplant program expanded to include solid organ transplantation in 1966 with the performance of Georgia's first kidney transplant at Emory University Hospital. In the late 1970s, the bone marrow transplant program at Emory was initiated. Rapid growth characterized the 1980's: the performance of kidney transplants increased dramatically, the heart transplant program began in 1985 and the liver transplant service was launched in 1987. Beginning in 1989 with the addition of the simultaneous kidney-pancreas operation to the program, Emory began offering multi-organ transplantation in various combinations, from heart-lung to heart-kidney. Emory transplant teams also perform pediatric transplants at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston , the university's pediatric affiliate.

    132. Heart Surgery Pioneer Awaits Transplant

    133. Join Eccoblue In Her Fight To Survive
    Young woman in her twenties requires a double heart and liver transplant. Gallery, updates and background story.
    "Where there's life, there's hope" - Cicero Welcome to Eccoblue's Fight for Survival web site,
    dedicated to help with her battle against heart and liver disease
    Introduction : Eccoblue is the nickname and moniker used by Kelli Jaunsen on the internet and as a signature for her artwork.
    After a lifetime of fighting for survival, 20-year-old Kelli, has learned she will need a heart-liver transplant. Although thousands
    of organ transplants have become commonplace, the heart-liver combination is rare only one was done in 2003 and two in
    2002 according to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN). Kelli's story is one of amazing courage in the face of incredible odds, where each one of her multiple, open-heart surgeries
    brought new complications for her to overcome. In spite of physical and mental adversity, Kelli has produced award-winning
    photographic images and creates unique, digital art as well. Much of her work may be seen on this site. e-mail: Snail Mail:
    Kelli Jaunsen
    P.O. Box 4773

    134. HH Transplant Program
    Overview, program achievements, and specific information on heart, liver and kidney transplants.
    transplant home T RANSPLANT P ROGRAM Welcome! Here's What's New:
    Hartford Hospital

    135. Pulmonary Hypertension PH, PPH, Congenital Heart Lung Defect, HELP
    Information about this 4 year old who has Pulmonary Hypertension, a Congenital heart Lung Defect. heart lung transplant will be needed in the future.
    I am Roosje Smid - I have Pulminary Hypertension
    The girl you see on the picture is the almost 7 year old Roosje Smid, she has a unique congenital heart lung defect which results in a life threatening high blood pressure especially in the lung arteries. This defect is known as (Primary) Pulmonary Hypertension or PH / PPH . Today we know that Roos has Secondairy Pulmonary Hypertension. In Roos' case the defect is at least caused by the fact that the upper half of the arteries in the lungs that assimilate the oxygen from the air into the blood, have not been formed. Instead of these arteries extra (so called aberrant) arteries have been formed between the short and long blood circulation system, which is the cause for the high blood pressure in Roosjes lungs (around a factor of 4 above normal levels). Against this high pressure her heart has to work. It is beyond saying that eventually this little heart will lose this struggle. When this congenital defect was discovered at the age of 4 months, the lungs had already lost all their elasticity (compare this with an airballoon which had been filled with air for a long time) and the only hope was that her situation would remain stable - which it is up till today. The only thing which can save her today is a heart lung transplant, which is - of course - a very dangerous operation. However, the longer she will be able to fight this battle the further the medical sciences will develop and the better her future will be.

    136. Methodist Specialty And Transplant Hospital - Home Page Intro
    Offers specialized medical services from heart, lung, and pancreas transplants to the latest treatments in impotency problems, incontinence problems and gastroenteric procedures.
    ... Contact Us Search In Health Information Local Information Medline Information Medical Dictionary for Resources E-mail a Patient Job Connection Maps and Directions Pay or Inquire About Patient Bills ... Virtual Petals
    Health Sources Journal Notes
    Health Communities Healthy Aging Healthy Alternative Healthy Athlete Healthy Eating ... Print This Page Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, located in the South Texas Medical Center, has 382 licensed beds. It is widely acclaimed throughout the Southwest for its specialized medical services from heart/lung, kidney and kidney/pancreas transplants to the latest treatments in impotency problems, incontinence problems and gastroenteric procedures. Laparoscopic surgery is performed in special, dedicated, state-of-the-art surgical suites. The facility also houses a program where specialized nurses working with law enforcement officers provide care for survivors of sexual assault. It also includes Psychiatric programs for children, adolescents, adults and elders as well as Chemical Dependency for adolescents, adults and elders. Additionally, rehabilitation services as well as LifeCare, long term acute care and VITAS in-patient hospice are available. The Methodist Cancer Center is housed in the hospital; the Center provides services and treatment to cancer patients throughout south Texas.

    137. Medical City Transplants - Home Page Intro
    Dallas hospital that provides transplant services including heart, lung, heartlung, kidney, kidney/pancreas and stem cell transplants. Offers advice on healthy living.
    Search In Health Information Local Information Medline Information Medical Dictionary For   Resources Bill Payment Find a Physician Local News Maps and Directions ... Virtual Petals   Health Sources Journal Notes   Health Communities Healthy Aging Healthy Alternative Healthy Athlete Healthy Eating ... Healthy Woman   Living With... AIDS Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Diabetes Kidney Disease Pain Sleep Disorders Stress Weight Management   Health Conditions ADD Disorder Alcoholism Angina Anorexia Anxiety Disorders Asthma Bipolar Disorder BPH Breast cancer Bulimia Carpal Tunnel Cataracts Chickenpox Cirrhosis (Liver) Colon cancer COPD Coronary Artery Crohn's Disease Depression Ear Infection Eating Disorders Endometriosis Epilepsy Fibromyalgia Foot Pain Gallstones Glaucoma Gout Heart Attack Heartburn Herpes Simplex High Blood Pressure Hypertension Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism Impotence Incontinence Infertility in Men Infertility in Women Inflammatory Bowel D Influenza Insomnia Irritable Bowel Kidney Stones Leukemia Lung Cancer Lupus Lyme Disease Macular Degeneration Menopause Menstrual Disorders Migraine Multiple Sclerosis Obesity Obsessive-Compulsive Osteoporosis Otitis Media Ovarian Cancer Panic Disorder Parkinson's Disease Peptic Ulcer PMS Pneumonia Prostate Cancer Psoriasis Rheumatoid Arthritis Schizophrenia Scleroderma Scoliosis Sinusitis Sleep Apnea Stroke Testicular cancer   Health References Guide to Surgery La Guia de la Salud

    138. - Health - Doctors Transplant Muscle Cells To Patient's Failing Heart -
    health Editions myCNN Video ... Feedback
    CNN Sites CNN CNN Europe CNNfn CNNSI myCNN CNNfyi AllPolitics Languages
    Search The Web

    New treatments hold out hope for breast cancer patients


    Thousands dead in India; quake toll rapidly rising

    Israelis, Palestinians make final push before Israeli election
    Davos protesters confront police MORE ... MORE MARKETS 4:30pm ET, 4/16 DJIA NAS SPORTS Jordan says farewell for the third time ... LOCAL EDITIONS: Europe change default edition MULTIMEDIA: video video archive audio multimedia showcase ... more services E-MAIL: Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists Enter your address: DISCUSSION: chat feedback CNN WEB SITES: Europe AsiaNow Spanish ... Korean Headlines TIME INC. SITES: Go To ... People Money Fortune EW CNN NETWORKS: CNN anchors transcripts Turner distribution SITE INFO: help contents search ad info ... jobs WEB SERVICES:
    Doctors transplant muscle cells to patient's failing heart
    PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) For the first time, doctors have transplanted a patient's own skeletal muscle onto his heart to see if similar tissue could one day be used to treat heart disease. Under the procedure, a small amount of muscle from a patient's arm was removed, grown in a lab for two weeks and then grafted to his heart. The 48-year-old patient is awaiting a heart transplant.

    139. Transplant Week - Online News About Organ Transplants, Transplantation And Trans
    News and information from doctors and leading medical centers about latest developments in kidney, pancreas, liver, heart and lung transplantation. Updated daily.
    Guide to Centers Now Totally Updated for 2001 Transplants Transplant Week News for June 2004 News will be aired here as we get it while it's "news" Transplant Week News for May 2004 Albany Fined for Exaggerating Plight of Heart Transplant Patients
    Study: Nitric Acid Improves Liver Transplant Outcomes

    Study: Kidney Transplant Success Rates Similar in Older Patients
    ... Transplant Week Archives Previous Issues Available Here For More Information, Please See "About This Site," or contact us at: Last Updated: We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the HON Foundation. Medical Week, LLC

    140. ISHLT: The International Society For Heart & Lung Transplantation
    Then you need to select heart/Lung transplant Registry and then select Quarterly Data Reports. Registries. heart/Lung transplant Registry. MCSD Database. Meetings.
    Welcome to ISHLT Online
    NEW!!! ISHLT Annual Meeting Abstracts Online - Click here to access our Abstracts to View program. You can use this to search all accepted abstracts for the upcoming meeting, create a personal itinerary for the meeting, and download it all to your PDA. Registration and housing information for the ISHLT 2004 Annual Meeting, April 21-24, 2004, at the Hilton San Francisco, CA are available for download by clicking HERE
    NEW!!! Now you can access the ISHLT Membership Directory online. You will be able to search for members, modify your own record, and post messages to bulletin boards. Click HERE to access the log-in screen and try it today!
    ISHLT Quarterly Data Reports
    - Several quarterly data reports are now available, which provide aggregate year-to-date statistics for thoracic transplants by continent. The tables will be updated every three months to include the most recent data received by UNOS and the Registry. To access the aggregate data reports from this site, click on the Registries button. Then you need to select Heart/Lung Transplant Registry and then select Quarterly Data Reports. To build your report, select the report type and organ type. You may select a continent from the drop-down menu or by clicking on a continent from the map. The selected report(s) will be displayed. You may build a different report by selecting an organ type and report from the top of the page and then clicking the Get Results button. Those centers which report heart and lung transplant data to the ISHLT Registry and have a login to the ISHLT Secure Registry system may obtain center-specific reports from the Secure Registry portion of the web site. There, you can obtain reports with statistics for your transplant center, as well as the comparable numbers for the entire ISHLT Transplant Registry database.

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