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         Heart Failure:     more books (100)
  1. Success with Heart Failure (mass mkt ed): Help and Hope for Those with Congestive Heart Failure by Marc Silver, 2006-09-05
  2. Living Well with Heart Failure, the Misnamed, Misunderstood Condition by Edward K. Kasper, Mary Knudson, 2010-05-05
  3. Heart Failure: Pathophysiology, Molecular Biology, and Clinical Management (HEART FAILURE: PATHOPHYSIOLOGY, MOLEC BIOL & CLIN MGT) by Arnold M. Katz, Marvin A. Konstam, 2008-09-09
  4. Heart Failure: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease: Expert Consult - Online and Print by Douglas L. Mann MDFACC, 2010-11-19
  5. The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Heart Failure (Cleveland Clinic Guides) by Randall Starling, 2009-06-02
  6. 100 Questions & Answers About Congestive Heart Failure by Campion Quinn, 2005-12-12
  7. Manual of Heart Failure Management
  8. Congestive Heart Failure: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Comprehensive Approach to Management
  9. Atlas of Heart Failure
  10. Chronic Heart Failure (Oxford Cardiology Library)
  11. Heart Failure Updates
  12. Comtemporary Diagnosis And Management of Heart Failure by Barry H. Greenberg, 2005-09-12
  13. Device Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure by Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, Bruce L. Wilkoff, et all 2003-12-17
  14. Heart Failure (Contemporary Cardiology)

1. Welcome To Heart Failure Online!
WELCOME TO heart failure ONLINE! The website dedicated to the patient with heart failure. Please heart failure online (english) main. ¡ Pulse
The website dedicated to the patient with heart failure Please click on the icon below to enter:
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Sponsored in part by The San Diego Cardiac Center and the Sharp Foundation
For Cardiovascular Research and Education (San Diego, CA).
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2. NHLBI, Heart Failure
FACTS ABOUT heart failure. 100 copies, $50.00. What is heart failure? heart failure occurs when the heart loses its ability to pump enough blood through the body.
Table of Contents
What is heart failure?

Is there only one type of heart failure?

How common is heart failure?

What causes heart failure?

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What is heart failure?
Heart failure occurs when the heart loses its ability to pump enough blood through the body. Usually, the loss in pumping action is a symptom of an underlying heart problem, such as coronary artery disease. The term heart failure suggests a sudden and complete stop of heart activity. But, actually, the heart does not suddenly stop. Rather, heart failure usually develops slowly, often over years, as the heart gradually loses its pumping ability and works less efficiently. Some people may not become aware of their condition until symptoms appear years after their heart began its decline. How serious the condition is depends on how much pumping capacity the heart has lost. Nearly everyone loses some pumping capacity as he or she ages. But the loss is significantly more in heart failure and often results from a heart attack or other disease that damages the heart.

3. Congestive Heart Failure
Learn more about congestive heart failure, its treatment, and ways to cope with stress and the disease. Congestive heart failure. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, it can be frightening

4. Heart Failure Information And Education
Free patient education materials. Education modules and current news.

AstraZeneca US


Guidant Foundation

Medtronic, Inc.
Scios, Inc.

February 18, 2004
Module 7: Tips for Family and Friends

February 13-19, 2005
Heart Failure Awareness Week 2005
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5. MedlinePlus: Heart Failure
Also available in Spanish. heart failure Tests ( North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology Association) Signs and Symptoms of heart failure ( American Heart Association)
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Heart Failure
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Heart Failure
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6. Learning About Heart Failure
Learning About heart failure. Learning to live with heart failure may be easier if you understand what s happening inside the body.

7. Home Page - Heart Failure Society Of America
www . hfsa . org. HFSA News. Welcome to the latest update of the HFSA web site. Many of you are repeat visitors and will find the
w w w . h f s a . o r g HFSA News
Special Offer for Poster Preparation/Printing at the 8th Annual Scientific Meeting

Welcome to the latest update of the HFSA web site. Many of you are repeat visitors and will find the new system of navigation much different from our old look and feel. However, there are several new features on this web site to help find resources and information faster, be it a first time visitor or frequent visitor. Most notable changes are:
  • Search the HFSA web site: By typing in some keyword terms and/or search phrases you can locate all documents on this web site that contain those keywords.
  • HFSA News: A kiosk for immediate announcements or news pertaining to the HFSA.
  • Site Index: See all the pages available on this web site on one clear and concise page.
  • Navigation Bar: The bar near the top of your browser has 6 primary categories. Each of these is an active page and contains links to the corresponding sub-category content offerings. However, you may always go directly to a sub-category by simply placing your mouse over the sub-category and clicking once.
The following is a brief description of the new categories and their respective sub-category content offerings.

8. Temple University: Heart Failure & Transplant Program: Heart Transplant
Information for patients, family and friends including evaluation, waiting, medication, diet and other resources.
To reach staff, make an appointment, get a referral. Latest information about the program and relevant updates Clinical trials and studies currently underway. Our resources will direct you to related sites. Heart Transplant Topics For Patients Family and Friends Heart Transplantation at
Temple University
Historical Perspective Evaluation ... Feedback

9. Jon's Place Site Index
Extensive database about heart failure, patientrun and patient-oriented. Message boards, chat, medications, surgeries, alternative and low sodium cooking are a few of the many topics discussed.! Heart Info - HEART FAILURE INFO
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10. Home Page - Heart Failure Society Of America
heart failure Society of America home page.

11. What Is Heart Failure?
What is heart failure? heart failure is a condition initiated by impairment of the heart s function as a pump! heart failure is
What is heart failure? Heart Failure is a condition initiated by impairment of the heart's function as a pump! Heart failure is a progressive disorder in which damage to the heart causes weakening of the cardiovascular system. It is clinically manifested by fluid congestion or inadequate blood flow to tissues. Heart failure progresses by inappropriate responses of the body to heart injury. Heart failure may be the sum of one or many causes. It is a progressive disorder that must be managed in regard to not only the state of the heart, but the condition of the circulation, lungs, neuroendocrine system and other organs as well. Furthermore, when other conditions are present (e.g. kidney dysfunction, hypertension, vascular disease, or diabetes) it can be more of a problem. Finally, the impact it can have on a patient psychologically and socially are important as well. Heart failure is a cumulative consequence of all insults to the heart over someone's life. It is estimated that nearly 5 million Americans have heart failure . The prevalence of heart failure approximately DOUBLES with each decade of life. As people live longer, the occurence of heart failure rises, as well as other conditions that complicate its treatment. Even when symptoms are absent or controlled, impaired heart function implies a reduced duration of survival. Fortunately, many factors that can prevent heart failure and improve outcome are known and can be applied at any stage.

12. Congestive Heart Failure
A discussion about CHF in dogs including audio of heart murmurs.
Animal Hospital of Casper - On Line Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Congestive heart failure is one of the more common heart diseases seen in dogs, especially smaller breeds. A variety of signs may be present with CHF. This disease is normally seem in senior or geriatric age dogs. A sometimes insidious chronic cough develops over time and the pet may exhibit reduced exercise tolerance. Veterinarians must use all resources to accurately diagnose heart diseases, starting with a comprehensive physical examination and history. Below are examples of actual normal heart sounds and a heart murmur. (return to Physical exam Click on the Heart to hear actual recording of " Normal Heart Sounds and Heart Murmur "! The murmur sound is most often a result of an abnormality of the heart valves. Chronic infections, including dental disease, can cause the heart valves to become irritated and scarred for life. This diseased valves do not close tightly and, therefore, the murmur can be heard. Poor valve closure creates high blood pressure which results in retention of fluids in the lungs (sometimes the abdomen, as well). Poor circulation from the heart to the other organs (kidneys, liver and brain) can result in deterioration of those organs systems depending on good blood circulation. These pictures show the differences from a Normal heart and a CHF heart with diseased valves.

13. NHLBI, Congestive Heart Failure Data Fact Sheet
Data Fact Sheet. Congestive heart failure in the United States A New Epidemic. An estimated 4.8 million Americans have congestive heart failure (CHF).
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
National Institutes of Health
Data Fact Sheet
Congestive Heart Failure in the United States: A New Epidemic
An estimated 4.8 million Americans have congestive heart failure (CHF). Increasing prevalence, hospitalizations, and deaths have made CHF a major chronic condition in the United States. It often is the end stage of cardiac disease. Half of the patients diagnosed with CHF will be dead within 5 years. Each year, there are an estimated 400,000 new cases. The annual number of deaths directly from CHF increased from 10,000 in 1968 to 42,000 in 1993 (figure 1), with another 219,000 related to the condition. CHF is the first-listed diagnosis in 875,000 hospitalizations, and the most common diagnosis in hospital patients age 65 years and older. In that age group, one fifth of all hospitalizations have a primary or secondary diagnosis of heart failure. Visits to physicians' offices for CHF increased from 1.7 million in 1980 to 2.9 million in 1993. More than 65,000 persons with CHF receive home care each year. In 1993, an estimated $17.8 billion was spent for the care of CHF patients in hospitals, physicians' offices, home care, and nursing homes as well as for medication. The financial and other losses of caregivers for these patients are large as well.

14. Topics - Congestive Heart Failure
Meyerland Animal Clinic looks at heart failure. It's causes, prognosis, signs for pet owners to look for, testing and medications are all discussed.
Many times, pet owners have no idea that heart disease is even present until their pet is in a crisis, which is why regular check-ups with your veterinarian are so important. Our web site takes FIRST PLACE in Texas for veterinary sites.
Click here for directions to Meyerland Animal Clinic 713-723-8612
Home EMERGENCY ... Our Staff FAQ Tour Boarding Hurricane Tips Ask The Doctor If you Lost a Pet ... Site Map Meyerland Animal Clinic
Education Center Heart Failure Topics Menu Heart Failure Heart failure occurs when the output from the heart is no longer able to meet the body's metabolic demands for oxygen. Heart failure is an important cause of illness and death in dogs and cats. Congestive heart failure is the most common form of heart failure in small animals.
Dogs usually get heart failure from mitral valve regurgitation. The mitral valve is the valve that separates the left atrium from the left ventricle. Regurgitation means that blood moves backwards from the ventricle to the atrium when the ventricle is contracting, instead of flowing out into the aorta and then the body. Mitral valve disease usually occurs from chronic scarring of the valve (often due to bacterial infection), or from dilated cardiomyopathy, where the heart muscle becomes distended and incapable of properly transmitting the electrical current of the heart beat. Dilated cardiomyopathy is most often seen in middle aged or older large breed dogs, like Dobermans, boxers, and Great Danes. Heart failure from mitral valve scarring is more often seen in older, small breed dogs. Cats usually get heart disease related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, where the

15. Premier Heart - 3DMP EKG Heart Diagnosis
Premier Heart uses the latest medical equipment computerized EKG technology to accurately diagnose and monitor heart disease noninvasively, rapidly and inexpensively preventing heart attack, congestive heart failure and sudden cardiac death.
Special Area: Username Password
Heart Disease Diagnosis Accurate. When used properly by a trained physician expert, the 3DMP Electrocardiogram (EKG) System can be an excellent aid to help physicians achieve an accuracy much greater than the conventional 12-lead EKG. In a like manner, a much greater accuracy from 3DMP can be obtained over other non-invasive or semi-invasive diagnostic modalities currently available on the market. Physicians and insurance companies have come to trust it for the early detection of mild to moderate disease and the early warning of severe disease stages. It presents the clinician with an impressive alternative to other, less effective means of coronary artery disease (CAD) diagnosis, for example: the thallium stress test, the standard EKG/signal average EKG (SAEKG), and the echocardiogram. Timely. Time is a critical factor when it comes to heart diagnosis and treatment. 3DMP makes inexpensive, accurate, diagnostic aid possible within half an hour. Non-invasive. The 3DMP EKG system is harmless and does not require any surgery, medications, or painful procedures.
3DMP EKG Diagnositic System Links.

16. 2004 Annual Scientific Meeting Information
www . hfsa . org. HFSA News. heart failure Society of America 8th Annual Scientific Meeting Information. The 8th Annual Scientific
w w w . h f s a . o r g HFSA News
Special Offer for Poster Preparation/Printing at the 8th Annual Scientific Meeting

Heart Failure Society of America - 8th Annual Scientific Meeting Information The 8th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart Failure Society of America will be held September 12-15, 2004 in Toronto, Canada. Abstract Submission Information About Meeting Location Airline Information for Discounted Airfares Annual Scientific Meeting Program Contact Information Future Meeting Locations General Meeting Information ... Photos From the 7th Annual Scientific Meeting Poster Guidelines Presenter Disclosure Information Search
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17. Index
An indepth look at this disorder, discussing major causes, heart failure syndrome, treatment and procedures and many other topics.

Evaluation and Treatment

Familial Cardiomyopathy

Patient Resources
Your Support

The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions has become a leading center for the treatment and study of patients with cardiomyopathy. The Johns Hopkins Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure Practice is dedicated to excellence in patient care, research and education. We created this Web Site to describe the clinical developments as well as the members of the multidisciplinary team assembled at Johns Hopkins to fight cardiomyopathy and heart failure.
No two patients with heart failure, cardiomyopathy or heart transplantation are identical. The appropriate treatment of individual cases varies greatly. The information expressed in this Web site should not be considered medical advice. Patients should consult their physician. All content is reviewed by staff of the Johns Hopkins Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure Practice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure Practice through the main cardiology office at 443-287-6720.
This site was last updated on: 09/28/2003
Carnegie 568, 600 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21287 USA

18. Heart Failure Information And Education
heart failure information from the heart failure Soceity of America, Inc. February 1319, 2005. heart failure Awareness Week 2005

19. Preventing Congestive Heart Failure - April 15, 1998 - American Academy Of Famil
Preventing Congestive heart failure. JAY N. COHN an ACE inhibitor. Early Intervention in Patients at Risk for Coronary heart failure.

Advanced Search

Departments Patient Information
Preventing Congestive Heart Failure
University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The morbidity, mortality and health care costs associated with congestive heart failure make prevention a more attractive public health strategy than treatment. Aggressive management of etiologic factors, including hypertension, coronary artery disease, valvular disease and excessive alcohol intake, can prevent the left ventricular remodeling and dysfunction that lead to heart failure. Early intervention with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors in patients with chronic left ventricular dysfunction can prevent, as well as treat, the syndrome. Several intervention strategies in patients with acute myocardial infarction can slow or prevent the left ventricular remodeling process that antedates congestive heart failure. The primary care physician must be alert to the need for aggressive intervention to reduce the burden of heart failure syndrome on the patient and on society. C ongestive heart failure is a complex clinical syndrome characterized by exertional dyspnea, fatigue and, often, peripheral edema resulting from left ventricular dysfunction. Although the extent of the abnormal function of the left ventricle can be quantitated, it is more difficult to measure the severity of symptoms; furthermore, the specific mechanism underlying the symptoms remains poorly understood. Since neurohormonal systems are often stimulated in the heart failure syndrome, activation of the sympathetic nervous system and the renin angiotensin system is often implicated in sodium retention, edema formation and some other symptoms of heart failure.

20. "A Clinic For Clinical Trials And Research In Baltimore Maryland
Current trials list may include studies on hypertension, migraine headaches, heart failure, and diabetes. Located in Baltimore, Maryland.

e.magination network, llc.
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e.magination network, llc.

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