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  1. Selected Monographs: Kussmaul and Tenner On Epileptiform Convulsions from Haemorrhage. Wagner On the Resection of Bones and Joints. Graefe's Three Memoirs ... in Iritis, Choroiditis, and Glaucoma by Albrecht Von Graefe, Albrecht Wagner, 2010-02-24
  2. Clinical Guide to Glaucoma Management by Eve J. Higginbotham MD, David A. Lee MDMBA, 2003-11-14

141. Glaucoma
glaucoma is a chronic eye disease in which normal fluid pressure increases within the eye. This leads to optic nerve (the structure
How Do My Eyes Work?

Common Vision Conditions

How Do Professionals Differ?

Eye Exam Preparation Checklist
What Can I Do About It?

8 Ways to Improve Night Vision

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... Common Vision Conditions Glaucoma Glaucoma Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease in which normal fluid pressure increases within the eye. This leads to optic nerve (the structure that transmits visual information from the eye to the brain) damage which causes a gradual loss of peripheral vision (side vision). This vision loss, when left untreated, can result in blindness. An estimated three million Americans suffer from glaucoma, but half of these people don't know they have the disease. The millions of adults at high risk for the sight-threatening eye disorder can save their vision by having regular eye exams. Those individuals at higher risk for glaucoma are African Americans over the age of 40 and everyone over the age of 60. People who have diabetes, have a family history of glaucoma, have had eye surgery or an eye injury earlier in life, or are very nearsighted also are at increased risk. If glaucoma is detected early enough, it can be controlled before serious vision loss occurs. That's why it's essential to see your eye care professional on a regular basis and to follow the schedule of repeat visits that the eye doctor recommends.

142. Simon P Kelly, FRCOphth
Specializing in cataract, glaucoma, medical retina, neonatal and general ophthalmology. Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, UK. Eye disease and patient information website and links.
Simon P Kelly Web Site Dr Simon Kelly: Home Page
Dr Simon Kelly Home Page Practice Locations Picture Curriculum Vitae Simon P Kelly, FRCOphth
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Bolton Hospital NHS Trust

Greater Manchester
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01204-390-554 (FAX) The Beaumont Hospital
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Chorley New Road, Lostock
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143. Glaucoma - Everybody - New Zealand Consumer Health Information
glaucoma. What is glaucoma? glaucoma is an eye disease that can cause blindness; it is one of the main causes of blindness in New Zealand.
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144. Laser Diagnostic Technologies
A manufacturer of diagnostic, laser scanning ophthalmoscopes used for early detection of glaucoma.
See glaucoma the first time ...
and over time
st in Early Detection
st in Sensitivity and Specificity
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Laser Diagnostic Technologies ships 2,500th glaucoma detection ...
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145. Topical Therapies For Glaucoma: What Family Physicians Need To Know - April 1, 1
April 1, 1999 AFP. Topical Therapies for glaucoma What Family Physicians Need to Know. PETER angle. General Principles of glaucoma Therapy.

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Topical Therapies for Glaucoma: What Family Physicians Need to Know
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey, Pennsylvania
Washington Hospital Family Practice Residency Program Washington, Pennsylvania
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey, Pennsylvania
A patient information handout on using glaucoma eyedrops, written by the authors of this article, is provided on page 1882. B ased on the configuration of the anterior chamber angle of the eye (Figure 1a) , glaucoma is classified as open angle or closed angle (Figures 1b and 1c) , with a number of possible subdivisions. This article reviews topical therapies for primary open-angle glaucoma, the most common form of the disease. Detailed reviews of the classification and pathogenesis of glaucoma are available elsewhere. Both patients and physicians may neglect to list topical anti-glaucoma agents as medications. Thus, family physicians must ask patients about ocular medications and keep patient medication records current. More than 2 million Americans have glaucoma.

146. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust : Glaucoma
glaucoma. glaucoma is one of the world s leading causes of blindess. In the UK, 1 in 50 people over 40 have this condition. What is glaucoma?
Home Eye Health For Patients For Health Professionals ... Eye Health Glaucoma Diagnosis Treatment Information for parents Facts ... Eye Health Glaucoma printable page
Glaucoma is one of the world's leading causes of blindess. In the UK, 1 in 50 people over 40 have this condition. Glaucoma is not curable, but blindness is preventable if the glaucoma is diagnosed and treated early enough. While there are usually no warning signs, regular eye tests will help detect the onset of the disease.
What is glaucoma?
Glaucoma is an eye condition characterised by loss of vision due to damage of the optic nerve. The optic nerve carries sight images to the brain, and any damage to the nerve results in damage to sight. Usually, but not always, the damage occurs because pressure within the eye increases and presses on the nerve, which damages it.
Will I go blind from glaucoma?
If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, this does not mean you will go blind, especially if you have been diagnosed with glaucoma at an early stage in the disease. Drops and sometimes operations can stabilise the glaucoma, and, with regular check-ups, you will be able to manage the condition. You will experience some degree of sight loss but it will be minimised with effective treatment.
More information:

147. Wolfe Clinic
Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cataract, glaucoma, retina diseases, and other eye conditions.

Wolfe Surgeon Helps Prevent Blindness in Philippines

Reduced Daily Eye Patching is Successful


Removal System

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148. Ophthalmology Times - Glaucoma
glaucoma. Sleep apnea places patients at high risk for glaucoma. Patients who have obstructive sleep apnea seem to have an usually high risk of glaucoma.

149. Kentucky Eye Institute
Comprehensive eye care center with a full range of services including treatment for glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and refractive errors. Sixteen locations.
You will find easy access to all our office locations. You don't have to travel long distances for eye care; we have offices in Central, Eastern, Southern, and Northern Kentucky.
Select a location below to view a map: Corbin


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150. Glaucoma (Primary Open Angle) - Patient UK
In primary open angle glaucoma there is damage to the optic nerve. Treatment to reduce eye pressure can prevent, or delay, glaucoma from getting worse.

151. Sight Savers International - Saving Sight - Saving Sight In The Developing World
UK's leading charity working to prevent and cure blindness in developing countries and bring hope to people who will never see again.

152. The Pediatric Glaucoma & Cataract Family Association
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153. Commonwealth Eye Services, A Co-management Center -2353 Alexandria Drive, Ste, 3
Cataract, glaucoma, retina and refractive eye surgery provider in Lexington.
Commonwealth Eye Surgery
2353 Alexandria Drive, Suite 350
Lexington, KY 40504-3208
(859) 224-2655 or (800) 248-2307
LASIK website developed by Einstein Medical, Inc

154. Max The Dog
Brief information and lifestyle tips told via canine perspective on glaucoma and Collie Eye Anomaly.
Max the Dog - 90% Human Home Home Philosophy Being Canine Loyalty Discipline Lineage Passtimes Food Play Sleep Health Glaucoma Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) Resources Shop at Are you Max? Books Guestbook ... Contact 4811 visitors
Canine Glaucoma and Collie Eye Anomaly - a happy survivor gives info and lifestyle tips. My name is Max and I am the proud owner of this award-winning site. That is to say, I will wag my tail approvingly whatever you do. One of the great joys of being canine is the ability to find just about anything a human does fascinating. So you just wander round my site and I'll be but a step behind, loyal and useless, utterly spellbound and hoping beyond hope that you'll slip me a biscuit. Or a rib. Or steak. In fact a whole cow would do nicely.... Hey! Where're you going?! There are lots of other joys too, and I'll tell you something about them if you'd care to investigate my site. Before we get going... that's an old pic of me to the right there. Gorgeous wasn't I? Well these days I have one eye. Bummer. And it was nothing heroic or anything, just a plain old disease, something called glaucoma And being one-eyed and "just" a dog, you can imagine the jokes that are made at my expense. I cope by turning a blind eye...

155. Pneumatic Trabeculopasty (PNT)
Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty (PNT) for glaucoma. The open angle glaucoma treatment apparatus is a vacuum source and a vacuum applicator coupled by a hose.
Quackwatch Home Page
Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty (PNT) for Glaucoma
Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Glaucoma is a group of disorders in which increased pressure within the eyeball (intraocular pressure) can damage the eye and cause impaired vision, ranging from slight impairment to complete blindness. The pressure is caused by an imbalance between production and drainage of the intraocular fluid (aqueous humor). Most cases of glaucoma can be controlled with eyedrops [1]. Oral medication and/or surgery may be used when control cannot be achieved with the drops. In 1997, the Arizona Glaucoma Institute (AGI), of Scottsdale, Arizona, began offering a "new treatment" for open-angle and pigmentary glaucoma using a patented vacuum-ring device. Devices of this type are FDA-approved for stabilizing the eye during refractive (lens) surgery, but they are not approved for use in treating glaucoma. The institute's parent company, Coronado Industries , marketed the device through another subsidiary called Ophthalmic International. Patent information for the device states: The open angle glaucoma treatment apparatus is a vacuum source and a vacuum applicator coupled by a hose. The vacuum applicator is an eye ring or an eye cup that is placed on the frontal surface of an eye. Suction (negative pressure) in the range of 10 to 30 mm. Hg. is applied by the vacuum source, which will fixure the ring or cup to the eye, or alternatively pressure is applied for 15 to 120 seconds. A second treatment is recommended later. It could be within twelve hours, on the following day, or within the next couple of days [2].

156. Glaucoma - Animal Eye Care
glaucoma. What is glaucoma? What causes glaucoma? How does glaucoma affect the eye? How do I know if my pet has glaucoma? How is glaucoma treated?
Glaucoma What is Glaucoma?
What causes Glaucoma?

How does Glaucoma affect the eye?

How do I know if my pet has Glaucoma?
How is Glaucoma treated?

What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is increased pressure within the eye. Cells inside the eye produce a clear fluid ("aqueous humor") that maintains the shape of the eye and nourishes the tissues inside the eye. The balance of fluid production and drainage is responsible for maintaining normal pressure within the eye. In glaucoma, the drain becomes clogged but the eye keeps producing fluid. Therefore, the pressure in the eye increases. The increased pressure in the eye actually can cause the eye to stretch and enlarge.
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What causes Glaucoma? Glaucoma is classified as either primary or secondary in animals. Primary Glaucoma is an inherited condition. Primary glaucoma occurs in many breeds, especially American Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds, Chow Chows, Shar Peis, Labrador Retrievers, and Arctic Circle breed dogs (Huskies, Elkhounds, etc). It is rare in cats. Primary Glaucoma usually begins in one eye, but almost always eventually involves both eyes, leading to complete blindness.

157. Regina Eye Centre - Professional Family Eye Care For Over 30 Years - , (Optometr
Information on eye care including contact lenses, refractive laser surgery, glaucoma, cataracts. Ability to request appointments and to order contact lenses.
Regina Eye Centre
Professional Family Eye Care for over 30 years

We have developed this site to improve on the information available to existing and new patients. We welcome any suggestions you have for improvement to the site and hope you find the information useful. Hope to see you soon! To find our practice locations click here . New patients are always welcome!

158. MSD, Enfermedades, Glaucoma
Translate this page Home. Alopecia. Artrosis. Asma. Enfermedades del Corazón. glaucoma. Hiperplasia Benigna de Próstata. Hipertensión. Migraña. Osteoporosis. Salud y Bienestar Home Enfermedades Home Home Manual Merck de Información Médica en el Hogar Home Alopecia Artrosis Asma Enfermedades del Corazón Glaucoma Hipertensión Migraña Osteoporosis SIDA Home Generalidades Cardiología Neumología Alergología Reumatología Enfermedades Infecciosas Gastroenterología Nefrología Trastornos Metabólicos Endocrinología y Nutrición Hematología y Oncología Neurología Psiquiatría Appéndices

159. Under Construction
Lasik and eye care for diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, corneal and retina problems and cosmetic surgery. Locations in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky.
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This domain is currently undergoing it's initial construction. Please plan to return in a few days to see the completed site. Thank you for your visit. You can send e-mail to the Webmaster to let us know you were here, and we will try to let you know when the site is up.

160. Hamilton Glaucoma Center, UC San Diego
Hamilton glaucoma Center, University of California San Diego.
Hamilton Glaucoma Center, University of California San Diego

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