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         Down Syndrome:     more books (100)
  1. The source for down syndrome by Catherine E Chamberlain, 1999
  2. Down Syndrome: Guidelines for Practice in Health Education And.. by Sue Buckley, 2010-10-30
  3. What Does it Mean to Have Downs Syndrome? (What does it mean to have/be ...?) by Louise Spilsbury, 2003-05-08
  4. The Phenotypic Mapping of Down Syndrome and Other Aneuploid Conditions: Proceedings of the National Down Syndome Society Conference Held in New York (Progress ... Clinical and Biological Research, Vol 384) by National Down Syndrome Society (U. S.), 1993-10
  5. The Psychobiology of Down Syndrome (Issues in the Biology of Language and Cognition)
  6. Down's Syndrome: The Psychology of Mongolism by David Gibson, 1979-04-30
  7. Down's Syndrome: Mongolism and Its Management by Clemens Ernst Benda, 1969-06
  8. Protein Expression in Down Syndrome Brain (Journal of Neural Transmission Supplementum)
  9. Down Syndrome (Genes and Disease) by F. Fay Evans-martin, 2009-06
  10. Health issues among persons with down syndrome, Volume 39 (International Review of Research in Mental Retardation)
  11. Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence: Living With the Ups, the Downs and Things in Between
  12. Etiology and Pathogenesis of Down Syndrome
  13. Schooling Children With Down Syndrome: Toward an Understanding of Possibility (Special Education Series (New York, N.Y.).) by Christopher Kliewer, 1998-04-01
  14. Everything You Need to Know About Down Syndrome (Need to Know Library)

121. HON Mother & Child Glossary, Down Syndrome
down syndrome. Down cf. Genetic Definitions for further detail on thisprocess). Three genetic variations can cause down syndrome
Introduction Reproduction Pregnancy During Pregnancy ... Glossary A-Z
Birth Labour Delivery Immediate Care Birth Procedures ... Birth Disorders Down Syndrome
Down syndrome or trisomy 21 is the most frequent genetic cause of mild to moderate mental retardation and associated medical problems and occurs in one out of 800 live births, in all races and economic groups. Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder caused by an error in cell division, when a fertilised ovum , which will develop into the foetus , contains extra material from chromosome number 21 (cf. Genetic Definitions for further detail on this process). Three genetic variations can cause Down syndrome:
  • In most cases, approximately 92% of the time, Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome 21 in all cells of the individual. In such cases, the extra chromosome originates in the development of either the egg or the sperm. This condition, in which three copies of chromosome 21 are present in all cells of the individual, is called trisomy 21 In approximately 2-4% of cases, Down syndrome is due to

122. Epilepsy-Down Syndrome Foundation
Research into the dual diagnoses of down syndrome and epilepsy. Emphasizes nutritional and nonmedical interventions.
Down Syndrome-Epilepsy Foundation
A better vision The Down Syndrome-Epilepsy Foundation (DSEF) is a part of the non-profit Center for Natural Health Research and is devoted to looking into the best, natural, methods to help those who have both Down syndrome (trisomy 21) and various forms of epilepsy (including Lennox-Gastaut syndrome). These methods include clinical nutrition, real naturopathy, manipulative techniques, exercise, and other natural methods intended to improve the quality of life for those with Down syndrome who also suffer with seizures. The Down Syndrome-Epilepsy Foundation is directed up by Robert J. Thiel, Ph.D., N.H.D. . He is not a medical doctor. He possesses a doctorate (Ph.D.) in nutrition science and a doctorate in natural health (N.H.D.). Thiel believes that DSEF has a better vision for those with both disorders. Why? Because he believes that natural is better. Because he believes that many health professionals and therapists have expectations for the disabled that are too low. Because he believes combining nutrition, exercise, and parental motivation results in better outcomes. Because he believes that science and common-sense show that the combination of natural interventions is the most logical to pursue. Because he has met with many of the so-called experts and researchers in this field and found many of their approaches lacking. He does not believe that he, nor DSEF, have all the answers, but does believe that in many respects, DSEF is at the forefront for practical research to benefit those with both Down syndrome and epilepsy.

123. Down Syndrome Association Of Orange County
Nonprofit organization providing support and information to families, educators, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, geneticists, and family planners.
Welcome! Down Syndrome Association of Orange County is a non-profit organization, formerly known as PROUD, that was formed by parents in 1978 to provide support and information to families in Orange County, California, affected by Down syndrome. Affiliated with both the National Down Syndrome Society and National Down Syndrome Congress, DSAOC is the only local organization dedicated solely to serving Orange County’s Down syndrome population and their families.
Who We Serve
DSAOC currently serves more than 1000 families in Orange County and surrounding areas. We also assist educators, health care professionals, researchers and therapists with information, training and support materials.
What We Believe
We believe that knowledge empowers. By providing families with support, inspiration and information, we help people with Down syndrome achieve their potential.
We believe in inclusive opportunities. Including individuals with Down syndrome in neighborhood schools, community activities and the business world benefits both the individuals and their respective communities.
We believe in the power of parents. By sharing experiences, joys and sorrows, parents can support and strengthen each other during this uncommon journey.

124. Communicating Partners: Articles On Down Syndrome
How parents can teach their children with down syndrome to talk and communicate effectively.
Communicating Partners Dr. James D. MacDonald's Website
Information on the Website
More Materials Available from Communicating Partners
Books and Pamphlets Videos Audio Tapes
About Training Workshops and Seminars Conference Name
Articles On Down Syndrome
In over 25 years of work with families and children, the Down syndrome population has been of special interest to me. Our first parent programs, that built the ECO programs in the 1970s, began with exciting successes with preschoolers with Down syndrome. Within the last five years, I have followed up several of our children with Down syndrome, sadly to find that many of them had also become socially isolated and communicated a lot less than the knowledge they had. I was very concerned. Consequently, I now work with groups of parents of infants with Down syndrome in order to impress on them the absolute importance of strongly socializing these children and not expecting it will happen automatically. Below, Barbara Mitchell describes our five-year relationship with her son, Mark. Please read her story carefully and several times as she has identified many important processes needed to help a child with Down syndrome become as engaging, creative, humorous and adaptable as Mark has become. It is a powerful example of how parents can help a child with delays become a responsive, social, and communicative partner.

125. Down Syndrome Association Of Tulsa
Includes meeting schedule, photos, related links, and discussion board.
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DSAT Web Site


Original DSAT Home Page

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2003 Calendar Pictures
November/December Newsletter


E-Mail Directory
DSACO Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma Muskogee/Tahlequah Support Group INTERACTIVE Contact Us Discussion Group / Bulletin Board DSAT Links DSAT Links I am Sam Report of the Surgeon General 2003 Buddy Walk Buddy Walk Description Buddy Walk Sponsorship Buddy Walk Sponsor Info email form Sitemap Home DSAT P.O. Box 54877 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74155 Web site of
Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa
Frain Hernandez, Dacia Watts, Clark Durland, Michelle Jones, Brett Boland and Tennie Cogburn - Ready for a night on the town! The Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa (DSAT) is a non-profit organization that exists to enhance the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, their families and caregivers. This is accomplished by providing support, encouragement, current information, education, opportunities for socialization and by promoting community recognition of the inherent dignity of all people with developmental disabilities. DIRECTIONS TO Day in the Country May 8th!

126. Einstein-Syndrome: Down Syndrome With A Positive Attitude
Help and hope on the development of a down syndrome child. Also education choices, the treatment of medical problems, and keeping good health. Stories from moms about their kids.
This site is written to bring hope, brought by moms who are changing the face of Down Syndrome. We share ideas, experience, and learning to help you reach for the stars with your child. Here you will find help from other moms who have "been there"—help in winning all the little battles that make up a parent's day-to-day experience with Down Syndrome.
Start Here
Reaching for the Stars: Attitudes and Expectations
Biochemistry 101
Health and Medical ...
Site Map
What your doctor won't tell you about Down Syndrome... .... because he probably doesn't know! Learn more about nutritional therapies and other modern innovations in the treatment of Down Syndrome at the Trisomy 21 Conference- Modern Perspectives in Down Syndrome , New Orleans, September 13-14, 2003. Thirty years ago the advice by the mainstream medical community to new parents was to put the child in an institution. Mainstream treatments have come far in the past thirty years. Back then a few doctors and parents found a better way, and they led the way for others. It is the same today. At this conference you will meet scientists and researchers who are showing a better way than what the mainstream today offers for people with Down Syndrome. You will meet parents of children who are taking advantage these interventions. Ruth Kauk , the 15-year-old sister of Mary Kauk who has Down Syndrome, built this web site for the Einstein-Syndrome list. Ruth's own web site is

127. UK Resources For Down’s Syndrome
A comprehensive set of addresses and links for down's syndrome on the web in the UK on the web. Includes links to government agencies, voluntary organisations and the full text of the 1996 Education Act.
Our kids' photos Memories
If you are a new parent, MANY CONGRATULATIONS! You may find Welcoming Babies with Down Syndrome encouraging and useful. If you want to talk to fellow parents, try the UK DS e-mail list For members of the UK list and others, our kids' photos and members' contributions
Organisations for DS
Down Syndrome Educational Trust/Sarah Duffen Centre
Includes how to join the UK DS mailing list
Health advice on the web
Education information and advice
Legal advice ...

128. Down's Syndrome Scotland
Information about the condition, with advice and guidance for individuals affected, their families and carers. Includes information about publications, membership and activities of the organisation.

129. Association Of Down's Syndrome And Water Fluoride Level A Systematic
Association of down's syndrome and water fluoride level a systematic review of the evidence Abstract Background A review of the safety and efficacy of drinking water fluoridation was commissioned

130. Down's Syndrome Association
TextOnly Sitemap Credits Disclaimer. The down s syndrome Association- click here to return to the homepage down s syndrome Association 2003.
Text-Only Sitemap Credits This site uses Javascript for some rollover effects but you will still have full access to the content Home About Us New Parents Membership ... Links

131. Angel Down Under
Australian couple chronicles their experience raising a child with Angelman syndrome. Mailing list. General information.

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132. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Symptoms And Treatment Of Median Nerve Compression
Concise fact sheet explaining the causes, symptoms and treatment of Carpal Tunnel syndrome, available for down loading in Adobe Acrobat.
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Carpal tunnel syndrome
R E L A T E D L I N K S Download a pdf of this factsheet Published by BUPA's Health Information Team
June 2003
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a fairly common condition that occurs when there is too much pressure on a nerve in the wrist. There is usually aching, numbness or tingling in the thumb, some of the fingers and sometimes part of the hand. ... Carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in people who are very overweight, in women who are pregnant or taking the contraceptive pill, and during the menopause. In some people, it develops for no apparent reason.
The carpal tunnel
What are the symptoms?
Symptoms include aching, tingling, pins and needles, burning, numbness or pain in the hand and in the digits served by the median nerve – the thumb, the index and middle fingers, and part of the ring finger (see diagram, above). In time, symptoms can spread to the arm and shoulder. These symptoms tend to be worse at night or first thing in the morning and are often made worse by strenuous wrist movements.

133. Down's Syndrome Association
Provides information, counselling and support for people with down's syndrome, their families and carers, as well as for professionals. Also a campaigning organisation.
Text-Only Sitemap Credits This site uses Javascript for some rollover effects but you will still have full access to the content Home About Us New Parents Membership ... Links

134. Camp Thorpe
Located in Goshen, Vermont. Operates two summer camp programs one for adults and one for children. Accepts children ages 10-20 with a variety of physical and mental challenges including cerebral palsy, developmental delays, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, moderate emotional difficulties, down-syndrome, and abuse histories. The adult program's campers are primarily developmentally disabled. However, some campers are physically challenged, autistic, have moderate behavioral problems, and have personal care needs. Program, schedule, directions, and application form.

135. Down Syndrome Association Of Victoria Inc.
down s syndrome Award.
About DSAV
This section contains all the information about DSAV, including patrons, staff, committee and office contact details. Support for Parents,
Find the latest information on Down syndrome; seek FAQ's and see coming events of the DSAV community About Down Syndrome
Find the latest articles about Down syndrome DSAV Shop
Resource kits; books; videos ; orderforms; membership details DSAV Video (4.7 mb)
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"Save Target As..." and save the video to your computer to play
Down Syndrome Awareness Week 2004 ...
9 - 16 October
DSAV Fundraiser Theatre Night. Come along for a night of fun at 'My Brilliant Divorce' at the CUB Malthouse Theatre 29 June. For more details, please see Articles.
Tony McDonald's book 'Survival Guide. Hints for living with a person with Down syndrome' - now on sale. Please go to DSAV Shop for more info.
NORACCOM is about to expand its service. For more info see Articles: Noraccom.

136. Kaleidoscope Theatre
A pioneering company and registered charity, some of whose members happen to have down's syndrome. (UK)

137. Lincolnshire Branch Down's Syndrome Association Providing Help And Support For P
Contact details; also includes poems, stories, articles, and book reviews.
Registered Charity Number 1095603 Welcome to the website of the Lincolnshire Down's Syndrome Support Group This branch is a non-profit making organisation which exists to provide help, advice and support for people with Down's syndrome, their family and friends. The branch itself covers most of Lincolnshire. All of the committee are parent members and we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and new members to help take the branch forward into the 21st century. The majority of the pictures on this site are of my daughter Danielle, though there are one or two pictures of other members' children. Please navigate the site using the buttons on the left. If you have the time please sign our guestbook. Steve B
Lincolnshire Branch Secretary These pages are constantly being updated and added to please continue to visit for the latest amendments. For further information or if you would like anything adding to these pages Email: These pages are produced by emandan productions
Since 17 March 2001
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Affiliated to the Down's Syndrome Association

138. Down's Syndrome Association - London Branch - UK
Support group for parents and carers of people with down's syndrome. Details of meetings and activities.
Affiliation to the Down's Syndrome Association applied for. New parents page STUDENTS AND RESEARCHERS PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE PRIMARILY A SUPPORT SERVICE FOR PARENTS IN LONDON, SO PLEASE FOLLOW OUR "LINKS TO OTHER DOWN'S SYNDROME SITES AND INFORMATION" BELOW FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT DOWN'S SYNDROME The Down's Syndrome Association London Branch was formed in June 2000 to try to meet the needs of a number of young children with Down's Syndrome and their families. Along with most other DSA branches we have now become a seperate entity as requested by the DSA this year. This will enable us to fundraise from sponsors who do not give to branches of national charities and handle our own financial affairs. If you are interested in helping us please contact. The entrance gallery is open weekdays 9.00am - 7.00pm until 12th December. The exhibition is entitled "Shifting Perspectives" and shows work by seven London photographers whose children have Down's syndrome. This work offers alternative representations of both adults and children with Down's syndrome and challenges conventional attitudes and prejudices.

139. Down's Syndrome Association - South West Thames Area
Information on their activities and contact details.
Down's Syndrome Association - South West Thames Area Down's Syndrome Association - South West Thames Area

140. The Down's Syndrome Medical Interest Group - Encouraging Best-practice Medical C
Information for healthcare professionals, including UKspecific growth charts, guidelines, and medical information library.
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What's New

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Medical Library
Contact Us

Site Editor Dr Jennifer Dennis
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About This Site What's New
(updated 4 May 2004) Getting Started How to use this site Browser Information This site provides essential information for healthcare professionals on 'best practice' medical care for people with Down's syndrome in the UK and Ireland. It has been produced by the UK Down's Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG), a network of doctors whose aim is to ensure equitable provision of medical care for all people with Down's syndrome in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
The site includes:
  • A medical library providing access to the full range of information developed specifically by DSMIG as well as selected information from other sources. DSMIG Information Resources , including:
    • DSMIG's special insert for the parent held personal child health record ( PCHR ) - the Red Book - and the new UK Down's syndrome growth charts Guidelines for basic essential medical surveillance which set out a minimum standard of basic medical surveillance which we consider essential and realistically achievable within the framework of healthcare services in the UK and Ireland.

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