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         Down Syndrome:     more books (100)
  1. The Down's Syndrome Handbook: A Practical Guide for Parents and Carers by Dr. Richard Newton, 2003-04-01
  2. Down Syndrome: A Promising Future, Together
  3. Adolescents With Down Syndrome: Toward a More Fulfilling Life
  4. Down Syndrome (Compact Research Series) by Peggy J. Parks, 2008-12
  5. Jackie: The Heart Warming, Inspirational True Story of a Remarkable Down Syndrome Girl by Dan Junot, 2002-02-02
  6. Down Is Up for Aaron Eagle: A Mother's Spiritual Journey With Down Syndrome by Vicki Noble, 1993-10
  7. Down's Syndrome: The Essential Guide (Need2know) by Antonia Chitty, Victoria Dawson, 2010-06-01
  8. Families and Their Children With Down's Syndrome by Elizabeth Byrne, Cliff Cunningham, et all 1988-08
  9. Therapies and Rehabilitation in Down Syndrome
  10. Chris Burke: He Overcame Down Syndrome (Reaching Your Goal) by Gregory Lee, 1993-06
  11. I Know Someone with Down Syndrome (Understanding Health Issues) by Vic Parker, 2011-01-01
  12. Time to Begin, Early Education for Children with Down Syndrome by Valentine Dmitriev, 1983-06
  13. Early Education for Children With Down Syndrome: Time to Begin by Valentine Dmitriev, 2000-11
  14. For parents & professionals: Down syndrome by Catherine E Chamberlain, 2000

81. Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona
Please utilize the new website address by clicking here. www.sharingds.orgDo not forget to change your bookmark.

82. Down Syndrome Information Network - Home Page
Includes a online library of books and articles.
our work needs your support donate today ... ... The Down Syndrome Educational Trust depends on the generosity of private individuals for continuing its work and developing its range of activities. If you can support this vital work, please click here
Welcome to the Down Syndrome Information Network
The Down Syndrome Information Network offers a range of information resources and online services to the international Down syndrome community. It aims to provide information and services for families, carers, professionals and researchers worldwide. This website has over 1,000 pages of information, equivalent to at least 6,000 printed pages.
Getting started
If you are new to this website and are not sure where to start, take a look at our recommended reading lists . We have produced these lists to guide you to the most relevant articles on the website for parents and families professionals (teachers, speech and language therapists, classroom assistants, etc.) and academic researchers . We also have suggestions for students looking for information about Down syndrome for projects and assignments. Click on the relevant link:

83. Australian Breastfeeding Association - Breastfeeding A Baby With Down Syndrome
About one baby in every 850 is born with down syndrome. Much progresshas with down syndrome Breastfeeding a baby with down syndrome.
loc="../menus/" loc="../menus/" Home Breastfeeding Information / Breastfeeding a baby with Down Syndrome
Breastfeeding a baby with Down Syndrome
Benefits of Breastfeeding Breastfeeding Information If Your Baby is Hospitalised In Conclusion ... Down Syndrome Web Ring About one baby in every 850 is born with Down Syndrome. These babies have 47 chromosomes in each body cell, instead of the usual 46, but the exact reason why this occurs is not yet known. Fortunately, much progress has been made in recent years and continues to be made in the care and education of children with Down Syndrome. Breastfeeding can be an important step in the early care of these babies. "Breastfeeding helped with my bonding to James initially when my world was turned upside down by his arrival." The extent to which children are affected by Down Syndrome varies widely. These children achieve the milestones of child development, but more slowly than the average. You may be experiencing mixed emotions - this is very natural as you wonder what lies ahead for you and your baby. A branch of the Down Syndrome Association or your doctor will be able to provide you with information on access to Early Intervention Programmes in your state and will be able to put you in touch with other parents of children with Down Syndrome. Many people find this contact very supportive. "The best solution is to talk to other mums who have actually experienced your situation."

84. Potty Training Children With Special Needs
Learn about potty training children with special needs, such as autism and down syndrome, including signs of readiness and how to avoid resistance.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Pediatrics Home Essentials ... Pediatric Problem Solver zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); A - Z Index Ask a Pediatrician Find a Doctor Question of the Week ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Pediatrics newsletter. zau(256,152,100,'hs','',''); Search Pediatrics Email to a friend Print this page Stay Current Subscribe to the About Pediatrics newsletter. Parenting Resources Children with Special Needs Take a Quiz Ask a Pediatrician Suggested Reading Parenting Special Needs Special Education Elsewhere on the Web Toilet Training Autistic Children Toilet Training Made Semi-Easy Potty Training for Children Most Popular Girl Baby Names - Find a Name Stranger Danger Quiz - Can your kids recognize strangers? Boy Baby Names - Find a Name Ideal Body Weight Calculator for Kids and Adults ... How tall will your kids be? What's Hot Eating Disorders Screening Quiz -Do your kids have an eating... Car Seat Safety Quiz West Nile Virus - Are your kids at risk? Kids' TV Show Parenting Quiz ... When Should You Call Your Pediatrician?
Potty Training Children with Special Needs
From Vincent Iannelli, M.D.

The down syndrome Association of Wisconsin and Jacob s Fund are working in partnershipon behalf of all special children, their families and communities, to
The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin and Jacob's Fund are working in partnership on behalf of all special children, their families and communities, to educate, empower, strengthen and support wherever there is a need.
Click on the link below for more information on
Jacob's Fund

Who are we?
The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin (DSAW) is an organization created for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families. DSAW works with health care professionals, educators, federal, state and county agencies, community leaders, legislators, advocates, parent support groups, the Down Syndrome Clinic of Wisconsin (DSCW) , the National Down Syndrome Congress , the National Down Syndrome Society , and the Great Lakes Association for Down Syndrome.

86. Diagnosis Down Syndrome
Personal, loving stories from parents on adoption of a down syndrome baby. Also stories from those that found out during the pregnancy, and those that had a diagnosis after.
Diagnosis Down Syndrome If you are visiting this site because you have received the news that your baby has Down Syndrome, congratulations are in order. First of all you have a baby (or are going to have a baby). I realize this isn't the baby you expected. ( Welcome to Holland Babies With Down Syndrome A New Parents Guide edited by Karen Stray-Gundersen. Join the Down Syndrome News Group and ask hundreds of parents any question. Information on how to subscribe and how to contact The National Down Syndrome Society and The National Down Syndrome Congress can be found at: Welcoming New Babies and Down Syndrome Sites. And for the most comprehensive Web Site on Down Syndrome and related topics see the Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group and HealthLink U.S.A. To download or print 'Light at the End of the Tunnel' an informative pamphlet designed for parents with a prenatal diagnosis by parents who had prenatal diagnosis' and now have children with Down syndrome click here:

87. Down Syndrome Research Online Advocacy Group
The down syndrome Online Advocacy Group (DSOAG) purpose is to increase supportfor clinical, biomedical, and scientific research into down syndrome.
The Down Syndrome Online Advocacy Group (DSOAG) purpose is to increase support for clinical, biomedical, and scientific research into Down syndrome

88. Health Care For Adults With Down Syndrome
Recommendations on their specific health maintenance needs.
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Health Care for Adults With Down Syndrome
Down syndrome occurs in about one in 1,000 live births and affects about 250,000 families in the United States. The syndrome is a congenital condition caused by an extra chromosome. It is characterized by cognitive delays (or mental retardation) and certain facial features. Adults who have Down syndrome can present diagnostic and treatment challenges. Patients with Down syndrome are more prone to certain health conditions, but may have difficulty expressing their symptoms and following treatment directions. Furthermore, symptoms may be incorrectly attributed to the condition of Down Syndrome. An overall, holistic approach forms the basis of good health care for adults with Down syndrome. Adults with Down syndrome have the same basic health care needs as typically developed people and should receive the same age-appropriate preventive care as unaffected persons. Immunization schedules are the same and screening for high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and dental disease is no different. However, people with Down syndrome are likely to have a number of conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, depression, hearing loss, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sleep apnea, compression of the spine in the neck area, and Alzheimer's disease.

89. Ask NOAH About: Down Syndrome
Ask NOAH About Genetic Diseases down syndrome. What is down syndrome? PossibleComplications in down syndrome Management and Therapy.
Ask NOAH About Genetic Diseases: Down Syndrome
What is Down Syndrome? Complications and Concerns The Basics
Risk, Incidence and Recurrence

Go to the Ask NOAH About Genetic Diseases
What is Down Syndrome?
The Basics
Down Syndrome - March of Dimes (NOAH Provider) (Also in Spanish
Down Syndrome - The ARC
Down Syndrome - Your Genes, Your Health (Interactive Flash Presentation)
Down Syndrome - KidsHealth
Down Syndrome - KidsHealth (Also in Spanish
Down Syndrome: What You Need to Know When You're Pregnant - American Academy of Family Physicians
Down Syndrome Fact Sheet - National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (Also in Spanish PDF File of 2 Pages
Trisomy 21: The Story of Down Syndrome - Down Syndrome: Health Issues
Mosaic Down Syndrome
Mosaic Down Syndrome - Down Syndrome: Health Issues
What is Mosaic Down Syndrome - National Mosaic Down Syndrome Association
Risk, Incidence and Recurrence
The Occurrence of Down Syndrome - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Risk and Recurrence Risk of Down Syndrome - Paul J. Benke, MD
Prenatal Testing (See Also Genetic Testing and Counselling
Prenatal Screening - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome - Down Syndrome: Health Issues
Physical Development
Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome - Greg Richards
Head Circumference Charts for Children with Down Syndrome - Greg Richards
Complications and Concerns
Possible Complications in Down Syndrome

90. Disability Solutions
A resource for families and others interested in down syndrome.
Welcome to the Disability Solutions Web site. Disability Solutions is published 6 times yearly by The Enoch-Gelbard Foundation, a nonprofit, private foundation. After publication, each issue is available as an Acrobat Reader file on this website. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, a limited version is provided free from Adobe. You may obtain it by clicking on the button below. You can find instructions for downloading and using Acrobat Reader in the Information section of our web page (click on the word "information" above). Reprint Policy
A goal of The Enoch-Gelbard Foundation and Disability Solutions is to make information widely available, free-of-charge to families and professionals. The Foundation supports sharing information in the public domain, especially for families. If you would like to reprint material from Disability Solutions at no cost to others, you do not need to request permission. When you do reprint material, please include the author's name and list Disability Solutions as the source. When possible, it would be nice to see a copy of the article reprinted or the URL of the web page where it is located.

91. Down Syndrome Home Page
down syndrome Beyond the Myths. A Photographic Exhibition by Mona Neumann.
Down Syndrome: Beyond the Myths A Photographic Exhibition by Mona Neumann

92. Medical References: Down Syndrome
down syndrome is one of the most common genetic birth defects, affecting approximatelyone in 800 to 1000 babies. down syndrome What is down syndrome?
View All Chapters Find Your Local Chapter June 2, 2004
Select one Folic Acid Pregnancy Prenatal Screening Infections/Diseases Loss Concerns Newborn Information Birth Defects Polio Genetics
Research Funding

Perinatal Statistics

Medical References

Continuing Education

Quick Reference and Fact Sheets Down Syndrome
What is Down Syndrome?
Down syndrome is a disorder that includes a combination of birth defects; among them, some degree of mental retardation, characteristic facial features and, often, heart defects, increased infections, problems with vision and hearing, and other health problems. The severity of all of these problems varies greatly among affected individuals. Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic birth defects, affecting approximately one in 800 to 1,000 babies. It generally is caused by an extra chromosome, the structures in cells that contain the genetic information (genes).
According to the National Down Syndrome Society, there are approximately 350,000 individuals with Down syndrome in this country. Life expectancy among adults with Down syndrome is about 55 years, though life span varies depending on the individual and his or her medical condition. What Causes Down Syndrome?

93. RSSI Of Charlotte, North Carolina
A nonprofit organization that provides residential services and community support to individuals with developmental disabilities including mental retardation, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injuries.
Residential Support Services Inc.
RSS Inc.

Our History

Donations, Directions, Contacts

Group Homes
Favorite Links

Residential Support Services Inc.: RSS Inc.
Virtual Office of
Welcome to Residential Support Services Web Site
Serving People with Developmental Disabilities.
Our Mission Statement

Residential Support Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality services and housing to individuals with developmental disabilities.We are committed to supporting the individual in his or her effort to: *Develop self-reliance *Exercise freedom of choice *Achieve personal fulfillment *Establish and maintain relationships *Participate in community life Residential Support Services believes in joining with others to utilize all resources effectively for the benefit of individuals we serve, our employees, and the community.

94. Down Syndrome Association Of Minnesota Home Page
down syndrome Association of Minnesota 668 Transfer Road, St. Paul, MN55114 651603-0720 or 800-511-3696 E-mail us at
phone: 651-603-0720 or 800-511-3696
Upcoming Events


Internet Resources

Parent Groups

Welcome to our web site
The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all  individuals with Down syndrome and their families receive the support necessary to participate in, contribute to and achieve the fulfillment of life in their community.
Our Association is funded through memberships, private donationsand various fund raising events held throughout the year.  We serve residents in the state of Minnesota as well as neighboring states.  All services are available to our members at no cost. The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota is affiliated with the National Down Syndrome Congress, National Down Syndrome Society and PACER. Go to our index for information on membership and services.  Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota 668 Transfer Road, St. Paul, MN 55114 651-603-0720 or 800-511-3696 E-mail us at Last modified on March 25, 2004 You are visitor number: 33274

95. National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register
Information about an anonymous register allowing researchers to analyse possible causal factors. Includes interpretation of the results.
National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register
(Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine)
National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Charterhouse Square
London EC1M 6BQ Phone: +44 (0)20 7882 6220
Fax: +44 (0)20 7882 6221
Summary 2002 Annual Report NDSCR team Reasons for referral of cases having cytogenetic diagnosis ... Glossary of terms Summary The NDSCR has accumulated over 17,000 anonymous records since the Register started in January 1989. It is now probably the largest single dataset on Down syndrome and provides an opportunity to search for possible causal factors. It also enables the study of the response of parents and clinical services to the new technologies of screening and diagnosis. Please see Annual Report (2002) for details. Maternal age is the only well-recognised association of Down syndrome. Mothers below 25 have an average risk of a DS pregnancy of about 1:1600 rising to about 1:340 at 35 and 1:40 at age 43. The data we have suggests that the risk of an affected birth does not increase above this age. Prenatal screening and diagnosis have expanded dramatically in the life of the Register. Despite this expansion, in 1999 44% of all diagnoses were at birth. Prenatal diagnosis depends on an invasive test to obtain fetal cells. Because this entails a risk of fetal loss, of 1 to 2%, it is only offered to mothers with a greater risk of having an affected child. The estimation of this risk, previously limited to high maternal age, is now much more precise with the addition of specific ultrasound and/or maternal serum findings.

96. Index
The down syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee is a nonprofit organization offamilies whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for all individuals
DSAMT Mission The Down syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee is a non-profit organization of families whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for all individuals with Down syndrome by providing information and support to families, professionals and the community What are we all about? We have quarterly meetings with speakers that inform us of developments and new research that may help us with our children. We have monthly support coffees with mom's who are free to meet and share their experiences with each other. We publish a newsletter every other month with research articles, local and national information concerning our families and information about our local activities. We also have parties and other social events. But most important, we are there for each other and to share information. Down Syndrome Assoc.of Middle Tennessee
111 N. Wilson Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37205-2411 Office (615) 386-9002 Fax: (615) 386-9754 e-mail

97. Teaching Reading To Children With Special Needs, Including Down Syndrome, Autism
Teaching reading to children with special needs, including down syndrome, Autism, visual impairment, and developmental delays.
At Special Reads, our Reading Series is designed to get children excited about reading, and to make success easy and fast. Our materials are ideal for teaching reading to children with developmental delays and challenges such as Down Syndrome, Autism, AAD, or ADHD. READING MADE EASY
for Children
Special Needs "Thanks for your efforts. My daughter loves the Spaghetti! book. She learned to read it easily. When she gets discouraged with her reading and things get tough, we get the Spaghetti! book back out to remind us both that reading can be fun." Kathy M. from Kentucky
Limited Time Offer:

10% off Starter Kit of Step One Materials

Designed for quick success, confidence, and fun!
OH, BROTHER! Growing Up with a Special Needs Sibling
Finally a book for sibs that offers honesty, humor, and coping tips that WORK! MONEY MANAGEMENT SERIES MY MONEY: Banking for Beginners BOOK ONE: KEEPING RECORDS The first in a series of three workbooks to teach basic money management skills to individuals with special needs. Simple, clear, user-friendly, step-by-step approach to a usually difficult subject.

98. ThinkQuest : Library : Down Syndrome
down syndrome. Welcome to our project about down syndrome. We decided to pick thistopic because one of the members of our group Elijah - has down syndrome.

99. The Down Syndrome Of Los Angeles
The down syndrome Association of Los Angeles is for parents and those interestedin down syndrome to find information, current events, and contacts in the

100. Speech Therapy Learning Tool For Children With Autism, Autistic, Asperger's Or D
Explore this learning tool for children with speech and language learning disabilities including those with Autism and Asperger or down syndrome. "A picture speaks a thousand words"
Home two versions of the book , One version contains pictures only for the non-verbal child. The other contains pictures with associated short instructions for the verbal or emerging reader. Take a few minutes to explore the site, and available books. You are welcome to email me at any time.
~ Nancy

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