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         Down Syndrome:     more books (100)
  1. Karina Has Down Syndrome: One Family's Account of the Early Years with a Child who has Special Needs by Cheryl Rogers, 2009-06-23
  2. Children with Down's Syndrome: A guide for teachers and support assistants in mainstream primary and secondary schools (Resource Materials for Children) by Stephanie Lorenz, 1998-03-01
  3. Supporting Children with Down's Syndrome by Hull Learning Services, 2004-08-31
  4. The Guide to Good Health for Teens & Adults With Down Syndrome by Brian Chicoine, Dennis McGuire, 2010-09-07
  5. Road Map to Holland: How I Found My Way Through My Son's First Two Years With Down Syndrome by Jennifer Graf Groneberg, 2008-04-01
  6. The Year My Son and I Were Born: A Story of Down Syndrome, Motherhood, and Self-Discovery by Kathryn Lynard Soper, 2009-03-03
  7. Windows Into Heaven - Stories Celebrating Down Syndrome by Stacy Tetschner, Michelle Tetschner, 2008-08-23
  8. Our Brother Has Down's Syndrome by Shelley Cairo, Jasmine Cairo, 1988-03-01
  9. Medical Treatment of Down Syndrome and Genetic Diseases by M.A., M.D. Henry Turkel, M.A. Ilse Nusbaum, 1985
  10. Communication Skills in Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents (Topics in Down Syndrome) by Libby Kumin, 1994-01
  11. Understanding Down Syndrome: An Introduction for Parents by Cliff Cunningham, 1996-08-25
  12. Adventures In The Mainstream: Coming Of Age With Down Syndrome by Greg Palmer, 2005-04-30
  13. Down Syndrome: Successful Parenting of Children With Down Syndrome by John F. Unruh, 1994-04
  14. Bebes con sindrome de Down: Nueva Guia para padres(Spanish Edition) by Susan Skallerup, 2009-07-09

61. Welcome! Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group
Detailed comparison of the symptoms of the two conditions, and a discussion of issues in diagnosis.

62. Wonderfully Unique Dolls
I am from the East, and love to play with my puppy. Devoted to remarkable children ..Withapproximately 5,000 children born with down syndrome in the
(Domestic Only, International Shipping go [ here . First Time In America! Down Syndrome Creed Our Recent Press First Time In America
Press Thumbnail Image To View Information. Gabriela:
Actual Clothing May Vary
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From Snow White's Beautiful Bavarian Black Forest, I love to collect angels Mikael:
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from Western Europe Silke:
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I am from the East, and love to play with my puppy. Devoted to remarkable children..... "With approximately 5,000 children born with Down Syndrome in the United States each year, the Down Syndrome Dolls will be an important resource for families who have a child with the condition, or for organizations and medical providers that serve these special youngsters... parents, teachers, and physicians throughout Europe have found the dolls are shared with siblings and friends, they can help foster a better understanding of the human body for children and people with special needs" Francesca Actual Clothing May Vary Flowers and animals is what I enjoy painting in Northern Europe.

63. Welcome To Mile High Down Syndrome Association
Enhances the quality of life for all individuals with down syndrome by providing resources and support to those individuals, their families, professionals and the community.
Mile High Down Syndrome Association's 2004 Down Right Beautiful Calendar Cover
Our Mission
The mission of Mile High Down Syndrome Association is to assure inclusion and enhance independence of people with Down syndrome. We will achieve this by providing education, resources and support in partnership with individuals, families, professionals, and the community.
Down Right Beautiful CALENDARS
Shop online and donate to MHDSA at the same time! Visit to discover how easy making a donation can be.

64. Down Syndrome Message Board
The archives of this board.
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65. Down Syndrome Dolls
Anatomical Teddy and the down syndrome Dolls distributed by Helga s European SpecialtyToys are for children facing medical treatments and down syndrome.
Unique Products For Unique Children.
Click Images by HEST, of Europe
NEW! First time in USA!
Devoted to remarkable children.....
" With approximately 5,000 children born with Down Syndrome in the United States each year, the Down Syndrome Dolls will be an important resource for families who have a child with the condition, or for organizations and medical providers that serve these special youngsters...parents, teachers, and physicians throughout Europe have found the dolls are shared with siblings and friends, they can help foster a better understanding of the human body for children and people with special needs" HEST - H elga's E uropean S pecialty T oys
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66. Dm029101
A photographic gallery and articles about people with down syndrome.

67. Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona
Nonprofit, parentrun group provides information and resources on the syndrome, with a newsletter, events details, photos and articles.
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68. DSRF
A parentbased charity supporting research into the medical conditions collectively called Down's syndrome. Information on research, nutrition education, health care guidelines, and alternative therapies. Includes parents' stories.
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Diagnosis down syndromeDiagnosis. Down. Syndrome. If you are visiting this site because you have receivedthe news that your baby has down syndrome, congratulations are in order.

70. Down Syndrome Magazine
To Read More Articles and Essays from down syndrome Amongst Us magazine, please feelfree to subscribe by contacting or Please write

Previous Issues
Issue #11
Editor's Message

The Bavarfen
Rabbi Patkin's Request

To Read More Articles and Essays from Down Syndrome Amongst Us magazine, please feel free to subscribe by contacting or
Please write to:
DownSyndrome Among Us
32 Rutledge Street
Brooklyn NY Fax: 718-834-5255 Email:

71. CMBDS (Center For Motor Behavior In Down Syndrome)
Website for the Center for Motor Behavior in down syndrome,Division of Kinesiology, University of Michigan.
About Us
To Participate
To Donate
Current Funding
Parent Info Announce Links TGMD Our Mission: To conduct and disseminate basic scientific research to better understand the complexity of individuals with Down syndrome and to utilize this knowledge to drive clinical services. We describe complexity as the dynamic interactions of biological and psychological factors that contribute to the overall quality of the individual's motor behavior. As we learn more about the relevant factors that may alter behavior, this information is used to design and test interventions to improve the quality of functioning in people with Down syndrome. Our goal is to share this information with scientists, parents, and professionals around the world through presentations and publications of current research , discussion of review papers , and organization of seminars. As part of the University of Michigan and the Division of Kinesiology, we create interdisciplinary and collaborative learning opportunities for researchers at the undergraduate through post-doctoral levels. The ultimate outcome will be a significant increase in the number of people conducting research and scholarship related to individuals with Down syndrome, hopefully leading to meaningful development of movement, play, and sport skills. Center for Motor Behavior in Down Syndrome 401 Washtenaw Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2214

72. Suj's Site
Born with down syndrome, Sujeet is a musician, black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and a World Game special Olympian. Listen to his music and read his inspiring story.

To know more

Information on purchasing my CD please CLICK
Hi, My name is Sujeet Desai Suj is my nickname. I am 22 years old. I have an older brother Ninad, who drives a cool car. He is a senior at the University at Buffalo. He is cool! He is a three times Jr. US Olympic Gold medals winner in Tae Kwon Do and was super soccer goalie while in school ! He is a great piano player too! My pet is a west highland terrier dog named Angel . My brother and I have the best teeth in the world as we love our dentists very much and see them every day! Both my parents are Dentist!
On June 22, 2001 I graduated from Fayetteville-Manlius High school in Syracuse, New York with honor roll. ( GPA 4.3) I am the first special education student inducted in the Oak Chapter of FM High school as a National Honor Society member. . In May 2003 I graduated from the Berkshire Hills Music Academy in South Hadley, Massachusetts after two-year residential Post- secondary study in Music and Human services. Emerging from the academy with higher music skills and the successful experience of independent living on a college campus, I will continue to do solo performances and self-advocacy workshops. I have a job in Rome, NY for self-advocacy and disability awareness.
My Favorites Music:
    I play four instruments, Violin, Piano, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. Some day I want to play saxophone and drums. I have been a member of high school concert band, jazz, pep, and

73. Welcome! Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group
Contains articles about the comorbidity of autism and down syndrome.
Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group
Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group

74. Internet Resources For Special Children (IRSC) - Worldwide Resource For Disabili
The Family Village / Library / down syndromeLibrary C D. down syndrome.

75. Nutritional Supplements For Down Syndrome
Nutritional Supplements for down syndrome A Highly Questionable Approach. Noother mineral has been found either lacking or helpful in down syndrome.
Quackwatch Home Page
Nutritional Supplements for Down Syndrome:
A Highly Questionable Approach
Len Leshin, M.D.
Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of a third 21st chromosome. It occurs once in every 600 to 700 births, making it the most common genetic disorder. Its common features include poor muscle tone, short stature, a small nose with flat nasal bridge, small skin folds on the inner corner of the eyes (epicanthal folds), dry skin, immune-system suppression, developmental delays, speech difficulties, and mental retardation. Even before Down syndrome was found to be caused by a genetic abnormality, nutritional therapies were proposed, usually focusing on one or two items. Mixtures that included vitamins, hormones and enzymes were advocated in the 1960s by Haboud, a German physician [1]; however, other investigators found no beneficial effect [2]. At about the same time, Henry Turkel, MD, in the United States claimed that a mixture of 48 different ingredients could improve intelligence and the appearance of children with Down syndrome [3]. No double-blind study was ever performed with Turkel's formula. Dr. Turkel administered his formula to children with Down syndrome for almost 40 years; if there had been some benefit, we should have had such evidence by now. Yet no such group of children or adults have been identified to date. In the 1980s, Ruth Harrell, MD, and associates [4] reported that supplementary vitamins and minerals and thyroid hormone improved their IQ scores, and caused "physical changes toward normal" among children with various types of mental deficiency, with the best results in three children with Down syndrome. However, the study was neither controlled nor blinded, and seven different studies during the next decade showed no positive results from Harrell's mixture. Haps Caps, another mixture of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that hit the marketplace during the 1980s, is frequently given with thyroid hormone. No study of Haps Caps has been published.

76. The Indiana Down Syndrome Foundation
Latest down syndrome News. News powered by Moreover Technologies. Your contributionsmake a difference! © 2003 Indiana down syndrome Foundation.
Latest Down Syndrome News
News powered by Moreover Technologies
IDSF Corporate Sponsors
2004 May Parent Network Group Meeting
Apnea is the term used when someone stops breathing for very short periods of time. During the episode, the child will have decreased oxygenation of the blood . A 1991 study showed that 45% of children and adults with Down syndrome have obstructive sleep apnea due to several factors; the flattened midface, narrowed nasal area, low tone of the muscles of the upper airway and enlarged adenoids and/or tonsils. Symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are: snoring, restless/disturbed sleep, frequent partial or total awakenings and daytime mouth breathing. Some children with OSA have odd sleep positions, often with their neck bent backwards, or even in a sitting position. Some children with OSA sweat profusely during sleep. In adults, there is an association of obesity, but that's not a common association in children. Some children will have daytime grumpiness or sleepiness. Some children may have noisy swallowing as well. Dr. Deborah Givan is trained in pulmonary at Indiana University, Texas Children's (in Houston, Tx) and at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. She is board certified in Pediatric Pulmonology and certified in Sleep Disorders Medicine. She is a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and directs the Children's Sleep Disorder Center at Riley Hospital. She will be presenting the symptoms, problems, and treatments of OSA so bring your questions!

77. Down Syndrome Liverpool
Providing support and information to people with down syndrome, their parents and carers in the Liverpool area with links to other sites. Includes an online newsletter.
Down Syndrome Liverpool: None
None Down Syndrome Liverpool

78. NICHCY- General Info About Down Syndrome
General information about down syndrome including definition, incidence, characteristics,educational implications, and a list of resources and organizations.
General Information about Down Syndrome
Fact Sheet Number 4 (FS4), 1997
National Information Center
for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Definition of Down Syndrome


Educational and Employment Implications
Learning and Other Disabilities
Related Articles
General Information about Severe and/or Multiple Disabilities
A Guide to Children's Literature and Disability
Definition of Down Syndrome
Down syndrome is the most common and readily identifiable chromosomal condition associated with mental retardation. It is caused by a chromosomal abnormality: for some unexplained reason, an accident in cell development results in 47 instead of the usual 46 chromosomes. This extra chromosome changes the orderly development of the body and brain. In most cases, the diagnosis of Down syndrome is made according to results from a chromosome test administered shortly after birth. Back to the Table of Contents
Approximately 4,000 children with Down syndrome are born in the U.S. each year, or about 1 in every 800 to 1,000 live births. Although parents of any age may have child with Down syndrome, the incidence is higher for women over 35. Most common forms of the syndrome do not usually occur more than once in a family.

A nonprofit organization of families and professionals working together to improve the quality of life for persons with down syndrome.
MVDSA was established in 1977 as a non-profit organization of families and professionals working together to improve the quality of life for persons with Down syndrome. Today our membership includes 170 families and 40 professional members serving the Dayton, Ohio area. If you would like to contact us,
please email the office or write to us
at the address below: Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association
1133 Edwin C. Moses Blvd. Suite 190
Dayton, OH 45408
  • To help families adjust to the birth of a child with Down Syndrome
  • To provide information to parents of children with Down Syndrome
  • To increase public awareness regarding Down Syndrome
  • Bi Monthly Newsletter (Mailer, Email, and PDF download from web)
  • Monthly meetings with guest speakers
  • Play groups
  • Up-to-date library
  • Family social functions
  • Projects to increase public awareness
  • Camperships and scholarship
  • Special Events especially geared for our kids.

80. Down Syndrome Association Of Greater Cincinnati
The down syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati provide information, resourcesand support to individuals with down syndrome, their families, and their
Welcome to the DSAGC's New Site! Our new web site is loaded with information, resources and photos. Please be patient as we work with the transfer to the new system. We have some great plans for the future so stay tuned and visit often. Use the navigation to the left to browse the site. Looking for something specific? Try our new search function at the top of every screen. We would love to hear your feedback. Please email us your comments
Learn more about our bi-monthly newsletter that includes information on activities of the DSAGC and informational articles on Down Syndrome.
Featured Star!
Meet Kapreice. Kapreice is 7 years old and goes to Kirby Road School. Kapreice loves music, dancing, and reading her books.

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