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         Down Syndrome:     more books (100)
  1. Teaching Math to People With Down Syndrome and Other Hands-On Learners: Basic Survival Skills (Topics in Down Syndrome) Book 1 (Bk.1) by DeAnna Horstmeier, 2004-07
  2. Teaching Reading to Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Teachers (Topics in Down Syndrome) by Patricia Logan Oelwein, 1995-02-01
  3. Gross Motor Skills in Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals (Topics in Down Syndrome) by Patricia C. Winders, 1997-08
  4. Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents' Guide
  5. Early Communication Skills for Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Libby Kumin, 2003-07
  6. Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome: A Guide to Emotional and Behavioral Strengths and Challenges by Dennis McGuire, Brian Chicoine, 2006-07-19
  7. Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Bodies, Boundaries, and Sexuality (Topics in Down Syndrome) by Terri Couwenhoven, 2007-10-10
  8. Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-On Learners: Book 2, Advanced Survival Skills (Topics in Down Syndrome) by DeAnna Horstmeier, 2008-06-10
  9. Fine Motor Skills for Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents And Professionals (Topics in Down Syndrome) by Maryanne Bruni, 2006-03-30
  10. My Friend Has Down Syndrome (Let's Talk About It) by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, 2008-09-19
  11. Gifts 2: How People with Down Syndrome Enrich the World by Kathryn Lynard Soper, 2009-09-15
  12. Taking Down Syndrome to School (Special Kids in School) by Jenna Glatzer, 2002-02-19
  13. Helping Children with Down Syndrome Communicate Better: Speech and Language Skills for Ages 6-14 (Topics in Down Syndrome) by Libby Kumin, Ph.D., et all 2008-08-29
  14. Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives by Kathryn Lynard Soper, 2007-05-15

1. Down Syndrome Sites On The Internet
A list of over 200 important sites on the internet dealing with down syndrome,compiled by Len Leshin, MD. Recommended down syndrome Sites on the Internet.
Last Updated:
May 17, 2004
Down Syndrome Sites
on the Internet
Compiled by Len Leshin, MD, FAAP
If you do a web search for "Down syndrome" on any of the major search engines, you'll now get thousands of websites in return. When I first started this list, my intention was to make it as comprehensive as I could, and with only a few hundred sites, it used to be easier. With the rapid expansion of the internet over the last three years, however, that goal has become almost impossible. So here are the sites that I feel have the most to offer parents of children with Down syndrome ("DS" for short). If any of these links are incorrect or out of date, please let me know. (To quote Chris Gravell: "this is what happens when you go on leave for 3 weeks - all the links have changed when you get back.") Any omissions or errors are my responsibility alone. Also, please let me know if you have any sites to add.
Many of these sites contain medical information. My linking to such a site does not imply my endorsement of such medical (or other) advice. As always, caveat lector: "let the reader beware."

2. National Association For Down Syndrome
raise $425 000 for the Adult Down. Syndrome Center over a 5year period Read more
Friday, May 21, 2004 Business Meeting
7:00 - 7:30 P.M.
7:30 - 9:00 P.M.
1875 Dempster Street
(and Luther Lane)
Park Ridge, IL
*Lower level of the Parkside Center at the west end of Lutheran General Hospital. Read More...
Education, is always an adventure
Read More!
Being a teenager means friends, fun and of course, pizza! A group a parents help their kids find that and more... Read On... NADS has made a commitment to raise $425,000 for the Adult Down Syndrome Center over a 5-year period Read more... Primarily serving the Chicago Metropolitan Area

3. National Down Syndrome Society: Welcome Tabs_Home.gif RBBar_L1_Home.gif
Site Map Careers Privacy Policy Contact Us Search Help Terms of Use ©19952004National down syndrome Society, (800) 221-4602,
WELCOME TO NDSS.ORG! To get more out of, please login or sign-up to be a registered user. Register for the 2004 Conference
Senate IDEA Bill Passes

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Info for everyone who
cares. Learn More... Professionals
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Community For affiliates, parent support groups and other orgs. Learn More... You make NDSS work! Get involved by becoming a member, donating or volunteering for the society. Get information here. GO! Find great baby items, educational materials and more at the NDSS Store. Every purchase you make helps to support our work. GO! SEARCH NDSS Get Help Now Site Map Careers Contact Us ... Help National Down Syndrome Society, (800) 221-4602,

4. Down Syndrome On The Internet
down syndrome on the Internet. US National Organizations. Comprehensive Websites. International Sites. Internet Magazines. Medical Resources. Other Resources for Parents. 12/11/2002
Down Syndrome on the Internet
US National Organizations
Comprehensive Websites
International Sites
Internet Magazines
Medical Resources
Other Resources for Parents

5. Down Syndrome: For New Parents
A site dedicated to helping new parents understand down syndrome and to appreciate the capabilities of their wonderful child familiar to those who live in the world of down syndrome. There are articles by Martha Beck Ph Chris Burke on living with down syndrome; as well as a host

    "Just when you think you have learned what you need to know in life,
    someone truly special comes into it and shows just how much more there is."
    On April 11, 1997, our son Michael was born. Mikey is a wonderful little boy and we love him with all our hearts. Mikey has Down Syndrome. This web site will attempt to be a resource for new parents of children with Down Syndrome. We will also try to provide a personal perspective by explaining how this has affected us and what it is like to be the parent of a child with Down Syndrome. Book of the Month for February 2004
    Down Syndrome: Visions for the 21st Century
    by Terry J. Hassold (Editor), David Patterson (Editor)
    Paperback, Published byJohn Wiley and Sons, Publication date: June 2002
    Click here to view our recommended books!
    Top 5 Books
    Sometimes Miracles Hide

    Babies with Down Syndrome

    Communication Skills in Children with Down Syndrome

    Fine Motor Skills in Children With Down Syndrome
    ... Site Map - Answers to the questions that every new parent has: What is Down syndrome? What will my new baby be like? What kind of help can I get for my baby? Is it my fault? Plus the Health Care Guidelines for Individuals with Down Syndrome and information about TNI.

6. Growth Charts For Children With Down Syndrome
Charts included are for height, weight, and head circumferences. Printable.
Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome
by Greg Richards (background by Bridget, age 9)
Site Navigation Down Syndrome
General Overview
Photos of our girls
Growth Charts for
Children w/DS
Head Circumference
Growth Charts for Typical Children
Clinical and Individual Growth Charts from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website

Frequently Asked Questions
(coming soon) About the author About Down Syndrome Down syndrome is a genetic condition in which there are three 21st chromosomes instead of the usual two. Most people have 46 chromosomes per cell originating from the 23 chromosomes in the mother's egg and 23 in the father's sperm. Not all people with Down syndrome have the same chromosomal arrangement, however. Ninety-five percent of people with Down syndrome (trisomy 21) have 47 chromosomes per cell (they have an extra #21 chromosome). This common type of trisomy 21 is called non-disjunction Three to four percent of people with Down syndrome have Robertsonian Translocation , where the number of chromosomes is normal, but the extra chromosome 21 material is attached with chromosome 14. The remainder have a rare type of Down syndrome in which some of their cells have 46 chromosomes and some have 47 chromosomes. This is called

7. Down Syndrome Title Page
down syndrome Health Issues*. by Len Leshin, MD, FAAP. Medical essayson down syndrome and issues common to children with Ds.
The Down Syndrome WWW Page was established in February of 1995 and has been (and still is) compiled from the contributions of members of the Down Syndrome Listserv and others.
Organizations Worldwide About this page Family Essays FAQ ... The Foreign Site O THER I MPORTANT L INKS
Down Syndrome: Health Issues
by Len Leshin, M.D., F.A.A.P.
  • Medical essays on Down Syndrome and issues common to children with Ds.
  • Extensive listing of other Down Syndrome Websites
  • Recommended Books
Family Village
Family Village
  • A global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with mental retardation and other disabilities, their families, and those that provide them services and supports.
Disability Solutions
Disability Solutions
  • The free publication of The Enoch-Gelbard Foundation. It's mission is:
  • "To provide in a widely accessible manner, free of charge information that is useful, sensitive, and current to everyone concerned with developmental disabilities: parents, families, self-advocates, and professionals."
  • Back issues and current issues are available in Adobe Acrobat format.

8. Down Syndrome
Provides a description, the causes, and what life is like for kids who have down syndrome.
KidsHealth Kids Kids' Health Problems
In 1866, an English doctor named John Langdon Haydon Down wrote a description of people with a certain type of developmental delay. Because he was the first to write about it, the condition became known as Down syndrome. But Dr. Down didn't know exactly what caused it. Nearly 100 years later, a French geneticist (say: juh- neh -tuh-sist) named Dr. Jerome Lejeune discovered that Down syndrome is caused by a problem with the number of chromosomes (say: kro -meh-sohms) a person has. Chromosomes are thread-like structures in the middle of a cell that carry the genes Keep reading to learn about what Down syndrome is, what causes it, and more. What Is Down Syndrome?
Down syndrome (say: sin -drum), or DS, is one of the most common genetic causes of mental retardation or developmental delay. That means it is caused by a problem with a person's chromosomes, on which the genes that make each person unique are located. People with DS are usually mildly to moderately mentally retarded. Some are developmentally delayed and some are severely retarded. Each person with DS is different. Dr. Down worked in a hospital that had many patients who were mentally challenged. When Dr. Down wrote about the condition, he tried to give a description of what the people looked like. He described people with DS as being born with certain physical traits. However, his description was not completely correct because not every person with DS looks the same.

9. Uno Mas Down Syndrome Online
Supportive online group of parents friends of kids with down syndrome. Message Boards and Personal Stories. Hundreds of photos.
Funny Stories Photo Album The Chatroom Message Board ... Site Map
If you would like to contribute to the costs of running and development of this site, you can do it in increments of $1 Use this button to support Uno Mas! with a donation of one dollar or more. Your support is greatly appreciated! Team Uno Mas
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Uno Mas! Down Syndrome Online
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People with Down syndrome have "One More" #21 Chromosome!
This site exists to celebrate the uniqueness of people with Down syndrome, and to offer support to new and expectant parents. Our goal is to help all families to share experience, advice and support.
Above all else, we want you to have a good time while you are visiting our site. The activities listed at the left are the main attractions at Uno Mas.
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10. UPSIDE! Down Syndrome Society
an informal society of individuals, parents, and friends involved with the world of down syndrome. January February 1996. Seattle's down syndrome Community PowerLine Newsletter
Welcome to UPSIDE! - an informal society of individuals, parents, and friends involved with the world of Down Syndrome.
Quick Jump Menu
Child of the Month All our Kids Ramblings
... Links to More Information
Please sign our GuestBook
UPSIDE! Child of the Month
Kelsay is a fun 3-year old who dances and
sings; she loves dogs and horses, even riding
our pony (with a little help).
  • Kitsap County's UPSIDE! Society Newsletter
  • Holly Ridge Happenings (Bremerton, WA)
  • Seattle's Down Syndrome Community PowerLine Newsletter
  • KIDS NEWS by Janet Porter (Bothell, WA)
  • Inclusion HodgePodge by Pam Wilson
  • The Open Window by Pam Wilson
    The Upside! Ramblings are short, topical articles of interest. The section has expanded sufficiently to warrant its own page, which you are heartily invited to visit.
    Upcoming Events
    A schedule of activitites covering recurring meetings and singular conferences, seminars, and social events is maintained on the Upcoming Events page for your use.

11. Canadian Down Syndrome Society - Splash Page
Canadian down syndrome Society. Different Genes. Same Value. Enter Site. Canadiandown syndrome Society. 811 14 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 2A4.
Canadian Down Syndrome Society
Click the image above or the link below to enter our site.
Enter Site Canadian Down Syndrome Society 811 - 14 Street N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2N 2A4 Phone: Toll-Free: Fax: Email: Website:

12. Down Syndrome Health Issues - Medical Essays And Information
Medical essays and information about down syndrome for parents and professionals,by Len Leshin, MD. Last Updated May 17, 2004, Guest down syndrome Articles.
Last Updated:
May 17, 2004 by Len Leshin, M.D., F.A.A.P. Search my website!
Author's note: I'm a pediatrician and the father of Avi, 10 years old, and Nathan, 12 years old. (Photos!) Avi has Down Syndrome ("DS" for short) and has inspired me to write these essays about children with DS for other parents. I have put them here for general reading. You may E-mail me with any questions about these essays. I have also included some other pediatric items of interest for parents.
More up-to-date photos of Avi here

Been here before? Check out what's new!
For students writing reports, I have put together this page on Down syndrome to help you.
The Trisomy 21 program at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is having a one-day symposium on June 12, 2004.
Follow this link for more information

I subscribe to the
HONcode principles

of the Health On the Net Foundation Verify Here My Down Syndrome Articles Guest Down Syndrome Articles

13. Down Syndrome
What it is, symptoms, and statistics as to how often it occurs. Home Syndromes Pages Chronic Fatigue
Cyclic Vomiting


Hemolytic Uremic
Links Email Mama
What is Down Syndrome?
A "syndrome" is a medical condition that is categorized by a multitude of symptoms. Down syndrome, also called Trisomy 21 is the most common cause of mental retardation and malformation in a newborn. It occurs because of the presence of an extra 21st chromosome. Chromosomes are the materials that store people's genetic information. Each person inherits 23 chromosomes from their mother and twenty three chromosomes from their father. Sometimes an accident occurs and one of the parents gives an extra chromosome. When the extra chromosome happens to be chromosome number 21, Down Syndrome occurs. Down Syndrome is not contagious. Symptoms Individuals with Down Syndrom may not experience all of the symtoms. Some of the common symptoms are: decreased muscle tone at birth, asymmetrical or odd-shaped skull, round head with flat area at the back of the head, small skull, slanting eyes, small mouth with protruding tongue (see tongue problems), broad short hands, single crease on the palm, retarded growth and development, delayed mental and social skills (mental retardation) What are the physical Characteristics?

14. Footsteps - Down Syndrome Ireland 2004
Information about the condition, resources available, events and contact details.


about us

national resource centre

what is down syndrome?
contact us
HB Ice Cream Sunday
Sunday, May 16th 2004
To register call
Make HB Ice Cream Sunday a Fun day again in 2004!
HB and Footsteps, Down Syndrome Ireland would like to thank everyone who helped make our first ever HB Ice Cream Sunday Campaign such a success in 2003.
Thanks to you all we raised over
HB Originals is Ireland's favourite ice cream, and is delighted to host this event again this year. HB Originals Ice cream is enjoyed by families and friends every day of the year - rain or shine! Last year, HB provided over 10,000 free blocks of ice cream and invited the public to hold ice cream parties in their homes while making a donation to DSI. This was supported by Pierce Brosnan, who was the face and voice of HB Ice Cream Sunday. In total, 2000 parties were held which raised €300,000 for Down Syndrome Ireland.
Let's make the 2004 HB Ice Cream Sunday an even bigger campaign to raise funds to help us enhance the lives of adults and children with Down syndrome. HB Ice Cream Sunday takes place on Sunday, 16th May 2004

15. Down Syndrome
down syndrome The down syndrome WWW Page is compiled from the contributions of experienced professionals and knowledgeable parents who subscribe to the down syndrome listserv and newsgroup. It

16. Welcoming Babies With Down Syndrome -- English
WELCOMING BABIES WITH down syndrome. We wish you all the best. What is down syndrome?down syndrome is a chromosomal anomaly that occurs in 1.3 per 1000 births.
If you are welcoming a new baby with Down Syndrome into your family, you probably have many questions and concerns, as do your extended family, friends, and neighbors. We have written this information keeping in mind our own diverse experiences when our children were born with DS.
Congratulations on the birth of your baby. We wish you all the best.
What is Down Syndrome?
Down Syndrome is a chromosomal anomaly that occurs in 1.3 per 1000 births. For some unexplained reason, an error in cell development results in 47 chromosomes rather than the usual 46. The extra gene material slightly changes the orderly development of the body and brain. About 5000 babies with Down Syndrome are born in the United States every year. The national population of individuals with Down Syndrome is estimated to be 250,000. About 80% of babies with Down Syndrome are born to mothers under the age of 35. About 1 in 400 babies born to women over 35 have Down Syndrome. People with Down Syndrome are more like typically developing individuals than they are different. There is great diversity within the population in terms of personality, learning styles, intelligence, appearance, compliance, humor, compassion, congeniality, and attitude. Favorite pastimes vary from person to person and range from reading, gardening and travel to baseball, music, and beyond.

17. National Down Syndrome Society
National down syndrome Society The National down syndrome Society home page is quot;a comprehensive, online information source about down syndrome. quot; National down syndrome Society

18. Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group
Riverbend down syndrome Parent Support Group. Louis, provides support and informationto parents of children with down syndrome in Southwestern Illinois.
Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group
The non-profit Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group, a support group of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis , provides support and information to parents of children with Down syndrome in Southwestern Illinois . Our aim is to support each other and enrich the lives of our children so they may reach their fullest potential.
Our group meets periodically to encourage and strengthen each other, by striving to increase our knowledge, understanding and hope about Down syndrome. We host guest speakers and share new information, ideas and advice to become better advocates to our children.
The information provided on this web site [ ] is for personal and non-commercial use.
Click here for a text based version of this web site.
Your browser does not support JavaScript or it may be disabled, to enable:
Navigator 3.0. Options menu, select Network Preferences, click Language tab, check Java and JavaScript boxes.
Communicator 4.0 - 6.0. Edit menu, select Preferences, click Advanced, Enable Java and Enable JavaScript.

19. National Down Syndrome Society: Information And Resources Tabs_InfoRes.gif RBBar
General Information, Find a wealth of information about down syndrome here! Aboutlifespan? What s true and what s myth about down syndrome?

20. Down Syndrome Health Issues
down syndrome Health Issues Written by a pediatrician and father of a down syndrome child, this Web site contains news and information about down syndrome for parents and professionals. Len

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