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         Deafness:     more books (100)
  1. The World of Deaf Infants: A Longitudinal Study (Perspectives on Deafness) by Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans, Patricia Elizabeth Spencer, et all 2004-06-17
  2. As in Every Deafness by Graham W. Foust, 2003-09
  3. What's That Pig Outdoors?: A Memoir of Deafness by Henry Kisor, 2010-07-13
  4. The Gestural Origin of Language (Perspectives on Deafness) by David F. Armstrong, Sherman E. Wilcox, 2007-04-19
  5. Ballantyne's Deafness
  6. Deafness and Child Development by Kathryn P. Meadows, 1980-12-01
  7. Deafness, Giddiness, Noises in the Head: Their Treatment and Cure by a New Method, with Analysis of 500 Cases Successfully Treated by Litton Forbes, 2010-05-25
  8. Parent's Guide to Speech and Deafness by Donald Calvert, 1984-06
  9. Context, Cognition, and Deafness
  10. Lectures On Aural Catarrh: Or, the Commonest Forms of Deafness and Their Cure by Peter Allen, 2010-02-16
  11. The deaf soldier: a brief synopsis of one hundred and two cases of deafness, prepared for the consideration of the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States by Wallace Foster, 2010-06-24
  12. Living With a Deaf Dog: A Book of Advice, Facts and Experiences About Canine Deafness by Susan C. Becker, 1997-10
  13. Deafness and Challenging Behaviour: The 360 Perspective by SallyAusten, Dave Jeffery, 2007-06-11
  14. Educational and Developmental Aspects of Deafness

41. Contact Information For Organizations Related To Deafness
Contact Information for Organizations related to deafness. Contact information for medical aspects of deafness. Dr Kronenberg from Tel Hashomer Hospital.
Contact Information for Organizations related to Deafness
The most up-to-date version of this document is available as
Keywords: organization, self-help, deaf, deafness. Last updated: 1999 Oct 11 by Omer Zak
Table of contents
  • Statement of purpose
  • International
  • Australia
  • Canada ... If your country does not appear in this database, please E-mail me information about the organizations in your country. An URL to a WWW site which contains the relevant information about your country is even better.
    Statement of purpose
    This part of the FAQ is intended to contain the addresses of organizations which work with, and help the hearing impaired (Deaf, deaf and hard-of-hearing) in every country and geographical region of the world. It is intended to serve the following:
  • Parents who have been informed that their baby suffers from hearing impairment and do not know whom to contact for information and help.
  • Adult persons who lost their hearing and do not know whom to contact about their problems.
  • Travellers to other countries, who want to contact the local organizations where they visit.

42. Poems About Deafness
Archive features a collection of works linked by title and author.
Help Support Deaf Links. Please visit my sponsors.

The list of poems was getting too big for my main page, so I decided to make a new page just for the poems. If you have any poems about deafness or written by deaf people that you would like to have on my site send them to me in e-mail at Deaf by Dianne Switras
A Silent World
by Izabella Lewandowski
Soundless World
by Janet R. Esau
Enter Silent
by Janet R. Esau
Why Wish
by Cizzy Boggan
Deaf and Dumb
by Cizzy Boggan
Thoughts of a Deaf Child
by Stephen J. Belitz
Every Day I Smile
Melanie Domantay
Through My Eyes
by Roberta Weitze (Revised)
My Deafness
by Katie Sienko A Credo for Deaf Americans by Frank James John Lala, Jr., Ph.D When I was just a little girl by Melissa Kry ger My Hurtness by Melissa Kry ger Achievement by Melissa Kryger Many Different Worlds by Cizzy Boggan Stay Sweet As Forever by Melanie Domantay Apologizing And Understanding by Janet R. Esau Gallaudet by Shawn Dale Barnettt Crying Night by Melanie Domantay I Thought by Melanie Domantay Strong Heart by Melanie Domantay I'm Not Broken by Shawn Dale Barnettt 3 Days to Hear by Cindy Wolfe I Suppose by Melanie Domantay Hands Speak Louder than Words by Jennie Coyne Sharing Your Hands by Lindsay Henderson Let Me Wonder by Melanie Domantay Go Play !!

43. Untitled Document
deafness forum of australia now has a new website. If you are not redirected to it within 5 seconds. Click here to access it.
deafness forum of australia now has a new website.
If you are not redirected to it within 5 seconds
Click here to access it

44. Deafness Forum Home
The deafness forum is the peak body for deafness and seeks solutions and lobbies on issues for all Australians who are Deaf, have a hearing impairment or
Search this website
About the Deafness Forum Introduction

Deafness Forum is the peak body for deafness in Australia. Established in early 1993 at the instigation of the Federal government, the Deafness Forum now represents all interests and viewpoints of the Deaf and hearing impaired communities of Australia (including those people who have a chronic disorder of the ear and those who are DeafBlind).
The Deafness Forum exists to improve the quality of life for Australians who are Deaf, have a hearing impairment or have a chronic disorder of the ear by:
  • advocating for government policy change and development making input into policy and legislation generating public awareness providing a forum for information sharing and creating better understanding between all areas of deafness.
As at 1 March 2004, the Deafness Forum had 73 organisation members and 138 individual members. (It also regularly consults with all other known organisations operating in the deafness sector that are not amongst its membership.)

45. Deafness Council Of New South Wales
A state level voluntary body working with specialist voluntary organisations involved in helping those with disorders of the ear and balance organs.
The theme for HAW 2003 is Hearing Aids Help You . Events will be held all week in each state helping promote community awareness of hearing impairment. Find out more about Hearing Awareness Week at the official website: At the NSW launch of HAW the Let Us Hear website will also be launched. Let Us Hear is a campaign commitee of the Deafness Council advocating for continued access to services of Australian Hearing for deaf adults. Go to: What is the Deafness Council? We are a state level voluntary body working with specialist voluntary organisations involved in helping those with disorders of the ear and balance organs.
We work with these same organisations on public campaigns to inform workers and the public of the need to reduce the incidence of damage to hearing and balance organs. We make representations to Government, Industry Commissions, Workcover, the national organisation - the Deafness Forum, Health Department and disability organisations.
We help organise conferences and technical meetings so that professionals and voluntary workers can increase their knowledge of hearing loss prevention and rehabilitation.

46. Deafness
deafness Page has moved. New URL http//
Deafness Page has moved. New URL:

47. Connexins And Deafness
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48. Center On Deafness
Not for profit providing support for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families, through educational, vocational, and residential services.
Center On Deafness Home Centerview Therapeutic School Centerpoint Vocational Program Centerpoint Workshop ... Sign Language Classes (PDF File) Contact Information Email COD Resources ISRC NAPSEC IAPSEC ITHI ... Deaf Resource Library Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Home Our Mission School Application Contact Info Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. The Center On Deafness is dedicated to providing quality services for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families, through educational, vocational, and residential services in a therapeutic, community- based environment.

about this website. how to use this training resource. content. Early Support Pilot Programme. site map. other useful links. contact us. for families.

50. ThinkQuest : Library : Seeing Disabilities From A Different Perspective
Fourth and fifth graders provide information on autism, blindness, cerebral palsy, and deafness, including causes, effects, and famous people who have suffered from these conditions.
Index Differently-abled
Seeing Disabilities from a Different Perspective
Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest USA Awards Silver Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

51. Disability Info: Deafness And Hearing Loss Fact Sheet (FS3)
deafness and Hearing Loss. Thus, deafness may be viewed as a condition that prevents an individual from receiving sound in all or most of its forms.
NICHCY Our Publications Disability Info
A publication of the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
Deafness and Hearing Loss
Table of Contents


Educational Implications

Fact Sheet 3 (FS3)
January 2004
Approx. 5 pages when printed.
PDF version
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), formerly the Education of the Handicapped Act (P.L. 94-142), includes "hearing impairment" and "deafness" as two of the categories under which children with disabilities may be eligible for special education and related services programming. While the term "hearing impairment" is often used generically to describe a wide range of hearing losses, including deafness, the regulations for IDEA define hearing loss and deafness separately. Hearing impairment is defined by IDEA as "an impairment in hearing, whether permanent or fluctuating, that adversely affects a child's educational performance." Deafness is defined as "a hearing impairment that is so severe that the child is impaired in processing linguistic information through hearing, with or without amplification."

52. Disabilities And Handicaps - 123World
An alphabetic list of websites on disabilities like blindness, deafness, dwarfism, stuttering and links to the english version of these sites.
DISABILITIES a b c d ... z A

53. Welcome To The Greater Los Angeles Agency On Deafness
Greater Los Angeles Council on deafness. Full social service agency, including interpreter referral. Administers NAD evalutation to interpreters.
May 26
GLAD's Position on AB 2912... Click here for our "Press Release" Next Board Meeting:
May 26, 2004
7 pm - 10 pm
...Previous Board Summaries

June 5, 2004
Deaf Asia Fesitval
Phone number: 909.637.9726 (TTY) Click the Deaf Asia Banner for more info... August 21, 2004 GLAD's 3rd Annual Luau! 11 am to 4 pm Click here.... ... More Information and Events During the year 2004, GLAD will be closed on the following upcoming holidays: May 31, 2004 Memorial Day July 5, 2004 Independance Day (Observed) September 6, 2004 Labor Day October 11, 2004 Columbus Day November 11, 2004 Veteran's Day November 25, 2004

54. Ludwig Van Beethoven
Introduction and detailed account of composer's life. Articles include his deafness, demeanor, daily routine, medical history, final days, and letters. Also listing of works.
Beethoven's story is one of personal triumph over tragedy
and supreme musical achievement. A complex and brilliant man,
no composer before or since has exerted greater influence.
This site is devoted to the life and works of Ludwig van Beethoven, who in my opinion was the greatest composer to ever live. This site contains pictures relating to Beethoven, audio/MIDI files of Beethoven works, and general info about Beethoven. You can return to this page any time you wish by simply clicking on the Beethoven graphic on the top of each page. Most of the material in this site is from other sources, that is I do not have copy right permission over the material. For this reason I have included a Sources Page documenting the various sources of this site's material. I hope that you enjoy your visit through Beethoven's mind.

55. WHO Prevention Of Blindness And Deafness
deafness. NEWS new PBD eLibrary available ! E-mail for queries on Trachoma E-mail for queries on deafness

56. Human Communication And Deafness
Details of the courses, staff, events and research.
Text version University Faculty Human Communication and Deafness Home Search
Human Communication and Deafness
Welcome to the web site for Human Communication and Deafness The
Latest News:
The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST are uniting to create The University of Manchester Virtual Classroom The First Annual Conference of the British Academy of Audiology, Manchester 18th-20th November 2004 The Society for Research in Rehabilitation ... Job Vacancies Research Opportunities Back to top log in URL: Time: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 11:36 Human Communication and Deafness School of Education University of Manchester Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PL tel: +44 (0) 161 275 3366
This page is maintained by
If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us.
Last updated: Thursday, April 08, 2004 13:42

57. WHO: Deafness
Location WHO Health topics deafness. deafness. deafness may result from EAR DISEASES; VESTIBULOCOCHLEAR NERVE DISEASES; or BRAIN DISEASES. RELATED SITES.
English Search


Health topics
WHO sites
Location: WHO Health topics Deafness
This page provides links to descriptions of activities, reports, news and events, as well as contacts and cooperating partners in the various WHO programmes and offices working on this topic. Also shown are links to related web sites and topics. MeSH scope note: A general term for the complete or partial loss of the ability to hear from one or both ears. Deafness may result from EAR DISEASES; VESTIBULOCOCHLEAR NERVE DISEASES; or BRAIN DISEASES. RELATED LINKS Prevention of deafness and hearing impairment
HIV/AIDS 3 by 5 Initiative
WHO's drive to provide HIV/AIDS treatment to three million people by the end of 2005.
3 by 5 Initiative

DISEASE OUTBREAKS Ebola haemorrhagic fever
Sudan - update 3
Full text
Yellow fever Burkina Faso - update Full text Disease outbreak news Avian influenza Latest information Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) Latest information EMERGENCIES Sudan humanitarian crisis Latest information Iraq Latest information Health action in crises TOBACCO The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control List of signatories GENERAL WHO INFORMATION Media centre Press releases, statements, fact sheets, photographs and audio and video links.

58. Helen Freedom Reigns
Testimony of overcoming difficulties and deafness. Includes poems, stories, and sign language.

59. MedlinePlus: Hearing Disorders And Deafness
National Institute on deafness and Other Communication Disorders The primary NIH organization for research on Hearing Disorders and deafness is the National
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Other health topics: A B C D ... List of All Topics
Hearing Disorders and Deafness
Contents of this page:

From the NIH



Search MEDLINE for recent research articles on
Hearing Disorders and Deafness
You may also be interested in these MedlinePlus related pages:
Hearing Problems in Children

Meniere's Disease
Noise Speech and Communication Disorders ... Seniors' Health

60. Genetics And Deafness - Parents - Boys Town National Research Hospital
Genetics and deafness. Basic Concepts. Genetic Syndromes. Alport Syndrome; Autism and deafness A Psychologist s Perspective; How the Balance System Works;
Genetics and Deafness Basic Concepts Genetic Syndromes Individual Perspectives

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