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         Crow-fukase Syndrome:     more detail

81. Liste C
Translate this page maladie de) Croissance osseuse (tables de) Crosby (test de) Crosti et Gianotti Croup viral Crouzon (maladie de) crow-fukase (syndrome de) Cruentée Cruralgie
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C réactive protéine (CRP)

82. Mortality Forum Feb1999 - May1999
Others have described the clinical features involved under the terms of crowfukase s syndrome, PEP syndrome (pigmentation, oedema, plasma cell dyscrasia, or
1999-02-15 Q1 Code for "hypothenar hammer syndrome"
[The question is from Augusto Hasiak Santo:] The Brazilian Ministry of Health is preparing a manual on occupational diseases and a coding problem with the diagnosis hypothenar hammer syndrome occurs. This is a rather rare vascular injury that is seen in posttraumatic digital ischaemia causes by irregularity or occlusion of the digital ulnar artery at the level of the hamate bone. It characteristically occurs in the dominant hand of middle-aged men whose occupational or recreational activities require the use of the hand as a hammer. One of the proposed codes is "I77.8 - Other specified disorders of arteries and arterioles". The other possible code is "I73.8 - Other specified peripheral vascular diseases", because the hypothenar hammer syndrome also occurs with peripheral vascular affections. I would [like] to submit this coding problem to discussion. There is also a suggestion of a member of the group that is preparing the manual to include the hypothenar hammer syndrome in the next version of the Index. [Suggested coding:] Canada X50 S650
[Comments:] Canada /Patricia Wood/: Given Augusto's description of Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome, I wonder if a possible classification would be S65.0 Injury of ulnar artery at wrist and hand level? A possible external cause code could be X50, Overexertion and strenuous or repetitive movements.

83. Entrez PubMed
B cells, related to, and often associated with, primary nodal plasmacytoma and osteosclerotic myeloma (socalled POEMS, Takatsuki s or crow-fukase s syndrome).
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Semin Diagn Pathol. 1988 Nov;5(4):346-64. Related Articles, Links
Castleman's disease and related disorders. Frizzera G. Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of MinnesotaMedical School, Minneapolis 55455. Publication Types:
  • Review Review, Tutorial

84. EmergencyMDLinx - Emergency Medical News Journals Daily
Serial Measurements Of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) In Pulmonary Epithelial Lining Fluid In ARDS Associated With crowfukase (POEMS) syndrome

85. Birth Disorder Information Directory - P
PEP syndrome See Crow Fukase syndrome. See Verloes Bourguignon syndrome. POEMS syndrome See Crow Fukase syndrome. Poland Anomaly/Syndactyly/syndrome

P-4 Deletion Syndrome p47-PHOX, Deficiency of p67-PHOX, Deficiency of Pachydermopreiostosis (Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy, Primary or Idiopathic) Pachyonychia Congenita Pagod Syndrome Pagon Bird Detter Syndrome (Anemia Sideroblastic Spinocerebellar Ataxia) Pagon Syndrome Pallister Syndrome Pallister Hall Syndrome (Hypothalamic Hamartoblastoma, Hypopituitarism, Imperperforate Anus, and Postaxial Polydactyly) Pallister Killian Syndrome

86. Dorlands Medical Dictionary
immune deficiency syndrome,   acquired immunodeficiency syndrome,   an epidemic acute radiation syndrome,   a syndrome caused by Adie's syndrome,   a syndrome consisting of a

87. NDT -- Nakamoto Et Al. 14 (10): 2370
POEMS syndrome 1 (CrowFukase syndrome 2, or Takatsuki'sdisease 3) is a rare multisystem disorder characterized et al. The CrowFukase syndrome A study of 102 cases
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Nephrol Dial Transplant (1999) 14: 2370-2386
European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association
A spectrum of clinicopathological features of nephropathy associated with POEMS syndrome
Yasushi Nakamoto Hirokazu Imai Tadashi Yasuda Hideki Wakui and Akira B. Miura Kichijoji Asahi Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, and Third Department of Internal Medicine, Akita University School of Medicine, Akita, Japan Correspondence and offprint requests to:
Abstract Top Abstract Introduction Subjects and methods Results Discussion References Background. In POEMS syndrome, substantial involvement of the kidney can occur and is reflected by proteinuria, haematuria

88. Crow Fukase Syndrome : On Medical Dictionary Online
Link to the Medical Dictionary Online. Crow Fukase syndrome. A multisystemic disorder characterized by a sensorimotor polyneuropathy Fukase Syndrome

89. POEMS, Syndrome : Sites Et Documents Francophones
syndrome de Takatsuki
POEMS, syndrome Menu général CISMeF Synonyme(s) CISMeF Crow-Fukase, syndrome ; Polyneuropathie Organomégalie Endocrinopathie protéine Monoclonale, anomalies cutanées ; syndrome de Takatsuki .
Synonyme(s) MeSH Syndrome Crow-Fukase ; Takatsuki, syndrome
Arborescence(s) POEMS, syndrome POEMS syndrome
hémopathies et maladies lymphatiques
maladies et malformations congénitales, héréditaires et néonatales maladies immunologiques système nerveux, maladies Position du mot-clé dans l' (les) arborescence(s) : Vous pouvez consulter Ou consulter ci-dessous une sélection des principales ressources :
structure recherche
  • POEMS syndrome
    [Site éditeur Orphanet base de données sur les maladies rares et les médicaments orphelins. Direction Générale de la Santé / INSERM ; signes de la maladie, sites internet, dysmorphologie, projet de recherche en cours ; pays : France ; langue : français ; format : html ; accès : gratuit ; non parrainé ; daté de : 2003 ; visité le : 11/09/2003].
    mots clés : maladies rares POEMS, syndrome

90. Abstract
ABSTRACTS 4-PO: Nephrology: nephrotic syndrome May 27 (Mon.), 2002 4-PO-14: SYNCHRONOUS TOXOPLASMOSIS AND NEPHROTIC SYNDROME F. Tavares , M. Fonseca , J. Barbas , C. Ferreira , A. Palma Carlos Dept. of Internal Medicine III, Dept. of Nephrology, Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal PURPOSE Although renal disease is an uncommon presenting feature of Toxoplasma gondii infection, related glomerular lesions have been reported with congenital attaint. The association toxoplasmosis / nephrotic syndrome is exceptional in adults. Only 3 cases are noticed on literature. We present another patient, who developed a nephrotic syndrome, with concurren clinical evidence of T. gondii illness.
METHOD We resume investigation proceedings, treatment and evolution of a 31 year-old, non-diabetic man, with frequent exposure to cats, transferred to our hospital with generalized oedema, proteinuria (9.6g/day), hypoalbuminemia (12g/l) and dyslipidemia (total cholesterol- 10.5mmol/l, triglyceride- 2,7mmol/l).
RESULT The histologic appearance and the fluorescence pattern of glomeruli pointed to minimal-change disease. The asymptomatic enlarged cervical and axillary lymph nodes and an anterior mediastinal mass made lymphoma and metastatic cancer possible, but extensive evaluation, including a left cervical lymphadenopathy biopsy failed to show neoplasm. HIV,
HBV, HCV, CMV, EBV, cat-scratch disease, syphilis, sarcoidosis and tuberculosis were excluded. A confirmed positive serology for toxoplasmosis was detected (IgG agglutination,IgA and IgM ELISA). Major defects in T-cell mediated immunity were absent. Although enlarged nodes have spontaneously regressed, proteinuria rose to 20g/day before starting therapy (pyrimethamine + clindamycin + folinic acid - 21 days and prednisolone 1mg/Kg/day).

91. Journal Of The Peripheral Nervous System Abstract
Volume 8 Issue 3. Crow–Fukase (POEMS) syndrome a study of peripheral nerve biopsy in five new cases. Claude Vital Anne Vital Xavier

92. Mioti: Diseases + Conditions
Crohns Disease, • Cronkhite Canada Disease. • Croup, • Crouzon syndrome. • Crow Fukase, • Cryoglobulinemia. • Cryptococcosis, • Cryptosporidiosis.

93. ¼ðáç¿ïȼÀ­ÈéÉæÉÂÊÑ Paraneoplastic Dermatoses
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¼ðáç¿ïȼÀ­ÈéÉæÉÂÊÑ paraneoplastic dermatoses
, p.80] , p.474] ŵµò: NEWÈéÉæ²Ê³Ø1ÈÇ [ , p.361]
  • SweetÉÂ
Bazex¾É¸õ·² POEMS¾É¸õ·² Crow-Fukase syndrome Gardner¾É¸õ·² Muir-Torre¾É¸õ·² Leser-Trelatħ¸õ

¹õ¿§É½Èé¼ð acanthosis nigricans
, p.268] , p.335] , p.874] , p.214] ŵµò: NEWÈéÉæ²Ê³Ø1ÈÇ [ , p.198]
POEMS¾É¸õ·² Crow-Fukase syndrome
, p.488] , p.51]
  • ¤ª¤½¤é¤¯·Á¼ÁºÙ˦¼ð(¿ȯÀ­¹ü¿ñ¼ð)¤«¤é»ºÀ¸¤µ¤ì¤ëM¥¿¥ó¥Ñ¥¯¤Î¦Ëº¿¤¬Á´¿È¤Î¡´ï¤ª¤è¤ÓÁÈ¿¥¤Ë¾ã³²¤òÍ¿¤¨¤ë ¤Î¤Ç¤Ï¤Ê¤¤¤«¤È¹Í¤¨¤é¤ì¤Æ¤¤¤ë¡£ M¥¿¥ó¥Ñ¥¯·ì¾É
  • M¥¿¥ó¥Ñ¥¯·ì¾É ¹ü¤ÎXÀþ¸¡ºº¤Ç¹ü¿ñ¼ð¤Î½ê¸«¤òǧ¤á¤ë¤â¤Î
, p.234]
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97. ”Ö“cŽs—§‘‡•a‰@@ƒŠƒEƒ}ƒ`‰È
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Œã“¡@‹g‹K º˜a 59”N@•l¼ˆã‰È‘åŠw‘²‹Æ º˜a 63”N@•l¼ˆã‰È‘åŠw‘åŠw‰@C—¹ ŠÖß‚̒ɂ݁AŽî‚ê ‘Sg‚ɍL‚ª‚é”畆‚Ì”­] Œ´ˆö•s–¾‚Ì”­”M ƒŠƒ“ƒpß‚ÌŽî‚ê ƒVƒF[ƒOƒŒƒ“ÇŒóŒQ‚ÌŽåÇó‚Å‚·B Žè‘«‚̗₦iƒŒƒCƒm[Œ»Ûj ‹­”çÇA¬‡«Œ‹‡‘gD•aAƒVƒF[ƒOƒŒƒ“ÇŒóŒQ‚È‚Ç‚ÅŒ©‚ç‚ê‚Ü‚·B ƒx[ƒ`ƒFƒbƒg•aAƒVƒF[ƒOƒŒƒ“ÇŒóŒQ‚È‚Ç‚ÅŒ©‚ç‚ê‚Ü‚·B @‰º‹L‚̍€–Ú‚ðƒNƒŠƒbƒN‚µ‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B ƒf—ŽÀÑ„ 14”N“x“ü‰@Š³ŽÒ” ‡Œv ‹U’É•— Crow-Fukase's syndrome ƒEƒCƒ‹ƒXŠ´õÇ ‰ß•q«ŒŒŠÇ‰Š Œ‹ß«g”Á ¬‡«Œ‹‡‘gD•a ”sŒŒÇ “`õ«’PŠj‹…Ç @“–‰È‚ōs‚¤“ÁŽêŽ¡—‚Æ‚µ‚ẮAƒXƒeƒƒCƒhƒpƒ‹ƒX—–@AƒVƒNƒƒtƒHƒXƒtƒ@ƒ~ƒhƒpƒ‹ƒX—–@AŒŒŸ÷ŒðŠ·—–@‚È‚Ç‚ª‚ ‚è‚Ü‚·B ƒƒŠƒ“ƒN„ •l¼ˆã‰È‘åŠw‘æ3“à‰È •l¼ˆã‰È‘åŠw–Ɖu“à‰È @•l¼ˆã‰È‘åŠw‘æ

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