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         Compulsive Gambling:     more books (103)
  1. The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook by Robert R. Perkinson, 2003-05-07
  2. Overcoming Your Pathological Gambling: Workbook (Treatments That Work) by Robert Ladouceur, Stella Lachance, 2006-12-28
  3. Overcoming Pathological Gambling: Therapist Guide (Treatments That Work) by Robert Ladouceur, Stella Lachance, 2006-12-14
  4. Gripped by Gambling by Marilyn Lancelot, 2007-04-15
  5. Double Down: Reflections on Gambling and Loss by Frederick and Steven Barthelme, 2001-05-21
  6. A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programme for Problem Gambling: Therapist Manual by Namrata Raylu, Tian Po Oei, 2010-07-08
  7. Overcoming Compulsive Gambling by Alex Blaszczynski, 2010-02-25
  8. Pathological Gambling: A Clinical Guide to Treatment
  9. Bad Bet : The Inside Story of the Glamour, Glitz, and Danger of America's Gambling Industry by Timothy O'Brien, 1998-09-08
  10. When the Chips Are Down: Problem Gambling in America (Century Foundation Report) by Rachel A. Volberg, 2001-06
  11. Futures At Stake: Youth, Gambling, And Society (Gambling Studies Series) by Howard J. Shaffer, Matthew N. Hall, et all 2003-07-01
  12. Losing Your Shirt - Second Edition: Recovery for Compulsive Gamblers and Their Families by Mary Heineman, 2001-09-06
  13. Pathological Gambling: The Making of a Medical Problem by Brian Castellani, 2000-05
  14. Compulsive Gambling: More Than Dreidle by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., 2006-08-31

1. 1-800 GAMBLER : Council On Compulsive Gambling Of New Jersey
those affected by this illness since 1983. The Council on compulsive gambling of New Jersey, Inc. was one of the pioneers in the
20 Questions Meetings Articles Treatment ... Contact We have been helping problem and compulsive (pathological) gamblers and those affected by this illness since 1983. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc. was one of the pioneers in the compulsive (pathological) gambling field and remains one of the leaders in providing professional and compassionate services to a wide range of audiences. We take no position neither for nor against legalized gambling. Our mission is to provide prevention, education and referral services to anyone affected by this illness. get help now 1-800-GAMBLER What's new? CCGNJ Announces Additions to State Funded Gambling Treatment Programs Save the Date! September 10, 2004 UPCOMING TRAININGS
Email made just for you! Monthly Council Updates Specials Events Notification Early Delivery of Newsletters
providing gambling help and support since 1983 NJ Gears Press Info Affiliate Councils All Rights Reserved.

2. AZCCG Home Page
Arizona Council on compulsive gambling, Inc. Gambling a problem 800) GAMBLER Belongs to the Council of compulsive gambling of New Jersey
  • are neither Anti nor Pro gambling. are not in the treatment business. are strictly a nonprofit and charitable organization with a serious mission of education, awareness and training on issues of problem and compulsive gambling. realize about 2% of Arizona's genral population has a gambling problem. provide education to the general public about the myths and seriousness of problem and compulsive gambling in Arizona have established a 24-hour 1-800 crisis phone help line for gamblers with problems and their families. help GA members with out-patient/in-patient treatment options. have trained over 200 health care professionals in the proper treatment of Pathological Gambling have established the Certification Board for Arizona Professional Counselors in the treatment of Pathological Gambling and implemented the certification process.

3. Mass Council On Compulsive Gambling
Welcome to the Massachusetts Council on compulsive gambling Web site, which provides information for of the Massachusetts Council on compulsive gambling is to provide leadership in
About The Council Help/Services Contact Information Staff ... FAQs
Welcome to the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling Web site, which provides information for people seeking help or information about gambling-related problems. We encourage you to browse the contents and email ( ) us with any thoughts about how we can make this site even more useful to you. The mission of the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling is to provide leadership in reducing the social, financial, and emotional costs of problem gambling and to promote a continuum of prevention, and intervention strategies including information, education, advocacy, and referral services for problem gamblers, their loved ones, and the greater community. For further information, contact the Mass. Council at:

4. Florida Council On Compulsive Gambling
1800-426-7711. Welcome to the Florida Council on compulsive gambling, Inc. Web Site. . The FCCG was established and incorporated in 1988 and started operation of a toll-free referral helpline in June of 1992. Here you can find much information on problem and compulsive gambling in the State of Florida
The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG) provides information and support services for problem gamblers, their families, employers and others. We also offer prevention and education programs, as well as professional training for mental health, addiction and medical practitioners, gaming operators, governments, businesses, academia and law enforcement authorities.
If you need information or assistance concerning a gambling problem, you’re at the right place.
For 24-hour, confidential help with a gambling problem, call the FCCG HelpLine:

5. California Council On Problem Gambling, Inc. - Gambling Addiction Treatments - C
California Council on Problem Gambling offers many treatment options for gambling addiction and compulsive gambling. Learn more about gambling addiction treatments. We offer support and guidance
The California Council is a nonprofit,
tax-exempt for public benefit corporation. Learn more about gambling addiction
treatments for compulsive gambling cases. We are here to help chronic gamblers resolve their betting and wagering problems.
We are not against gambling and we understand that most people can gamble for fun and entertainment, and never develop a gambling addiction.
Our concern is about the casualties of gambling: Estimates show that more than 1 million California adults, and an additional 100,000 California juveniles, are experiencing compulsive gambling problems. Those numbers are multiplied when you consider their loved ones who also suffer.
We are here to help: We promote public and industry education, cost-accessible gambling addiction treatments, and offer training and certification for compulsive gambling counselors. We support research and provide prevention education for problem and compulsive gambling.
Casino Employee Training

In response to the gaming industry's appeal for ways to provide a responsible gambling environment, CCPG has developed a new training program titled

ARIZONA COUNCIL on compulsive gambling, Inc. WHAT IS compulsive gambling, Similarities and Differences between compulsive gambling and chemical dependencies.
DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria for 312.31 Pathological Gambling.(Rosenthal/Lesieur) Symptoms of the Compulsive Gambler. Different Types of Compulsive Gamblers: Action-Escape Warning Signs in the Work Place Compulsive Gamblers. The Four Phases of Escape Gambling Predisposing Factors of the Escape Gambler The Four Phases of the Action Gambler When Someone You Know Gambles Too Much Similarities and Differences between Compulsive Gambling and chemical dependencies. Teen Gambling ... What Parents and Teachers need to know... Families of Compulsive Gamblers ... Surviving the impact of a Compulsive Gambler. Do You Think You Might have a Gambling Problem? ...10 Questions to ask yourself. There is Help for the Compulsive Gambler. Not Sure That I Have a Gambling Problem...What can I do? Our Crisis Helpline ... Help is just a call away. We welcome your comments and questions:

7. Compulsive Gambling Resources
complete listing) compulsive gambling Program at FairviewUniversity Medical Center, Minneapolis Department of Human Services compulsive gambling Program - Help for problem gamblers
Problem Gambling
Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-333-HOPE
"No judgment, only hope"
Problem Gambling Treatment Programs - Minnesota

Gamblers Anonymous of Minnesota

State Approved Gambling Treatment Providers
(complete listing)
Compulsive Gambling Program at Fairview-University Medical Center
, Minneapolis
Club Recovery
in Edina
Gambler's Choice
in Minneapolis
Project Turnabout
in Granite Falls
Minnesota Department of Human Services Compulsive Gambling Program
- Help for problem gamblers
Gambler's Relief
in Savage General Problem Gambling Resources
Gamblers Anonymous
G ambling: Choices and Guidelines Gambling Problems Resource Center and Problem Gambling Helpline - Information and resources from the Minnesota Institute of Public Health North American Training Institute - a Minnesota organization with gambling information for youth and seniors Avoiding the Ruts on the Road to Recovery - A collection of papers written for the recovering gambler by Julian I. Taber, Ph.D.

8. Compulsive Gambling Center Inc. Treatment For Gambling Addiction
The compulsive gambling Center, Inc., is a Baltimore based program offering gambling addiction treatment, education, training, and expert witness testimony for
The Compulsive Gambling Center Inc. treats gambling addictions, also known as pathological gambling or problem gambling. Located in Baltimore Maryland, we offer residential treatment and outpatient treatment for clients and families with a gambling problems. We believe a gambling problems or gambling addictions are harmful to the family and work relationships, often leading to bankruptcy. On the other hand, gambling treatment works.

9. Problem Gambling Education And Training Services By The North American Training
Specializes in responsible programs for the gaming and wagering industries, professional, accredited training programs, and in senior citizen and adolescent compulsive gambling issues. Includes Wanna Bet? magazine for kids concerned about gambling. online store
industry news

about nati
contact us

Get the NATI NewsBreak! Email: send this page to a friend online store what people say home Providing gambling addiction clinical coursework, youth gambling prevention programs, and responsible gaming services for over a decade.
Responsible Gaming
Prevention Tools Online Learning Clinical Resources ... Education Tools

10. Louisiana Association On Compulsive Gambling
The Louisiana Association on compulsive gambling is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating and/or providing cost-effective, quality assistance for
The Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating and/or providing cost-effective, quality assistance for all individuals in the State of Louisiana who may be affected by gambling problems. The organization further promotes the development of more educational programs and professional resources for problem gambling assistance.
Louisiana Association
on Compulsive Gambling
2000 Fairfield Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71104-2099 E-MAIL

11. 1-800-Bets-Off Iowa Gambling Treatment Program
Iowabased organization provides toll-free helpline services, information about problem gambling and treatment.

12. The Mississippi Council For Problem And Compulsive Gambling
A nonprofit corporation and is the Mississippi affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling.
Welcome to
The Mississippi Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling!
If you are seeing this page you have a frames challenged browser. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version of your browser, please choose one of the following links: Windows 95

13. Texas Council On Problem And Compulsive Gambling
Provides services to problem gamblers, their families, and other individuals or institutions.

14. Gambling Problems Resource Center - Gambling Problems Resource Center
Links provided by the Minnesota Institute of Public Health. Includes Beyond the Odds , their quarterly newsletter on problem and compulsive gambling.


State Approved Gambling Treatment Providers

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) / GamAnon Meetings

Gambling Problems Resource Center
Our Mission
To promote recognition of problem/compulsive gambling behavior, problem gambling prevention and education programs and treatment resources available in Minnesota. The Gambling Problems Resource Center is a division of the Minnesota Institute of Public Health.
The Minnesota Problem Gambling Helpline
The Helpline is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and is a statewide, toll-free confidential 24-hour Helpline to respond to Minnesota resident's requests for information and/or referral to services for problem gamblers and other concerned individuals. The Helpline number is 1-800-333-HOPE. You may also visit our list of Gamblers Anonymous (GA)/GamAnon meeting sites and times as well as a list of state approved gambling treatment providers
comments and suggestions
to help make our site more useful.

15. 1-800 GAMBLER : Council On Compulsive Gambling Of New Jersey
Adolescent compulsive gambling. Adolescent compulsive gambling The Hidden Epidemic. The Council on compulsive gambling of New Jersey, Inc. provides

16. Quit Gambling
Home website for author of A Way to Quit Gambling for compulsive gambling addiction problem.
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Contact Me
Quit Gambling Are you a compulsive gambler, problem gambler, or addicted to gambling? You can quit gambling and stop losing all of your money now! Get a copy of the new book "A Way to Quit Gambling (for problem gamblers)".
more info Order at one of these sites: (United States) (United Kingdom) Note: At a brick-and-mortar store the book's ISBN is 0-595-08868-6. Join the "A Way to Quit Gambling" support group at Yahoo Clubs. YOU ARE VISITOR # This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here Unknown Gem Type: tlx.tlx.tellyourfriends var animation_p1=""; Unknown Gem Type: tlx.bravenet.counter VISITOR COMMENTS: eMail yours This page was last updated on 01/28/2001.

17. Heartskober Manor - Compulsive Gambling Treatment
A private and exclusive treatment program for compulsive gambling and/or gambling addiction in Southern California.
Call us Toll-Free: 1-(800) 994-0899

Our mission at The Heartskober Manor is to assist the compulsive gambler in achieving abstinence from gambling. Founded in 1996, The Manor is well known nationally and internationally as the pioneer in residential treatment of compulsive gambling . Our professional staff works with clients to identify core issues, including, but not limited to addressing and reducing shame, resolving internal and interpersonal conflict and developing new attitudes and coping skills. Located in a safe and tranquil residential setting in the foothills of Southern California, The Heartskober Manor is the ideal non-institutional nurturing environment where individuals may begin to heal and learn how to live a life free from this devastating and lethal disease. Our success lies in our singleness of purpose, the treatment of compulsive gambling. Our limited admission policy of three (3) clients each treatment cycle provides every client the optimal quality of care. If you, a loved one, a family member, employee or client is suffering from this devastating disease, we welcome you to contact us at:

18. About Compulsive Gambling
compulsive gambling Para información en español, haga click aquí. About compulsive gambling. Virtually anyone from pre-adolescent
About The Council Help/Services Contact Information ... FAQs Compulsive Gambling Para información en español, haga click aquí About Compulsive Gambling Virtually anyone - from pre-adolescent children to senior citizens - is susceptible to developing a gambling problem. At present, there is no way to tell with certainty who will experience negative consequences from gambling, a phenomenon that crosses all ethnic, religious, and socio-economic boundaries. The most serious form of problem gambling, compulsive gambling, can result not only in financial devastation, but also in loss of relationships, residence, emotional or physical health, and career or educational opportunities. Some compulsive gamblers commit illegal acts to support their gambling or to pay off gambling-related debts. Some go to prison or are admitted to psychiatric institutions. It is not uncommon to hear about compulsive gamblers who, unable to cope with dire circumstances caused by gambling, attempt or commit suicide.

19. Stepping Stones Addiction Centre - Home Page
Provides holistic inpatient treatement for alcohol and drug addiction, compulsive gambling, eating disorders and other associated addictions. Located in Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa.
Stepping Stones Addiction Centre email us home am I an addict admission ... web site comments
Stepping Stones Addiction Centre is accredited by the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa
For assistance with travel
and bookings from outside South Africa
Our Mission:
We are dedicated to providing the most effective
addiction treatment available,
restoring life, dignity and hope to all those affected.
Welcome to Stepping Stones Addiction Centre. Since opening in 1998, we have been able to offer hope and dignity to many people who suffer from this devastating disease. We offer intensive, holistic inpatient treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, compulsive gambling, and eating disorders accompanying other addictions. Special provision is made for adolescents. Stepping Stones is licensed as a psychiatric hospital by the South African Government and specialises in the treatment of all addictions. We are proud of the fact that it is the only facility of its kind in the Western Cape that has been accredited by the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA).

20. Hope House Is A Treatment Centre For Alcoholism.
In Mayo, Ireland offering residential treatment and aftercare support to those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse as well as compulsive gambling.
Hope House, in Foxford, County Mayo, Ireland, is an organization dedicated to helping people recover from alcoholism and other addictions. Our services include residential and continuing care for adults, along with support programs for families affected by alcoholism and other dependancies. Our services include residential and continuing care, along with support programmes for families affected by chemical dependancy. Hope House also has a FREE chat room set up for those who have been through the treatment programme as well as their spouses, family members and friends. The 'finding us' page offers maps of Ireland and of the west of Ireland - print them off and bring them with you if you are travelling to meet with us.



Chat Room
Are you concerned about the drinking, gambling or drug use
of a family member, friend or employee?
Contact Us - We Can Help.


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