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  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome : Prevention and Treatment
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Pamphlet)

141. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnostics - Gorge Medical
Screening tools for healthcare professionals for diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.
At Gorge Medical , we offer a variety of screening tools that are useful to Hand Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Nurses and other Health-care professionals for the diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In this web site you will find clinical information that discusses the effectiveness of various CTS diagnostic methods, as well as the opportunity to purchase the following quality instruments online: The Durkan CTS Gauge The Adjustable 2-Pointer The WEST- Hand System Hand Pain Diagram Gorge Medical 902 12th Street Hood River, Oregon 97031 You are visitor # since October 23, 1999

142. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And CMT
carpal tunnel syndrome and CMT. Last updated 6/5/1997. carpal tunnel syndrome. It is difficult to distinguist between carpal tunnel
Carpal tunnel syndrome and CMT
Last updated: 6/5/1997.
Carpal tunnel syndrome
It is difficult to distinguist between carpal tunnel syndrome and CMT affecting the hands. Make sure the diagnose is correct.

143. Dr. Spitzer Glove
Gloves for prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome are designed by a neurologist. They feature a patented groove in the palm pad that prevents excessive external pressure from damaging the median nerve.
ShockTek, ShockTek Patented Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ergonomic Gloves, Wrist Protection, Hand Safety, Wrist Fatigue
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144. Get Rid Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tension Headaches And Other Ailments Here
Information about carpal tunnel syndrome and other physical ailments through holistic means. Publishers of selfhelp information.
Carpal tunnel syndrome, tension headaches, sprained ankles...if you suffer from such physical problems, you've come to the right place: Healthmeisters Publishing Company's Home Page. Healthmeisters is your gateway to a wealth of self-help information on health and fitness. We offer special reports that teach you how to overcome a variety of physical ailments, including chronic tension headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained ankles, and shin splints - without the use of drugs of invasive procedures. You can also find information about whether you should use ice or heat after a particular injury, how to increase flexibility and exercising properly. At Healthmeisters, we're dedicated to helping you take command of your own physical well being. All you need is the information - which we provide - and the commitment to follow through. Every month we offer a free report. For this month - May, 2002 - we're offering our report, "Water or Sports Drinks After a Workout?" To access this informative report, click here or on the image to the right.

WHAT CAUSES carpal tunnel syndrome? Carpal carpal tunnel syndrome is a major contributor to workmen s compensation cases. It
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is considered an inflammatory disorder caused by repetitive stress, physical injury, or medical conditions. It is often very difficult, however, to determine whether the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is primarily due to work conditions or an underlying medical or physical problem.
Work-Related Causes
Although studies suggest that more than half of CTS cases are associated with workplace factors, there is no strong evidence of a causal relationship. It is clear that CTS almost always occurs in adults, and most adults work. Carpal tunnel syndrome, then, is very likely to be associated with the work place whether or not it is actually caused by work itself. Nevertheless, there are a number of issues that cloud the estimates of work-related CTS:
The issues and studies surrounding workman's compensation for CTS are particularly troubling:
Some companies are concerned that patients will falsify their symptoms in order to acquire workmen's compensation benefits. It should be noted that one study showed that workers whose employment made them eligible for benefits reported their disabilities just as accurately as those without the possibility for compensation.
It is most likely that the bulk of CTS cases are due to a convergence of different stresses, such as a predisposing medical condition exacerbated by work stress on the upper body along with psychologic and social pressures. [

146. CNN - One In Five With Symptoms May Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - July 13, 1999
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One in five with symptoms may have carpal tunnel syndrome
July 13, 1999 Web posted at: 4:04 p.m. EDT (2004 GMT) (CNN) Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) symptoms like wrist pain are common in the general public, but new research shows one in five persons with symptoms may actually suffer from CTS, according to an article in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Researchers based their findings on a February 1997 mail survey of randomly selected persons in southern Sweden, along with follow-up examinations and nerve testing. CTS is a repetitive motion injury caused by the compression of the median nerve in the wrist. This nerve supplies sensation to the thumb side of the palm and to the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger and the thumb side of the ring finger.

147. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
carpal tunnel syndrome, a personal illness categorized under cumulative trauma disorder or repetitive motion trauma, is the fastest growing occupational
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148. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Home. carpal tunnel syndrome. carpal tunnel syndrome manifests as numbness and/or pain in the hand due to compression of one of the major nerves of the hand.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome manifests as numbness and/or pain in the hand due to compression of one of the major nerves of the hand. The arrangement of the structures in the hand is responsible in part for carpal tunnel syndrome. These structures include the Median Nerve and the tendons which "flex" or bend the fingers at the knuckles. The nerve and tendons pass through the carpal tunnel, which (as the name states) is a tunnel which passes over the "carpal" bones of the hand. The roof of the tunnel is made of a strip of tissue which is connected on either side to the carpal bones. In this graphic, the carpal tunnel is shown with the tendons (brown) and the median nerve (red) passing through the carpal tunnel (green). When the muscles of the forearm pull the tendons, the fingers flex (see arrows). This arrangement is similar to placing a telephone cable in a conduit which already holds mechanical cables. Any damage that the mechanical cables cause to the conduit may affect the integrity of the telephone cable. Similarly, when a disease process or "repetetive movement" of the tendons damages the supporting tissues in the carpal tunnel and causes swelling or scar formation, the median nerve is compressed and its function (which includes carrying sensory perception) is affected, and numbness and pain ensue. In the graphic on the right, the carpal tunnel is seen in cross section as if you, the viewer, were going to pass through the tunnel. The roof is green and the carpal bones form the floor and walls. The pink material represents the supporting tissue which, when damaged, becomes swollen or scarred and compresses the nerve (shown in red).

149. MMG - Patient Education Shoulder TOC
Links to medical information about carpal tunnel syndrome and associated conditions.
Orthopedic Patient Education Collection Medical Multimedia Group provides the most comprehensive collection of orthopaedic patient education materials available. The eOrthopod® Patient Education Collection contains over 130 professionally written and illustrated web pages covering the most common orthopaedic conditions and procedures. To learn how you can include this collection in your practice web site contact or visit For a complete list of topics available click here To visit the eOrthopod® Patient Education Collection., click here
MMG Home

150. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
carpal tunnel syndrome. What is it? carpal tunnel syndrome is in the carpal tunnel. Physician s Who Treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

151. Physical Medicine Center
Physical medicine rehabilitation/physical therapy/fitness center. Specialized treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Nerve conduction study available, a diagnostic test for carpal tunnel syndrome.

152. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - A Very Common Syndrome Resulting From Compression Of Th
Detailed information on carpal tunnel syndrome and many other conditions of the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow.
This very common syndrome results from compression of a nerve, the Median Nerve, at the wrist. The nerve, along with a number of tendons, passes through a small tunnel at the wrist and then travels out to the fingers where it primarily supplies sensation. Swelling within the tunnel from many causes such as pregnancy, injury, overuse etc. may cause the nerve to become compressed resulting in the common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, namely pain, tingling, and numbness. Treatment is often directed at making room for the nerve by a combination of rest, (which helps the swelling to go down), night splinting, (which holds the tunnel at it’s maximum size), and on occasion a cortisone injection into the carpal canal. Proper positioning of the hands and wrists at work can be very helpful in reducing swelling within the carpal tunnel. Anti-inflammatory agents are not generally useful other than for their analgesic effect. When the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are persistent and significant despite appropriate treatment, then surgical release of the carpal tunnel is the best treatment. The carpal tunnel is a ring made up mostly of bone with a band of taut fibrous tissue completing the ring. Cutting the band of fibrous tissue changes the tunnel from a tight ring to an open canal thereby releasing the pressure on the nerve and relieving the symptoms. Q: Aren't cortisone injections harmful?

153. Boards - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Page 1 of 22, 1, 2, 3, , Last ». Threads in Board carpal tunnel syndrome, Board Tools. Can STDs cause carpal tunnel syndrome and Ulnar Nerve entrapment?

Prevention, causes and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, written in clear and easily read language.
Main Other Holistic Medicine htmlAdWH('7002568', '234', '60'); Do you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
by Dr. Lynn Kelly, Non-Force Chiropractic
Philadelphia, PA
The "Carpal Tunnel" (carpal means wrist) is an area inside the wrist where nerves and tendons and blood vessels are contained inside a sheath of connective tissue. If you look at a piece of raw meat you'll see a white membrane that holds the muscles together ... that is connective tissue or fascia and is tough and doesn't stretch much which leads to....
....Certain conditions that can cause swelling in the carpal tunnel and put pressure on the nerves leading to the hand.
If the wrist area is smaller than usual, repetitive movement or swelling caused by hormones, thyroid conditions, pregnancy, etc., may cause irritation and inflammation, leading to a true case of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Signs and symptoms of nerve irritation (you needn't have all of them) in your hands are:
pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, feelings of hot or cold when your skin is normal temperature, "electric shocks" and/or loss of or erratic function....maybe you cannot lift or grip objects.

155. The Yoga Prescription: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
News Perspectives Archive main Previous Page The Yoga Prescription carpal tunnel syndrome. Healing Centers carpal tunnel syndrome. Reference Library yoga.,1513,1,00.html
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The Yoga Prescription: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Five minutes a day can help anyone get the benefits of yoga , says Marian Garfinkel, doctor of education, senior Iyengar yoga instructor, and lead author of a promising study on the effectiveness of yoga for carpal tunnel syndrome . Carpal tunnel sufferers who attended an eight-week, twice-weekly yoga class had less pain, greater flexibility, and a stronger grip than those who wore a wrist splint, the standard treatment for the condition. Whether your hands hurt because of too much time at the computer keyboard, other repetitive stress injuries, or even a chronic illness such as arthritis, "A few simple stretches can really help," says Dr. Garfinkel. She recommends the following three exercises to help you get started. Overhead arm extension (urdhva hastasana)
Do this first thing in the morning, or as a break during the day. Stand straight, with feet parallel and arms at your sides: a posture that promotes blood flow to the hands. Stretch your arms and fingers straight out in front of you, palms facing the floor. Keeping the arms and elbows straight, slowly raise your arms over the head to the 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock positions, inhaling through the nose. Be sure to keep your throat and shoulders relaxed. Lift the sides of the body, keeping the shoulders away from the head. Maintain for 15 to 30 seconds, breathing in and out through the nose. Exhale and lower your arms to your sides. If you feel the blood flowing through your hands, says Dr. Garfinkel, it's a sign you've done the exercise correctly.

156. Carpal Tunnel Treatment Center - Learn To Self-treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Relieve the pain and numbness of carpal tunnel syndrome. Learn how to flush out lactic acid that causes spasms. COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT carpal tunnel syndrome

If you received spam from an email address please click here for an important notice. Welcome to the Carpal Tunnel Treatment Center
Helping thousands of patients avoid surgery and achieve permanent relief from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. SPRING SALE!***
Due to the overwhelming response, the spring sale has been extended through July 1st! Receive 30% off all of our print books and the Julstro Self-Treatment System , and 50% off all eBooks COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME: “Within four weeks I was completely healed - without surgery.” - Therese, NY “I was told to quit work.. .one hour changed my life...” - Christine, NY “I received the system yesterday. I watched both tapes and followed closely. I am truly amazed. This morning is the first time I've had no numbness...” - Thomas, NJ Read more testimonials.

157. KCBD - NewsChannel 11 / Lubbock, TX: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
4/6/04 carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve. With the pressure comes the tingling, numbness and pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. The cause

158. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
carpal tunnel syndrome. carpal tunnel syndrome. carpal tunnel syndrome. A carpal tunnel syndrome / surgery. carpal tunnel syndrome. This
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / surgery broader: Cumulative Trauma Disorders other: Median Nerve Pregnancy Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Ulnar Nerve Compression Syndromes
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome A document, aimed at the health consumer, about carpal tunnel syndrome. It seeks to inform the public about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Published on the Web by the American Academy of Orthopaedics Surgeons (AAOS). Patient Education Median Nerve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome A document from the Southern California Orthopedic Institute, an orthopaedic organisation which is 'the private-practice equivalent of a university orthopedic department'. It describes the wrist condition called carpal tunnel syndrome, who gets it and how it can be treated. A brief video clip of an Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release surgical procedure is also available to download (requiring QuickTime software which can be downloaded from this site on to your computer). Aimed at the public, but would be of use to medical professionals and students too. Patient Education Handout [Publication Type] Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome One in a series of documents for people with hand problems, provided on the Web by Charles Eaton, MD. The document covers the causes, prevention and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (pressure on one of the main nerves of the hand) and explains how a doctor and therapist can help.

159. Vermont Project For Quality In Health Care - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Preamble to the VPQHC carpal tunnel syndrome Algorithm Guideline. BaxterPetralia PL, Therapist s management of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Preamble to the VPQHC Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Algorithm Guideline
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
occurs when the median nerve is compressed in the carpal tunnel between the transverse carpal ligament (flexor retinaculum) and the bones of the wrist and hand. In addition to nerve compression, many patients with CTS have associated problems such as: tendonitis, arthralgia, and muscle strain. This algorithm is specifically designed to serve as a guide to the management of necrologic CTS The associated problems may not respond to the treatments suggested in the algorithm. Practitioners who employ the algorithm must exercise reasonable caution because of the possibility of other coexisting problems. CTS can also be secondary to a systemic disease. Treatment of the systemic disease may result in resolution of the CTS symptoms. A complete ROS should be conducted. Diagnoses other than CTS may present with a similar clinical picture. Appendix One lists underlying conditions and differential diagnoses for CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common cause of:
  • numbness or tingling over the radial aspect of the hand
  • pain in the hand, wrist, and arm

160. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
in one or both of your hands, the chances are good that you are feeling the effects of a condition physicians refer to as carpal tunnel syndrome (familiarly CTS
Date: 6/7/97
If you are bothered by burning pain, or a tingling 'pins and needles" numbness in one or both of your hands, the chances are good that you are feeling the effects of a condition physicians refer to as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (familiarly CTS). The Median Nerve serves the first 3 fingers of each hand. Typically, this problem will awaken you at night, and may be accompanied by an ache in the elbow or shoulder. Shaking your hand relieves the symptoms at first, but may not work after awhile. The carpal tunnel of your wrist (see diagram) contains a nerve called the "median nerve." If you have a condition that leads to swelling of a wrist, the swelling may in turn pinch the median nerve and thereby bring about CTS. Obesity might bring on CTS; so might pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid problems, and the use of birth control pills. The Median Nerve lies within the carpal tunnel which also contains tendons (shown in white). In most cases it's hard, if not impossible, to pinpoint a specific cause of CTS. Numerous cases result from the overuse of wrists in activities such as keyboard work, playing Guitar, knitting, prolonged driving, or work related-duties. CTS is just one of many so-called

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