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  1. OSHA Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 5 Users: Introductory But Comprehensive OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) Training for the Managers and Employees in a ... Individuals Interested in Health Maintenance by Daniel Farb, Bruce Gordon, 2005-02-01
  2. 21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Ergonomics, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Repetitive Motion Injury, Authoritative Government Documents, Clinical ... Information for Patients and Physicians by PM Medical Health News, 2004-04
  3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.(Pamphlet): An article from: Pamphlet by: Arthritis Foundation
  4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome : A Guide for Patients by Robert Belsoe, 1995-12-20
  5. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Hand Problems and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Dental Hygienists.: An article from: Journal of Dental Hygiene by James A. Lalumandier, Scott D. McPhee, 2001-03-22
  6. The Pain Relief Breakthrough : The Power of Magnets to Relieve Backaches, Arthritis, Menstrual Cramps, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sports Injuries, & More
  7. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Relief and Prevention
  8. OSHA Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Daniel Farb, Bruce Gordon, 2003-08-20
  9. AAOS Practice Guideline: Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by American Academy of, 2009-05-15
  10. Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Anatomical Chart by Anatomical Chart Company, 2000-01-28
  11. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Role of the Subsynovial Connective Tissue by Anke M Ettema, 2006
  12. Rsi: Repetitive Strain Injury : Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Office Numbers (Thorsons Health) by Wendy Chalmers Mill, 1994-10
  13. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3rd ed.</i> by Rosalyn, MD Carson-DeWitt, 2006
  14. Carpal tunnel syndrome: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine</i> by Belinda Rowland, 2001

61. Home Page
An ergonomics consulting and training company. Consulting, training, analysis and custom tool design services to help clients reduce and prevent injuryrelated costs from occupational injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI. Seattle, Washington.
ergonomics inc.
3610 Burke Avenue N.
Seattle, WA. 98103
fax 547-7264 Ergonomics inc. is a consulting, training, and smart tool development company...dedicated to preventing occupational injury and reducing employer costs We analyze, change, build, design and modify workstations and work tasks enabling workers to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently in a safe work environment. Contact us to discuss developing "Smart Tools" for your company.
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62. RSI - - The No. 1 Site On Computer Related RSI
Information for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or other forms of Repetitive Strain Injury.




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In Other Words German
Swedish Norwegian Keeping You Up-To-Date On RSI! Late Breaking News and Information is an independent site and a rapidly growing source of information on computer related RSI and other mouse injuries. This site is continually updated with links to late breaking news and information. RSI Report At you can read up on symptoms and on how to avoid RSI. If you need more info, please take a look at our resources page: Links and Articles from the Internet on RSI Latest Additions Use first letter as ACCESSKEY Tendinosis Research Laurie Erickson 3M Computer Workstation Solutions Mouse Users Survey Torbay Holdings Inc Working Wounded MSNBC Newsletter Subscribe to the Mousewatch FREE newsletter Unsubscribe Contact a Professional! If you suspect that you might be suffering from RSI, then do as you would with any other illness: Contact a professional. Talk with your Doctor or seek a therapist who specializes in RSI, and have them suggest a treatment.

63. What Is The Carpal Tunnel?
Free carpal tunnel syndrome Brochure.
The Carpal Tunnel is a passageway in which the nine flexor tendons, median nerve, arteries, and lymphatic vessels pass through in order to supply function and movement to the fingers and wrist. The Carpal Tunnel is lined by the carpal bones on the posterior surface (backside) of the wrist, and the transverse carpal ligament is positioned on the anterior (front side) of the wrist. The size of the carpal tunnel is about the size of the index finger in diameter, and the flexor tendons, arteries and nerves are expected to glide past each other with ease within the carpal tunnel. But in such a small, confined space, there is little room for error. If the tendon size increases from inflammation or hypertrophy (growth), or if the carpal tunnel size decreases because the weak extensor muscles cannot withstand the tremendous pull from the flexor muscles, the carpal bones will shift downward and into the carpal tunnel. Once the carpal bones have shifted downward and into the carpal tunnel, any form of repetitive flexion will cause friction of the flexor tendons against the carpal bones causing inflammation and irritation to the structures within the carpal tunnel. This domino effect causes the symptoms to continually increase until the pain and dysfunction of the hand becomes unbearable (carpal tunnel syndrome or a repetitive strain injury).
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64. Desktop Yoga - Prevention And Healing Of RSI And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Help Y
Simple exercises that can be done in home or office to help prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Everyday Yoga: Use these exercises at your desk to help alleviate the strain of working at the computer. Anyone can do these simple exercises. They only take a few minutes and you can do them at your desk. Come on, try them now! RSI Yoga: Repetitive Stress Injury and Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress disorders are preventable. The best possible scenario is never to develop symptoms, to work intelligently and to respect your body's needs. These simple and fun exercises will help you keep your computer from getting the best of you! Try them now! Try our new Warm ups! My Tai Chi Chu’an teacher often said, “every day,” meaning that we should practice every day without fail. I’ve found that if I warm up and stretch before my regular activities begin, I can set myself up for a calmer, happier, more productive day. Try them now! * The fine print: These exercises are suggested exercises which may help prevent and heal CTS and RSI. But if you are experiencing any symptoms, such as pain or burning in your hands, wrists or forearms, you should

65. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
carpal tunnel syndrome. What is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)? carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when tendons in the wrist become inflamed after being aggravated.
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What is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)?
What are the symptoms of CTS?

What causes CTS?

How is CTS treated?
How can I prevent CTS?
What is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)?
Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when tendons in the wrist become inflamed after being aggravated. Tendons can become aggravated when the carpals (a tunnel of bones) and the ligaments in the wrist narrow, pinching nerves that reach the fingers and the muscle at the base of the thumb. Repetitive flexing and extension of the wrist may cause a thickening of the protective sheaths that surround each of the tendons, which narrows the tunnel. Women are three times more likely to develop CTS than men, and the risk increases with age. People between the ages of 40 and 60 are more commonly affected.
What are the symptoms of CTS?
The first symptoms usually appear at night. Symptoms range from a burning, tingling numbness in the fingers (especially the thumb and the index and middle fingers) to difficulty in gripping or making a fist. Many patients with CTS are unable to differentiate hot from cold by touch, and they experience an apparent loss of strength in their fingers. They might appear clumsy because they have trouble performing simple tasks such as tying their shoes or picking up small objects. In advanced cases, the thenar muscle at the base of the thumb atrophies, and strength is lost.
What causes CTS?

66. Goldtouch Ergonomic And Security Products: Ergonomic Keyboard, Ergonomic Mouse,
Keyboards and products designed to address carpal tunnel syndrome and other RSIs through the application of scientific ergonomic principles.
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67. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Articles - TIFAQ
carpal tunnel syndrome. September 1998. What Is carpal tunnel syndrome? The carpal tunnel is a passageway that runs from the forearm through the wrist.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
September 1998 The following report is part of the Well-Connected library, which consists of over 90 in-depth reports on common psychological and medical problems and wellness topics. Reports are reviewed by physicians at Harvard Medical School and are updated quarterly.To obtain information on purchasing a single topic or subscribing to the full information base, see
What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of a group of disorders categorized by several different terms: repetitive stress injuries, cumulative trauma disorder, overuse syndromes, chronic upper limb pain syndrome, or repetitive motion disorders. All of these problems are generally associated with repetitive and forceful use of the hands that damage muscles and bones of the upper extremities.
What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Work-Related Causes.
Disorders related to work that requires repetitive motion are increasing. They account for nearly half of all reported work-related illness, and carpal tunnel syndrome is estimated to account for over 41% of these repetitive motion disorders. Researchers have defined six key risk factors in the workplace for the development of these disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome: (1) repetition, (2) high force, (3) awkward joint posture, (4) direct pressure, (5) vibration, and (6) prolonged constrained posture. Some experts believe that incorrect posture may play a large role in the development of CTS, particularly in people who work at computer and other types of keyboards. The tendency to roll the shoulders forward, round the lower back, and thrust the chin forward can shorten the neck and shoulder muscles, compressing nerves in the neck. This, in turn, can affect the wrist, fingers, and hand. It has been difficult, however, to obtain reliable data on the direct link between repetitive hand and wrist tasks and carpal tunnel syndrome.

68. New Page 2
Booklet and audiocassette to manage carpal tunnel syndrome using stretching, self-massage, nutrition, postural awareness and guided imagery.
Please click on this new website. Thank you.

69., Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Overview. carpal tunnel syndrome. The Pressure within the tunnel can compromise the nerve and lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The
Introduction Common causes Conservative care Surgery ... Anatomy Search Common causes Introduction Cervical spine: Common conditions: Disc herniation Cervical foraminal stenosis Cervical stenosis with myelopathy Cervical osteoarthritis ... Cervical degenerative disc disease Miscellaneous causes: Rotator cuff tendinitis Brachial plexus Carpal tunnel syndrome Cubital tunnel syndrome Occipital neuralgia Reflex sympathetic dystrophy Related information COX-2 Inhibitors Overview
Carpal tunnel syndrome
The carpal tunnel is created by the wrist bones on the bottom and a ligament over the top. The median nerve runs through the tunnel along with the flexor tendons to the wrist. Pressure within the tunnel can compromise the nerve and lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

70. RSI Program - Prevention And Treatment Of Computer-Related Repetitive Strain Inj
Based on our book, It s Not carpal tunnel syndrome RSI Theory Therapy for Computer Professionals. . Where, Jack is from suburban Philadelphia, PA USA.
Resources for the prevention and treatment of
computer-related repetitive strain (RSI) injuries.
Portions may be copied
by mentioning What's New Site Map FAQ E-mail us ... Pico Search If you're an RSI sufferer... ... and you've come here for answers , skip right to our five-page article , print it out and read it.
Content Our Site Articles Book Excerpts Sites We Like RSI Overviews RSI Details Therapies Medical Reference ... E-mail us to add your bona-fide RSI link Newest Items
  • April 9: A sufferer writes from halfway around the world (that's as far as you can go, right?) of constant numbness, but doubt about finding a helpful doctor. What to do?

71. Chiropractor In Delray Beach, Florida - Dr. Derek Friedman
Dr. Derek Friedman, a chiropractor located in Delray Beach, provides chiropractic treatment for neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, car accident and work injuries.

Learn more about

Dr. Derek Friedman
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72. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
What is it? carpal tunnel syndrome is the effect of pressure on the median nerve, one of the main nerves of the hand. It can result
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  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is the effect of pressure on the median nerve , one of the main nerves of the hand. It can result in a variety of problems, including pain, tingling, numbness, swelling, weakness or clumsiness of the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers.
What caused it?
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome develops in people who have a tendency toward swelling or inflammation in their hands. Like a telephone cable, the median nerve is a connection between the fingers and the spinal cord. It passes a through a protective conduit (tunnel) deep in the wrist (carpus), along with the nine tendons which bend the fingers. The nerve and each of the tendons are each nearly as wide as a pencil. The tunnel is only a little over an inch wide - just big enough to hold the nerve and tendons. When the tendons are irritated, the lining around the tendons (synovium) swells up and puts pressure on the nerve. This pressure cuts off the blood supply to the nerve. Tendon swelling (tendinitis) results from a person's own tendency to collect fluid around their tendons and joints. This may be aggravated by repetitive or strenuous activities.

73. Carpal Tunnel Home Page
Patient Support Groups, Carpal Tunnel prognosis. carpal tunnel syndrome Discussion. carpal tunnel syndrome therapy. Transverse carpal ligament. Anatomy Home Page
Carpal tunnel home page
Patient Support Groups Carpal Tunnel prognosis Carpal tunnel syndrome Discussion Carpal tunnel syndrome therapy ... e-Hand Home Page

74. Home Page
Providing orthopedic consultation for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, joint pain, and back and neck pain. Located in Elkins Park
Practice Locations for Maxwell Stepanuk, DO Elkins Park Hospital
60 E. Township Line, 4th Floor
Elkins Park, PA 19027
1216 E. Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19124 TUESDAY 1 4, WEDNESDAY 9 EVERY WEDNESDAY 2 Dr. Michael Helzner
1909 E. Washington Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19138
1420 Locust Street, Suite 220
CALL 215.663.6634 FOR APPOINTMENT Dr. Chris Boylan
323 N. 5th Street
Reading, PA 1960 EVERY FRIDAY 9
CALL 610.376.1100 FOR APPOINTMENT Patients are seen by Appointment Only. Our regular office hours are as listed above - - - or by special arrangement. This Site Is Best Viewed With Internet Explorer To download, for free, Internet Explorer, click this icon: For Information About This Site, Contact The Webmaster

75. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome PreventionTips
carpal tunnel syndrome Prevention Tips. In most cases, muscle tension causes the pain and numbness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Prevention Tips
    Simple free secret reduces wrist pain in computer typists, from Sound Feelings. This free carpal tunnel syndrome information, developed by a concert pianist, provides easy how-to solutions for self-improvement towards carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. These tips provide valuable support for sore wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome therapies, carpal tunnel syndrome research, carpal tunnel syndrome remedies, carpal tunnel syndrome treatments, tunnel carpal syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome cures.
      “This is a great article! I’m going to share this information with approximately 150 employees who are a part of our Ergonomic Task Force.”
    —Jody Knox, Sr. Loss Prevention Technician,
    State Farm Insurance Company, Austin, TX
See what others say about this free information. Wrong Angles Cause Pain.
    One of the most important things to be aware of when establishing correct typing habits is that the arm, wrist and hand remain in a straight line.
Good Bad
    It doesn’t matter if the arm is positioned horizontally, up or down, as long as the arm, wrist and hand remain in a straight line. This is because the fingers are controlled by muscles which are connected to tendons which go through the wrist and down along the arm. If there is a bend anywhere in this sequence, friction occurs which will lead to stress, inflammation and injury. Notice the bend in the wrist in the above “bad” picture. This is caused because the keyboard is tilted up with the flaps in the back and/or the person is sitting too high. Ironically, our “bad” illustration is often shown as the “correct” position in many diagrams and is the cause of much pain and suffering!

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome pain through massage.
The most effective way to relieve pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is Massage. Our Carpal Tunnel Massage Program is part of the Specific Lymphatic Massage ® System. SIGN UP ONLINE FOR OUR: CARPAL TUNNEL MASSAGE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS - THE MANUAL
Self Massage Program
In response to this message for self care we have created a self-massage program with user-friendly training option especially for the every day person like you, this program is also ideal for entire companies. Ask your employer to sponsor a training program. "This Massage Program has been hospital tested and found to be 250% more effective at less than 1/10th the cost of surgery." Professional Massage Program Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, other health care providers desiring an in-depth understanding of the Carpal Tunnel challenge and practical knowledge of therapeutic bodywork as part of a Holistic Health care regimen. The Self Massage Program and Professional Massage Program were developed by Stephen Chagnon of the Chagnon Health Institute. Steve Chagnon is a RN LMT nurse, therapist, nutritionist engineer internationally recognized for unique alternative health concepts with treatment protocols for chronic conditions and pain for 15 years

77. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Neurologychannel
carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition caused by compression, or entrapment, of the median nerve often associated with repetitive activities .
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Autism ... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cephalic Disorders Cerebral Palsy Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Chronic Pain Dementia Encephalitis Epilepsy ... Guillain-Barre Syndrome Headache Huntington's Disease Hydrocephalus Lou Gehrig's Disease ... Traumatic Brain Injury Vertigo TREATMENT OPTIONS
Botulinum Toxin Therapy Epidural Injection Trigger Point Injection Vagus Nerve Stimulation RESOURCES neurologychannelMD Clinical Trials Links MDLocator ... What Is a Neurologist? Videos ABOUT US Pressroom Testimonials print this ... email this Overview Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition caused by compression, or entrapment, of the motor and sensory nerve in the wrist (median nerve), resulting in pain, muscle weakness, impaired reflexes, numbness, and tingling in the hand. Nerve compression is often associated with repetitive activities (e.g., typing, painting, hammering) that cause stress injury, swelling, and inflammation. The carpal tunnel is a canal in the wrist through which fibrous connective tissue (tendons), nerves, and blood vessels pass. The transverse carpal ligament covers the carpal tunnel.

78. ASSH | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
for Surgery of the Hand patient information page discusses causes, signs, symptoms, and surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome.

About the ASSH
Arthritis of the Hand Arthritis of the Base of the Thumb Amputation and Prosthetics ... Wrist Sprains
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
What is carpal tunnel syndrome?
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition brought on by increased pressure or a pinched nerve at the wrist. Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, and pain in the arm, hand, and fingers. There is a space in the wrist called the carpal tunnel where the median nerve and nine tendons pass from the forearm into the hand (see Diagram 2). Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when pressure builds up from swelling in this tunnel and puts pressure on the nerve. When the pressure from the swelling becomes great enough to disturb the way the nerve works, numbness, tingling, and pain may be felt in the hand and fingers (see Diagram 1).
Usually the cause is unknown. Pressure on the nerve can happen several ways: swelling of the lining of the flexor tendons, called tenosynovitis; joint dislocations, fractures, and arthritis can narrow the tunnel; and keeping the wrist bent for long periods of time. Fluid retention during pregnancy can cause swelling in the tunnel and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, which often go away after delivery. Thyroid conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes also can be associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. There may be a combination of causes.
Signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms usually are pain, numbness, tingling, or a combination of the three. The numbness or tingling most often takes place in the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers. The symptoms usually are felt during the night but also may be noticed during daily activities such as driving or reading a newspaper. Patients sometimes notice they have a weaker grip, occasional clumsiness, and may drop things. In severe cases, sensation may be permanently lost and the muscles at the base of the thumb slowly shrink (thenar atrophy).

79. Stop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
trouble. How Does carpal tunnel syndrome Occur? The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway of bone and ligament in your wrist. The
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Signs Preventing It Treating It ... Working Safely
The boom in computer use has spawned an epidemic of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a potentially disabling disorder of the wrist, hand and arm. You could be at risk if you to do repetitive tasks with your hands for long stretches of time. C omputer users, cashiers, assembly-line workers, meatpackers, sewing machine operators and musicians often get the same injury. What they all have in common are jobs that involve using their hands in repetitive motions that put a strain on the tendons of the wrist. The result is a debilitating disorder called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), which affects hundreds of thousands of Americans and costs employers billions of dollars a year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, repetitive stress injuries, including CTS, are the fastest growing occupational illness.
The median nerve can become compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel, causing pain and numbness and impairing movement of the hand and fingers.

Focus on occupational safety, office ergonomics consulting and training, office injury prevention, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries. San Rafael, California.
Ergonomics Consulting
The principal ergonomics consultant of Ergofactors, Shea Dismukes, board certified professional ergonomist. Shea has a Master's degree in industrial engineering specializing in ergonomics and occupational safety. As the former corporate ergonomist for Chevron Petroleum Company, she has a wide variety of experience ranging from office environments to offshore platforms.
Several companies Ergofactors, Inc.has provided ergonomics consulting services to are:
  • Preview Travel
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  • American Janitorial and
    Paper Supply
  • Department of Energy
  • Industrial Safety and
    Rehabilitation Institute
  • Choice Performance

For additional information on the services provided to these companies or referrals, please contact us.
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