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         Autism:     more books (100)
  1. Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Diagnosis, Development, Neurobiology, and Behavior (volume 1)
  2. Taking Autism to School by Andreanna Edwards, 2002-04
  3. Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph over Autism by Catherine Maurice, 1994-07-19
  4. The Fabric of Autism, Weaving The Threads Into A Cogent Theory by Judith Bluestone, 2005-08-01
  5. The Fabric of Autism, Weaving The Threads Into A Cogent Theory by Judith Bluestone, 2005-08-01
  6. Helping Children with Autism Learn: Treatment Approaches for Parents and Professionals by Bryna Siegel, 2007-04-09
  7. Stop That Seemingly Senseless Behavior!: FBA-based Interventions for People with Autism (Topics in Autism) by Beth Glasberg (Ph.D. BCBA), 2008-11-21
  8. The Autism Mom's Survival Guide (for Dads, too!): Creating a Balanced and Happy Life While Raising a Child with Autism by Susan Senator, 2010-03-30
  9. Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum: What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the Pre-teen and Teenage Years by Shana Nichols, Gina Marie Moravcik, et all 2008-11-15
  10. The Funny Side of Autism by Lisa Masters, 2010-06-26
  11. Realizing the College Dream With Autism or Asperger Syndrome: A Parent's Guide to Student Success by Ann Palmer, 2005-11-15
  12. Yoga for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents and Caregivers by Dion E. Betts, Stacey W. Betts, 2006-05-15
  13. The New Social Story Book, Revised and Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition: Over 150 Social Stories that Teach Everyday Social Skills to Children with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome, and their Peers by Carol Gray, 2010-01-29
  14. Lesson Ideas and Activities for Young Children with Autism and Related Special Needs: Lessons for Joint Attention, Imitation, Play, Social Skills & More from by S.B. Linton, 2010-08-28

81. Autism Society Of North Carolina
autism Society of North Carolina 505 Oberlin Road, Suite 230 Raleigh, NC 276051345Tel 919-743-0204, 1-800-442-2762 (NC only) Fax 919-743-0208 Office Hours
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Autism Society of North Carolina
505 Oberlin Road, Suite 230
Raleigh, NC 27605-1345
Tel: 919-743-0204, 1-800-442-2762 (NC only)
Fax: 919-743-0208
Office Hours: M-F, 8-4:30 Site Last Updated May 17, 2004 What is Autism? Where do I Start? Autism and other autism spectrum disorders are developmental disabilities that impair a person’s ability to understand information and communicate with others. Autism spectrum disorders occur in as many as 1 of every 250 children born and is more common in boys than girls. C ommon characteristics include ... (more) As a parent or sibling of a child with autism there are many questions that need answering. ASNC offers answers and assistance through... (more) Our Mission How Can I Help? The Autism Society of North Carolina is committed to providing support and promoting opportunities which enhance the lives of individuals within the autism spectrum and their families. To review our vision and values statements, please

82. Föreningen Autism I Göteborg, Aspergers, Högfungerande Autism, Infantil Autis
En intresseorganisation kring autism och autismliknande drag. Inneh¥ller mycket information om Asperger och autism.
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83. Family Village / Autism
Library A B. autism. Who to Contact. autism Research Institute (ARI) 4182 AdamsAvenue San Diego, California, USA 92116 (619) 281-7165 Fax (619) 563-6840.
See also: Aspergers Syndrome Social Skills , Organic Brain Syndrome, and PDD-N.O.S. Who to Contact
Where to Go to Chat with Others

Learn More About It

Web Sites
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Who to Contact
Autism Research Institute (ARI)
4182 Adams Avenue
San Diego, California, USA 92116
Fax: (619) 563-6840
The Autism Research Institute is primarily devoted to conducting research, and to disseminating the results of research, on methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating autism and other severe behavioral disorders of childhood. They provide information based on research to parents and professionals throughout the world, and serve as a link between the parents of these children, who are widely scattered geographically, and researchers throughout the world who are in need of carefully diagnosed samples of children for research purposes. Such referrals are made only with the prior consent of the parents. ARI assist families directly by providing information by mail or phone and they have made the education of these children one of their important functions. ARI publishes a quarterly newsletter

84. Cambridge Center For Behavioral Studies (CCBS): Applied Behavior Analysis And Be
Rich set of resources for research, professional advancement, and applications to education, industry, and special populations. Sections on aging, autism, parenting, behavioral safety, organizational behavior, pets and animals, and verbal behavior.
Behavior analysis (sometimes called behavioral psychology) is the scientific study of behavior and its relationship to the environment surrounding the individual. Prior stimuli and a history of consequences play a huge part in increasing or decreasing the frequency and likelihood that behavior will occur. The science was originally established by B.F. Skinner and his colleagues, but now there are thousands of behavior analysts around the world, continuing to scientifically enhance our understanding of behavioral dynamics, or applying the science to create more effective solutions to real-world problems. “Applied behavior analysis” refers to practical solutions to everyday challenges where poor behavior is the problem. The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (CCBS) is proud to present sections of its web site featuring behavioral solutions to education, parenting, autism, aging, safety, performance management in business, computer modeling of behavior, verbal behavior (language and thinking), and training of pets and animals, among others. Please follow these links to the individual sections of our site.

85. Autism Society Of Alabama
Information, news and discussions about the autistic spectrum disorders autism,Asperger s Syndrome, The 2004 Walks for autism were a huge success!
Autism Society of Alabama
Home About ASA Contact us Donations / Join ASA ... Upcoming Events
The 2004 Walks for Autism were a huge success! Thank you to all of our walk coordinators and participants who insured its success!
3 Articles in Montgomery Advertiser -April 20, 2004
A Great Opportunity for families in Montgomery, May 8th-Ice Cream Social Workshop Retreat focusing on Transition AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS are complex developmental disorders that affect social skills, communication and behavior and usually appear before the age of three. Autism Spectrum Disorders affect 1 in 150 individuals and range from mild to severe.
Although there is no cure to date, appropriate intervention enables these individuals to live productive and happy lives. People with Autism are able to live active, meaningful lives once their special needs are met. Some of these needs include:
Education • Employment • Financial Assistance • Support Services •
And most importantly ... LOVE You can help these individuals through:
Increased Involvement - Volunteerism • Financial Contributions Remember that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders are individuals first; therefore

86. CRPA
Provides information and resources to assist families, individuals, schools, and agencies throughout Western Massachusetts concerned with the welfare of children with autism.
community resources
F O R P E O P L E W I T H A U T I S M Community Resources was founded in 1989 by families of children with autism to assist families, individuals, schools, and agencies throughout Western Massachusetts concerned with the welfare of children with autism. Things were Hopping this Spring at Community Resources!
CRPA is a division of
The Association for Community Living -

Creating Opportunities, Building Relationships, Improving Lives for children and adults
with developmental disabilities since 1952. Social Skill Builders
- A Program of Community Resources for People with Autism
Did you attend any of these events?
We'd love to get your feedback!
The Race-a-thon - Sunday April 25 (9 - 1) May 4, 2004 - CRPA's 14th Annual Conference April 28 - May 1, 2004 Autism Update 2004 April 30, 2004 Benefit Rock Concert: Sonic Youth to Headline Event for Community Resources
Musicians donated their time and 100% of proceeds: Sonic Youth shared the stage with the likes of Sebadoh, J Mascis, Claudia Malibu, LoFine, Steve Westfield and the Lonesome Brothers, and The Chemical Wedding

whose main objective is to advance the rights of people with autism and their

88. Hope University - A Fine Arts Facility To Train The Talent And Diminish The Disa
Nonprofit, fine arts facility for developmentally-disabled adults with autism, and Down syndrome. Offers creative-arts therapy and focused music, art, and dance programs.
Hope University is a fine-arts facility for adults with developmental disabilities. Our mission is "train the talent and diminish the disability" through creative-arts therapy. Students in our school are immersed in full-time arts education, including visual arts, music, dance, drama, and storytelling. On this site, you can:
- Learn about our organization
- Get information on our famous musical group,
the " Hi Hopes "
- See a course description for our arts programs
Purchase items
created by our students
- Become a part of the Hope University family
Contact us

Portrait of My Mom

Jim Lin, 1999
Hope University student
Hope University

89. Autism NDI - Autism Network For Dietary Intervention
Current research shows that many cases of autism result from an immunesystem dysfunctionthat affects the body s ability to break down certain proteins and

In The Treatment Of Autism And Related Developmental Disabilities
Deutsch Español Français Japanese ... e-mail NEW: Advanced Dietary Interventions: SCD ™ and BED NEW: List of medical and scientific studies Current research shows that many cases of autism result from an immune-system dysfunction that affects the body's ability to break down certain proteins and combat yeasts and bacteria. Many parents are convinced of the validity of dietary intervention for autistic individuals, but do not have the resources to try it themselves, especially those with picky eaters and skeptical spouses. ANDI was established by parent researchers, Lisa Lewis and Karyn Seroussi, to help families around the world get started on, and maintain the diet. The ANDI mission is simple: The ANDI News , published quarterly, provides the latest information about the biological treatment of autism. Our goal is to provide continued support for families implementing this diet, to share experiences, recipes and tips, and to let you know that you are not alone! We also offer hard-to-find books, food bars and informational brochures

90. Auditory Integration Training Resources
Holistic treatment of hearing distortions in adults and children including auditory integration training (AIT) and otoacoustic emissions testing.
AIT Resources
Auditory Integration Training...
  • Do you or your child have a history of ear infections? Do you or your child have problems following sequenced verbal instruction? Do you or your child frequently misunderstand what is said? Do you or your child have a short auditory memory? Are you or your child easily distracted by background noise? Do you or your child have sensitive hearing? Are "small" sounds perceived as uncomfortable? Do you or your child engage in humming or audible self-talk? Do you or your child frequently need "quiet time" to regain mental energy and composure? Do you or your child have an articulation problem?
If you answer YES to any of the questions above, consider Auditory Integration Training to resolve issues of discomfort, poor receptive language or sensory integration dysfunction.
General Information
Auditory Integration Training is considered an alternative, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive intervention designed to alleviate hearing discomfort or hypersensitivity. It has been known to accelerate progress with allied therapies such as speech, occupational therapy, movement and other developmental therapies. DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Doctors advise parents to consider AIT as one of the first interventions, to alleviate symptoms of autism, reduce painful hearing (hyperacusis) and improve receptive language.
We share our offices with a strong team of independent professionals:

91. The Autism Home Page
Practical information on the autism spectrum disorders, behavior,God s intervention, and much more. The autism Home Page. Welcome.
var nEditorialCatId = 102; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(''); Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help The Autism Home Page What's New Join Now Start Page The Latest Stuff ... Tools The Autism Home Page Welcome The Autism Home Page has been providing information on autism and related disorders since 1997*. More than information, we believe we also provide some hope. Visit any of the pages below for information on that topic. (*Originally named The Augusta Autism Resource Center).
  • The Latest Stuff - Visit this page to find out the most up to date information on autism, treatment, causes, resources, related disorders, and much more. Basic Training - If you have been around military folks you will understand that this is where you start. These pages cover basic information on autism, the symptoms, the related disorders, and diagnosis issues. Where to Start Once you know what you are dealing with you need to know what to do next. These pages cover your attitude, how to think about autism, how to begin treating autism, and who to go to for help. Behavior Management The Autism Home Page believes that this is the most important part of treating autism. It's great to teach a child with autism how to read, write, answer questions, etc. However, it all has to start with appropriate behavior and attention. These pages help you to understand how behavior management works and how to apply it without going too crazy.

92. Center For The Study Of Autism
The autism Research Institute distributes an information packet on Rett Syndrome.
Rett Syndrome
Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon
Rett Syndrome was first recognized by Andreas Rett in 1966 and is a neurological disorder affecting primarily females. Autopsies on the brains of these individuals indicate a pathology different than autism; however, children afflicted with Rett Syndrome often exhibit autistic-like behaviors, such as repetitive hand movements, prolonged toe walking, body rocking, and sleep problems. The prevalence of Rett Syndrome is similar to the prevalence of autism; that is, estimates are between 1 in 10,000 births and 1 in 15,000 births. Typical characteristics:
  • Normal development until 1/2 to 1 1/2 years
  • Shakiness of the torso, and possibly the limbs
  • Unsteady, stiff-legged gait
  • Breathing difficulties (hyperventilation, apnea, air swallowing)
  • Seizures (approximately 80% have epilepsy)
  • Teeth grinding and difficulty chewing
  • Retarded growth and small head
  • Functioning level is usually between severely and profoundly mentally retarded
  • Hypoactivity
In most cases, there is a regression in cognition, behavior, social, and motor skills throughout their lifetime.

ABA Resources. autism/ Asperger s Digest. autism Autoimmunity Project. autismNetwork Resources for Physicians. autism Recovery Network. ARN Newsletters.
AUTISM INFO COM Home About Us Contact Us Site Map ...
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to Chinese, Spanish, French, Portugese, German, Japanese, Italian or Korean with BabelFish. Important Web Links:
ABA Resources
Autism/ Asperger's Digest Autism Autoimmunity Project Autism Network ... Autism Treatment Comparison pp.26-27
"Imagine you were in a foreign, noisy and crowded city at night, not understanding the language spoken, recognizing a few words but not really comprehending situations taking place around you, wanting to express a need for help but not being able. This experience may begin to help you relate to what a child with autism feels on an ordinary day ."
Gihan Ramadan, Arab News "Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say." Institute of Medicine's Immunization Safety Review Committee (ISR) Report out: MMR Vaccine and Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines Are Not Associated With Autism.

94. Redirecting...
The American Academy of Pediatrics answers parents' questions about immunizations, including information about the MeaslesMumps-Rubella vaccine and alleged links to autism.

95. The MAZE - Ooops... Wrong Planet! Syndrome Master Link Page
Ooops Wrong Planet! Syndrome jypsy s links - HUNDREDS (almost 800) of autism,Aspergers, PDD, ASD, (etc) related links from A to Z. The autism Spectrum.
maze n 1 a: something intricately or confusingly elaborate or complicated.
Syn. winding, meandering, ,labyrinth, perplexity, enigma, riddle, puzzle
Ant. facility, circularity, perception, knowledge, enlightenment From this Page you will find all of the above. There are many paths you can take from here, many paths will lead you to others
and every path will bring you back here. powered by FreeFind
Site search Web search
This Page is for people new to the World of the Autism Spectrum and also a good reference for the rest of us.
If you are here to look into what Autism is, how to spot it, diagnose it (or get it diagnosed),
cope with a diagnosis (or without one), this is where you want to start. If you are brand new to the Internet and want basic help in searching the Net
(including a list of sites encouraging you to assess the value of a web site and
a page on using adaptive equipment to make your computer easier to use and the Internet more accessible),
may I suggest before you go anywhere, go here If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.

96. Talisman Summer Camps For Teens With ADD ADHD LD - Summer Camp - Autism Asperger
Base camps and adventure programs for children and teens ages 917 with LD, ADD, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, and autism. Located in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Photos, program details, dates, rates, and registration forms.
Exciting adventures for kids ages with LD, ADD, and ADHD.
Hiking adventure for boys and girls ages with LD, ADD, ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome.
Talisman is pleased to offer an online application for enrollment:
Or Download a printable
(PDF) version here.

Take a look at our campus photos!

Two-week program for children (ages 11-14) and teens (ages 14-17)
Climbing, paddling, and backpacking course for teens ages 14-17.
Holiday TOBA Program: Join us for a week (December 27- January 3 of high adventure in the coastal waters of the Georgia Sea Islands this winter! Click here to learn more. If you are interested in a staff position with Talisman you can download an application:
Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format
or Word Document version
Boating program for boys and girls ages with LD, ADD, ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome.

The ASO acts as a clearinghouse for timely and accurateinformation about treatments for autism.

98. Living With Impairment: The Effects On Children Of Having An Autistic Sibling
The effects on children of having a sibling with autism.
Child: care, health and development, 1 Living with impairment: the effects on children of having an autistic sibling PATRICIA HOWLIN Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, Denmark Hill, London SE5 8A7 Accepted for publication 6 July 1988 Summary Although children of impaired siblings are generally believed to be at risk of suffering from a variety of problems themselves, research studies indicate that living with impairment is not necessarily a harmful experience. This report reviews studies in this area, with particular emphasis on those involving autistic sibships. Although often lacking adequate experimental controls, the current literature suggests various factors that are likely to influence the risks on siblings. Possible ways of minimizing such risk factors are discussed. 'You're a naughty girl!' said Tom severely 'and I'm sorry I bought you the fish line. I don't love you ....Last holidays you licked the paint off my lozenge box, and the holidays before that you let the boat drag my fish-line down when I'd set you to watch it, and you pushed your head through my kite, all for nothing. And you're a naughty girl and you shan't go fishing with me tomorrow.' With this terrible conclusion, Tom ran away from Maggie towards the mill

99. Autism
is for you! Learn what autism is, what causes it, and what life is likefor kids who have it. What Does autism Mean? autism (say awe
KidsHealth Kids Kids' Health Problems
When Stacey went over to her new friend Chelsea's house, she met Chelsea's 4-year-old brother, Shawn. "Hi," said Stacey, smiling. Shawn glanced at her and said nothing. Then he turned back to a toy he was holding. Later, in Chelsea's room, Stacey said, "I don't think your brother likes me." "It's not that," explained Chelsea. "Shawn just has trouble responding to other people. He has autism." Of course, Stacey wanted to know what autism meant, what causes autism, what it's like to have autism, and more. Keep reading to learn the answers to Stacey's questions. What Does Autism Mean?
Autism (say: awe -ti-zum) is a kind of brain disorder that causes kids to experience the world differently from the way most other kids do. Those differences make it hard for kids with autism to communicate with others and react to things going on around them in the usual ways. When someone smiles, for instance, a kid without autism knows that the smiling person is happy or being friendly. Kids with autism, however, have trouble connecting a person's gestures - such as a smile or frown - with the person's feelings. It's difficult, too, for kids with autism to link words with their meanings. Imagine trying to talk with someone or learn from a teacher if you couldn't make sense of their words and gestures and couldn't come up with the right words to express your own thoughts! Autism also creates a confusing world of senses. Quiet sounds may be loud and distracting to a kid with autism. A sudden noise could be terrifying. A person's touch might set off a wave of strong sensations - like when a chill gives you the shivers, but much worse.

100. Help Us Help Logan
Built by his 16 year old brother, site is about an autistic 7 year old boy. Site has autism links, and regular updates.
My name is Allen. I'm 16 years old, and my mom and I want to do something special for my baby brother, so we are asking for your help. We are trying to find a way to pay for things that Logan needs for physical or speech therapy , and getting to doctor appointments all over California with specialists, so that Logan will hopefully begin to verbalize. It's hard for my mom to drive to all these appointments with a car that barely gets us (and we barely fit into) to the grocery stores in the area we live in. Plus, Logan needs a specialty harness to keep him in his seat while we are on the road, because he is so active, and other safety equiptment as well. Because Logan is so demanding, my mom has to stay at home as he needs 24/7 care. This means the only money coming into the house for everything we all need is just what my dad gets from work, and what the state gives us. My mom says its just not enough to pay the bills every month and get the vehicle we need (with the proper safety harnesses for Logan) to replace the broken down car we have now, and physical or speech therapy items. Help us help Logan...

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