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         Attention Deficit Disorder:     more books (109)
  1. ADD/ADHD Behavior-Change Resource Kit: Ready-to-Use Strategies & Activities for Helping Children with Attention Deficit Disorder by Grad L. Flick Ph.D., 1998-01-02
  2. The New Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults Workbook by Lynn Weiss, 2005-11-25
  3. Succeeding in College With Attention Deficit Disorders: Issues and Strategies for Students, Counselors and Educators by Jennifer S., Ph.D. Bramer, 1996-09
  4. Attention Deficit Disorder: Practical Coping Mechanisms, Second Edition
  5. Total Concentration: How to Understand Attention Deficit Disorders by Harold N. Levinson, 2000-01-25
  6. The Hyperactive Child, Adolescent, and Adult: Attention Deficit Disorder Through the Lifespan by Paul H. Wender, 1987-03-19
  7. The Natural Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) by Ronald Hoffman, 1999-01-11
  8. Attention Deficit Disorder (The Millbrook Medical Library) by Wendy Moragne, 1996-10-01
  9. Attention Deficit Disorder (Guides for Parents and Educators Series) by Elaine K. McEwan, 2000-03-07
  10. Trail Mix: A Writing Life Enhanced by Attention Deficit Disorder by David B. Bowes, 2009-10-30
  11. Attention Deficit Disorder Misdiagnosis: Approaching ADD from a Brain-Behavior/Neuropsychological Perspective for Assessment and Treatment by Barbara C. Fisher, 1997-12-29

61. Special Education, Learning Disabilities Resources For Special Education
ISER is a nationwide directory of professionals who serve the learning disabilities and special education communities. We help parents and caregivers find local special education professionals to help with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder assessment, therapy, advocacy, and other special needs.
A directory of professionals serving special educational needs.
is a nationwide directory of professionals who serve the learning disabilities and special education communities. We help parents and caregivers find local special education professionals to help with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder assessment, therapy, advocacy, and other special needs. Begin your search for learning disabilities or special education help by choosing from one of the following areas: LD and ADD/ADHD Assessment
Educational and psychological testing for learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder. LD and ADD Treatment Alternatives
Selecting a school or program; psychological, hearing, speech and language therapy; and tutoring for learning disabilities.

62. Learning Disabilities OnLine: LD In-Depth: Gifted And Learning Disabled
information on learning disabilities, gifted, learning disorders, attention deficit disorder and more
Gifted and Learning Disabled?
It Is Possible! Lynda Conover
University of Virginia

Virginia Association for the Education of the Gifted
Newsletter Volume 17, Number 3, Summer 1996 In a recent conversation with the mother of a former student, I learned that her son, Rob, had been placed in the gifted class for math in the school he now attends. His mother was very pleased but told me that, because Rob is also learning disabled, she went to speak with the math teacher to explain accommodations Rob might need. She was stunned to hear the teacher say that, had she known about Rob's learning disability, she would never have allowed him to be placed in her class. The teacher went on to say that it was not possible to be gifted and learning disabled. Rob's mother will keep close tabs on his situation and Tommy did learn to read through a very structured program, while I'm left wondering how we can help teachers accept that students may be gifted and learning disabled and how we can better prepare them to identify and meet the needs of these students. As we take a closer look at this seemingly strange combination, it will be good to keep in mind the heterogeneity found in nearly every group of students with whom we, as teachers and administrators, work. Spend a day in a gifted resource class and you will begin to notice that gifted students vary tremendously in terms of learning styles, readiness, and interests. So, too, do those in the learning disabilities resource room and the regular classroom as well!

63. ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder - Hyperactivity - ADHD - Holistic Medicine, ADD
attention deficit disorder Hyperactivity Success. The vast majority of medical doctors consider attention deficit disorder (ADD) to be of unknown causes.
by Dr. Allen Buresz
What Are the True Facts?
The vast majority of medical doctors consider Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to be of unknown causes. Yet it's a known fact that the elimination of food additives and refined sugar produces dramatic improvements. Why haven't you been told this well-known fact? CONSIDERING THE ADVERTISING REVENUES, IT DOESN'T TAKE A GENIUS TO SEE WHY THE PRINT AND BROADCAST MEDIA HAVE, FOR THE MOST PART, REFUSED TO PUBLICIZE THIS VITAL INFORMATION!
Studies on Food Additive Use and Intelligence
Food Additives and Hyperactivity in Children ADD interferes with the child's home, school and social life. Unable to screen out stimuli, the child is easily distracted. This usually intelligent child receives a label of being "learning-disabled" and finds the nervous system cannot be slowed down to focus long enough to complete an assigned task. Other symptoms may be head knocking, self-destructiveness, temper tantrums, clumsiness and sleep disturbances. ADD may exist with or without the hyperactivity aspect. ADD has been diagnosed for hundreds of years, but more recently has become more prevalent due to the increased use of chemicals, pollutants, or heavy metal toxicity (such as lead, mercury, and cadmium). One estimate quotes over l.3 million with Attention Deficit Disorder; another source quotes up to 3 million with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

64. Attention Deficit Disorder Ontario - Information Online
To navigate this site, click on the words on the tool bars at the top of the page, or in the list on the bottom of the page. Clicking
To navigate this site,
click on the words on the tool bars at the top of the page,
or in the list on the bottom of the page.
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a list of possible sources of help near you.
The ADDO Foundation is not taking members or contributions,
and has folded.
Please feel welcome to use the information on these pages
for as long as they remain online. From December 2002 onward, this website is no longer going to be updated.
Special thanks to Samurai Consulting
for donating the time and space to host our domain. Updated: Nov 30, 2002 Back to Homepage Search this site About this site Links ... Contact us A.D.D.O. Foundation Station R, Box 223 Toronto, Ontario Canada M4G 3Z9

65. The Bible's Way To Victory Over ADHD And Other Childhood Challenges: References:
This free online book provides sound answers on preventing and overcoming behavioral, emotional and learning problems, including ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Conduct Disorder and Tourette's Syndrome.

66. GRADDA Home Page
Your Internet email address The Greater Rochester attention deficit disorder Association , Inc. (GRADDA) is a non-profit organization
Welcome To The
(This Site Last on 4/25/04)
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The G reater R ochester A ttention D eficit D isorder A ssociation , Inc. (GRADDA) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of addressing the multiple needs of individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD). Our group aims to assist individuals, families, professionals, and the community at large. GRADDA can help provide the kind of information and support needed to minimize the impact of ADD on the individual, the family, the school, and the work environment.
What Is ADD?
Some of our Organizational Goals include:
  • Promote availability of information and advocacy.
  • Promote education and training opportunities for individuals with ADD and all who come into contact with ADD.
  • Promote the establishment and maintenance of support groups.
  • Provide a network for interacting with other ADD organizations and support groups (Local, National, and International).
  • Recommend systemic changes so that specific difficulties of children with ADD are addressed within educational settings.

67. Welcome To Fight For Kids
Educational resource for parents concerned about diagnosis of Learning Disorder (LD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Contact Us Welcome to, the website designed to promote the health, well-being and better education of children the world over. Parents Call on Senate to Prohibit Coerced Psychiatric Drugging in Schools in Wake of FDA Issuing Suicide Warnings ( more... more... ALERT TO PARENTS!
In light of the FDA warning on psychiatric drugs for children, click here to report abuse. MORE NEWS... Go to the purpose for

68. Learning Disabilities OnLine: LD In-Depth:Attention Deficit Disorder: Beyond The
information on learning disabilities, learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysnomia, speech disorder, reading
Beyond the Myths
Washington, D.C.
(opens in a new window)
MYTH: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) does not really exist. It is simply the latest excuse for parents who do not discipline their children.
FACT: Scientific research tells us ADD is a biologically-based disorder that includes distractibility, impulsiveness, and sometimes hyperactivity. While the causes of ADD are not fully understood, recent research suggests that ADD can be inherited and may be due to an imbalance of neurotransmitters chemicals used by the brain to control behavior or abnormal glucose metabolism in the central nervous system. Before a student is labeled ADD, other possible causes of his or her behavior are ruled out.
MYTH: Children with ADD are no different from their peers; all children have a hard time sitting still and paying attention.
FACT: Before children are considered to have ADD, they must show symptoms that demonstrate behavior greatly different from what is expected for children of their age and background. They start to show the behaviors characteristic of ADD between ages three and seven, including fidgeting; restlessness; difficulty remaining seated; being easily distracted; difficulty waiting their turn; blurting out answers; difficulty obeying instructions; difficulty paying attention; shifting from one uncompleted activity to another; difficulty playing quietly; talking excessively; interrupting; not listening; often losing things; and not considering the consequences of their actions.

69. Attention Deficit Disorder And Medication: The Basics
Balanced information on the proper use of Ritalin in individuals who might have attention deficit disorder.
Northern County Psychiatric Associates Psychiatric Services For Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families Baltimore, Maryland
Attention Deficit Disorder

Adult AD/HD
Organization Skills
School Depression
Seasonal Depression Bipolar Disorder
Family Issues Medication Anxiety Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder Panic Agoraphobia Separation Anxiety Disorder Medication Specific Medications Free Medication Programs For Kids and Teens Depression Anxiety Family therapy Phobias Dementia Mental Health Book Reviews Bereavement Managed Care Humor
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Attention Deficit Disorder And Medication: The Basics
ADHD and Medication: the Basics Stimulant Medication for Children and Adults Non-Stimulant Treatments for Children and Adolescents Strattera (atomoxetine) A critical look at a new medication ... Our ADHD Home Site AD/HD and Medication: The Basics There has been controversy about the use of medications to treat both children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder There have been articles debating whether Ritalin is over or under prescribed. When people ask me about this, I tell them that I can only answer for the children and adults that I have evaluated or treated. Yes, there probably are some individuals who have received medication when some other treatment might have been better. On the other hand, there are probably others who were not been diagnosed for years and could have benefited from medication. Finally, even if someone has attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and is on medication, is it the best medication, dosage and timing?

70. Learning Disabilities OnLine: The ABCs Of LD And ADD
What is attention deficit disorder? Come explore LD InDepth, our information bank on learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.
Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
What is a learning disability?
LD is a disorder that affects people's ability to either interpret what they see and hear or to link information from different parts of the brain. These limitations can show up in many ways: as specific difficulties with spoken and written language, coordination, self control, or attention. Such difficulties extend to schoolwork and can impede learning to read, write, or do math. For more general information on learning disabilities, please visit LD In-General in our LD In-Depth section.
[Source: National Institutes of Health, 1993] What are the types of learning disabilities? LD is a broad term that covers a pool of possible causes, symptoms, treatments, and outcomes. Because of this it is difficult to diagnose or to pinpoint the causes. Learning Disabilities can be divided up into three broad categories. These types of learning disabilities include:

71. Esoteric Ferret: Mind Introduction
Links and thoughts on topics such as consciousness, IQ, the brain, memory improvement, attention deficit disorder, mind control, selfdevelopment, intuition, higher-self, and alien abduction.
Mind Introduction
"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence." -Albert Einstein.

"If we use a road map to plan a trip from coast-to-coast, we often find ourselves detouring from that plan to travel 'off the beaten path' to experience something different. Despite these 'detours' we still arrive at our destination. So too our lives are destined, some may just take longer due to their choices in detours.
The journey begins...where all great ideas start, conceived as a notion then realized as substance. On the path of life, there are many seeds of inspiration left for our gathering. These are but a humble collection of some of those seeds."
george d. nicholls,
spiritual seeds
Titles of the reviewed links are alphabetized for the Mind section.
Click on a letter above, or search for a word/phrase in the box below.
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or contact the Esoteric Ferret at

72. CH.A.D.D. Canada
Offering information regarding attention deficit disorder. Includes information on Canadian chapters, resources, news, and links to other ADD related sites.





CH.A.D.D. Canada is a non profit parent run organization that aims to help support, educate, and ultimately better the lives of individuals with ADD and those who care for them. We have chapters in communities across the nation, where meetings are held. We also sponsor various workshops, presentations and conferences distributing the latest breakthroughs, and techniques involved in dealing with ADD. CH.A.D.D. Canada Inc. Web page Design by Mandy Davies, Education and Tutoring services offered in Vancouver BC
For web page related email ONLY::

73. The Hunter School, A Private Day And Boarding School For Children With ADD
State certified day and boarding school for children with attention deficit disorder, located in New Hampshire.
The staff at The Hunter School has been professional and extremely supportive in our effort to provide an appropriate program for one of our students. It is a pleasure to say this student has made much progress, which has been possible through the caring and knowledgeable staff at the school. N. T., NH Special Ed. Director The Hunter School is a private day and boarding school for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and/or related conditions.
We view children with ADHD as possessing a powerful talent to learn and succeed. Children with ADD think faster and can perceive a wider range of stimuli than other children. They are, in fact, able to simultaneously perceive many things.
Thom Hartmann introduced the theory of hunters and farmers in his ground-breaking book, Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception.
In its introduction, Thom Hartman states, "This book is the first I know of to present the idea that ADD is not always a disorder but instead may be a trait of personality and metabolism; that ADD comes from a specific evolutionary need in the history of humankind; that ADD can actually be an advantage (depending on the circumstances); and that, through an understanding of the mechanism which led to ADD's presence in our gene pool, we can recreate our schools and workplaces to not only accommodate ADD individuals, but allow them to again become the powers behind the cultural, political, and scientific change which they so often historically represented."

74. Attention Deficit Disorder / Family Village Library
Library A B. attention deficit disorder. Rehabilitation Act. ADDA (attention deficit disorder Association) 1788 Second St. Suite
Attention Deficit Disorder
Who to Contact
Where to go to Chat with Others

Learn More About It

Web Sites
Search Google for "Attention Deficit Disorder"
Who to Contact
CH.A.D.D. Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
8181 Professional Place, Suite 201
Landover, MD 20785
Fax: (301) 306-7090
Web: CH.A.D.D. is a national organization working toward helping children and adults with ADD achieve success. CH.A.D.D. Publishes a regular newsletter, and an expanded magazine-style publication covering the latest developments in ADD research, diagnosis, and treatment. There is also a Fact Sheet series and regular updates on breaking news. On the state level CH.A.D.D. is developing ADD councils to help local and state school systems implement the U.S. Department of Education Federal Policy on ADD which tells schools how to serve students with attention deficit disorders through IDEA and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association)
1788 Second St. Suite 200

75. Adult And Child Attention Deficit Disorder Books By Dr. Gabor Mate
Scattered and Scattered Minds written by Dr. Gabor Mate to help children, adults and health professionals understand attention deficit disorder.
adult and child attention deficit disorder books by Dr. Gabor Mate
Attention deficit disorder in adults and children Dr. Gabor Mate's best-selling books offer a completely new perspective on the treatment ADD and ADHD.
attention deficit disorder adults children books treatment ADD add adhd scattered minds Gabor Mate help learning disabilities behavior a.d.d. ADHD adhd
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76. Attention Deficit Disorder/ADHD Information & Assessment Services
Information and services to help parents and professionals promote the healthy development of children BR with attention deficit disorder or ADHD.
"Over 25,000 parents, health professionals, and educators rely on ATTENTION RESEARCH UPDATE to stay informed about important new research on ADHD. Sign up below for a FREE subscription and receive immediate access to detailed reviews of over 150 recently published studies."
David Rabiner, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist, Duke University
Dear Parent, Health Care Professional, or Educator:
Are you interested in keeping informed about the latest research being conducted on ADHD? If so, then let me invite you to subscribe to Attention Research Update , a free e-mail newsletter that helps parents, professionals, and educators stay informed about important new research on ADHD. As a research psychologist at Duke University, I spend hours reviewing new studies on ADHD that are published in the leading medical and psychology journals. For each issue of Attention Research Update I select a recent study that is especially important to know about, and provide you with an extensive and objective review. New issues are sent to subscribers on a monthly basis. The studies reviewed range from medication studies to studies of promising alternative treatments, and I am confident you will find information that will be interesting and helpful. I've written the newsletter for over four years now, and am pleased that over 25,000 subscribers have come to rely on

77. Tourette Syndrome Association Of Greater Washington
Information, support and resources to families, individuals and professionals dealing with Tourette Syndrome, attention deficit disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Self help and advocacy resources also provided.
Welcome! The Tourette Syndrome Association of Greater Washington (TSAGW) is dedicated to serving the needs of families and individuals living with Tourette Syndrome, and the professionals who serve them, in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. more Special Events: Volunteer Families Needed ! Learn about how you can take part in an important national research study to educate schoolchildren about Tourette Syndrome
Contribute to the CFC and United Way Campaign and Designate TSAGW for your contribution
"You've Got a Friend" - A video to educate children about Tourette Syndrome Support Group Meetings: To be announced
Northern Virginia
May 19, 2004 - Theresa Ziemba, an Occupational Therapist at Inova Fairfax Hospital will speak on fine motor/handwriting challenges and sensory integration issues for children with TS. It's easy to make your donations to TSAGW now ! Just click on below We thank Danya International, Inc.

78. Information About Dyslexia
Basics of Dyslexia. What is Dyslexia? The Dyslexic Syndrome; Dyslexia vs. Learning Disorder; attention deficit disorder; Fears, Phobias, and OCD; Medical Testing;
Basics of Dyslexia
Images of the Brain
Review images and diagrams illustrating the structures and important interconnections of the brain. HOME CENTER INFO NEWS ... FORUMS
Email the with technical website issues. Please see the Contact page for medical correspondence and information.
Last updated on April 4, 2003

79. Teen's Area
Links to several articles for teens on living with ADD.
About ADDA

ADDA Office

Meet Our Board
ADDA Fund ...
Yellow Pages

ABC's of ADD

ADD Research

ADD Treatment

ADD Coaching
Features ADD Interviews Creative Corner Personal Stories Kid's Area ... Home Page ADDA
Teens Area This area is devoted to teen interests, questions, and contributions. If you have an article, story, or other contribution write to us at ITEM AUTHOR Is your teacher "ADD-friendly" or "ADD-toxic"? Kathleen G. Nadeau Ph.D. "Go take your Ritalin...." Charlotte Teenagers Guide to ADHD James J. Crist Ph.D. ADD Books For Teens A list of books with mini reviews

80. The Reading Clinic
Treatment for reading, spelling, writing and comprehension disorders, including dyslexia, attention deficit disorders and other learning disabilities.
Ask about our after-school Homework Experience.
As part of the educational community, we are committed to helping students achieve their potential for learning through strengthening reading, spelling, writing, language comprehension and math.
Info (800) 790-5302 The Reading Clinic, dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, reading comprehension, ADD, tutors, phonics, phonemic awareness, tutoring, learning disorders, learning to read, reading problems, education, educational testing, educational enrichment, educational consulting, reading help, learning, the reading clinic, reading tutors, writing skills, study skills, read, learning disabilities, Reading Clinic, dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, tutors, phonics, phonemic awareness, tutoring, learning disorders, learn to read, reading problems

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