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  1. Different rhythms.(Lifestyle)(Men with cerebral palsy and a woman amputee star in new dance): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2007-05-03
  2. No Excuses The True Story of a Congenital Amputee Who Became a Champion in Wrestling and in Life by KyleMaynard, 2006

141. End 2 End With Mike And Diane
Diane Stuckey and Mike Pope (who is an above the knee amputee) are cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats to raise money for a new St Johns Ambulance in May/June 2004. Includes planned route.

142. Amputee / Prosthesis, Cerebral Palsy, Orthopedic, Scoliosis, Spina Bifida And Sp
Home Programs and Clinics Programs and Clinics List of Programs and Clinics amputee/Prosthesis, Cerebral Palsy, Orthopedics, Scoliosis, Spina Bifida
List of Programs and Clinics Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Clinics - North Shore Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Clinics - Fox Valley Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Clinics - Gurnee ... List of Programs and Clinics : Amputee/Prosthesis, Cerebral Palsy, Orthopedics, Scoliosis, Spina Bifida and Sports Medicine E-mail this page Print this page Amputee/Prosthesis
Cerebral Palsy
Spina Bifida
Sports Medicine The physicians and staff in the Orthopedic Center at Children's Hospital have a wide range of experience and provide state-of-the art treatment for everyday, as well as for difficult or rare pediatric orthopedic problems.
Family-centered care
At Children's Hospital of Wisconsin we provide family-centered care because we know that a child's health affects the whole family. We create a partnership with families talking openly and often about their child's care and their personal beliefs. Our goal is to support families by building on their strengths.
Treat common to complex conditions
We treat the whole range of problems, from common to complex. We diagnose and treat problems related to bones, joints and muscles. Referrals to this clinic come from the Emergency Department/Trauma Center, as well as pediatricians, primary care and family practice physicians, and general orthopedists and inpatient consults.

143. Amputee Forum
Site providing information on prosthetic devices for amputees Forum and online survey, chat room, photos and links.

144. The News-Press: Local & State - Double Amputee Becomes Top-notch Truck Driver
Double amputee becomes topnotch truck driver. Published by on May 12, 2004. Fort Myers native Preston Towns has two
E-mail Article E-mail News Print Article Subscribe now Double amputee becomes top-notch truck driver
Published by on May 12, 2004 Fort Myers native Preston Towns has two artificial legs, yet it didn’t keep him from getting a foot in the door at Krehling Industries. (Prison, disability didn’t stop Towns from driving new road, June 15, 2003). Once Towns, 45, got into the concrete business, he stuck as a ready-mix truck driver. Despite his work ethic, many believed a marriage of prosthetics and truck driving was destined to end on the rocks. “Truthfully, I didn’t think he’d make it,’’ says Dave Bennett, Towns’ boss at Krehling. “I figured he’d have problems going up and down the ladder as much as we do. “But he’s been totally the opposite. Preston’s been one of our top workers.’’ Krehling hired Towns on April 24, 2003, after he became the first double amputee among more than 25,000 graduates of the National Truck Drivers School near Jacksonville. “Preston hasn’t missed a day of work and when they try to get him to take a day off, he talks them out of it,’’ says Jerry Mount, national admissions counselor for the school. Towns, a 1978 Riverdale High grad, lost his legs to gangrene in prison in 1989 after he was convicted of drug trafficking in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

145. M-STAR Michigan Society To Advance Rehabilitation
Providing presurgical counseling to amputees and their families as well as followup after the amputation to help the amputee cope with limb loss.

About Us
Success Stories Frequently Asked Questions Donate ... Contact Our Staff powered by Volunteer Solutions Home Login Search ... About Us
M-STAR Michigan Society To Advance Rehabilitation
Warning: This listing is no longer actively maintained. The information below is likely to be out of date. Last updated on November 6, 2002 Provide presurgical counseling to amputees and their families as well as followup after the amputation to help the amputee cope with limb loss. Description:
Provide peer counseling to new amputees and their families as well as guidance and counseling after their amputation. Provide guidance in prosthetics and other needs that are encountered by amputees.
(M-STAR) Michigan Society To Advance Rehabilitation is the only amputee peer counseling organization in Michigan. It is run by an amputee to help amputees reach their goal of becoming useful to themselves, their families and society. There are many amputee support groups in Michigan but none other than M-STAR that provide amputee peer support prior to the amputation and after the amputation. We will go to the hospital upon request of the amputees family or on the request of a medical professional to do counseling.
Contact person: Dr. Saul Morris, President/CEO, 586-757-6002

146. Amputee Clinic
The Spain Rehabilitation Center (SRC) amputee Clinic serves the individual in need of an amputation by providing a full range of rehabilitative services

147. Portraits Of War
Hilario M. Bermanis II. Spc. Hilario M. Bermanis II, 21, a triple amputee, sits in a wheelchair, looking out the window as he goes on a visit to a local mall.
At an army hospital, learning to live again BY JEFF SEIDEL AND RICHARD JOHNSON
DETROIT FREE PRESS WASHINGTON Spec. Alex Leonard wakes up in excruciating pain. It feels like his toes are being smashed. "And my toes aren't there," he says. Down the hall, in another room in Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Spec. Adolfo Lopez-Santini has a broken rib, a mangled hand that was nearly amputated and a broken leg. Both eardrums were shattered when a crude roadside bomb exploded in Tikrit, Iraq. Bones in his face are cracked, and there are gaping holes in his hand and leg. He lost his left eye the force of the explosion blew it out of its socket and he can't focus with his right one. He sees only shadows. When he wakes eight days after the attack, he thinks he is a prisoner of war and tries to fight his captors, the Iraqi military. He touches a familiar face, round and soft. He can't see her. Can't hear her. But he knows her. It is his wife. In another room, Staff Sgt. Heath Calhoun sits on a hospital bed, wearing nothing but boxer shorts. He pulls the sheet back and is missing both legs. His upper thighs remain. They look like stumps, the right one still wrapped in bandages. Doctors have stretched the skin around the tip of each one, and closed it with stitches, the first step before getting prostheses. He's afraid of getting an infection. Afraid that he's going to lose another inch.

148. WXYZ: Health
amputee Run When you were given a prosthetic heel and toe, it was out the door, there you go, amputee Clarence Boone, Jr. says.,2132,WXYZ_15919_2865719,00.html
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Amputee Run By JoAnne Purtan
Web Produced by Jenny DiDomenico
May 6, 2004
Whether it's from a car accident, diabetes or cancer, losing a leg is devastating. Now two men are helping amputees by inspiring them one step at a time. Dennis Oehler and Todd Schaffhauser ran their way to world records. Now, they're breaking barriers for people who never thought they'd run again. "I lost my leg in '84, in a car accident, three weeks before signing a contract to play professional soccer in New York," Dennis remembers. Cancer took Todd's leg above the knee when he was 15. "Physical therapists do a great job," he says, "unfortunately they don't get enough time to work with someone." "When you were given a prosthetic heel and toe, it was out the door, there you go," amputee Clarence Boone, Jr. says. Clarence, who lives in Holly, lost his leg 25 years ago, only now is he learning how to run. "My goal is to outrun my kids out on the track field," he says. "They think I'm joking, but it's going to happen."

149. Amputee Mentors Of Arizona
Focusing on the abilities of the amputee, one to one peer counseling is offered to new and existing amputees by people who have successfully adapted to limb loss. Includes details of special events.

150. Heather Mills McCartney - Amputee Forum (Powered By Invision Power Board)
Heather Mills McCartney amputee Forum. Heather Mills McCartney - amputee Forum latest news Accessible Fishing Maine USA 21May2004 Welcome back; your last
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Heather Mills McCartney - Amputee Forum

Heather Mills McCartney - Amputee Forum latest news:
Welcome back; your last visit was on Jun 2 2004, 07:41 AM Amputee Forum Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info Forum News
Behind The Scene Helpful Information and News
May 27 2004, 07:09 PM
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By: JohnnyV Introductions
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Jun 2 2004, 01:58 AM
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151. Cardinal Hill Healthcare System
A nonprofit, private facility providing services in stroke, orthopedic, amputee, MS, brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation, developmental stimulation, occupational medicine, and pain management. Located in Lexington.

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
Cardinal Hill of Northern Kentucky Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center/Easter Seals of Louisville Camp KYSOC ... Cardinal Hill Seminars A leader in providing rehabilitation services in the state of Kentucky, Cardinal Hill Healthcare System is dedicated to helping people regain maximum independence. Our network of quality care services include:
Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
- Lexington, KY
Cardinal Hill of Northern Kentucky
- Florence, KY ... Announcing the Opening of Cardinal Hill Specialty Hospital at the St. Luke Hospital East As the Kentucky Easter Seals Society, for over 75 years we have been dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities.
Healthcare services of Easter Seals Kentucky - TO THE TOP
Send comments to webmaster

152. Amputee Resource List
. American amputee Foundation PO Box 250218 Little Rock, AR 72225 Phone 501666-2523 Fax 501-666-8367.......amputee RESOURCE LIST. Agency.
526 King Street, #20
Alexandria, VA 22314
Website: The mission of this professional organization in orthotics and prosthetics is to promote patient advocacy and high standards in patient care through education, literature and research. American Amputee Foundation
P.O. Box 250218
Little Rock, AR 72225
Fax: AAF researches and gathers information related to amputees and provides amputees and their families with financial aid and general assistance. American Leprosy Missions (ALM) 1 Alm Way Greenville, SC 29601

153. Tarrant Amputee Network
Serving the DallasFort Worth area. Includes details of meeting times, location, and biographical information about David Norcott, group facilitator.
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Wë rë Hêrë Tø Hê£þ Øthêr§
  • M裏ïøñ Štãtëmêñt
  • §ëttîñg Gøãl§
  • §hãrîñg ÊxÞêrîëñçë§
  • ÇøÞîñg/Ðí§çü§§îñg §îtûãtïøñ§
  • §Þêåkër§ T룣 Për§ôñä£ §†örÿ
  • Møvïñg Fõrwãrd
  • Çømmûñïtý Øüt Rëåçh
  • §ûþþørt Fõr Çãrêgïvêr§
  • Høw Tõ Jøîñ
We strive in reaching out to other fellow amputees in our area as well as other areas!! We are reaching out to let them know that they are not alone and that there are support groups out there to help with their needs of adjusting to such a great loss as an amputation!! The individuals who need help and are there to give help gain strength from joining and participating in our support group as well!! We know what each one of us will go, has gone and is going through, therefore we can relate to every day situations and can discuss through and cope with the reality of situations together and over come the obstacles that have been laid before us!!
    Click to get to Next Page
    This is a special page dedicated to David Norcott, Group Facilitator!! Please stop by and read his story of how he surmounts the obstacles laid before him!!
Come See Our Sponsors
We have dedicated an entire page to those who have shown their support and sponsorship to our group!! Click the link and it will take you to their special page!!

154. Cruel: Amputee "has Way" With Senior
Topic amputee has way with senior. Makes you think though. Let us imagine you re a double amputee, without the ability to perform standard male erm
Topic: Amputee "has way" with senior
Posted by Steenie on 2004-05-09; 17:15:26 (message ; 907 reads) Hmm, I suppose my specialty on this site is bizarre news articles? Just with my first post on this site, here's a story that causes the visions in your head to run rampant. How do these people go about doing this stuff, anyway? Not a schlong, this time Posted by Socrates on 2004-05-09; 17:30:18 (message ; reply to "The assistant administrator of the care center says the assault was an isolated incident." Funny. Right, hard to imagine the guy sneeking about making a habit of it. "If you know nursing homes, things can happen," said Assistant Administrator Paul Parawan." I was about 14. I worked my first real summer job at a nursing home... cleaning snot and drool off the railing, etc. Using sandpaper... what a kick. Boy... did I see some shit.) Posted by cdwitmer on 2004-05-09; 19:46:57 (message ; reply to Maybe he needs a few more appendages amputated. Posted by niknatas on 2004-05-09; 21:59:17 (message

155. West Park Healthcare Centre - Raising The Bar
A rehabilitation and complex continuing care hospital located in northwest Toronto, offering inpatient and out-patient services in the fields of respiratory, amputee, neurological and geriatric medicine. Site contains information about the hospital as well it's long term care centre.
Last major update: May 2004
Comments/Feedback to:

156. Amputee On CAll - Help When You Need It
A helping hand to those who are an amputee or the family of amputees. Also a disability advocate for all disabilities.
Home About Us Projects Contact Us ... Links Sponsored by Section 508.US, Inc. Our Mission: To assist any person with problems or questions about disabilities. We are a free service and never ask for a fee. If you have a problem we can find the answers. Some of our Projects: Florida Governors Americans with Disabilities Act Working Group, member; Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter: International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet: Advocate for Accessible Web Design: You may find links to our work on the Links page listed in the navigation bar. Although our name is Amputee On Call, we offer assistance to family, friends, and anyone with a disability. Our first focus was the amputee and we sill do peer counseling in the Pensacola area and over the internet. If you have a question, we will find the answer. Our data base is large and our scope is international. Our sponsor is Section 508.US, Inc. They provide web service and server space. Section 508 can also help you with your web site. Let them show you how to increase you web interaction by up to 20% at little or no cost to you. Information: Book mark this page and return often.. It has some very useful information.

157. Ryan's Homepage, Right AK Amputee And Avid M3 Enthusiast
Provides support for amputees and their friends/family including amputee issues, links, articles, video clips of activities, exercises, rehabilitation, and definitions.

158. Forwarding Page
A 38 year old amputee.
Gary Dans Web Page
Has Moved! : )
Gary Dans Web Page has been moved to: Most browsers will automatically link you to the new page.

159. Vancouver Hastings - Green Party
Local Green Party organization for the Vancouver (BC)Hastings Constituency Association
102 - 950 Cassiar Street, Vancouver, V5K 4Y5, Ph 604.320.1911 GREEN PARTY IN THE PARK
As the weather improves we will be out in Grandview Park once again - check this space for details The Hasty Greens Newsletter Winter 2004 [PDF] Winter 03 [PDF] Summer 03 [PDF] Related Articles of Interest Ian Gregson's Article on the Citizen's Assembly March 17th, 2004
Simon Fraser NEWS
SFU Peak July 02 SFU Peak June 01 Do You Live in Vancouver Hastings?
Check the Map to Find OUT Interesting Links StopWar Keep Our Coast Oil Free Western Canada Wilderness Committee Vancouver Greens ... Coalition of Childcare Advocates Federal Green Party Candidate Ron Plowright 2001 Election Media Coverage Archive 2001 U of Wa coverage Province April 20 CKNW May 3 SFNews May 3 ... Globe and Mail May 14 Pics from Summer BBQ We are already setting our sights on Victoria for May 17th 2005 - be a part of it now ! Message from 2001 Candidate Ian Gregson In 2001 15% of the voters in Vancouver Hastings told us we were the party for them. We expect more of you will feel the same in 2005. If you are interested in changing the "status quo" of politics in Vancouver Hastings the choice and colour of your support is Green. Please keep in touch with the Vancouver Hastings Constituency Association - THE FUTURE IS GREEN See Ian's Site Who is keeping an eye on the 2010 Olympics ?

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