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  1. Amputation no bar: vets enjoy NAGA golf.(National Amputee Golf Association ): An article from: DAV Magazine by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  2. New Zealand Amputees: Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman, Mark Inglis, Tawera Nikau, Charles Chilton, Clint Hallam
  3. Health care reform and the amputee. (Editorial): An article from: Palaestra by David P. Beaver, 1993-09-22
  4. The Politician: A Vietnam Amputee Takes On Congress And The Mob. by Jerome Parks, 2008-10-10
  5. Fantasma en el cerebro. (los amputados y las funciones cerebrales)(TT: Phantoms of the brain) (TA: amputees and brain functions): An article from: Siempre! by José Gordon, 1998-02-19
  6. Sports for the Leg Amputee by Bernice Kegel, 1986-12
  7. Rehabilitation of Unilateral Above-Elbow Amputees: Selected Problems Final Report
  8. You're Not Alone With the Stories of 38 Remarkable Amputees by John Sabolich, 1995
  9. Amputees and Prostheses Toolkit - Comprehensive Medical Encyclopedia with Treatment Options, Clinical Data, and Practical Information (Two CD-ROM Set) by U.S. Government, 2009-03-14
  10. Austrian People With Disabilities: Austrian Amputees, Paul Wittgenstein, Franz Fuchs, Matthias Lanzinger, Helmut Zilk, Martin Legner
  11. No Excuses The True Story of a Congenital Amputee Who Became a Champion in Wrestling and in Life 2005 publication. by Kyl Maynard, 2005
  12. Oversight of benefit programs, including amputee study required by Public Law 94-433: hearings before the Subcommittee on Compensation, Pension, Insurance, ... Congress, first session, April 4 and 5, 1979 by Pension, Insurance, and Memorial Affairs., . United States. Congress. House. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Subcommittee on Compensation, 1979-01-01
  13. Irish People With Disabilities: Irish Amputees, Michael Davitt, Ronan Tynan, Gerald Smyth, Beauchamp Bagenal, Joseph O'sullivan
  14. You're Not Alone - With the Stories of 38 Remarkable Amputees Who Conquered the Challenges of a Lifetime by John Sabolich, Emily Remmert, 1995

101. Former Patients Pave The Way For Amputee Hockey And A Future Paralympic Team
Lee Havemeier, left, plays hockey, despite being born without his left hand. Former patients pave the way for amputee hockey and a future Paralympic Team.

Shrine Shriners Hospitals Hospital Directory ... Next Lee Havemeier, left, plays hockey, despite being born without his left hand.
Former patients pave the way for amputee hockey and a future Paralympic Team
Lee Havemeier, 22, and several other Shriners Hospitals for Children- Twin Cities former patients have earned spots on the United States National Amputee Hockey Team and hope to claim victory at the 2002 winter games. Havemeier, who was born without his left hand, has played hockey since his childhood. Last spring, Havemeier attended try out camps; his hard work paid off when he opened a letter sent by the American Amputee Hockey Association dated October 31, 2001. It read, "Congratulations! You've been selected as a member of the US National Amputee Hockey Team for the 2001-2002 season." "I'm excited to be a part of this team, " said Havemeier "because if we are provided the opportunity to perform well in the Salt Lake exhibition game, the Paralympics is likely to pick us up as an official team for the 2006 winter games." Alongside Havemeier, three other Twin Cities patients Heather Ewasiuk, John Morton, and Karl Stuemke also plan to win in Salt Lake. But these four teammates have more in common than hockey, they also have received care in the Shriners Hospitals for Children - Twin Cities prosthetic department for a limb deficiency.

102. One Arm Dove Hunt
Event for arm amputees in the Nation. Now in its 25th year, no arm amputee should miss this experience.
33rd Annual
One Arm Dove Hunt
T he 33rd annual One Arm dove hunt will be held in Olney, Texas on September 10th and 11th, 2004. What started in 1972 as a shooting contest between several local arm amputees has grown in the intervening years into an annual event that attracts over one hundred people, most of them amputees, to this small farming community 50 mile south of Wichita Falls, Texas. While still called a dove hunt, fellowship and helping recent amputees come to terms with their new situation is the primary focus of this two-day event. This is the only event on Earth that gives someone who has lost an arm an opportunity to meet and learn from those who have overcome a similar loss. Nothing medical science can offer compares with the positive peer support amputees receive at this event. Kay Doyle, of Missouri, who lost her right arm as a teenager said, "I have been on the mailing list for several years but never came, she said, because I thought it was just a hunt, but I've discovered that this is really a family reunion and I'll be back every year. You've got to be here to understand what it's all about. No arm amputee should miss it." Jack Bishop, retired County Commissioner and Jack Northrup, retired Olney City Manager - known around Young County Texas as the One-Arm Jacks - share a passion for hunting, teasing and out talking each other.

103. | News
People Places. amputee soldier denied access to club. The shoes he uses with his prosthetic legs didn t meet the Clive bar s dress code.
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Amputee soldier denied access to club
The shoes he uses with his prosthetic legs didn't meet the Clive bar's dress code. By BRIANNA BLAKE
Register Staff Writer
Abby Jackson, wife of Spc. Robert "B.J." Jackson, 22, who lost his legs in an explosion last August while serving with the Iowa Army National Guard in Iraq, says her husband was denied access to an upscale nightclub in Clive on Friday night because his shoes weren't fancy enough. "Both of us told (an employee) that those were the only shoes he can wear with his prosthetic legs," Abby Jackson said Saturday. "I even told them he lost them in Iraq."

104. We Need To Rebuild Self Confidence In Our Patients - Land Mine Victims
The International Institute of Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Land mine Survivors. News of vertical amputee hockey in Russia.
boes .org
"Valuable members of our society"
Hockey on Prostheses

Tough Rehabilitation

Fighting the destiny

Valuable Members

Vertical Amputee Hockey
Our history in pictures

Next Generation
My leg was twisted and very dirty

Text Source: Boston Courier -We need to rebuild self confidence in our patients IPRLS - International Institute of Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Land mine Survivors, was founded at Tafts University, Boston, MA in April, 1998. Founder was Dr. Mark Pitkin, formerly of St. Petersburg, Russia - currently professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Tafts. In June of 1998 First International Conference was held by IPRLS which discussed the Program of the US-Russian Prosthetic Rehabilitation Bridge. Russian side was represented by St. Petersburg Institute of Prosthetics, the oldest institution of this profile in the country. 12 patients , including 4 children , are completely rehabilitated now as a result of the unification by Bridge of American technology and Russian experience. But this program is aimed not only on physical rehabilitation after the reconstructive surgery and prosthetic fitting." "We need to rebuild self confidence in our patients. We would like them to believe and to prove to them that they don't need to distance themselves from any kind of activity, that they are valuable members of our society", says Russian specialist Konstantin Scherbina.

105. A New Way To Be Mad - 00.12
Hopkins psychologist John Money published the first modern case history of what he termed apotemnophilia an attraction to the idea of being an amputee.
Go to this issue's Table of Contents. D E C E M B E R 2
The phenomenon is not as rare as one might think: healthy people deliberately setting out to rid themselves of one or more of their limbs, with or without a surgeon's help. Why do pathologies sometimes arise as if from nowhere? Can the mere description of a condition make it contagious? by Carl Elliott N January of this year British newspapers began running articles about Robert Smith, a surgeon at Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary, in Scotland. Smith had amputated the legs of two patients at their request, and he was planning to carry out a third amputation when the trust that runs his hospital stopped him. These patients were not physically sick. Their legs did not need to be amputated for any medical reason. Nor were they incompetent, according to the psychiatrists who examined them. They simply wanted to have their legs cut off. In fact, both the men whose limbs Smith amputated have declared in public interviews how much happier they are, now that they have finally had their legs removed. Discuss this article in the Science More on politics and society in The Atlantic Monthly and Atlantic Unbound.

106. Amputee Stopped For 6 Week Periods
The new amputee learns that the stump sweats. Wetness causes irritation. Drionic special applications device stops excess sweat for 6 week periods.
New, Improved Special Applications Drionic controls excess sweat in bothersome areas Home
Hand/Foot Device

Underarm Device

Surgical Problems

Dryness then becomes a significant factor for the amputee in a number of skin problems that are often associated with excess sweat. The inadequacy and impracticality of frequent sock changes and prosthetic removal is a thing of the past with the use of Drionic. HOW IT WORKSDrionic is a battery operated device that is connected to two free floating felt pads. The pads are tap water wetted and then strapped to the amputee stump as illustrated. The small current transmitted to the skin causes blockage of the sweat pores. Treatment thus ends and 6 weeks of sweat control inhibition begins. Simple re-treatment starts another cycle of 6 weeks of sweat control. The Drionic Special Applications device can also treat other areas where excessive sweat becomes a problem. Such areas can include the groin or crotch areas, and the buttocks. The use of the Drionic Special Applications device for other than the amputee must be obtained through physician prescription and its use under the supervision of a physician. The specialty most familiar with excessive sweat and its control is the dermatologist. Consult with your dermatologist regarding the use of the Drionic Special Applications device.

107. "Life And Limb" A Book By Alan Lewin
Book by Alan Lewin to aid amputees and home carers.
Site hosted by
  • Are you facing amputation? Are you getting the information you need? Have you an amputee in the family and want to be of more help? Does junior have an artificial limb? Are you and they coping? Are you distant from limb centre help? Your limb and you? A marriage made in heaven or...?
Alan is a skilled writer and amputee and his book explains the process from primary consultation through to rehabilitation and fitting from a patient's point of view. GET MOVING ... GET YOUR COPY NOW !!! To order your copy, write to: America Australia New Zealand Europe American Amputee Found. Inc. Northern Territory Amputee Assoc c/o Jo Mead 3 Manor Courtyard National Headquarters PO Box 160 Dairy Bull Dairy Hughenden Avenue PO Box 250218 Humpty Doo Main Street High Wycombe Little Rock NT 0836 Bulls Bucks AR 72225 USA Australia New Zealand HP13 5RE England US$ 29.00 AU$ 32.50 NZ$ 25.50 Or e-mail for further information.

108. Tim's Home Page - Retired Police Officer And Above-Knee-Amputee
Above the knee amputee gives practical advice for those who wish to cycle, including pedals, mounting and dismounting, seat height and prosthetics.
This site is under reconstruction! I've left my personal story up until I get the new site finished. My name is Tim McCarthey. I'm a retired police officer in the city of Bethany, Oklahoma. Bethany is a suburb of Oklahoma City with a population of approximately 25,000 people and 24 police officers. I began working as a police officer in February of 1997 after graduating from college in July of 1996. I was a patrol officer and a bicycle officer. Most of my shift was usually split between the two. Both the fire department and the ambulance were in the park that day and were able to get to me and load me in the ambulance in only a few minutes. I was then rushed to the hospital, unaware that my leg had been severed. I remember the intense pain and the feeling that my leg was still there. In the back of my mind I knew that I would loose my leg that day and I was terrified. The ride to the hospital was something that to this day still gives me goose bumps when I think about how officers from four different agencies blocked intersections and escorted the ambulance to the hospital. I've been one of those officers, blocking intersections and escorting the ambulance, I never thought that I would ever be one of the officers in the ambulance. It's amazing how police officers come together to help each other. In the emergency room, the officers who had been with me from the beginning stayed with me until I was taken into surgery. I knew by looking at the officer's faces that I was in bad shape. Every officer in that room was crying. That day there were several officers who cried and prayed. While in the emergency room, the on-call surgeon told me that he didn't do reattachment but he could call another doctor that did. That's when I realized that my leg had been severed. I told him that I wanted to keep the leg. After the other doctor's arrival, I was taken into surgery.

109. British Amputee & Les Autres Sports Association (BALASA) - Patient UK
British amputee les Autres Sports Ass Patient UK. A directory patient information. British amputee les Autres Sports Association (BALASA).

110. Amputee Bob Mortimer - Inspirational Motivational Speaker
Bob Mortimer, a triple amputee, inspires audiences with his talks on how we can overcome life's real handicaps of attitude, low selfesteem, prejudice and substance abuse.
"Life's only handicaps are the ones we put on ourselves."
Click to learn more about how Bob's
messages inspire audiences of all ages.
Bob's story, one of turning tragedy into triumph, is a message of hope for individuals and families being ravaged by the affects of alcohol and drug use. More...
What Others Say about Bob
Read testimonial letters from teachers, principals, police oficers and church leaders regarding Bob's speaking program. Go there...
A Message of Hope and of Being Our Best
Bob's inspiring talks show how we can be our best, overcoming real handicaps of attitude, low self-esteem, prejudice, bullying and substance abuse. Contact...
About Bob Mortmer
Testimonials Speaker's Requirements ... Contact Info.

111. Amputee Resources - Artificial Arm
Every new upper extremity amputee should have a personalized action plan detailing the steps involved in order to fully maximize his or her rehabilitation
Every new upper extremity amputee should have a personalized action plan detailing the steps involved in order to fully maximize his or her rehabilitation potential. Often this plan is formulated with input from the Physician/ Surgeon, Therapist (Physical and/ or Occupational), Case Manager/ Rehab Coordinator, Prosthetist, Psychologist, and Amputee. Areas addressed are therapeutic intervention, post-surgical intervention, prosthetic intervention, psychological intervention, goal setting, activities of daily living, and return to work.
A good place to start your research and education is our Prosthetic Options Page. This section describes each of the six prosthetic options available to upper extremity amputees. While reviewing this section, keep in mind that:
  • Certain options may be more appropriate than others based on many factors such as level of amputation, condition of residual limb, and individual goals and work requirements, and,
  • Often more than one option may be required for an individual to accomplish all of his or her goals.
    A qualified prosthetist can discuss your specific needs and perform an Initial Prosthetic Assessment. This involves a thorough physical evaluation which may include range of motion, muscle strength, EMG signal strength, skin condition and various other tests. You may also discuss your personal and professional goals, family involvement, personal preferences, home life, hobbies, and funding issues. A qualified prosthetist should be able to answer any component or prosthetic design questions or concerns you may have.
  • 112. The Devotee Chronicles
    Dedicated to breaking down the barriers between the amputee and devotee communities by means of understanding, honesty, and tolerance.
    The Devotee Chronicles
    The URL for this site has changed. The new address is: Please update your links and bookmarks accordingly. This page will expire within 30 days.

    113. Amputee Association Of NSW
    WELCOME! amputee ASSOCIATION of NSW INC You are no longer alone. There are a number of amputee Associations/Support Groups in NSW. All
    Caring for you

    Clinics and Groups

    Hints and Stories

    Contact Us

    You are no longer alone Amputee Support Groups in NSW Amputee Clinics in NSW Prosthetic service providers in NSW HOW TO GET YOUR ARTIFICIAL LIMB IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO ATTEND THE AMPUTEE CLINIC AND LIMB MANUFACTURER (PROSTHETIST) of YOUR CHOICE. We are fortunate to have a subsidised Artificial Limb Scheme. To be covered by this scheme in NSW it is necessary to be a permanent resident in NSW and appear on a current Medicare card. CLIENT CONTRIBUTION
    Amputees are responsible for seeing that the prostheses are properly maintained. Where there is evidence that prostheses are not being properly looked after, the costs of repairs or replacements may not be met by the NSW Artificial Limb Service. PRESCRIPTIONS
    All prescriptions for artificial limbs must be issued by an accredited prescriber. Prescriptions must be issued from an accredited amputee clinic for: 1 all primary (first) prostheses 2 replacement prostheses requiring modification of prescription due to medical or functional changes.

    114. Gods Grace, Life After Tragedy
    Personal testimony about life after tragic accident and the amputation of both arms. amputee resources.
    On December 31, 1996 at 6:18 A.M. I was Crushed. go figure.
    This page is down due to the fact that there is no Grace with God. We are puppets in his hands for amusment and torment.
    Life is What you make it ! Don't live for any Idea of hope. Live life as it was your last day. With no regrets. learn from everything and everyone. let no one or any religion hold you in chains. Photo's Favorite Links Who We Are Amputee News Testimony

    115. Amputee Association Of NSW
    WELCOME! amputee ASSOCIATION of NSW INC. You are no longer alone. President Beryl Owen Vice President Chris McConnell
    Caring for you

    Clinics and Groups

    Hints and Stories

    Contact Us WELCOME!

    You are no longer alone President: Beryl Owen

    Vice President: Chris McConnell
    Street Address: 22 Narara Crescent Narara NSW. 2250 Phone: (02) 4328 1004 Fax: (02) 4329 6104

    116. TAS Foundation - Helps People With Cancer And/or Amputations
    Information about amputees living with a handicap; spreading knowledge to try to be an inspiration to our readers.

    117. - Losing A Limb Doesn't Mean Losing Your Job
    We anticipate that up to 40% of all of those injured will be able to return to active duty, says Chuck Scoville, administrator of Ward 57, the amputee wing at
    Cars Jobs Franchises Business Opportunities ... Weather Politics Politics home Politics briefs Latest polls Political calendar Washington Washington home Washington briefs Government Guide Law Center Health Health home Medical resources Health information Editorial/Opinion Ed/Op home Columnists Cartoons More News Top news briefs Nation briefs World briefs States ... Talk Today Posted 5/5/2004 1:06 AM Updated 5/5/2004 1:09 AM BEYOND WORDS Audio and photos Rozelle is fit to serve, and more Today's Top News Stories Federal official reassigned Authorities: Padilla plot included plan to blow up apartments Low-income enrollments lagging for drug cards Prosecutors target Peterson love affair ... Add headlines to your Web site E-Mail Newsletters Sign up to receive our free Daily Briefing e-newsletter and get the top news of the day in your inbox. E-mail: Select one: HTML Text Breaking News E-Mail Alerts Get breaking news in your inbox as it happens Losing a limb doesn't mean losing your job By Patrick O'Driscoll, USA TODAY

    118. CME - Composite Medical Equipment - Home Page
    Specializes in durable medical equipment using wood and composite materials. Including transfer boards, lapboards and amputee boards.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    119. 1010 WINS: Double Amputee Charged In Nursing Home Rape
    Double amputee Charged in Nursing Home Rape.
    var site="1010WINS" var section="HOME" accID='DM530703N9EF78EN3'; content_title='PUT+PAGE+NAME+HERE';content_group='1010+WINS+Local+News;';
    You Give Us Twenty-Two Minutes, We'll Give You The World. Advanced Search CURRENTLY IN CENTRAL PARK Wednesday, June 02, 2004 Homepage 1010 WINS Insider 1010 WINS Local News Check Stock Prices ...
    Our School: The High School for Environmental Studies.

    Double Amputee Charged in Nursing Home Rape
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    May 8, 2004 3:28 pm US/Eastern
    (1010 WINS) (NEW YORK) A double-amputee was arrested for allegedly raping a 78-year-old fellow patient in her room at a Brooklyn adult care center, police said Saturday.
    Samuel Irving, 43, was charged with rape and second-degree assault in the Friday evening attack at the Greenpark Care Center in the Fort Greene section, said police spokesman Detective Kevin Czartoryski.

    120. By Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory, Inc.
    Collection of short video clips and instructions to help amputees perform specific tasks and activities.
    Current Instructional Videos that include gait training, activities of daily living and sports and recreation are: Below the Knee Amputee Unilateral Above the Knee Amputee Bilateral Above the Knee Amputee Unilateral Below the Elbow Amputee Unilateral How To... Instructional Videos Welcome to This site is filled with short video clips and instructions to illustrate how people with a specific disability perform tasks like gait training, activities of daily living and sports and recreation. The site's instructional video selection will grow as we expand the site. Try it, and give us your feedback. We are also adding a collection of . Be inspired by people who won't be limited by their disabilities. Thank you, Jonathan Batzdorff, CPO
    Founder and Owner
    Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory, Inc.
    Home Instructional Videos Links Contact Us Site Map
    Web site by Nu-Designs Web Development

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