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  1. Austrian Amputees: Paul Wittgenstein, Franz Fuchs, Matthias Lanzinger, Helmut Zilk
  2. Italian People With Disabilities: Italian Amputees, Alex Zanardi, Alessandro Nannini, Orazio Fagone
  3. Indian People With Disabilities: Indian Amputees, Rana Sanga, George Abraham, Sudha Chandran
  4. Whole Again: An Amputee's Awesome,ten Year Battle Against continuous Pain by Lee Whipple, 1980-01-01
  5. This prosthesis recycles: artificial foot captures and releases energy for amputees.: An article from: Industrial Engineer by Unavailable, 2010-04-01
  6. Japanese Amputees: Mori Koben, Okuma Shigenobu, Terauchi Masatake, Shigeru Mizuki, Mamoru Shigemitsu, Kenkichi Ueda, Gyoshu Hayami
  7. 2009 Empowered Patient's Complete Reference to Amputees and Prostheses (Two CD-ROM Set) by PM Medical Health News, 2009-03-14
  8. Spanish Amputees: Miguel de Cervantes
  9. Dutch Amputees: Peter Stuyvesant, Philip Verheyen, Bas Van Der Voort
  10. Evolution of Va-Dod Collaboration in Research and Amputee Care for Veterans of Current and Past Conflicts, as Well as Needed Reforms in Va Blind Rehab
  11. Rick Monroe awarded commander's trophy at National Amputee Golf Association Tournament.: An article from: DAV Magazine by Jim Hall, 2005-11-01
  12. New Zealand People With Disabilities: New Zealand Amputees, Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman, Mark Inglis, Tawera Nikau, Charles Chilton, Terry Wiles
  13. Apparatus used in teaching swimming to quadriplegic amputees.: An article from: Palaestra by Christine F. Summerford, 1993-03-22
  14. One step ahead: An integrated approach to lower extremity prosthetics and amputee rehabilitation by Robert S Gailey, 1994

81. Amputee Set
amputee Set World Wide Web Domination BURN IT DOWN!
Amputee Set
World Wide Web Domination

82. Amputee Care New England Offering Prosthetic Services From Next Step
Custom prostheses and artificial limbs from New England's amputee care centers. Locations in NH and RI.
Quality amputee care New England, Next Step provides prosthetic services for people from across the country and around the world.
Next Step also specializes in fitting high-performance orthotics and prosthetics, such as the c-leg (computerized prosthesis), for those who are engaged in an active lifestyle.
At Next Step amputee care New England our ABC-certified clinicians provide custom orthotics and prosthetic services for clients of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric. Our Amputee Care Centers are currently located in Bedford, NH, North Andover, MA, and Warwick, RI. We are also able to see prosthetic clients in Concord, NH. Our reputation of being the premiere prosthetics facility in New England has been earned over the past 25 years, because we truly listen, and want to provide our clients with an independent lifestyle as soon as possible. The company is practitioner-owned and operated and some staff members are amputees themselves. Orthoses, or braces, are used by people who require support due to disease or malformation. Prostheses, or artificial limbs are used by people who have lost limbs or extremities due to disease or accidents. Next Step prides itself on delivering expert fitting techniques to each client, with a commitment to clinical leadership. Individualized fittings, alignments, and gait adjustments are customized not only to a specific amputee's functional needs, but are also performed until the client attains the highest level of satisfaction and comfort.

83. The War Amps - National Amputee Centre Home
One of the primary goals of The War Amps National amputee Centre is to educate amputees and their family members about all aspects of amputation.
Artificial Limbs


Daily Living

For Prosthetists
Technical Terms

The War Amps has over 80 years of experience in providing support to Canadian amputees. One of the primary goals of The War Amps National Amputee Centre is to educate amputees and their families about all aspects of amputation. Through the formalization of the National Amputee Centre, information from all over the world is shared with amputees and the prosthetic industry in Canada. The information gathered by the National Amputee Centre at prosthetic conferences and through direct contact with manufacturing companies is an invaluable resource for amputees. The National Amputee Centre content on this site is provided for educational purposes only. Your prosthetist and clinic team should provide guidance on specific issues you may have. As NEW articles are added frequently to the site, we encourage you to visit us often.

84. P I E R E T T I . C O M
amputee aggressive skater and motivational speaker who skated across the United States on a prosthetic leg. Includes photos, personal history, and information about Casey's prosthesis and his team.

85. The War Amps: Contact Us - National Amputee Centre
Contact Us, National amputee Centre. Fax (613) 7313234. Address The War Amps National amputee Centre 2827 Riverside Drive Ottawa, ON K1V 0C4. On-Line Services
National Amputee Centre E-mail: Other Contacts...
Adult Prosthetics Program

CHAMP Program

Customer Service

Donations and Receipts
War Amps Productions

Phone: toll-free: 1-877-NAC-CIPA
in Ottawa: (613) 731-3821 Fax: Address: The War Amps
National Amputee Centre
2827 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON K1V 0C4 On-Line Services: Change an Address Leave a Comment Make a Donation Make an "In Memoriam" Donation ... Policies

86. Double Amputee Arrested In Rape Of 78-Year-Old Woman
print story email story last updated 5/9/2004. Double amputee Arrested in Rape of 78Year-Old Woman. The 43-year old suspect is described at a double amputee.
var CM8Server = ""; var CM8Cat = "WABC.NEWS"; var CM8Profile = "STORY=WABC_050804_BEATING1"; CM8ShowAd("TOP") Quick Links News 7 On Your Side 7 On Call The Investigators Our Schools Technology- The Tech Guru Streaming Video Weather 5-Day Forecast At a Glance Watch the Forecast Interactive Get Your Desktop Alert ENews Alerts Behind the News with Bill Ritter Message Boards Sports New York Teams ESPN Headlines Entertainment Celebrity Headlines Movies Lottery On TV Your TV Schedule Shows on ABC 7 Health Dr. Jay Health Headlines Technology The Tech Guru Traffic and Live Cameras Tri-State Maps Text Updates Traffic Cameras Views Around NYC Live Cams around the U.S. About ABC 7 News Team Bios Contact Us Jobs at ABC 7
print story
email story last updated: 5/9/2004
Double Amputee Arrested in Rape of 78-Year-Old Woman
By Jeff Pegues (Fort Greene-WABC, May 8, 2004) There has been a sexual assault at a Brooklyn adult care center. The 43-year old suspect is described at a double amputee. His victim: a 78-year old woman. It happened at the Greenpark Care Center in the Fort Greene section. Images of the Story
From the AP: The News in Photographs

The Day's Top 25 Stories- NY, NJ, CT, US, Entertainment

87. Amputation - Information / Diagnosis / Treatment / Prevention
home musculoskeletal disorders amputee Amputation. Subtopics amputee Personal Pages, amputee Phantom Sensation. amputee Support Groups,

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Information / Diagnosis / Treatment / Prevention
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Subtopics: Amputee > Personal Pages Amputee > Phantom Sensation Amputee > Support Groups Related Topics: Adaptive Equipment Prosthetics Chronic Illness Health Care Business/Products and Services/Orthopedic ... Open Directory: Society/Issues/Disabilities Medical Definition: University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Medical Dictionary: "amputee" Health News: Search millions of published articles for news on Amputation Modern Medicine Aging The Ardell Wellness Report HealthFacts Medical Post Medical Update Men's Health and the National Women's Health Report Note: Subscription required to access the full text of articles. Web Directory: Alatheia Amputee Rehabilitation Center Helps amputees who desire rehabilitation through realistic prosthetic restorations. Also provide the latest technology in every area of the prosthetics field.

88. Amputee Networking And Support Services From Stumps R Us
Are their ankles that will allow you to wear up to a 4 inch heels? Or do I just need to be realistic because I m now an amputee? I am an A/K amputee .
o 200 o 200
Last update: 11/02/2002, v1.0
Guestbook is open to the public and is NOT confidential. These postings are public so that you can share and learn from others. Any re-use for any purpose without express permission is expressly forbidden. Stumps `R Us assumes no liability for any statements made on this guestbook.
Site Navigation Bar >> Jokes and Humor Gimpy Magazine Contact Information Reference Links ... About Us
Please post your question or thoughts. Simply clicking your mouse on the pencil image will open the "add comment" page. I am diabetic and will be amputated in a couple of weeks, most likely just above the knee. Do you know of any contacts in Switzerland or Germany to communicate. Will my excruciating pain stop after the amputation ?

Berne, Switzerland - Tuesday, June 01, 2004 at 23:28:58 (GMT)

San Francisco, CA USA - Tuesday, June 01, 2004 at 20:39:36 (GMT) Andrea Paringit in Forest Hills, N.Y...Good luck in your quest. If you are successful please let me know. There may be others who would benefit from your discovery.

89. Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports
Provides Learn to Ski and Ski Improvement programs in British Columbia for students of all ages and a variety of disabilities including amputee, cerebral palsy, brain injured, mentally challenged and visually impaired. Includes information about the group, programs offered, resorts used, student enrollment and volunteer information, and event calendar.
Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports provides quality Learn to Ski and Ski Improvement programs for students of all ages and a variety of disabilities including amputee, cerebral palsy, brain injured, mentally challenged and visually impaired. The instructors are local skiers and snowboarders who have at minimum completed the CADS Level 1 course on ski and board instruction for persons with disabilities. They are from all walks of life, teachers, healthcare workers, business people, etc., and volunteer their time to work with the students. Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports was until September, 2001 known as the L.M.S.D.S., The Lower Mainland Skiing for the Disabled Society.

90. Landmines In Cambodia: Letter From A Khmer Amputee
Letter From A Khmer amputee. By Hay Loeuth. When I, an amputee, was grief stricken and those around me were cheerful and happy, how miserable I was.
Letter From A Khmer Amputee
By Hay Loeuth I want to tell you about the suffering which struck my heart and I cannot rid myself of. When I, an amputee, was grief stricken and those around me were cheerful and happy, how miserable I was. I had no strength to struggle and continue to exist in this world. My heart was either full of sorrow or hopelessness. Living for what? Just a little food to fill the hungry stomach and waiting for the end of the day. But I wanted to tell you about my feeling after my legs were blown off by a mine. I lost all my sense of being and self-esteem and filled myself instead with cowardice, fear, and despair. I did not want to live. The words wouldn't stop ringing in my ears: "I am an amputee." There is no reason for living found in these words. Filled with sorrow, shame, and humility at being discounted by other people. Difficulty both physically and psychologically. Nothing to smile about, so never smiling. Always under stress from the disregard of other people. Like living in a hell. Living like a reptile which hides its face when it meets other animals or men, like a bird that gets its food from the female or like the kind of tree that grows on another tree. That's why others are frustrated and disregard me. I am a parasite. Everything that I could do before, walk, stand, sit, jump, run; I can do no more. Whenever I was in a group of people, I looked at myself and saw that I was the ugliest one of all.

91. CAPS
Peer support newsletter.
Can't find what you're looking for? The CAPS site has moved to: Please update your bookmarks...

92. Salon Health & Body | The Sound Of One Leg Bowling
at this particular bowling session it seems to fit right in with the conversation, for it s a pizzaand-bowling party hosted by a Bay Area amputee group called
Archives Contact Us Table Talk ...

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Search Salon
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Help Salon Columnists
Follow these links for the most recent column by:
Susie Bright

Robert Burton, M.D.

Joe Conason

Sean Elder
... Physicians, heal thyselves The biblical injunction takes on new meaning as British doctors struggle to regain public confidence. By Elkan Allan Anger test Getting mad A new study shows women can keep anger in and still be OK. By Amy Standen Column Mike Nichols, what planet are you from? In his latest dissection of the gender gap, the director of the great "Carnal Knowledge" trades earnest sexual consideration for a cheap, vibrating sight gag. By Virginia Vitzthum Stress By Robert Burton, M.D. The sound of one leg bowling By Mary Roach March 24, 2000 H ere is a reason I don't bowl. I suffer an irrational fear that one of my fingers will become stuck in the hole and the bowling ball will yank it off, and I will stand there watching the ball roll down the lane with my bloodied digit sticking out. Normally, I don't share my fears of accidental amputation with fellow bowlers, but at this particular bowling session it seems to fit right in with the conversation, for it's a pizza-and-bowling party hosted by a Bay Area amputee group called Stumps 'R Us.

93. Welcome To Manchester Amputee Football Club Web Site
UK club provides advice on getting started, equipment, rules, contact details and league standings. Requires Flash.

94. Amputee/Family Caregiver Series
amputee/Family Caregiver Series a Virtual Conversations® information system.
Home Search Site Index
Amputee/Family Caregiver Series

Jonathon's Story

Ron's Story

Roland's Story

Melanie's Story
Don's Story

The Amputee Series consists of 11 Virtual Conversations™ programs developed by IDI under a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These voice-activated programs allow recent amputees and their family caregivers to gain practical knowledge and emotional support through virtual dialogues with experienced amputees and caregivers. This Virtual Conversations™ series features 11 individuals (8 amputees and 3 caregivers ) each on a CD-ROM. The eight stories in the series include: Jonathon's Story Melanie's Story Ronald Austin Ken Rutherford ... Linda Edwards Place you mouse cursor over the Amputee's name
to display information about that program here.
Amputees and caregivers who participated in the NIH-sponsored field test experienced significant learning gain and positive shifts in attitudes about amputees. And, all of the participants strongly recommended that the programs be made available to recent amputees and caregivers early in their rehabilitation process.

95. Alatheia Prosthetics - Artificial Limbs For Amputees.
Creates and fits amputees with the world renowned Dermatos prostheses. Also covers prosthetics with dermatos skin.
Site Map
Alatheia Prosthetics - prosthetic limbs for amputee
Alatheia prosthetics creates custom made life-like prosthetics, prosthetic limbs, prosthetic devices and prosthetic skin for amputees throughout the world. Dermatos prostheses, prosthetics and artificial skin are recommended by finger amputees, hand amputees, arm amputees, to other amputees desiring rehabilitation through realistic prosthetic restoration. To view samples of Dermatos prostheses, prosthetics and, prosthetic skin, or to learn more about Alatheia's mission, click on the appropriate icon above. Alatheia creates prostheses for the amputee. Amputees from all over the world visit our center to be fitted with dermatos prosthetics and prosthetic artificial skin. Keywords for searching the web for this category are:
This document requires a browser that can view frames. If you are viewing this text then you do not have a browser that can read frames. For more information on Alatheia Prosthetic Rehabilitation Center call us at (877)ALATHEIA, (601)919-2113 or email us for a brochure on Dermatos prostheses and artificial skin for amputees. email: or write to: Alatheia Prosthetic Rehabilitation Center 504 Grants Ferry Road Brandon, MS 39047
artificial limbs, prosthetics

96. Heather Mills: Adaptive Skier On A Mission
Former ski instructor and model, now a disabled skier who skis with an artificial limb, inspires other amputees to enjoy adaptive sports with prosthetics.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Sports Skiing Home ... Skiing Events Calendar zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Product Reviews Before You Buy Backcountry Skiing Disabled Skiing ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Skiing newsletter. Search Skiing Heather Mills: Adaptive Skier on a Mission Former ski instructor, model and activist conquers ski slopes after leg amputation by Elisabeth Osmeloski Heather Mills may be known now to most people because of her engagement to former Beatle Paul McCartney, but to thousands of amputees, she is known as the woman who gave them new freedom. Heather, now 33, has overcome a lifetime of adversity and trying times with her motivation to help others through her charity work and an entreprenuerial spirit that simply makes things happen. More of this Feature Heather Adapts to Skiing with a Prosthetic Limb
Heather's Inspiration: "I find Ghandi an inspiration to many. But mainly it's my close friends and family. I love kind and giving people and I feel sorry for those that aren't"
Heather Mills

Related Resources Heather Mills' Website
More About Disabled Skiing

From Other Guides Disabled Waterskiing
Adaptive Snowboarding

Elsewhere on the Web Salt Lake 2002 ParaOlympics
Heather's Story: In her early 20's, Heather Mills began a successful modelling career, but it was her first skiing experience that led her life in a new direction. "I started skiing in Slovenia on my first holiday there when I was 21 yrs old. I fell in love with it so much I went to live there and trained to be a first level ski instructor. The war started so I took 26 ski instructors to Austria (Bad Klein Kierheim) to teach English kids on holiday there."

97. The Amputee
The amputee (1973). A film by David Lynch. The amputee was made during a lull in the making of Eraserhead. Catherine Coulson
The Amputee A film by David Lynch The Amputee was made during a lull in the making of Eraserhead . Catherine Coulson (the log Lady in Twin Peaks) plays a woman who narrates her words of a letter she is writing, while a doctor (David Lynch) tends to her amputated legs. The woman seems unconcerned about this, even when blood absurdly and amusingly begins to gush out of the stumps. var enabled = 'no'; Film Related Quotes: Click to View or Add Text. Six Men Getting Sick The Alphabet The Grandmother Eraserhead ... Home
Join the Surreal Movies Group var go_mem="Wayney";

98. Self-Efficacy And Psychological Skills During The Amputee Soccer World Cup
Focuses on the relationships between psychological skills, selfefficacy, and performance among soccer players participating in the amputee World Cup.
Self-Efficacy And Psychological Skills
During The Amputee Soccer World Cup James Lowther

Wimbledon Football Club
Selhurst Park Stadium

School of Sport, Performing Arts, and Leisure
University of Wolverhampton
ABSTRACT Introduction Method Discussion ... References ABSTRACT Introduction Psychological skills such as self-talk and imagery should relate with self-efficacy toward achieving performance related goals in soccer. Demonstration of links between psychological skills, self-efficacy, and performance should provide an empirical basis for applied sport psychology interventions. Further, empirically grounded interventions are preferable because they can be tested. The aim of the present study was to investigate relationships between self-efficacy and performance among a soccer team participating in the 2001 Amputee World Cup. Method Participants Participants were 15 male soccer players (Age range 19-28 years) in the England team at the 2000 Amputee World Cup. Players had an average of 11 years of playing experience ( SD = 2.81 years) of soccer. On average, players had 2.4 years (

99. Amputee Hockey Links
amputee Hockey Sites. Canadian amputee Canadian skaters. St. Petersburg Elks Russia First in the world vertical amputee hockey team .


Birthplace of Ice Hockey
Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada Home Site Map Contact Museum ... Links
Hockey Links
Nova Scotia


African Canadian

... Other Windsor, NS Links How to get here Downtown Windsor What To See Where to Eat ... King's/Edgehill School Nova Scotia Links NS Tourism NS Photos NS History Links Amputee Hockey Sites Canadian Amputee Hockey Asssociation The Canadian Amputee Hockey Committee (CAHC) is a newly formed committee, of the Canadian Amputee Sport Association (CASA), that has organized for the sole purpose of promoting ice hockey for amputees regardless of age, gender, race or physical ability. The Canadian Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists - What's New's.htm In January, the 25-28th, to be precise, the AAHA is holding a "joint" amputee training camp, Can – AmP 2001 in Lake Placid, NY at the Olympic Training Center, for both U.S and Canadian skaters. St. Petersburg Elks - Russia

100. Janson Media: Video And DVD: The Tom Whittaker Story
Story of 49 yearold amputee Tom Whittaker's record-breaking 1998 summit of Everest.
The Tom Whittaker Story: One Step at a Time An Everest summit attempt is a high stakes gamble. Over the years, 160 people have died making the attempt; never to return from one of the harshest environments on earth. 1998 was no exception. Several experienced climbers lost their lives. Climbing Everest couldn't be a more difficult or dangerous human undertaking, for even the strongest, healthiest, and most-experienced mountaineers. Which is why 49 year-old amputee Tom Whittaker's record-breaking 1998 summit of Everest has been called "one of the year's most amazing and inspiring stories."
The Tom Whittaker Story is a tale of remarkable resolve, tenacity and courage. Having failed twice before, 49 year-old amputee Tom Whittaker, missing his right foot and kneecap, sets out one more time for the "holy grail" of mountaineering. Award-winning producers Stephen Janson and M. D. Morgan take viewers on a fascinating and illuminating journey with Whittaker from beginning to end. The film features exclusive footage shot throughout Whittaker's incredible and difficult pilgrimage to the highest place on earth.
On the mountain, repeated failures and setbacks take their toll on the team. Longstanding friendships are on the verge of breaking apart. Whittaker's body twice betrays him. Finally, with time running out on his climbing permit, in the eleventh hour, Whittaker makes one final push for the summit. The expedition dramatically results in three major records inked in the tally books of Everest, and the human spirit's conquest of an enduring and monumental goal sculpted in ice, snow, and cold gray rock.

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