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         Amputee:     more books (100)
  1. Rehabilitation of the Lower Limb Amputee by W. Humm, 1977
  2. Rehabilitation Management of Amputees (Rehabilitation Medicine Library)
  3. Prehension assessment, prosthetic therapy for the upper-limb child amputee
  4. Amputee: Webster's Timeline History, 1923 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-07-10
  5. AMPUTEE DEVOTEE 1 by Foto Fetish Studios, 2010-08-03
  6. The Amputee's Guide to Sex by Jillian Weise, 2007-02-22
  7. Back in Action: The Inspiring True Story of the First Amputee to Return to Active Command in Iraq [With Earbuds] (Playaway Adult Nonfiction) by David Rozelle, 2009-12
  8. AMPUTEE DEVOTEE 2 by Foto Fetish Studios, 2010-08-03
  9. The Life And Times Of A Young Amputee by Betty I Ledbetter, 2010-05-26
  10. Robo-legs: new prosthetic limbs are providing increased mobility for many amputees--and blurring the line between humans and machines.(NATIONAL): An article from: New York Times Upfront by Michael Marriott, 2005-10-10
  11. High Society Magazine July 2000 Paul McCartney's Amputee Girlfriend Nude, Scratch and Sniff by High Society, 2000
  12. Mexican Amputees: Frida Kahlo, Álvaro Obregón, Antonio López de Santa Anna, José Clemente Orozco
  13. Amputee's 'other leg' is injured by nurses & amputated.: An article from: Nursing Law's Regan Report by A. David Tammelleo, 2003-09-01
  14. Physical Therapy for Lower-Extremity Amputees by Department of the Army, 1968-01-01

41. Amputee Sports For Amputees With An Active Lifestyle.
A web resource for amputee sports and for amputees who have or want an active life style. World amputee Football Federation Becomes New Governing Body.

Amputee Sports



Children's Resources
First 'Disabled'
Sports Card Issued
Sled Hockey Gold Medalist Sylvester Fils In the Game, Inc has released the first ever NHL trading card featuring a sled hockey player, Sylvester Flis.
The release of the Flis card also represents the first time any athlete with a disability has been feature on any professional sport card.
Flis #4 defenseman for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago's RIC Blackhawks has been playing sled hockey for the past eight years.'
In 1996, just two years after starting in sled hockey, Sylvester was selected for the U.S. National Sled Hockey Team.
In March of 2000 he played in his first major international event, the World Cup in Salt Lake City, UT. Flis was awarded the Game MVP award for 3 out of 6 games. Sylvester earned more respect at the 2002 Winter Paralympics in Salt Lake City where he was named Tournament MVP, the Goal Scoring Leader with 11 goals, (3 hat-tricks in 6 games), overall points' leader (11 goals, 7 assists), second place Plus-Minus Leader, and third place Assists Leader. Fils Sports Card Story courtesy of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago RIC Health ISMWSF / ISOD Merger Approved The merger of the International Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair Sports Federation (ISMWSF) and the International Sports Organization for the Disabled (ISOD) received unanimous endorsement at a Joint General Assembly of Nations held in Christchurch, New Zealand, on the occasion of the World Games.

42. Amputee On Call Of Pensacola
Brief tributes to amputees, veterans, and the disabled. Includes sales promotion for prosthetic devices.
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[MORE AOC]. [What a Shame]. [POW/MIA]. ... [ADA News].
Amputee On Call of Pensacola
Welcome to AOC. Our goal is to provide information, education and referrals to all persons with disabilities. Although our primary focus is on the amputee, please feel free to contact us for any disability question. Our Services are FREE, however we do accept donations.
Empowerment Through Knowledge
Vote for this site "Top of the 'Net"
UpDated: March 12, 2000
Site Creation and Maintenance by: Total Access
For all your ADA compliant website needs, contact Us TODAY

43. Part Animal Part Machine
Biography. Information about the double amputee's expeditions and speaking engagements.

44. Amputation And Amputee Info From The Cripworld Guide To Amputation By Cripworld.
Check here for some tips and information including an interview question list. amputee Rights and Obligations Yup, we have both.
TOOLS AND INFO The Cripworld Guide to Amputation

welcomes approximately 3000 visitors
per week
is linked to by more than 700 distinct
has space for YOUR company here!
Cripworld is brought to you by:
Cripworld Guide to Amputation
From here you can find information regarding amputation, components, prosthetists and you can access the various boards that are available to you. General Info Cripworld Community Amputation Message Board
Connect with other amps and people in the community. Pain Discussion Articles
If you have the tinglies, phantoms or other amputation related pain, these articles may help. Glossary of Terms Definitions of common (and not so common) terms used in prosthetics and relating to amputation. Choosing a Prosthetist In the market for a Prosthetist? Check here for some tips and information including an interview question list. Amputee Rights and Obligations Yup, we have both. Prosthetic L-Codes Codes, descriptions and dollar values. Canons of Ethical Conduct The rules for prosthetists. Need to file a complaint?

45. Stumps R Us // An Amputee Support Group
A whimsical Californian support group for amputees and the disabled.
Last update: 02/16/2004, v1.0
Stumps R Us
"A Whimsical Support Group of Cheerful Cripples Who Can Answer almost ANY question you might have about life without one, two, three or four limbs"
Guestbook Resource Jokes and Humor Stumps Party/Gathering Pics Gimpy Magazine ... About Us :: News Worth Sharing Press Release ::
Amputees to benefit from Harley Davidson 100th Year Anniversary Campground Press Release Monday 1/20/03 ::
Stumps `R Us gets national recognition in inMotion magazine Monday 02/16/04 ::
Winter GIMPY Magazine Now Available - Bowling Pictures Posted :: Contact Information Read It Here Chief Stump
Dan Sorkin Organization
Stumps R Us Street
2109 Skycrest Drive #1 Walnut Creek
CA, 94595 :. The Ertl Procedure: Beyond the Bridge We've dedicated this space to share valuable information on the Ertl procedure Stumps 'R Us management A Tony Barr Must Read Neg Reg: We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us! Order your copies directly from OANDP Read About Dr. Ertl's work on their new website: Ertl Construction
Chief Stump Anything is Possible - What's YOUR Handicap?

46. Esmerel's List Of Amputee Resources
amputee Resources. (Courtesy website. amputee Coalition of America; amputee Information Exchange; amputee Online The online resource for an amputee;
Amputee Resources
(Courtesy of Esmerel: Home of Unicorn Quest : The Kids' Typing Tutor Game for One or Two Hands ) Welcome to another part of Esmerel's Collection of Disability Resources. This page is for resources for amputees. If you know of any other resources or have suggestions, please email Heather. Back to the Disabled Directory This page is maintained by Heather

47. Windsor Classic Indoor Games
Registration and classification information for this 3 day competition featuring track and field, swimming, rugby, boccia, powerlifting, sledge hockey, tennis, and amputee volleyball; held in Canada.
//Top Navigational Bar III v3.4.1.1b (By BrotherCake @ //Permission granted/modified by to include script in archive //For this and 100's more DHTML scripts, visit //This notice MUST stay intact for legal use Marentette Avenue Detours, Lauzon Road Construction. Bicycle Trails, Gardens, Marinas etc. More Events More Projects More Services
Quick Poll Do you normally wear sunblock to go outside on sunny days? Yes No NEWS NOTES Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Armouries Re-Use Public Consultation

A Community Workshop to discuss the future of the Windsor Armouries will be held on June 7th at 6:00 p.m. in the Armouries building, 37 University Avenue East. Click here to learn more
People Based Budget
The 2004 People Based Budget was approved by City Council on May 19th. Final documents with updates to the budgets recommended by the Operating Budget Committee and the Capital Budget Committee are being prepared. To view the recommended budgets, please click here
Honouring Heritage and Culture on Wyandotte Street East
Learn more in the newsroom.

48. Index
United Kingdom foundation for physically disabled people who have to be seated to play all golf shots. Tournaments also involve other disabled groups such as amputee, onearm and blind golfers.
Now everybody can enjoy the great game of golf Click picture to enter Designed and created by Jim Hagan document.write('');

49. REHABTech - Monash University
Catalogue of prosthetic, orthotic, and rehabilitative devices developed by REHABTech and available for the industry. Information for amputees advice and links to support groups. Information for the health professional, continuing education, reports, relevant research, practice forms, discussion groups.
The information on this site is continuously updated.
If it appears that new information is not available here, please contact us directly
Site last updated: 1st June 2004 Layers of stump problems
REHAB Tech videoconference r egister for the e- Tech LINK here REHAB Tech s Calendar of Events
(Internet Explorer only) REHAB Tech s list of vacant positions in Australia Job ... WATCH
(Internet Explorer only) This month's Tech LINK

Our monthly current activities newsletter, subscribe or change mailing details
register for the e- Tech LINK here Information for the health professional
Osseointegration update
, Continuing education, reports, relevant research, practice forms, discussion groups, Information for Amputees
Osseointegration update
Resource Kit Generation System
Resources and links to support groups Education, Seminars and Workshops

50. - 'CSI' Star, An Amputee, Looks For Truth - Nov. 13, 2003
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Services CNNtoGO Contact Us SEARCH Web
'CSI' star, an amputee, looks for truth
Robert David Hall wants 'wider palette' on TV
Robert David Hall plays Dr. Al Robbins on "CSI." Story Tools RELATED New developments in prosthetics 'CSI' YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS 'CSI' or Create your own Manage alerts What is this? LOS ANGELES, California (AP) It's the corpses and not the medical examiner's crutch that get attention on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." That's just the way Robert David Hall, who plays Dr. Al Robbins, likes it. Hall, a double amputee fitted with prosthetic legs, wants to see more disabled characters on-screen as a matter-of-fact part of life. He compares casting the disabled in television and movies to using a 64-crayon box instead of one with a fraction of the choices. "To me, it's always much better to paint with a wider palette. And it's more truthful, too," he said. The actor, 55, joined TV's top-rated series early in its first season in 2000 and has been a regular since. "I told them (the producers) right from the get-go, 'I'm not going to play your ghoulish guy.' I want to be a guy who has respect for and sees death as part of life, and that's what they were looking for."

51. Deviant Desires: Kink Of The Month: Amputee Devotees
amputee DEVOTEES, Internet search words devotee, amputee. amputee devotees partners. amputee photo from the Ampulove website. Devotees
AMPUTEE DEVOTEES Internet search words: devotee, amputee Amputee "devotees" (a term they use for themeselves) get a powerful erotic charge from seeing or touching the paraphernalia associated with people who are missing limbs, i.e. crutches and prostheses, or from seeing and touching the stump of the amputated body part. As with most fetishes, this fascination starts very early in childhood and can remain with the person their entire life. How the fetish may manifest itself, or how the person may choose to act on their fantasies depends on the person. Some may merely fantasize about an amputee lover, others may have their non-amputee lovers pretend to be amputees, some may imagine themselves as amputees. Many devotees become involved with real amputees and have long-term relationships that are quite satisfactory to both partners. Amputee photo from the Ampulove website. Devotees can be very particular about which types of amputation interest them, i.e. "BK" below the knee or "AK" above the knee. Some prefer arm amputations, others hand amputations... the possibilities are endless. Some are primarily interested in feeling the stump and may have strong aesthetic preferences for the the appearances of smooth or rumpled skin at the stump. Others may not wish to see or fondle the stump itself, and prefer them to be wrapped in lingerie (much as many so-called "normal" folk find lingerie-clad models more erotic than nude ones.) So, what's so hot about amputees for their fans? Outsiders tend to presume that it's a kind of condenscending freak-show fascination, that the devotee wants to feel superior or that the devotee is unable to see their object of desire as a full human being. This is not necessarily the case.

52. - Double Amputee Killed By Falling Rock - Sep. 22, 2002
CNN Europe CNN Asia Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese On CNN TV Transcripts Headline News CNN International ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Double amputee killed by falling rock
Story Tools MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, Washington (AP) A double-amputee training to climb Mount Everest was struck and killed by a falling rock on Mount Rainier early Monday, a park spokeswoman said. Ed Hommer, a 46-year-old pilot from Duluth, Minnesota, was killed instantly when he was struck by a basketball-sized rock, spokeswoman Maria Gillett said. RELATED American-Canadian Mount Everest Expedition Mount Rainier National Park Gillett said rangers received a cell phone call just before dawn from team leader Jim Wickwire of Seattle. He said a member of the party had been killed on Disappointment Cleaver, at the 11,700-foot level of the 14,411-foot mountain. Park spokeswoman Lee Taylor said Hommer's body was removed by helicopter. The three other members of the party hiked down to Camp Muir, where they were met by a helicopter and taken off the mountain. Three years ago, Hommer became the first double-amputee to climb Alaska's Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America at 20,320 feet. He had lost his legs to frostbite on McKinley after a 1981 plane crash during a mountaineering trip.

53. Welcome To - Prosthetics And Orthotics Matched To Amputees Nee
Helps amputees, case managers, and physicians find prosthetics and prosthetists that can help meet the special needs of individuals. Nationwide. Prosthetics matched to amputees needs! Links artificial limbs and orthotics wearers to information and resources for specific amputees needs. Patient Information Form. In order for us to evaluate your patient's needs and find the right provider for them, please fill out this form patients physicians provides for amputees throughout the world. Contact Insurance medical life ... group Related links Prosthet Pedorthic Prosthetic limbs Orthotics ... - prosthetics and orthotics. site map

54. Amputation Pain Management And Back Pain Relief With Farabloc.
amputee Wrap for Above Knee Amputation. Click here to order amputation pain products. View our extensive list of Amputation Links for more amputee information.
You need the Flash player to see our Logo Farabloc for Amputation Pain Management
20 Years of Pain Research at your Service!
Originally invented to help amputees suffering from amputation related phantom pain.
Amputation pain management and back pain relief with Farabloc, naturally! Farabloc Therapeutic Clothing is now available in wraps and blankets, socks, mitts, jackets and belts for lower back pain. View our online catalog for pain relief naturally. View our extensive list of Amputation Links for more amputee information. Hear about Farabloc for Amputation
Like to listen instead of reading? Listen in as Olympian and sports medicine specialist Dr. Douglas Clement talks about amputation pain and Farabloc in these five different audio tracks from a Vancouver, BC radio program.. .listen to audio files here Prosthetic Limb Cover Design with Farabloc
After using Farabloc successfully in the "traditional" fashion for many years, some amputation patients were asking if the cloth could be worn inside the prosthesis during the day... read complete article here "I was able to help my father with his above knee amputation and phantom pains, therefore I am thankful."

55. Amputee Resources For Canadian Amputees | Amputee Phantom Pain Support | Prosthe
amputee resources including Canadian and international links to sports and recreation, amputee humor, news, phantom pain information and support, photos
Amputee Resources for Canadian Amputees Search Contact Submit Amputee Story Link to Us ... Sitemap Home
Flash Intro

About Us

Amputee Links

Amp Humor
Welcome to Amputee Dot Ca!
Linking Canadian Amputees
Flash Intro About Us Amputee Links Amp Humor ... Sitemap Welcome! is Canada's newest online resource for amputee news and sports information, amputee phantom pain support amputee stories humor and links to other amputation and disability related websites. We are now included in the Amputee Coalition of America's National Limb Loss Information Center! Visit my International Links Page for details. Be sure to visit our Amputee Phantom Pain Page and join our Yahoo Group for Amputees and their families to stay in touch with current amputee news, support and information. We have a growing amputee resource collection and a new button for linking to this site. Please visit the links pages

56. Amputee Sports And Activities For Active Amputees.
amputee Soccer, Photo by RG Hofmann. Golf, Upper and lower limb players Men and Women Tournament Play Eastern amputee Golf Assn. National amputee Golf Assn.

Amputee Sports



Children's Resources
Sports and Activities for the Active Amp
There's a lot to do out there. There are a lot of ways to exercise your need to sweat or to compete or just to play.
So put down the damn remote, turn off the TV and go do something.Then go teach the kids they're OK, too.
Soccer Photo by R G Hofmann Upper and lower limb adaptation,
no prosthetics on the field
Recreational and Competitive Co-ed All age groups ISOD Sanctioned International Tournaments World Championships Paralympic Hopeful Rules, Contacts and Links Archery Upper and Lower Body Adaptation Men and women, all age groups Paralympic Event Sport Details Badminton Standing: Upper Body Adaptation Standing: Lower Body Adaptation Wheelchair Division Co-ed - all age groups On Track for Paralympic Status International Tournaments Contact: Jim Frere USA Team Forming E-Mail USA: US Badminton Bowling Upper and Lower Body Adaptation Men and women, all age groups

57. WAGA - Western Amputee Golf Association
Dedicated to fostering a spirit of confidence among amputee golfers in the Western US
Welcome to the Western Amputee Golf Association. This website has been designed to give you access to amputee news and events, golf course locations, and links to many interesting websites. For more information on WAGA, or to become a member and receive the WAGATales newsletter, please complete an application or contact WAGA WAGA NEWS
Player Points Program
New tournament in Denver in July this year.
Final arrangements are made for the 2004 Regional in New Mexico , scheduled for September 4-6.
Find out your standing for player of the year.
Let us know who you are.

58. Welcome To College Park Industries - Technology For The Human Race
Creators of the TruStep prosthetic foot, for lower extremity amputees of all activity levels.

59. Costing An Arm And A Leg - The Victims Of A Growing Mental Disorder Are Obsessed
Baz remembers first seeing an amputee when he was a 4year old boy in Liverpool. By the time he was 7 he had begun to think, This
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medical examiner Health and medicine explained.
Costing an Arm and a Leg
The victims of a growing mental disorder are obsessed with amputation.
By Carl Elliott
Posted Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 10:15 AM PT
Baz, in Whole : When less is more Baz remembers first seeing an amputee when he was a 4-year old boy in Liverpool. By the time he was 7 he had begun to think, "This is the way I should be." It was not until Baz was in his 50s, however, that he actually had his leg amputated. Baz froze his leg in dry ice until it was irreversibly damaged, then persuaded a surgeon to complete the job. When he awoke from the anesthetic and his left leg was gone, he says, "All my torment had disappeared." Whole , a riveting new documentary by Melody Gilbert that recently premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and will soon be shown at festivals in Calgary and London, is about an increasingly visible group of people who call themselves "amputee wannabes." Wannabes desperately wish to have their healthy limbs removed, and some have succeeded in having it done. Kevin, a university lecturer and one of several wannabes featured in the film, had his leg amputated by Robert Smith, a surgeon in Scotland who has amputated the legs of two otherwise healthy people. George Boyer shot his own leg off with a shotgun. Others have used chain saws and homemade guillotines. Why? Nobody really knows, including the wannabes themselves, who often say they have had the desire since they were children. "It's obviously peculiar," admits Kevin. "But knowing it is peculiar and saying it is weird does not do away with the problem."

60. On Yer Bike
Specialized section of amputee Web Site. Provides invaluable tips for the lower limb amputee considering the use of a bicycle for any reason.
On Yer Bike
Tips on bycycle riding for lower limb amputees
Wayne Epp - Calgary, Alberta
Average clearance for Mountain bikes
Average clearance for Road bike
Ian Gregson ready to roll Photo by Norm Lourenco Cycling is well regarded as an alternative form of excercise for lower limb amputees due to its ability to utilise all lower limbs regardless of residual limb length. Whether you are on a mountain bike on a lightweight road bike there are a few considerations to be contemplated before riding a bike.
If you have riden prior to your amputation you already have the motor skills needed to ride post amputation, all you have to do is gain the confidence and possibly adapt the bike in minor ways to your prosthesis or lack of prosthesis for higher levels of amputation. If you have never riden before welcome to the world of bike riding, hope the following helps you on your way. To use a prosthesis or not:
Actually the use of a prosthesis for bike riding really depends on your level of amputation. I recomend that all lower limb amps except for exceptional short AK's and hemi's DO use a prosthesis. Although it maybe difficult and your sound side does all the work, in fact excercising the prosthetic side in beneficial to the development of muscle in the residual limb. The only lower limb amputees that would not benefit from using a prosthetic limb are those who do not have enough physical strength in their residual limb to physically push the pedal. However, this is not to say mid-thigh AK's should not contemplate riding without a prosthesis, but it should an alternative after all else fails with using a prosthesis. Of course those AK's who do not use a prosthesis for daily activity will no doubt prefer to ride without a prosthesis.

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