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         Addiction And Recovery:     more books (107)
  1. Recovery from Addiction by John Finnegan, Daphne Gray, 1995-11-01
  2. When Good Things Become Addictions (The Recovery bookshelf) by Grant Martin, 1991-09
  3. Understanding Drugs of Abuse: The Processes of Addiction, Treatment, And Recovery by Mim J. Landry, 1994-01-11
  4. From Death Do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction by Amy Lee Coy, 2010-07-26
  5. Art of Recovery: Transforming Shame and Addiction Mythology (Volume 2) by Paul Stiles Randak, 2009-06-29
  6. Light in the Darkness : A Guide to Recovery from Addiction by St. George, M.D. Lee, 2000-07-14
  7. Love, Hope & Recovery: Healing the Pain of Addiction by Joann E. Breeden, 1993-12

121. Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre
Residential addiction treatment center for drug and alcohol abuse, located near Vancouver, British Columbia
A Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center
We are a very private residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center located near Vancouver, British Columbia, in the Pacific Northwest of Canada (approx. 2 hrs north of Seattle, Washington). Our treatment center deals with alcoholism, substance abuse, chemical dependency, and other addictions in a comfortable, intimate environment. The site is easily accessible by car and is approximately 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver. We welcome guests from around the world and will arrange for pick up at the Vancouver airport. At the Orchard Recovery Centre, the counselors, support and medical staff are committed to providing each client with individual attention, care, and treatment.

122. Under Construction
Extended care addiction treatment plus sober and transitional living programs for women in Prescott Arizona
Under Construction
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  • 123. SLUGS - Sobriety Simplified: A Snapshot Of Recovery That You Will Remember And U
    This recovery path looks like the basepath. It's a new and easily remembered addiction recovery model. It features the Big 5 values/commitments and five levels of recovery.

    124. Rabbis Write About Twelve Steps, Addiction, And Recovery
    From the Slavery of addiction to the Redemption of recovery by Rabbi Joel Dinerstein; JACS A Jewish Response to Alcoholism by Rabbi Samuel Rothberg.
    The rabbis and scholars involved with JACS write about their interpretation of the interplay of Judaism, the 12 steps and the recovery process. Here we will bring you writings and lists of books that some of us have found helpful. Some of these writings were either written originally for JACS publications or were found elsewhere on the Internet. Our Rabbis and scholars below have a variety of professional commitments to concerns of addiction in the Jewish community.
  • The Twelve Steps and Judaism, by Rabbi Abraham Twerski, M.D. The Truth about Chemical Dependency and Jews, by Rabbi Abraham Twerski, M.D. Rabbi Abraham Twerski writing on A Sin by Dereliction An excerpt from the Spirituality of Imperfection by Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham. Rabbi Peloni Almoni on saying the Lord's Prayer at AA Meetings Thesis introduction on Jews' Saying the Lord's Prayer by Rabbi Stephan Roberts Being Jewish and addicted Orthodox Youth and Substance Abuse: Shattering the Myths by Rabbi Dr. Benzion Twerski Parsha Archives - Torah Thoughts by Rabbi Hirsh Chinn Alcohol references in the Torah From the Slavery of Addiction to the Redemption of Recovery by Rabbi Joel Dinerstein "JACS: A Jewish Response to Alcoholism"
  • 125. Sunlight Of The Spirit
    A look at alcoholism, recovery, addiction, and spirituality. Includes solutions and resources for recovery.

    126. Alcohol And Drug Rehab Treatment Center Information, Drug Rehabilitation
    alcoholism addiction recovery, detox. Alcoholism and addictions Help and Information. People do recover, every single day. From alcoholism
    A comprehensive directory of drug rehabs, alcohol treatment programs and detox centers for adults, adolescents, and troubled teens. Inpatient residential treatment centers, alcoholism and drug detox information and help... Our directory includes hundreds of drug rehabs and alcohol drug treatment centers nationwide, sober living homes, adolescent, young adult and teen schools wilderness camps and programs. Intervention referrals, 12 step meeting information. Search over 2500 resources for sober living homes and residential treatment programs. Sober houses, long-term and inpatient rehabilitation centers and facilities. Hundreds of listings for substance abuse addiction information.
    Our directory includes some of the best Treatment Centers in the United States and abroad, 12-step meeting information, and Mental Health resources for dual-diagnosis, bi-polar and depression.

    127. Success House
    A nonprofit, supportive living recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction. Provides a link between intensive treatment and clean and sober independent living.
    A Non-Profit, Supportive Living Recovery Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction
    1-800-586-8134 or 325-646-1903 Success House is a community-based facility which provides individuals everything necessary to develop and maintain their greatest capacity for a happier and more productive life. We provide the crucial link between intensive treatment and clean and sober independent living. Residents are provided a safe living environment, meals and assistance in obtaining employment. Residents are also provided with counseling and educational opportunities based on a graduating level system and mandatory participation in recovery programs relevant to their addictive disorder. We have a pay-as-you-go program with very little cost to residents. We can often provide work opportunities to assist them in paying their own way.
    • 70 bed capacity comprised of six residential homes.
    • Men only
    • $77.00 per week including dinner M-F
    • Only $154.00 in advance to move in. (negotiable)
    • Air conditioned rooms furnished with beds, closets and dressers.
    • Washer and Dryer in each house.

    128. Untitled Document
    trouble. The good news is that we have prevailed over addiction and gone on to pioneer some exciting changes in addiction recovery. As

    129. RECOVERY CHAT.COM™ - Chat With People In Recovery From All Over The World
    Online recovery chat room services for those afflicted with or impacted by addiction of any form. Multiple meeting rooms with scheduled meetings as well as user photos and a bulletin board are offered. All are welcome!
    Message Board User Pictures Meeting Schedule Help Us! ... Contact Us
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    130. Addiction, Treatment, Recovery, And Use
    Facts About Drugs and Alcohol addiction, Treatment, recovery and Use. Drug know Understanding addiction and the recovery Process.
    Northeast Communities Against Substance Abuse
    559 Hartford Pike, Suite 210B, Dayville, CT 06241
    Facts About Drugs and Alcohol:
    Addiction, Treatment, Recovery and Use
    Drug and alcohol use, abuse and addiction continue to be among the nation's leading public health problems. Millions of Americans struggle every day with their own drug and alcohol problems. The toll these take on these individuals is considerable, as they are at increased risk for very serious health problems, criminal activity, automobile crashes, and lost productivity in the workplace. But individuals with drug and alcohol problems are not the only casualties. Their families, friends, and communities, in fact, society as a whole, also suffer greatly. The good news is that treatment from drug and alcohol addiction is available and effective. Run by qualified, accredited, and dedicated professionals, treatment programs and services that meet rigorous state standards are the backbone of the public health response needed to address this nationwide epidemic. The range of treatment and recovery program options is considerable; however, it is still not as comprehensive, available, or affordable as it needs to be to ensure that everyone who needs effective treatment can get it. In fact, of the give million people with severe drug or alcohol addiction, only a little more than two million receive treatment - a gap of almost 60 percent. For those individuals who are able to receive treatment for their drug or alcohol problems, one irrefutable fact remains - the support of family, friends, and the community at large is a critical facet of the overall recovery process. Their role in timely intervention, motivating the individual with the problem to seek help and supporting that person throughout his or her efforts to maintain sobriety cannot and should not be underestimated.

    131. CPC Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. For Monmouth & Ocean County, New Jersey Mental H
    A nonprofit organization in New Jersey that cares for children, adolescents, adults, and families in addiction recovery both on an in-patient and out-patient basis.
    Search our site:
    About Us
    Locations / Maps
    Contact Directory
    Press Room
    About Insurance
    Career Opportunities
    Related Sites
    24 Hr Emergency

    HIPAA Notice of Privacy
    JCAHO Accredited Founded in 1960, CPC Behavioral Healthcare is a non-profit organization that cares for children, adolescents, adults and families through its many diverse programs. CPC provides behavioral healthcare services to over 6,000 individuals each year through its Mental Healthcare Addiction Recovery Special Education (High Point Schools) ... Residential Services and Corporate Services May 14, 2004 Mind Body Awareness Day To celebrate “May is Mental Health Month,” CPC has teamed up with TEST SPORTS CLUB of Red Bank, located on Route 35 across from CPC’s Helen Herrmann Counseling Center, for a Health Awareness Event on Friday, May 14 from 6 AM to 7 PM. This entire day will focus on the mind-body connection and how physical exercise reduces stress and improves your health and well being. This event is open to the general public so take advantage of a variety of health activities: Call 732-842-2460.

    132. Addiction & Recovery
    recovery USA, llc A collection of recovery stories from around the USA specializing in Health, Spirituality and addiction recovery providing a great selection
    Search WWW Search
    Kid's Health Teen Health Men's Health ... The Center for Drug Safety “Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and universities, The Center for Drug Safety has the only drug information you can truly trust.” Recovery USA, llc A collection of recovery stories from around the USA specializing in Health, Spirituality and Addiction Recovery providing a great selection of Self Help items. FREE items every month and as always a free recovery coin to anyone who asks. In Memory of my son Michael I pray that Michael's death was not meaningless....That his tragic story will help others stay clean and alive
    WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU MICHAEL... My Son John I lost my son, 21 years old, to crack cocaine. We must unite to prevent this tragedy of drug addiction from happening to others! Tobacco Kills Cancer patients own personal story about addiction to tobacco and being diagnosed with cancer, facts and links about tobacco. T.R.A.P. A brief description of what our family has gone through as a result of a family member using "METH". Many links to Drug education and Recovery sites, including Crystal Meth Anonymous, a 12 step recovery, be sober 24,Partnership for a Drug Free America and many more. Addiction/Recovery Message Board Partnership for a Drug-Free America DRUG INDEX Val Mills counseling For help and someone to talk to, or for an explanation of what counseling is about. Val also works with nicotine addiction and can support you stopping smoking.

    133. PROMIS Recovery Centre
    Counselling and recovery centres in London and Kent, specialising in treatment for alcohol addiction, drug abuse and eating disorders. Also offers a special unit for young people aged 13 to 18.

    About PROMIS


    Counselling Centre

    Recovery Centre
    Site Map

    The promise of PROMIS is that something can be done. There is a way out of the maze. Real help is available and recovery possible. PROMIS accepts referrals from any source. Following an assessment, patients may be admitted to the Recovery Centre in Kent for in-patient treatment, or to the Counselling Centre in London for day-patient services. The success of PROMIS in treating addictive behaviour is grounded in our personal understanding and experiences. PROMIS understands because we ourselves have known the same feelings of despair, confusion, isolation and anger. We work our own programme of recovery on a daily basis, we are confident in our professional and personal knowledge that it is successful and we are glad to share it with others. Please email us at or click here for full contact details News and Events - Find out about PROMIS in the media and about the events we offer such as the open day, spiritual renewal weekends, family workshops and the family program, plus other events at PROMIS. Keeping in touch - Use the PROMIS forum (

    134. The Jimmie Hale Mission
    Birmingham, Alabama. Providing help for homeless men, women and children. Has a basic 16week program consisting of weekday Bible studies, addiction recovery classes, individual graded Bible studies, weekly counseling sessions.
    The Jimmie Hale Mission was founded in March 1944 by a converted alcoholic named Jimmie Hale. He wanted to help others who were struggling with life as he had. The Mission started out as a storefront chapel and over the years grew to include a shelter for men, community soup kitchen, alcohol and drug recovery program, a shelter for women and children, two thrift stores, and a learning center. We now have six facilities: Brother Leo Men's Center houses our Homeless Shelter for men, our Downtown Recovery Program, Community Soup Kitchen, Men's Clothing Distribution and our nightly Chapel Service Program. Royal Pines Center is our 16-week, Bible-based, in-residence alcohol and drug recovery program. It is a 28-bed facility located in the Bangor area of Blount County. On March 30, 1998, we opened Jessie's Place, our shelter for women and children. It is a 30-bed facility located at 2305 5th Avenue North. We named it Jessie's Place in honor of Mrs. Jessie Hale Downs. We opened our first thrift store on April 17, 2000. We named it Mission Possible Bargain Center. It is located near Eastwood Mall at the corner of Oporto-Madrid and Montclair Road.

    135. Career Counseling
    Home Your Mental Health Understanding addiction and the recovery Process Understanding addiction and the recovery Process.



    Info Tech




    Your Career
    Changing Jobs

    The Workplace

    Healthy Living Physical Health Mental Health Dieting Eating ... Smoking Resources Special Topics For Women Support Books Anger Anxiety Assertiveness Attitude Career Communicate Depression Divorce Eating Disorders Eating/Dieting Family Health Humor Men's Issues Parenting Personal Devel. Relationships Stress Mgmt. Substances Women's Issues Home Your Mental Health : Understanding Addiction and the Recovery Process
    Understanding Addiction and the Recovery Process
    By Kathy B. Murphy, M Ed., CAC, NCC Addiction can be overwhelmingly painful and difficult to deal with. Whether the cause is alcohol or other drugs, overcoming an addiction is a complicated process. Whether you may be facing an addiction yourself, or interested in the recovery process for someone close to you, it is worth understanding the many steps on the road to recovery. Related Features Articles Can you recognize the signs of problem drinking? Understanding the addiction and recovery process Saving lives and money: Solving substance abuse in the workplace Training supervisors: A critical link in a successful substance abuse prevention program ... Uncovering the hidden signs of workplace substance abuse Books Alcoholics Anonymous When AA Doesn't Work for You More book recommendations Websites NEW Student Assistance Program

    136. Grant Me The Serenity...
    Directory of addiction, abuse, selfhelp, mental health and recovery resources. Includes self-help books, recovery related gifts, daily meditations, prayers, quotes, affirmation and free downloads.
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    Grant Me The Serenity...
    Please send questions or comments about this Web site to:

    137. Christian Drug Rehab Centers Alcohol Treatment Programs Addiction Rehabilitation
    Christian Drug Rehab Centers Alcohol Treatment Programs addiction Rehabilitation recovery, Christian 12step workshops, substance abuse, and religion-centered
    Outpatient Program Transitional Work Programs T.E.A.C.H. Dual Diagnosis Track ... Family Programs
    Christian Track For clients who prefer a Christian path to sobriety, SLBTS Treatment Centers offer a Christian track. This program benefits those who find solace in God's word and the ideals of a Christian belief system. Through our Christ-centered track, many of our clients have found reconciliation and healing. Christian clients and their families can focus on the healing power of God to find HIS plan for them. Through Bible study, a Christian 12-step workshop and outside recovery meetings, a strong fellowship within the Christian community (including Christian processing groups and church service), and traditional treatment that includes relapse prevention and one-on-one counseling. Our Christian clients have reported that this support track has helped them realize their strengths, rebuild familial relationships, and strengthen their relationship with God. If you need help, please don't put off any longer. Contact us today.

    138. Welcome To Psychiatry & Wellness, Behavior Medicine Associates
    Psychiatry, wellness, addictions and recovery. Offers articles on various addiction issues.
    Welcome Welcome to the web site of Behavioral Medicine Associates , a multidisciplinary private outpatient mental health practice with offices in Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia. We offer a broad range of modern mental health services, including:
    • Psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis Individual, couples and group psychotherapy Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of addictive disorders Psychopharmacology(psychiatric medications) Diagnosis and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders Medical hypnosis for habit control Stress management, lifestyle and wellness counseling
    The web site is provided as an informational resource for present and potential patients, as well as for other interested parties in search of information about addiction and recovery and modern mental health conditions and treatments. We hope you find something of value here - and we welcome your feedback and comments
    Behavioral Medicine Associates
    Comprehensive Modern Mental Health Services
    Claudia Hafner
    What's New
    New Article
    The Experience of Deprivation and Loss in Early Recovery From Addiction

    In the Online Store
    The Light Within III: Guided Pathways to the Soul
    Compact Disc

    139. Recovery Works Resource Center
    most profound way. recovery works, regardless of the substance or addiction. This is a simple and life saving fact. Millions of
    YOUR ADDICTION RESOURCE CENTER Those of us whose lives have been transformed forever by the miracle of the recovery process know this in the most profound way. Recovery works, regardless of the substance or addiction. This is a simple and life saving fact. Millions of people no longer suffer the ravages and degradations of addiction. We have found a solution to a seemingly hopeless and out of control lifestyle - Recovery Works Choose a Recovery Topic Below Alcohol and drug abuse is reflected in all parts of our society. There are 2.7 million hard-core drug users in America today, including 2.1 million cocaine users and 600,000 heroin users, according to a 1994 report from the U.S. Office of Drug Control Strategy. A 1992 survey from the National Institute on Alcoholism reports that an additional 13.7 million Americans ages 18 and older suffer from alcoholism. Sign and View Our Guestbook
    C omments, Suggestions and Links

    140. Working Sobriety Online Community For Addiction Recovery
    Provides a forum for examining addictions and compulsive behaviors to support recovery from the family disease of addiction using the Twelve Step Programs.
    Welcome to, your online community of recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors:
    • online addiction
    • internet addiction
    • cybersex addiction as well as:
    • alcoholism
    • codependence
    • drug addiction
    • food addiction
    • money addiction
    • nicotine addiction
    • sexual addiction • work addiction
    Working Sobriety is a bridge to recovery from addictions and compulsive behaviors. For those of you who have experience with recovery in Twelve Step Programs, we hope to provide a familiar meeting place in cyberspace guided by the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions . Anyone who has never been to a Twelve Step meeting is welcome to check out our website and learn about recovery; we hope that what we offer you here supports you in making that momentous decision to attend your first meeting. Working sobriety provides two separate kinds of support for your recovery. First and most important, this website provides opportunities for you to share experience, strength and hope with each other. Sharing within the fellowship is the foundation of recovery. You may share experience, strength and hope by posting and reading messages on our bulletin board or engage in real time sharing in our chat room. One part of our vision is to be the host for online Twelve Step meetings for a variety of addictions and compulsive behaviors, including Internet addiction. We have also provided links to the websites of many Twelve Step Programs so that you can become better acquainted with the world of recovery.

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