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         Addiction And Recovery:     more books (107)
  1. A Synchronous Memoir of Addiction and Recovery by Aaron, Jr. Bryant, 2010-06
  2. Sex and Love: Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery by Eric Griffin-Shelley, 1997-05-30
  3. The New Face of Recovery: Unlabeling Addiction as a Disease and Finding Treatments that Work by Lucas A CCDC, 2010-06-30
  4. Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment
  5. Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery by Stephen J. Della Valle, 2008-03-25
  6. When I Am Weak Then I Am Strong: A Recovered Addict's View of Christianity & A Christian's View of Recovery From Addiction by C Camp, 2002-05-24
  7. Twelve Jewish Steps to Recovery: A Personal Guide to Turning from Alcoholism and Other Addictions (Twelve Step Recovery) by Kerry M. Olitzky, Stuart A. Copans, 1991-09
  8. Thirsting for Wholeness: The Spiritual Journey of Addiction and Recovery by Tom Brady, 1992-02
  9. Circles of Recovery: Self-Help Organizations for Addictions (International Research Monographs in the Addictions) by Keith Humphreys, 2011-01-13
  10. Addiction: Why Can't They Just Stop?
  11. Pathways from the Culture of Addiction to the Culture of Recovery: A Travel Guide for Addiction Professionals by William L. WhiteM.A., 1996-04-30
  12. Internet Addiction: A Handbook and Guide to Evaluation and Treatment by Kimberly S. Young, Cristiano Nabuco de Abreu, 2010-10-26
  13. Walking Like a Duck: The True Story of a Nurse Walking from Addiction to Recovery by Patricia Thulin Holloran, 2005-04-08
  14. Joy of Cocaine and Addiction Recovery: The Surrender and Resurrection of The Soul by Carlton 'Moore' Robinson, 2004-08-16

61. Addiction And Alcoholism Recovery
An educational site on alcoholism and addiction designed and written by a psychiatrist. A resource for patients and their families.
Alcoholism and drug addiction explained in easy terms by a practicing psychiatrist Click the sunflower to enter This noncommercial guide to the medical and psychiatric treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse covers intervention, treatment, 12-step recovery, dual diagnosis, medications, chemical dependence, drug addiction and the biology of alcoholism and addiction. We subscribe to the HONcode principles. Verify here. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with your physician. You should not make adjustments in your treatment or medications without consulting your physician. This site is not affiliated with any twelve-step program, company, or treatment center; this is my personal webpageit is not sponsored, and I receive no income from sponsorship, banners, or link-exchange. I built it for the sole purpose of educating patients and family members/friends about the chronic, progressive, and fatal disease of addiction. I purchased the license to use the images used in this site. Please consider leaving comments in my guestbook , which you may do anonymously if you wish.

62. Addiction Recovery Through Faith
Offers hope through testimony, 1800 numbers to call, poems, quotes, jokes, links to Christian sites, and mental disease information.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Check out the NEW Hotbot Tell me when this page is updated
Addiction Recovery Through Faith My Testimony Divine Interventions Organizations dedicated to Recovery Inspirational Works ... Oliphant (Elephant) Collection A great big HELLO to one and all! If you have just arrived here from my old site, I think you will find this site much better organized and prolific. The Lord is working with me and these pages are blessed by His helpful hands... "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10 Faith and belief comprise a very important part of our lives. A person's beliefs in many ways define who they are, how they see themselves, what they want out of life, and more. The love Jesus offers encompasses us like a wheel...many spokes, like the days in our lives, hold the wheel (the person) together with Jesus at the center (the God-head). His love is free and everlasting.
On these pages, I offer various solutions to all types of addictions to find your way out of the darkness. I'll describe how my beliefs have changed my life in profound and exciting ways, and how I think they might change the lives of others. As you read, try to remember one thing... Jesus is Truth. To understand this better, just consider the fact that Pontius Pilot once uttered the most ironic statement in the history of our planet. He said, "What is truth?" Then, he went about crucifying the Truth....Jesus! So, don't be blind to the up...accept your faults, and the faults of others, and do something about them in the name of Jesus or your Higher Power of choice. To forgive is to understand, and Jesus understands, and forgives, all. Take the time to step into the light...the Light of Jesus!

63. Recovery From Addictions, Alcoholism, Abusive Relationships And Codependency Rec
family and relationship issues. We do recover! addiction is treatable; early intervention increases the odds of successful recovery.
Recovery Web
Select the chip anywhere on this site to return to the navigation page. Do you have an Alcohol or Drug problem? Recovery Web Book Store Email Contact
Adventures of Recovery Man and Boy Relapse
This website is devoted to personal healing from addictions and trauma.
Links, mental health resources and suggested readings for recovering from alcoholism and addictions Go to pages about healing from addictions trauma Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sexual abuse recovery ... chemical dependency and family and relationship issues. We do recover! Addiction is treatable ; early intervention increases the odds of successful recovery. We also offer recovery books through our affiliation with ALCOHOLISM BOOKS ADDICTION BOOKS CODEPENDENCY BOOKS ... Recovery Quote of the Month
This website is dedicated to those with the courage, honesty, openness,
and willingness to face their personal demons and recover.
You have been a gift to me.
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64. Addiction Recovery Through Christ
A site giving all pertinent information about the formation, operation, philosophies and testimonies concerning the success of our six month, resident, Christ centered addiction recovery program for men.
Righteous Oaks Recovery Center is a Christ centered addiction recovery program that seeks to deal not only with the symptoms of addiction but the root cause as well. We believe that men (and women) can be completely healed of and set free from such destructive behaviors as alcohol, drug, sexual, pornographic and gambling addictions, as well as other forms of bondage and oppression through a personal and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. "AND BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED." [Isaiah 53:5] Righteous Oaks Recovery Center is a privately operated, non-profit ministry. We are funded by the tuition of individual residents entering the program, private donations, local businesses, church organizations and civic clubs. We have a phenomenal success rate among men who have completed our program. We are happy to share the fact that 76.4% of the men who have graduated from our program have remained clean/sober and live successful lives inside their families, community and churches. Are you ready to embark on a healing journey that will deliver you from addiction? Then contact us

65. Alcoholics Victorious: Philosophy Of Addiction & Recovery
Philosophy of addiction recovery. Learn more about addiction recovery and the Christian faith in our FAQ Section; Doctrinal Statement of Alcoholics Victorious.
Click for Menu Options What's New Christian Recovery FAQ Search This Site E-mail Discussion List Recovery Information Library Support Groups Recovery FAQ's Recovery Web Sites Online Bookstore Contact Us
We accept the American Medical Association 's definition of alcoholism as: illness that is characterized by significant impairment in the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, and social areas that is directly associated with the persistent and excessive use of alcohol. Impairment may involve psychological, or social dysfunction. Alcoholism also is manifested as a type of drug dependence of pathological extant and pattern, which ordinarily interferes seriously with the patient's mental and physical health and his adaptation to his environment. We recognize alcohol as a powerful and addictive drug. We further believe that alcoholism has a genetic basis in many individuals. In others, it is the result of repeated heavy drinking, even in the absence of a genetic predisposition. Concerning the spiritual implications of alcoholism; we believe it has its roots in alienation from God and the violation of conscience. We accept the Biblical definition of "drunkenness" as a sin which prohibits those who practice it from entrance into the Kingdom of God (

recovery from all forms of addiction and addictive behaviors, dependency and codependency.
Recovery from all addiction addictive behavior, emotions, dependency, codependency, Alcoholism, substance abuse, sexual abuse, smoking, racism, eating disorder, violence, depression, alcoholic behavior, gambling, debtism, obsessive compulsive, fear, self esteem. This site brought to you by HESHE World Services (HSWS), and the HESHE- 5 World Conference Chair-person.
HESHE (H .S.)=
Help Everyone Share Healthy Emotion We've provided enough information below to start a meeting in your area and show how to buy a book.
H. S. Anonymous Preamble
The God Concept: You will see the word God, Higher Power, Creator, Father of Light, Heshe, and Great Loving Force. Each person is entitled to their own Individual interpretation of what God is. We invite people to convert the word God into A definition that fits them and relates to a strength or Power Greater than themselves. For Example: God, Jesus, Higher Power, Creator, A person's Inner Strength or Inner Self, Good Orderly Direction, Love, The Meetings, no god, The Subconscious Mind, Supreme Being, Lord, etc. HESHE tells no one what God should or shouldn't be.

67. - Care Topics: Addiction & Recovery
A wealth of wellwritten, informative articles, columns, and other resources about addiction recovery. HelpHorizons Home May 14

68. Seacliff Recovery Center | Home
An extended care treatment facility for alcohol and drug addiction. South of Los Angeles.
Welcome to the Seacliff Recovery Center, you have just taken the first step on your journey towards recovery. You will not be alone on this path of healing and discovery of self. At Seacliff Recovery Center we are committed to helping you attain complete recovery over alcohol and drug addiction. Our mission at Seacliff Recovery Center is to provide a blend of todays most proficient and successful healing strategies, with a team of professionals who will assist and facilitate you and your family's healing from addiction and emotional wounds with compassion and guidance. Founded in 1996 as a residential extended care center, Seacliff has evolved into a state of the art recovery center serving adult men and women 18 to 65 years old. Women reside outside of the centers main campus. You will participate in a progressive 90-day, three-level, 24-hour extended care recovery program. Seacliff offers you a balance of maintaining sobriety so you are empowered to actively participate in the day-to-day responsibilities of life that affect self, family and co-workers. Seacliff Recovery Center provides a structured and safe environment that will enhance your ability to stay clean and sober. Ultimately you will learn you have the power to choose your own level of success and destiny.
Web Site Created by Esomnie Software -

69. Illinois Institute For Addiction Recovery
The Illinois Institute for addiction recovery at Proctor Hospital home page, entry point to information about addiction and compulsive behaviors and resources
Welcome to the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery (IIAR) on the World Wide Web. We understand that many people will visit this site for many different reasons. Regardless of the nature or purpose of your visit, we hope you find the information or assistance you seek. Throughout the site, you'll find in-depth information about substance addiction and compulsive behaviors as well as resources for assistance and education for individuals, families and employers. Paradigm Magazine features articles written by the IIAR staff on the subject of addiction recovery and subscriptions are free See our training calendar for information on sessions scheduled throughout the year on addiction-related topics. IIAR alumni, retirees and volunteers are invited to our 25th Anniversary Reunion To comment on this site or inquire about IIAR programs and services, or to receive additional information on any of the subjects discussed in this Web site, please e-mail our Vice President of Addiction and Behavioral Sciences, Rick Zehr (

70. Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources
Comprehensive collection of sex addiction recovery resources on the Internet. Selections are categorized by Christian and secular approaches.
Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources
For Addicts For Partners For Counselors For Couples ... Contacting SARR What does Sexual Addiction do? "I used to be married to a drug addicted man who beat me so badly he fractured my skull. His porn addiction was more painful. "
C (partner of a sex addict) Sexual addiction hurts both the addict and the addict's loved ones. It tears apart families and destroys lives, striking at the core of relationships and human intimacy. Wow! There's a LOT of work to be done! I have just completed a new web search, with overwhelming results: over links to be processed! Compare that to the 375 currently on the site, and you can imagine the work to be done reviewing and categorizing them all. Would you like to help those who've been affected by this addiction? I'm looking for some people who would be willing to volunteering their time to review these new links for SARR. I could also use help coming up with a better format for the website, so information is easier to retrieve. Please

71. Illinois Institute For Addiction Recovery
Entry point to information about addiction and compulsive behaviors and resources for assistance and

72. Alcoholism And The Family
For parents in recovery. Excerpts, downloads and ordering information for two books about helping children to manage the impact of parental alcoholism and other substance abuse and addiction.

73. Welcome To Transitions Recovery Program - Helping The Addicted & Dually-Diagnose
Information about the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and the services offered.

Notice of Information Practices
Addiction, with its widespread consequences, is one of society's most destructive yet treatable diseases. Medical science has learned much about treating addiction, but compassion and personal involvement are also necessary for successful treatment and recovery from this disease. Transitions is an extended care residential treatment facility for individuals faced with the problems of addiction. The program is located in North Miami Beach, Florida. The clients reside in an apartment complex with a pool, patio area, as well as volleyball and tennis courts for rest and relaxation during supervised recreation. The program is reality-based and experiential, allowing us to offer practical solutions to real problems.

74. America's Addiction Recovery Centers - Arizona Alcohol And Drug Rehab, Gambling
Provides treatment and continuing care services for persons who suffer from alcoholism and drug dependency.
Drug treatment, alcohol rehab and recovery in Arizona
America's Addiction Recovery Centers (AARC) at Arizona specializes in the treatment of drug dependency and alcoholism. We believe there is a tremendous need in today's world for affordable addiction care to provide necessary services to individuals who are ready to embark on a life free from addictive behaviors. At AARC, we know each patient has unique requirements. And those requirements will be met 24 hours a day to diminish discomfort and restore physical and emotional health. The care and compassion of our staff is paramount.
Contact us toll free at We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have regarding treatment and to assist you with immediate needs or in an emergency. Click here for information and photos of our facility.
AARC at Arizona
1120 E. Sixth Street

75. Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous - Questions Beginners Ask Pamphlet
addiction recovery excerpted © 1992 SLAA. Characteristics of Sex Love addiction Having few healthy boundaries, we become sexually
//Top Nav Bar I v2.1- By Constantin Kuznetsov Jr. ( //Modified by Dynamic Drive for NS6/Opera6 compatibility and code streamlining March 4th, 2002 //Visit for this script var keepstatic=1 //specify whether menu should stay static 0=non static (works only in IE4+) var menucolor="#000000" //specify menu color var submenuwidth=150 //specify sub menus' color
Publications Literature Pamphlets
excerpted © 1992 S.L.A.A.
  • Having few healthy boundaries, we become sexually involved with and/or emotionally attached to people without knowing them.
  • Fearing abandonment and loneliness, we stay in and return to painful, destructive relationships, concealing our dependency needs from ourselves and others, growing more isolated and alienated from friends and loved ones, ourselves, and God.
  • Fearing emotional and/or sexual deprivation, we compulsively pursue and involve ourselves in one relationship after another, sometimes having more than one sexual or emotional liaison at a time.
  • We confuse love with neediness, physical and sexual attraction, pity and/or the need to rescue or be rescued.
  • 76. Christians In Recovery - Help And Support Group
    Information and resources for anyone who is in recovery or who desires to recover from abuse, depression, codependency, and/or addiction to drugs, food, alcohol, pornography, gambling. Membership required.

    About CIR Join-Free Trial Start / Help ... How to Help Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, please visit our java support pages Members are currently in chat.
    Your banner can be here. Click for Info.
    Site Map Search ... Password Help Hear Hope Donate
    This site is Free and contains over 2,000 pages of information and resources to help you help yourself overcome self defeating behaviors, thoughts and addictions you desire to change. For those who would like additional support and wish to help this ministry by becoming a member, there is a large Members Only Area which provides a safe and loving atmosphere, Private Chat Rooms, Support Groups, Daily Scheduled Recovery Meetings, Message Boards, 12 Step Bible Studies and more. Our vision is not just recovery but to go well beyond recovery so you can fully discover, explore and magnify all possiblities God intends for you as an individual.
    Almost everyone has the need to recover from or overcome something in their lives. Christians in Recovery (CIR) is a group of recovering Christians dicated to mutual sharing of faith, strength and hope as we live each day in recovery. We work to regain and maintain balance and order in our lives through active discussion of the 12 Steps, the Bible, and experiences in our own recovery from abuse, family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, grief, relationships and/or addictions of alcohol, drugs, food, pornography, sexual addiction, etc.

    77. Matrix Alliance Recovery Systems, LTD (MARS)
    A physician directed drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in Dallas, Texas.

    Printable Page

    Do You Need Help? There is a solution to alcohol and drug addiction. By simply choosing to read this website, you will be one step closer to a successful outcome. Asking for help is never easy, but doing so can be the most positive and important decision in your life.
    For a person addicted to drugs or alcohol, focusing on decreasing drug use alone is not sufficient treatment. As with all brain diseases, addiction becomes a way of life. Successful treatment helps you understand and deal with the factors that trigger cravings and lead to relapse. Like other brain diseases, treatments for drug and alcohol addiction must provide rehabilitation and relearning, including services that the addict is unable to access while active in their addiction. Treatment should not be provided in isolation; rather, more successful treatments utilize the benefits of group therapy. The real target should focus on functional outcomes: improving your ability to function within your family, work environment and community.
    Sobriety is an achievable goal. MARS, Ltd. is committed to supporting you in every way possible during and after your

    78. At Witts End Addiction Help
    Witts Inn residential program addresses addiction recovery by combining therapy, structure, 12steps, and psychotherapeutic medication.

    79. Sex Addiction/Healing/Recovery/Restoration Resources (Secular And Faith-Based)
    Workshops The Pure Restoration recovery Workshop is an intensive, 4 day, addiction recovery program for men who are ready to restore their lives to purity.
    Internet Dangers Parent's Safety Guide Youth Safety Guide Safety Tools ... MouseClick Maze (home)
    Sex Addiction/Healing/
    Recovery/Restoration Resources
    (Secular and Faith-Based)
      Books on Sexual Addiction
      • Addicted to Love
        By Stephen Arterburn
        An Affair of the Mind By Laurie Hall Focus on the Family Publishing Breaking Free: Understanding Sexual Addiction and the Healing Power of Jesus By Bob Davies and Russell Willingham InterVarsity Caught in the Net: How to Recognize the Signs of Internet Addiction By Kimberly S. Young Contrary to Love By Patrick Carnes CompCare Publishing Crisis in Masculinity (Homosexuality) By Leanne Payne
      • Don't Call it Love By Patrick Carnes Bantam Books
      • The Drug of the New Millennium: The Science of How Internet Pornography Radically Alters the Human Brain and Body By Mark Kastleman Granite Publishing and Distribution, LLC

    80. Recovery Options - Private Help For Alcohol And Drug Problems
    Private practice of addiction psychology dedicated exclusively to treating substance use disorders and related mental health problems. New York City and Princeton, New Jersey.
    Arnold M. Washton, Ph.D Addiction Psychologist
    New York City
    36 West 44th St, Suite 816
    New York, NY 10036
    Lic #006178 New Jersey
    221 Commons Way
    Princeton, NJ 08540
    Lic #35S100357400 Welcome Recovery Options is private practice of addiction psychology dedicated to treating substance use disorders and related mental health problems. Providing a discreet, totally confidential alternative to clinics and programs, our treatment is designed for business executives, professionals and other functional adults who want truly personalized care delivered in a private office setting. We also provide special treatment services for physicians and other health care professionals.

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