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  1. Comparison Theorems in Riemannian Geometry (AMS Chelsea Publishing) by Jeff Cheeger and David G. Ebin, 2008-08-04
  2. 18 Theorems of Geometry: for High School Students by William Smith, 2010-06-25
  3. Geometry: Theorems and Constructions by Allan Berele, Jerry Goldman, 2000-10-16
  4. Fermat's Last Theorem for Amateurs by Paulo Ribenboim, 1999-02-11
  5. A Combination of Geometry Theorem Proving and Nonstandard Analysis with Application to Newton's Principia (Distinguished Dissertations) by Jacques Fleuriot, 2001-06-27
  6. Mechanical Geometry Theorem Proving (Mathematics and Its Applications) by Shang-Ching Chou, 2001-11-30
  7. The L²-Moduli Space and a Vanishing Theorem for Donaldson Polynomial Invariants (Monographs in Geometry and Topology, Vol II) by John Willard Morgan, Tomasz Mrowka, et all 1994-06
  8. Stability Theorems in Geometry and Analysis (Mathematics and Its Applications) by Yu.G. Reshetnyak, 2010-11-02
  9. Mechanical Theorem Proving in Geometries: Basic Principles (Texts and Monographs in Symbolic Computation) by Went Sun Wu, Xiao Fan Jin, et all 1994-05
  10. Machine Proofs in Geometry: Automated Production of Readable Proofs for Geometry Theorems (Series on Applied Mathematics) by Shang-Ching Chou, Xian-Shan Gao, et all 1994-04
  11. Fermat's Last Theorem: A Genetic Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by Harold M. Edwards, 2000-01-14
  12. An Introduction to the Geometry of Numbers (Classics in Mathematics) by J.W.S. Cassels, 1997-02-25
  13. Mathematics Mechanization: Mechanical Geometry Theorem-Proving, Mechanical Geometry Problem-Solving and Polynomial Equations-Solving (Mathematics and Its Applications) by Wu Wen-tsun, 2001-04-30
  14. Principles and Problems of Plane Geometry with Coordinate Geometry (Includes 850 Solved in Detail Problems) [Schaum's Outline Series] by Barnett Rich, 1963

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