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  1. The Axiom of Choice by Thomas J. Jech, 2008-07-24
  2. Zermelo's axiom of choice: Its origins, development, and influence (Studies in the history of mathematics and physical sciences 8) by Gregory H. Moore, 1982-11-17
  3. Axiom of Choice (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) (Volume 0) by Horst Herrlich, 2006-07-06
  4. The Axiom of Choice (Studies in Logic Series) by John L Bell, 2009-11-23
  5. Equivalents of the Axiom of Choice II (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics) by Herman Rubin, 1985-07
  6. Consequences of the Axiom of Choice (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs) by Paul Howard, 1998-06-30
  7. Equivalents of the axiom of choice (Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics) by Herman Rubin, 1963
  8. Freyds Models for the Independence of the Axiom of Choice (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Andreas Blass, 1989-06
  9. Axiom of Choice; Axiom of Choice, Zorn's Lemma, Well-Ordering Theorem, Tychonoff's Theorem, Hausdorff Maximal Principle, König's Lemma
  10. Persian Classical Music Groups: Mastan Ensemble, the Kamkars, Afsaneh Ballet, Chemirani Ensemble, Lian Ensemble, Axiom of Choice
  11. Constructible Universe: Mathematics, Kurt Gödel, Inner model, Zermelo?Fraenkel settheory, Set theory, Axiom of choice, Continuum hypothesis,Consistency, ... of constructibility, Statementstrue in L
  12. Iranian Musical Groups: Mastan Ensemble, the Kamkars, Kahtmayan, Niyaz, Vas, Vaspooher, Quark Kent, Axiom of Choice, Masters of Persian Music
  13. the consistency of the axiom of choice and of the generalized continuum-hypothesis with the axioms of set theory by Kurt Gödel, 1940
  14. Leśniewski's ontology extended with the axiom of choice by James George Kowalski, 1975

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