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  1. A decision procedure using the geometry of convex sets (New York) by P. W Aitchison, 1974
  2. Tesseract: Geometry, Fourth Dimension, Cube, Square (geometry), Cell (geometry), Convex Regular 4-polytope, Hypercube, Duoprism, 16-cell, Dual Polyhedron, Hyperplane
  3. Convex Geometry Analysis (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications, No. 34) by Keith (editor); Milman, Vitali (editor) Ball, 1999
  4. Radon transforms, geometry, and wavelets; proceedings. (Contemporary mathematics by Convex Geometry, and Geometric Analysis AMS Special Session on Radon Transforms,
  5. Complex Geometry of Convex Domains That Cover Varieties: MSRI 00708-88; November 1987 by S. Frankel, 1987
  6. A lower bound on the complexity of the convex hull problem for simple polyhedra (Technical report) by Andrew Klapper, 1987
  7. Approximating convex hulls of finite sets of curves (Technical report) by Andrew Klapper, 1987
  8. A lower bound on the number of unit distances between the vertices of a convex polygon (Report / UIUCDCS-R-88-) by Herbert Edelsbrunner, 1988
  9. The maximum number of ways to stab n convex non-intersecting objects in the plane is 2n-2 (Report / UIUCDCS-R-87) by Herbert Edelsbrunner, 1987
  10. Some random secants through a convex body (Impresiones previas) by Fernando Affentranger, 1986
  11. The convex hull of random circles (Computer science technical report) by Fernando Affentranger, 1991
  12. Probing convex polygons with half-p]anes (Report) by Steven A Skiena, 1987
  13. Digital topology of sets of convex voxels (CS-TR) by Punam K Saha, 1998
  14. Ordered incidence geometry and the geometric foundations of convexity theory (Research report) by A Ben-Tal, 1984

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