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         Chu Steven:     more books (42)
  1. Laser Physics at the Limits
  2. Laser Spectroscopy
  3. Solidification 1998: Proceedings of Symposia Sponsored by the Solidification Committee of the Materials Design and Manufacturing Division of Tms, Held at the Tms Fall
  4. William Daniel Phillips: Laser Cooling, Bose-Einstein Condensate, Nobel Prize in Physics, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Steven Chu
  5. Members of the Optical Society of America: Robert Curl, Zhores Alferov, Wolfgang Ketterle, Carl Wieman, Eric Allin Cornell, Steven Chu
  6. United States Department of Commerce: Economic Growth, United States Department of Commerce and Labor, Gary Locke, Steven Chu, Eric Shinseki
  7. Energieminister (Vereinigte Staaten): Steven Chu, Bill Richardson, James R. Schlesinger, Hazel R. O'leary, James Burrows Edwards (German Edition)
  8. Let's welcome another fan of nuclear power!(THE LAST WORD)(Secretary Steven Chu of the Department of Energy): An article from: The New American by John F. McManus, 2009-10-12
  9. Ethnic Chinese Nobel Laureates: Charles K. Kao, Roger Y. Tsien, Steven Chu, Gao Xingjian, Tsung-Dao Lee, Yuan T. Lee, Chen Ning Yang
  10. University of Rochester Alumni: Bruce Schneier, Francis Bellamy, George Abbott, Steven Chu, John William Miller, Debra Jo Rupp, Daniel Peterson
  11. United States Secretaries of Energy: United States Secretary of Energy, Hazel R. O'leary, Bill Richardson, James R. Schlesinger, Steven Chu
  12. Chinese American Politicians: Elaine Chao, Ed Jew, Steven Chu, Harry Lee, Leland Yee, David Wu, Gary Locke, Daniel Akaka, Judy Chu
  13. Membre Du Cabinet Du Président Barack Obama: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Robert Gates, Eric Shinseki, Tom Vilsack, Steven Chu, Timothy Geithner (French Edition)
  14. Climate Change Environmentalists: Al Gore, Al Gore and the Environment, George Monbiot, Steven Chu, Tim Flannery, Bill Mckibben, Eban Goodstein

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